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In 1987, as described in her introduction below, Alice Winans Egy Woolley published a book which represented more than a quarter century of research on her part. She drew on the research papers of Major Ira Winans and also on the then-unpublished work of Oran Clifford Winans. Her book is perhaps the best published source of information on our Winans ancestors, although O. C. Winans' book explores certain lines in greater detail than Mrs. Egy. Unfortunately, her book quickly went out of print and is available to the public only at LDS Family History Centers as fiche #6088122. I'm presenting here transcriptions of Mrs. Egy's introduction and several other pages. A data base of persons listed in her book is available at a fellow Winans researcher's web site in GED2HTML format. You can also see, at this Carey Family Album site, a spreadsheet listing those persons.

In February 2007, I acquired a copy of Mrs. Egy's book. It was donated by my fifth cousin Wayne Preston, who in turn inherited it from the late Winans researcher Glenna Gandy. Glenna was also my fifth cousin and was Wayne's first cousin. Mrs. Egy distributed her book in a sturdy loose leaf binder which maintains the pages in good condition, but still makes it easy to remove a page for scanning. The pages I'm making available here were first scanned, then digitized. I make every effort to correct the minor errors introduced by this process, but nothing's perfect. I try to preserve the appearance and style of Alice's book by adding just enough formatting to make it look good on your screen, while not changing her text. I provide links here and there within her text to pages elsewhere in this Carey Family Album which contain additional information on the persons she mentions. In addition, the Carey Family Album surname indices include an entry for each person mentioned by Mrs. Egy in the pages I've transcribed. The entry's link points to the page which contains the first mention of that person in this transcription. It also includes the number which she assigned to the individual.

My transcriptions of Mrs. Egy's book include several pages about my own line, and about certain other lines whose descendants have been in contact with me. I add more pages whenever time permits or researchers request them. I'll be glad to look up information for you, and to copy selected pages which you might wish to study. Let me know which Winans you're looking for and I'll see what I can find. Please check our page status table, which includes microfiche numbers for your convenience in locating data when you visit a Family History Center, and which can also tell you whether a page which interests you has already been transcribed and made available here.

Mrs. Egy's monumental genealogical tome is more than 500 pages (7 microfiches) in length, and is broken down into several sections, with each section having its own page numbers and followed by its own index.1

This is the beginning of Winans Family Genealogy's main section, which I've divided into several subsections for ease of access and maintenance.

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Back in 1960 I became interested in the "WINANS GENEALOGY". I had been looking thru my deceased Father's Family Bible and discovered some papers in his handwriting. There were the names of his brothers and sisters and some of their families, and also, their dates of birth and marriages. I also discovered a letter from a Major Ira Winans asking my father for his family information. After some months I finally decided to find out who this Ira Winans was and how to get more data on my family. I wrote to the Rochester Public Library and the Librarian sent me a letter telling me about the hundreds of Family Group Sheets that were in two big boxes up in the attic. After several letters passed between us the Librarian decided to let us look at the collection of letters that Ira Winans had worked on for some forty years. We then wrote back and told the Librarian that we would be there on a certain date and would she please have the material where we could look at it. We got there and the boxes were piled on two big tables so that there was enough room for us to work. We began copying the material by handwriting. After three days we had only 199 handwritten sheets. At that time, having not realized what a "job" we had undertaken we had to leave and go back to California to our home.

Then in 1963 we bought a "copy machine" and 4500 sheets of duplicating paper. After making arrangements with the same Librarian we arrived at Rochester, N. Y. and rented a Motel Room just across the street and then we would take enough sheets to last several hours of duplicating, as the Librarian thought it best for us not to take too many at the same time. We worked about 16 to 20 hours a day from Monday morning until Friday evening. Then with all of this material we got back to the Air Port just in time to catch our plane back home.

It took me ten years of typing (after working 8 hours a day at a job) to assemble the families and separate the different lines of descendants for the sons of the first known "John Winans in America." Then after several moves to warmer climates so that my sick husband, Paul Burdette Egy, would feel better, he passed away in 1982. Now I am married to Allan C. Woolley and we live in Sacramento, Ca.

So that it will be easier to understand some of the abbreviations that I have used I will explain them, b-born, d-died., ca-about, Presby-Presbyterian, all of the States are abbreviated. When you see an "*"2 in the front of the numbers that means that, that man has a Family Group Sheet telling about his family. When you look at the numbers for the generations, example 1-7-6-8, that means that "1" is John, that "7" is the 2nd generation and the 7th child, "6" means the 3rd generation and 6th child, "8" means the 4th generation and 6th child in the family, and so forth.

I want to dedicate this "Winans Genealogy" to the memory of Major Ira Winans and also to the many, many people that have helped me gather all of this material. I have received hundreds of letters thru the past twenty five years and have also written hundreds of letters. I have been able to meet many of these people and have visited in their homes. I talked to Major Ira Winans' grandson and got his permission to assemble all of the Major's work.

Alice Winans Egy Woolley July 1987


1st Gen.JOHN (1)

The origin and ancestry of JOHN (JAN) WINANS is unknown at this time, the first traced record of him being his marriage in 1664. It is presumed he was born about 1640 and that he was a Netherlander. However the records of the family of Prof. Samuel Ross Winans of Princeton, N. J. suggests he was of Prusso-Polish extraction and therefore he may have been of Danzig as was definitely the origin of his wife's brother-in-law MATTHIAS HATFIELD. Polish origin also appears in the tradition of the family of HENRY KIPP-7 WINANS.3 Perhaps the name originated in Holland and settled in Danzig for a generation or two before coming to the new world, or perhaps vice versa. Possible New Netherlands relatives were Wynant Pieters and Barnabus Wines. Possible old world connections were Jan Wijnantz, landscapist of Haarlem in the 17th century, or the Winans family of Brabant. A crest on the gravestone of one of Jan's grandsons resembles that of the Brabant family.

As stated above, the first record of Jan is his marriage in New Haven, Conn. to Susannah Melyn on 25 Aug 1664. She was baptised in the New Amsterdam Dutch Church 14 June 1643, dau of Cornelis Melyn, patroon of Staten Island and his wife Jannetje Adraiens. See New York Gen. & Biog. Record, Vol 68 for Melyn ancestry. Cornelis was the son of Andre Melyn and Marie Ghuedinx-Botens and the grandson of Lambert Melyn of Antwerp. History of Elizabethtown, N. J. by Rev. Edwin F. Hatfield.

He was one of these New England and New York families which associated to found Elizabethtown, N. J. in 1664/5. When he took permanent residence there it seems uncertain since his daughter Susanna was born in New Haven, Conn. in 1667 and son John baptised in New York City in 1674. He was there as early as 19 Feb. 1665 when the name of John Waynes appears on the list of those who took Oath of Fidelity and Allegiance to the new jurisdiction. When his brother-in-law Jacob Melyn returned to New York, John Winans bought his house-lot, house, barn, orchard etc 8 Feb 1677/8.

His wife Susannah is mentioned in his will and therefore died between date of the will, 14 Feb 1687/8 and its probate 15 Jan 1694/5. About 1693 he married Ann Robertson, daughter of physician William Robertson. John died Dec 1694 leaving an estate which was inventoried 17 June 1695. He was a weaver. At his death he had some 200 acres of land in Elizabethtown, N. J., 16 acres on the "Neck", 120 acres on Peach Meadow Brook, 40 acres on Elizabeth Creek, 4 acres at Meadow, 6 acres at another point on Elizabeth Creek.

Children of John (1) and his first wife Susannah Melyn.

 1-1JOHN WINANS b 1 July 1665 and died before 1673 when another son was named John.
 1-2SUSANNAH WINANS b 9 Feb 1667 New Haven, Conn baptised New York Dutch Church on 3 Oct 1674. She married before the date of her father's will in 1687/8


 to HENRY BAKER (BACKER) b ca 1658 baptised N. Y. Dutch Church 26 Sept 1660 d 4 Feb 1734/5 at Elizabethtown, N. J. He was the son of Jacobus Backer and wife Margaret Stuyvasent Backer the latter a half-sister of Peter Stuyvasent. Susanna's death date is unknown. Henry had a second wife Lyda and Prof. Winans believed there may have been another wife prior to Susannah who was mother of some of the children. Children of Henry Baker, those by Susannah are not identifiable:
  1. Henry Baker b ca 1700 d 17 Mar 1760 in his 60th year. md Mary Hatfield, who d 13 Apr 1755 in 50th year and both are buried in Rahway, N. J. His will dated 29 Jan 1760 proved 7 Apr 1760.
  2. Jacob Baker d before 9 Apr 1730 as he is mentioned as deceased in his father's will. The will mentions Jacob's son Lawrence Baker and dau Susanna Baker. He and family were residents of Staten island.
  3. Nicholas Baker baptised 21 Oct 1707 in Staten Island Dutch Church.
No further data on the following children: Deborah Baker, Joanna Baker, Susanna Baker, Margaret Baker, Elizabeth Baker, Sarah Baker, Lydia Baker, Hannah Baker.
 1-3ELIZABETH WINANS b ca 1669 d 1 July 1739 baptised 28 Mar 1671 in the N. Y. Dutch Church. She md Capt. Ebenezer Lyon b ca 1670 d 31 Mar 1739 buried at Elizabethtown, N. J. He was the son of Henry and Elizabeth (Bateman) Lyon and was b at Newark, N. J. His will dated 22 Jan 1738/9 with codicil dated 17 Mar 1738/9 proved 16 May 1739. Elizabeth and Capt. Ebenezer are buried side by side in the Presbyterian Church Yard at Eiizabethtown, N. J. They had the following children:
  1. Elizabeth Lyon md Ephraim Clark.
  2. Dorcas Lyon md Ebenezer Stebbins.
  3. Ebenezer Lyon md Abigail _____ who died before 1737.
  4. Hannah or Martha Lyon md John Thompson Jr.
  5. Susanna Lyon md (l) Benjamin Wade md (2) David Morehouse b 1669 d 12 Dec 1739 in 51st year. His will dated 15 June 1739 proved 24 Dec 1739. Susanna d ca June 1777 as her will was dated 6 Oct 1776 proved 21 June 1777.
  6. Bethia Lyon b ca 1713 d 10 July 1766 age 53 md (1) John Winans her 1st cousin whose line was (1-8-1), md (2) Joseph Foster son of Nathan Foster and Mary (Lyon) Foster. He was b ca 1715 d 18 Aug 1742. Bethia md (3) Ichabod Gruman Sr. b ca 1724 d 16 Dec 1788 in his 65th year, buried at Elizabethtown, N.J.
  7. Abigail Lyon.
*1-42SAMUEL WINANS b 1671 d 27 Sept 1747 md Zerviah      . He was baptised at the N. Y. Dutch Church 2 Apr 1672. Zerviah d 13 Sept 1737 in her 53rd year and is buried beside her husband at Elizabethtown, N. J.
*1-52JOHN WINANS b 3 Oct 1673 baptised 3 Oct 1674 at the N. Y. Dutch Church with his sister Susanna. John d 5 Nov 1734. He md (1) Remember (Baldwin ??) md (2) Mrs. Frances (Moore) Doddridge.
 1-6JOANNA WINANS b ca 1675-8 appears in father's will but there is nothing more known.
*1-72CONRAD WINANS b ca 1680 d 2 Feb 1727/8 md Sarah Palmer. (See Conrad's Line).
*1-82JACOB WINANS b ca 1682 d 4 Jan 1722/3 md Mary Morse. (See Jacob's Line).
*1-92ISAAC WINANS b ca 1684 d 1723 md Hannah      . (See Isaac's Line).

Child of JOHN (1) and 2nd wife Ann (Robertson) Winans4

*1-10WILLIAM WINANS b ca 1694 in N. J. d 1762/63 md Hannah (Coddington ???)

[Children of William and Hannah Winans:]

 1-10-1PHEBE WINANS b 1720 d 31 Mar 1739 md Ephraim Terrill. They had two children:
  1. Mary Terrill b 1736 d 27 Feb 1824.
  2. Ephraim Terrill.
 1-10-2EXPERIENCE WINANS b 1722 d 17 May 1759 md her cousin Josiah-3 Winans.


2nd Gen.

John was b 3 Oct 1673 and was baptised in the New York Dutch Church 3 Oct 1674 the same date as his sister Susannah. He d 5 Nov 1734 and was buried at Elizabethtown, N. J. His first wife was named Remember      . She was b ca 1680 and d 10 Feb 1722/3 at the age of 42 and is buried at Elizabethtown, N. J. I saw John and Remember's gravestones at the 1st Presby. Church Yard when I visited there in May of 1963. They are still easily read. Note by (AWE).

It is suggested here only very circumstantially that Remember may have been Remember Baldwin as Josiah-2 (John-1) Baldwin of Milford had a daughter b ca 1680. Josiah Baldwin died when his daughter was young and a brother of Josiah was among the early settlers of Elizabethtown, and he may have taken his niece into his home. A statement is occasionally seen that the first wife's father was a carpenter as confirmed by an early deed. I have seen nothing to substantiate this, not even a would-be reference. N. Y. Gen & Biog Records Vol 66 says John (1-5) was a carpenter himself and this may be what is intended in the other statement. Note, a son Josiah, could have been named after Josiah Baldwin. These last remarks are by John Baldwin of Ohio. JOHN md (2) Mar 1724/5 Mrs. Frances (Moore) Doddridge b 3 June 1676 dau of Samuel and Mary Moore and was the widow of Philip Doddridge. Letters of administration granted to widow 23 Feb 1734/5. The claim he had a second wife Ann Robinson is in error, this being confused with his father's remarriage to Ann Robertson (see NYG&B Vol 68).
Ref: IW., JB., N. Y. Gen & Biog Records Vol 68.

*1-5-1JOHN WINANS b ca 1698 d 1740 md Ann Creighton dau of James Creighton.
*1-5-2WILLIAM WINANS b ca 1700 d 31 Aug 1760 in his 61st year md his step-sister Elizabeth Doddridge b ca 1701 d 22 Mar 1761 in her 60th year.
 1-5-3SUSANNAH WINANS b ca 1702 d 28 Nov 1756. This Susannah is believed to be a dau of John (1-5) but there is no positive proof. She md Samuel Brant who was b ca 1700 d 18 Oct 1744. His will dated 26 Dec 1744 proved 25 Oct 1744 (note that one year must be wrong here). They had the following children:
  1. David Brant.
  2. Lewis Brant.
  3. Hannah Brant.
  4. Abigail Brant, dates and other information not known.
*1-5-4ISAAC WINANS b ca 1705 d 6 Mar 1730/1 age 25, md Hannah Williams.
*1-5-5LEWIS WINANS b ca 1718 md Lydia Kelsey dau of Joseph Kelsey.
*1-5-6JOSIAH WINANS b ca 1720 d 25 Nov 1779 md (1) his half cousin Experience Winans dau of William Winans (1-10). Josiah md (2) Mrs. Abigail (Barnett) Selnave.

3rd Gen.

JOHN was b ca 1698 d 1740 md Ann Creighton dau of James Creighton. John's will was written 5 May 1740 at Perth Amboy "under a languishing distemper" and probated 3 July 1740 at Burlington, N. J. 1695 is sometimes given as John's birthdate but this is perhaps too early considering his mother was b ca 1680. 1700 is


also sometimes given but he must have been at least 18 by time he was witness to a will in 1716 and a deed in 1717. He was executor to a N. Y. suit in 1729. JAMES CREIGHTON, father of Ann, was a parishioner of the Rev. Harriman as early as 1694 when his name appears on a list of subscribers to the Reverend's support. In 1722 he was a witness to the will of Benjamin Ogden of Elizabethtown, N. J. He was a Scotsman, probably was related to Hugh Creighton of that vicinity. There were many descendants of John in Sussex Co., N. J. and also in Ohio.
Ref: This Information taken from the unpublished mss of Major Ira WInans of Rochester, N. Y., records of Mrs. John Henry Hutton of Louisiana and records of John Baldwin of Cleveland, Ohio.

*1-5-1-1JOHN WINANS b 20 Sept 1719 d 12 July 1783 at Hardintown, N. J. md (1) Phebe Powers md (2) Jemima Bryant b 1719 d Sept 1793.
*1-5-1-2ISAAC WINANS b 1724 d 1769 md (1) Martha       b 1732 d 19 Nov 1759 in her 27th year, buried in the Presby. Church Yard, Madison, N. J. Isaac md (2) in 1759 Mary Carter who d 12 Jan 1791 in Hanover, N. J. Mary was dau of Jacob Carter.
*1-5-1-3JACOB WINANS b 26 Nov 1726 in Perth Amboy, N. J. d 1810 in Milton Twp., Trumbull Co., Ohio md (1) Rebecca Clark (2) Rebecca Connett (3) Jemima Ray (4) Mamie Gray (5) Hannah LaRue.5
 1-5-1-4DAUGHTER (no name).
 1-5-1-5DAUGHTER (no name).

3rd Gen.

WILLIAM WINANS b ca 1700 d 31 Aug 1760 in 61st year md Elizabeth Doddridge b ca 1701 d 22 Mar 1761. Elizabeth was William's step sister and the daughter of Philip and Mrs. Frances (Moore) Doddridge. William and Elizabeth are both buried at Rahway, N. J. His will proved 17 Jan 1761 recorded in Somerset Co., N. J. #270R will book "B" page 357.
Ref: Photostat copy of will by Mrs. Noel Hull, Kirksville, Mo., Mrs. Maye W. Beide, 1044 West 150th St., Gardena, Calif. Other data ref: IW, JB,

 1-5-2-1HANNAH WINANS b 1733 d 2 Mar 1815 md as 2nd wife Job Cosart son of Jacob Cosart (1701-1772). Job had 10 children but only the last three are believed to be the children of Hannah.
  1. Jacob Cosart b 31 Jan 1774.
  2. Phebe Cosart b 1776.
  3. Hannah Cosart b 10 Feb 1778 d 26 Sept 1813 md John Allst.
Job's 1st wife was Abigail      .
 1-5-2-2PHEBE WINANS b 1736 md Peter Cox son of Philip Cox. They had one dau
  1. Sarah Cox md David Riggs Jr.
 1-5-2-3ELIZABETH WINANS b 1737.
*1-5-2-4WILLIAM WINANS Jr. b 1738/40 md Lydia      .
*1-5-2-5PHILIP WINANS b 1742 d 1795 md (l) Hannah       md (2) 4 Dec 1774 at New Providence N. J. Mary Winans.


3rd Gen.

Isaac was b ca 1705 at Eiizabethtown, N. J. d 6 Mar 1730/1 and was buried in same town md Hannah Williams b ca 1705 d 10 Apr 1731 dau of Joseph Williams. There is a single gravestone in Elizabeth for Isaac, his wife Hannah and mother Remember. I saw this gravestone when I visited Elizabeth, N. J. in 1963. Joseph Williams administrator for the estate of Isaac Winans on 29 May 1731.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-5-4-1REMEMBER W1NANS b after 1720 mentioned in will of Grandfather Joseph Williams.
There were probably others but there is no record. AWE.

3rd Gen.

LEWIS was b ca 1718 md Lydia Kelsey dau of Joseph Kelsey and his 2nd wife. It is said that Lewis was named after New Jersey Colonial Governor Lewis Morris. The will of Joseph Kelsey, Jr. Elizabethtown, N. J. dated 24 Apr 1752 mentions sister Elydia Winans.
Ref: IW., JB., Alonzo Winans.

*1-5-5-1JOHN WINANS md Sarah Pryor on 12 July 1770 (per letter from Madison Historical Society).
*1-5-5-2BENJAMIN WINANS b 29 Feb 1746 md Mary Sutton.
*1-5-5-3LEWIS W1NANS b 1750 d 1825 md Sarah Halsey.
 1-5-5-4KELSEY WINANS6 "nothing more known" per Alonzo Winans typescript. However he did serve in the Revolution in Essex Co., N. J. The "nothing more known" entry is on page 11 of typescript I received from Alonzo in 1942 or 1943. And on page 11 he indicates that brother Benjamin (1-5-5-2) was father of a Lydia who md Lewis Winans (1-5-5-1-1) a son of another brother John (1-5-5-1) thus her cousin. Thus we must presume this is more likely than a statement on page 10 of same typescript that the son of John md Lydia, dau of his Uncle Kelsey. These remarks by John Baldwin of Cleveland, Ohio.

3rd Gen.

JOSIAH was b 1720 d 25 Dec 1779 md 7 Jan 1740 at Elizabethtown, N. J. his half-cousin Experience Winans (1-10-1). She was b ca 1722 d 23 May 1759 and was the dau of William and Hannah Winans (1-10). Josiah md (2) on 17 Mar 1760 Mrs. Abigail (Barnett) Selnave who d 6 Aug 1772 at Elizabethtown, N. J. She was the dau of Joseph Barnett and widow of Peter Selnave. Josiah, a hatter, appears in the will of his former father-in-law, William, dated 30 Nov 1762 and proved 26 Mar 1763. I saw the tombstone of Experience Winans with the above date of death on it at


Elizabethtown, N. J. I found the baptismal dates in an old New Jersey Genesis. AWW. These are the children that Major Ira Winans had listed for Josiah-3. Combined data from records of IW., and JB.

*1-5-6-1WILLIAM WINANS b 1744 d 3 Mar 1795 md 10 Sept 1765 at Elizabethtown, N. J. Jemima Lyng. William was a doctor.
*1-5-6-2JOHN WINANS b 16 Nov 1745 at Elizabethtown, N. J. d 19 July 1825 at N. Y. City md 22 Apr 1779 in Phlladelpha, Pa. Anna Margaretha Minck.
 1-5-6-3ANN WINANS d 1794.

Children by Abigail (Barnett) Selnave Winans and JOSIAH WINANS.

 1-5-6-5JAMES WINANS b 1762 d 12/13 May 1796 md Jane      b 1766 d 16 Dec 1821 age 54. Thay had the following children:
  1. Margaret Winans b 1784 d young in Elizabethtown, N. J.
  2. Another child (no sex given) d 28 Dec 1789.
 1-5-6-6JOSIAH WINANS bap 31 Aug 1766 md 10 July 1797 Elizabeth McLoun.
 1-5-6-7MARY SELNAVE WINANS bap 31 Aug 1766.
 1-5-6-8ABIGAIL WINANS bap 31 Aug 1766.
 1-5-6-9JEMIMA WINANS bap 25 June 1769.

4th Gen.

JOHN was b 20 Sept 1719 in Essex Co., N. J. d 22 July 1783 in Hardiston Twp., Sussex Co., N. J. md 1) ca 1739 Phebe Powers who was probably the mother of Isaiah and John and therefore I will list them accordingly. These births are recorded in the Winans Family Bible and a document and record of these births are in possession of Mary Louise M. Hutton, La. John was a Revolutionary War soldier. Little is known of Phebe Powers but she probably died soon after her 2nd child was born. John md (2) Jemima Bryant in 1743. She was b in 1719 d Sept 1793. John names her as his wife in his will dated 17 June 1783 and proved 16 Aug 1783. Ref: N. J. Archives, 1st series, Vol XXXV, Abstracts of Wills, Vol VI, page 448. John served in the Revolutionary War being a private in the State Troops, or the Militia of N. J. In the official roster on page 825 is found his name. These troops performed efficient service in supporting the Continental line. Page 338 "Officers and Men of N. J. in the Revolutionary War." Ref: Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Illinois.
Ref: IW., records of Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman, Mrs. Susan S. Watson and a letter from the Madison Historical Society of N. J. to Prof. Samuel Ross Winans, Mr. William Powers of Canfield, Ohio.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-5-1-1-1ISAIAH WINANS b 4 July 1740 d 2 July 1766.
 1-5-1-1-2JOHN WINANS b 17 Feb 1743 d 12 July 1783 md 13 Jan 1771 in Essex Co., N. J. Eleanor Carter. The only record of their children is one son:
  1. Benjamin Carter Winans.

Children by 2nd wife:

*1-5-1-1-3JAMES MARTIN WINANS b 2 July 1745 in Sussex Co., N. J. d 10 Feb 1827 at Jamestown, Ohio md 26 Jan 1769 in New Providence, N. J. Mary Dorothy Smeleger.

[Please note: This family's information continues at the beginning of the next subsection. CWC.]


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1 The John II section appears to follow directly after the brief Samuel section in the book's loose leaf binder and on microfiche. Its pages begin with a page 3 which could follow the introductory pages as easily as it follows Samuel's two pages. We'll consider John II's section to be the main section, presenting it immediately following the introduction and the pages on John and Susannah (Melyn) Winans and their children.
2 To help you trace down a line, we've provided links to their family groups (when available) in later sections for men with an asterisk in front of their number. There are "trace-back" links, backwards from the beginning of a family group to the place where its male head was listed with his parents and siblings. We've also provided, where possible, links between the information for the many Winans cousins who married one another.
3 Probably a reference to Henry Kipp Winans (1-9-1-3-2-4-4).
4 This information, at the bottom of page 2, is the extent of the information given by Mrs. Egy for John and Ann (Robertson) Winans' son William Winans.
5 For Mrs. Egy's discussion of whether Jacob Winans had four or five wives, please see Jacob's biography in her book. O. C. Winans was also aware of this confusion and commented in pp. 66-67 of his book:
Note - An unusual family, plagued by uncertainties: it is generally conceded that Jacob4 married five times. However, there are those who contend that it was only four, that the similarity of the names "Jemima Rae" and "Hannah Gray" were in fact one and the same person...
6 Thank you, Glen Winans, for sharing with us your discovery that Kelsey Winans is buried in the cemetery of Connecticut Farms Presbyterian Church in Union, New Jersey. The inscription on his tombstone reads:

Kelsey Winans
Pvt Essex Co Militia
Revolutionary War
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