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5th Gen

ISAAC Jr. was b 6 Apr 1765 in Battle Hill, Morris Co., N. J. d 5 Apr 1814 in Hanover,


Madison, N. J. md (1) 4 Jan 1787 Mary Beach b 12 June 1766/8 d 12 Oct 1805 at Hanover. She was b at Livingston, Essex, N. J. dau of Nathaniel and Sarah (Peck) Beach. Isaac md (2) 17 May 1806 Abigail Ball b 24 Dec 1785 d 16 Dec 1834 at Hanover, dau of William and Sarah (Ball) Ball.
Ref: IW.

*1-5-1-2-2-1JACOB CARTER WINANS called Jack b 19 Mar 1788 at Hanover, N. J. d 1865 in N. Y. City md Mercy _?_.
*1-5-1-2-2-2CYRUS WINANS b 25 or 26 Nov 1789 or 1790 at Hanover, N. J. d 2 June 1875 at same md (1) 15 June 1814 Nancy Ball. md (2) 3 Apr 1818 Phebe Ball. Phebe has been referred to as Abigail but I am sure that this is a mistake as Abigail was Isaac Jr's wife, (Cyrus' father's 2nd wife). Nancy Ball and Phebe Ball were sisters.
 1-5-1-2-2-3WILLIAM WINANS b 22 May 1792 d 22 May 1792.
 1-5-1-2-2-4JOHN WINANS b 13 Apr 1793 d 14 Oct 1817 at Hanover, unmarried.
*1-5-1-2-2-5DAVID HARVEY WINANS b 25 Dec 1795/6 d 15 Dec 1875 md Martha Ann Ball on 20 Apr 1820 at Hanover, N. J.
*1-5-1-2-2-6NATHANIEL BEACH WINANS b 5 June 1797 d 19 Feb 1829 md Sarah Yeomans.
 1-5-1-2-2-7SUSAN WINANS b 17 Oct 1800 d 11 Feb 1885 at Newark md 22 Oct 1822 Joseph Douglas b 22 Oct 1797 d 15 Dec 1846. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Amelia Douglas b 14 Oct 1826 d 25 Apr 1848.
  2. Martha Ann Douglas b 28 Apr 1830.
  3. Silas Ernest Douglas b 18 Dec 1837 d Dec 1841.
 1-5-1-2-2-8LYDIA WINANS b 14 Oct 1802 d 11 Feb 1883 at Roseland, Essex, N. J. md (1) 27 Mar 1828 at Hanover James Schuyler Thomson (not Thompson). He d 1840 and was the son of Abram Rensselair Thomson and Hannah (Garrison) Thomson. They had the following children:
  1. Abram Thomson b 1829 d 21 Jan 1832.
  2. Mary Elizabeth Thomson b 1832 d 1870 in Newark, N. J. md Reuben Mortimer Harrison.
  3. Hannah Sophia Thomson b 1834 d 1856 in Hanover, unmarried.
  4. James Addison Thomson b 13 Nov 1838 at Hanover d 9 Jan 1899 in Newark, md Adelaide Babbitt.
  5. Charles Henry Thomson b 13 June 1836 d 8 Mar 1915 at Newark, N. J. md Margaret Westervilt.
Lydia md (2) 14 Mar 1854 Ezra Beach b 1 Dec 1791 d 3 Feb 1867 at Roseland, N. J. and was the son of James Beach. There were no children.
 1-5-1-2-2-9MARY WINANS b 28 Sept 1804 d 22 Dec 1883 at N. Y. City md Daniel Hulse. They had the following children:
  1. Sarah Louise Hulse md George Kenworthy.
  2. Charles Hulse.
  3. John Hulse.
  4. Edward Hulse.
  5. Mary Antoinette Hulse.
  6. Augustus Hulse.
  7. E. Baldwin Hulse.
  8. Frances Eugenie Hulse.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-5-1-2-2-10AARON WINANS b 9 Mar 1807 d 22 Mar 1807.
*1-5-1-2-2-11ISAAC WINANS b 9 May 1808 d 16 Sept 1865 at Livingston md Elizabeth Sigler.
*1-5-1-2-2-12JOSEPH BALL WINANS b 6 Feb 1811 d 26 Jan 1885 md Jane R. Ball.
*1-5-1-2-2-13WILLIAM BALL WINANS b 9 Dec 1813 d 12 Nov 1899 md Elizabeth "Betsy" Smith.


5th Gen

JOTHAM CLARK who was called Clark was b 21 Nov 1751 or 1753 d 19 Nov 1831 at Big Flats, N. Y. md 7 Mar 1775 Elizabeth Depew b 2 Apr 1756. He served in the Revolution (Pa. Archives 5th Series 8:553). He had 25 acres in Smithfieid in 1786. He had two or three children born before leaving Pa. He settled in the Genesee Country near Elmira, N. Y. and later at Painted Post, N. Y. where he raised a large family. Taxed as Clark Winance 1.3.3 in Lower Smithfield 1785 on 100 acres. Taxed 0.7.2 in 1786 on 25 acres, 4 horses and 2 cows. Jotham Clark Winans was named for his maternal grandfather Jotham Clark with whom he is said to have resided after the death of his mother. The will of grandfather Clark in 1772 mentions only this one Winans grandchild, making a bequest to be paid at age 21, provided he works 2 and 1/2 years for his grandmother Sarah Clark. This seems to confirm a 1753 birth date. He would have been 21 in 1774 which would account for the 2 and 1/2 years of work presuming it would have been attained about the time of his birthday. Jotham Clark Winans appears thus in his grandfather's will, which seems to preclude traditional lists of separate sons named Jotham and Clark.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-5-1-3-2-1JANE WINANS b 5 Oct 1775 was the 2nd wife of Cornelius W. Low.
 1-5-1-3-2-2ELIZABETH DEPEW WINANS b 5 Sept 1777 d 5 May 1815 md 18 Mar 1800 William Miller, probably at Big Flats, Tioga, N. Y. They had at least one dau, Rebecca Miller b 14 July 1802 at Big Flats, N. Y.
 1-5-1-3-2-3SON (unnamed) b Aug 1779 d in infancy.
 1-5-1-3-2-4REBECCA WINANS b 1 Oct 1780 md 10 Jan 1813 James Williamson, probably in Big Flats, N. Y. They had the following children:
  1. Eliza Williamson b 9 Oct 1814.
  2. Minerva Williamson b 3 Apr 1817 at Big Flats, N. Y.
  3. George Clark Williamson b 7 May 1819 at same.
  4. James Winans Williamson b 2 July 1823 at same.
 1-5-1-3-2-5SARAH WINANS b 19 Feb 1783 md 10 Nov 1802 at Big Flats, N. Y. John Emins b 8 Oct 1774 d 8 Mar 1834 at Big Flats, N. Y. They had two daughters:
  1. Eleanor Emins b 2 Sept ___.
  2. Sarah B. E. Emins b 11 Feb 1815.
*1-5-1-3-2-6NICHOLAS WINANS b 27 Aug 1785.
 1-5-1-3-2-7JOHN WINANS b 21 July 1787 d 11 July 1800 at Big Flats, N. Y.
 1-5-1-3-2-8ANNA WINANS b 3 Nov 1789 at Big Flats, N. Y. md 18 July 1810 William McNulty. They had the following children:
  1. Becilia McNulty b 9 Feb 1811 at Big Flats, N. Y.
  2. James McNulty b 19 Jan 1813.
  3. Clark McNulty b 12 Feb 1815.
  4. Marietta McNulty.
  5. John E. McNulty.
 1-5-1-3-2-9JOTHAM WINANS b 6 Feb 1792 at Big Flats, N. Y. d 2 Dec 1812 at same.
 1-5-1-3-2-10CLARK WINANS b 22 Oct 1793 at Big Flats, N. Y. d before 10 Jan 1817.
 1-5-1-3-2-11DEBORAH WINANS b 25 Aug 1795 at same, md 12 May 1814 John Wormley. They had a son b 2 Aug 1815 and a dau Sarah Wormley b 12 May 1832 d 30 Jan 1835 at Big Flats, N. Y.
 1-5-1-3-2-12RHODA WINANS b 9 Sept 1797 at Big Flats, N. Y. d 14 July 1845 at same md Samuel Lamphear b 1793 d 12 Mar 1821 age 28 years. They had the following children:
  1. Sarah Lamphear.
  2. John Winans Lamphear, b 22 Apr 1818 d 17 Apr 1894 in Lowman Co.,1 N. Y. buried at Big Flats, N. Y.


  1. Eleanor Lamphear.
 1-5-1-3-2-13ELEANOR WINANS b 7 May 1799 at same md Charles Woodworth.
*1-5-1-3-2-14JOHN WINANS (2nd) b 8 June 1801 at same, d 29 Aug 1831 at same. Name of wife not known.

5th Gen

MATTHEW was b probably 1760/1 and named for maternal grandfather, Matthias Connett. He md 3 July 1787 (Minisink Valley Records) in Shawnee, Pa. Mary Van Garden, not Margaret V. Gordon, as sometimes stated. Appeared as single man in 1786, taxed 0.10.0. He was not a landowner in the 1796 tax lists of Northampton Co., but is listed in Middle Smithfield. He was a weaver and a mail carrier. The 1790 census finds him in Lower Smithfield 1-1-2. He helped settle Meshoppen, Pa.
Ref: This data submitted by John Baldwin of Ohio.

*1-5-1-3-4-1SAMUEL WINANS b 21 Feb 1788 d 1829 md Margaret DePue (Depew). He is probably the Samuel who has often been called a son of his grandfather.
 1-5-1-3-4-2PHEBE WINANS b 23 Jan 1790 bp 8 June 1790.
 1-5-1-3-4-3JACOB WINANS b 16 May 1792 bp 20 Apr 1795.
 1-5-1-3-4-4RACHEL WINANS b 1 Nov 1794 d in Willshire Twp., Van Wert Co., Ohio md (1) Joseph Heller b 10 July 1790 bp 4 Aug 1792 Monroe Co., Pa. d Van Wert Co., Ohio, son of John and Susanna (Hammond) Heller. Md (2) Jonathan Depue. She is probably the Rachel who has often been called a dau of her grandfather. Rachel and Joseph Heller had the following children:
  1. Matthew Heller md Emma Welch.
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Heller md (1) Emanuel Cook, md (2) _?_ Morehead.
  3. Phebe Ellen Heller b 25 July 1822 md Vinton Alexander Morehead.
  4. Jacob Heller b ca 1826.
  5. Joseph Heller b 16 Dec 1828.
  6. Lewis Heller b ca 1830.
Ref: Major Ira Winans' records give a 2nd wife, Betsy Williams. They had the following children:
 1-5-1-3-4-5PHEBE WINANS md John Van Gorder and they had the following children:
  1. Gershom Van Gorder who was in the Mexican War.
  2. John Van Gorder.
  3. Catherine Van Gorder.
  4. Ira Van Gorder.
*1-5-1-3-4-6MATTHEW WINANS d in his 67th year at Meshoppen, Pa. md Mary Morehouse.
*1-5-1-3-4-7JOHN WINANS b 1800 d Mar 1872 in Meshoppen, Pa. md Catherine Brink.
 1-5-1-3-4-8ISAAC WINANS (no further data).
 1-5-1-3-4-9ANN WINANS md _?_ Hall. they had son Chester L. Hall, md Mabel E. Warren. They lived in Binghamton, N. Y.
*1-5-1-3-4-10CLARK WINANS b 13 Sept 1812 d 16 Mar 1882 md Martha Maynard.
 1-5-1-3-4-11SUSAN WINANS md _?_ Stark.
 1-5-1-3-4-12CATHERINE WINANS md Amos Col[????].


5th Gen

ISAAC was b 10 July 1764 in Perth Amboy, N. J. three weeks before the death of his mother. He d 26 Dec 1852 md 24 Oct 1786 Ellener (Eleanor) DeLong dau of John DeLong of Smithfieid. This date was passed down in the records of descendants. The marriage entry is found in the registers of Rev. Elis van Bunschoten who simultaneously held the Dutch pastorates of Mahackemeck (Deerpark), now Port Jervis, N. Y. Minisink (Montague), Sussex Co, N. J., and Walpeck, N. J. Unfortunately the Rev. erred and entered the groom's name as Jacob, confusing Isaac either with his father or half-brother. During the Revolution Isaac served as a ranger of the frontier (Pa, Archives Series --, 23, 299). He received depreciation pay. Northampton Co. (Series V, 4:354). He may also have been the Isaac of Orange Co., N.Y. Militia, across the Delaware River, but no proof. He had settled, in Northampton Co., Pa. with his father by 1774.

Eleanor was b 23 May 1765 either in N. Y. state or along the Delaware in Northampton Co., Pa. or Sussex Co., N. J. A land warrant in her maiden name, inherited from whom is unstated, appears in Northampton Co. land records for 11 May 1793. An unfortunate claim is made by her dau Hannah in the 1880 census that her parents Isaac and Ellener were b in Delaware. Doubtless the entry for Pa. where Hannah, then aged 75 was b, was related by a child, and the younger generations of this branch of the Winans Family adopted a tradition that the family had come from Delaware to Ohio, rather than from the banks of the Delaware River.

Eleanor's deathdate is also clouded. Until 1953, a crumbled brownstone marker was to the south of Isaac Winans, either that of his father Jacob or wife Eleanor--both have been claimed. (In that year a War Dept. gravestone was placed on this site for Jacob (1-5-1-3) through the efforts of descendants). Eva Scott of Youngstown, late genealogist, wrote 2 Nov 1944, "DAR marker at grave in Pricetown put when tombstone was readable. Mrs. Askue tells me it was for Jacob Winans. Miss Scott also wrote 8 Sept 1944, Eleanor "died Nov 26, 1821 from Bible record in possession of Mrs. Sanford but this tombstone record in Pricetown Cemetery says (i.e. said-jdb) 1765 - May 21, 1833". (This could not have been the Bible this contributor says among Mrs. Sanford's effects, there were no deathdates). In another letter Miss Scott said she had personally recorded the 1833 date. Also there is a letter from Mrs. H. G. Walters (desc. of Phebe 1-5-1-3-3) apparently quoting Mrs. Sanford "Eleanor died May 21, in 68th year, only sick two days--1833". Also, "Mrs. Sanford relates that ....he (Jacob) is buried in an unmarked grave beside his son Isaac and (Isaac's) wife Ellener". Based on this the 1821 date is probably in error, the crumbled stone where the new Jacob Winans marker now stands was probably that of Ellener, and Jacob's grave is probably one more south of Ellener. It is reasonable that his very old stone would be first to disappear, presuming it ever existed. Also, burials from South to North would have been chronological: Jacob 1810, Eleanor 1833 (or 1821?) Isaac 1852 and Susannah McCollum 1869 (dau of Isaac and Eleanor). A letter by John A. Biles of Hommet's Ferry, Bradford Co., Pa. Dec 27, 1920 reads, "Isaac Winans and wife Eleanor sold 16 acres May 25, 1807 (in Northampton Co., Pa.) and removed to Ohio taking his father (Jacob) with him. They arrived in Milton Twp., June 21, 1807. According to a letter (dated 1911) of Mrs. R. Sanford, gt. granddaughter of Isaac, the land was sold May 20. It is not known if Eleanor's father, John DeLong made the trip at this time. Isaac's brothers, James and Jacob Jr. did come at this time. Milton was in Trumbull Co. until 1852 when it became Mahoning Co. Isaac appears


in the 1840 census aged under 80. Also in the home were 1 male under 20, 2 under 15, 1 under 5, 1 female under 30 and 1 under 15. This is likely to have been the family of his deceased son Jacob. Isaac is listed in Milton 1850 as aged 86. Living with him was his youngest dau Susannah, still unmarried. A report in old correspondence with Ira Winans by Isaac's descendants claims a 2nd wife, Rebecca Robinson. This seems unfounded. Isaac d 26 Dec 1852. Evidently there were three Isaac-Ellener Bibles.

  1. One, printed 1813, included the family of their son John and in 1944 was in possession of Isaac Newton Winans of Mission, Texas. This listed the parents as Isaac Winans and Ellen DeLong, no marriage indicated.
  2. Another was property of dau Hannah, wife of Bezaleel Olmstead, and passed to her granddaughter Olive (Olmstead) Sanford of Ravenna, Ohio. The Bible at best was lost but more likely deliberately destroyed by the executrix of Mister Sanford's estate, along with most of Mrs. Sanford's old letters and papers. If I remember correctly, the mother was listed as Ellener DeLong (jdb).
  3. The third, with pages missing by 1913 and therefore lacking a publishing date, belonged to their son Jacob. I have been unable to establish an accurate history. It belonged in 1911 to a "Mrs. James W. Myers" whom Eva Scott quoted as claiming to be a great granddaughter of Isaac and Ellener. I suspect she was Eleanor (dau of son Jacob and Elcy) granddaughter of Isaac and Eleanor, and wife of Richard, not James Myers. They probably had a son, Jacob Wylie Myers living at North Benton, Ohio 1910. A perhaps younger generation was the James Myers of Alliance who owned this Bible in 1938 (the possible source of confusion--a James Myers ((1820-1914)) was the husband of Sarah Winans ((1820-1889)) granddaughter of Isaac's brother James (1-5-1-3-7).

Ref: This material was assembled by John Baldwin of Cleveland, Ohio.
Ref: for (1-5-1-3-5-7-9) Mrs. Inez Eisenhauer of DuQuoin, Ill.

*1-5-1-3-5-1JACOB WINANS b 13 Oct 1787 d 13 May 1837 buried Pricetown, Ohio md 6 Sept or Oct 1810 Elsie Sutherland.
 1-5-1-3-5-2JAMES WINANS b 5 June 1789 d 19 July 1790. Sometimes confused with his cousins, the sons of James and Jacob, both of whom reached adulthood.
*1-5-1-3-5-3ISAAC DeLONG WINANS b 2 or 3 May 1791 in Allen, N. J. d 3 Aug 1864 in Greenwood, Crawford, Pa. buried at Pricetown md 6 Nov 1817 in Trumbull Co., Ohio Elizabeth (Betsy) DeLong.
*1-5-1-3-5-4JOHN WINANS b 26 June 1795 d 12 Oct or Nov 1852/3 md 8 Aug 1822 Eleanor (Nelly) North.
 1-5-1-3-5-5SARAH WINANS b 18 Apr 1797 d 18 Oct 1821 (per IW) 18 Oct 1881 Columbiana Co., Ohio (per JDS) md in Trumbull Co., 24 Jan 1818 (per IW) Sain Robinson who d 22 Oct 1821. He had lived in Pickaway Co., Ohio (per JDB). They had the following children:
  1. Sain Robinson Jr.
  2. Sarah Robinson b 18 Oct 1821.
Ref. for children: JDB
 1-5-1-3-5-6PHEBE WINANS b 16 Apr 1799 md Trumbull Co. 28 Aug or Sept 1817 Andrew Moore b in Va. ca 1799. Both were 51 in 1850 census of Milton. Phebe was 61 in 1860 deceased by 1870 when husband was 73. They had the following children:
  1. Isaac H. Moore b ca 1822, 28 in 1850.
  2. Mary A. Moore b ca 1825, 25 in 1850, 30 in 1860.
  3. William P. Moore b ca 1826, 24 in 1850.
  4. Phebe Jane Moore b ca 1829, 21 in 1850, 28 in 1860, d 1893.
  5. Sarah M. Moore b ca 1831, 19 in 1850, 27 in 1860, d 1901.
  6. Samuel E. Moore b ca 1833, 17 in 1850.
  7. Emaline Moore b ca 1834, 16 in 1850, 25 in 1860, d 1893.
  8. Laura Moore b ca 1838, 12 in 1850, 20 in 1860, 24 in 1870 (error somewhere here).


  1. Andrew C. Moore b ca 1840, 10 in 1850, 19 in 1860.
Cordelia Moore b ca 1844, 16 in 1860, does not appear in the 1850 census, and therefore is probably a dau-in-law. She precedes Andrew C. even though somewhat younger. She is probably the mother of a child who is more likely grandson than son of Phebe and Andrew. A. Freeman Moore b ca 1857, 3 in 1860. Still with grandfather in 1870, age 13. Nettie Moore b ca 1866 was living with grandfather in 1870.
 1-5-1-3-5-7ELEANOR WINANS b 11 June 1801 d 2 Apr 1881, Cisne, Ill. She is buried there although her name was included on a marker erected in Ohio for husband many years after their deaths. She married in Trumbull Co., on 9 Dec 1820 Russell Orr b 2 or 3 Apr 1798 d 4 Nov 1839. Will probated Nov 1839 Trumbull Co. They had the following children:
  1. Eleanor Orr b 16 Nov 1821 Mahoning Co., Ohio d 13 Apr 1893 Wayne Co., Ill. md Franklin Pearce b 24 Aug 1820 d 26 Sept 1891. They had 5 children.
  2. James Orr b 27/28 Apr 1825 d 6 Dec 1829 buried Pricetown.
  3. Rodney Orr b 9 Apr 1826 Jackson, Trumbull Co., Ohio (Alt. record says 6 June 1823) md 28 Aug 1853 Elizabeth Moore. No children.
  4. Gates Orr b 10 Feb 1827 Hanover, Ohio d 10 Dec 1906 Conway Springs, Kan. He md (1) Mahoning Co. 21 Feb 1849 Lorinda B. Pearce b 3 Aug 1827 d 23 Apr 1863. md (2) Wayne Co., Ill 24 Feb 1864 Mary Jane Best b Columbiana Co., Ohio, 13 Nov 1839 d Feb 1923 Wicheta, Kan. They had ten children.
  5. Casselman Orr b 17 Feb 1829 res. Wayne Co., Ill. d 4 Jan 1889 md 3 Sept 1856 Marietta Willet b 12 Nov 1835 d 29 Jan 1900, they had 8 children.
  6. Susannah C. Orr b 26 Apr 1831 d Sullivan Co., Mo. 1915 md (1) Arthur Brock. Md (2) Walla Swallow, they had two children.
  7. Mary Ann Orr b 15 Aug 1833 d 13 Aug 1907 res. Grayville, Ill. md Alfred Milner, they had 9 children.
  8. Jacinthia Rosalia Orr b 27 Aug or Oct 1835 d 17 Mar 1910 res. Bedford Twp. Wayne Co., Ill md Dr. William Truscott who d in the Civil War, 4 children.
  9. Olive Orr2 b 11 July 1837 d 23 Mar 1932 in Augusta, Kan md 4 Apr 1861 Jesse Varner b 21 Dec 1828 d 29 July 1904 and they had 7 children. One of their daughters was Dora Varner b 22 July 1862 d 11 May 1947 md 26 Sept 1880 William A. Bost b 17 Dec 1854 d 27 Apr 1938 and their son Jesse Otto Bost b 21 Dec 1885 d 24 Mar 1964 md 29 Dec 1910 Eleanor Jeanette Brown b -- d Sept 1927.
    1. Jesse and Eleanor Bost dau Olive Bost b 17 Oct 1911 d 17 Apr 1957 md Art Breese and they had the following children:
      1. Charles Jay Breese b 15 May 1936.
      2. Peggiann Breese b 29 May 1934 who md Ed Yerman in Mar 1960 and they have two children,
        1. Debra Yerman b 7 July 1962 and
        2. Laurie Yerman b 15 Mar 1964.
      3. Barbara Gail Breese b 4 June 1946 md Wayne Hartwick.
    2. Jesse and Eleanor Bost's dau Harriette b 4 Dec 1916 md Gordon Fitzsimmons and they had a dau
      1. Gertrude Fitzsimmons b 2 Sept 1938 md Don Thompson on 28 June 1957 and they have the following children:
        1. Andrew Thompson b 26 Nov 1957,
        2. Elaine Thompson b 26 Sept 1959,
        3. Gordon Thompson b 7 Mar 1963.
      2. Harriette and Gordon Fitzsimmons also had two other daughters, Elenor b 13 Aug 1947 and
      3. Dorothea Fitzsimmons b 4 Oct 1945.
    3. Jesse and Eleanor Bost's dau Inez Iona Bost b 19 Jan 1924 md 18 May 1941 Leonard J. Eisenhauer b 6 Nov 1915 and they have the following children:
      1. Victory Lee Eisenhauer b 4 July 1942 md 22 Nov 1964 Gregory Morris and they have twins
        1. Kenneth Gregory Morris and
        2. Eric Wayne Morris b 11 Sept 1965 and a dau
        3. Karla Michelle Morris b 24 Jan 1967.
      2. Linda Marie Eisenhauer b 15 May 19272 md 10 Dec 1966 David Thacker.
      3. Gayle Dorena Eisenhauer b 22 Aug 1952.


 [In Mrs. Egy's book, page 23 began a few lines above here, in the middle of Kenneth Gregory Morris' name. To simplify formatting, we have included the Eisenhauer and Morris families in page 22. CWC.]
  1. Russell Orr Jr. b 12 May 1839 d 24 Feb 1925 md (1) Margaret Hawk md (2) 9 Mar 1879 at Johnsonvi11e, Ill. Mrs. Elisabeth (Elsfelder) Decker, res. Cisne, Ill. One letter says md 4 times, five children. For some incredible reason Russell reported in 1850 census that his father was b in France and his mother in N. J. (Note by JDB).
 1-5-1-3-5-8REBECCA WINANS b 23 May 1803 d 10 June 1854 md 13 Dec 1832 William Moore. See under sister Susannah (1-5-1-3-5-10) for possible chi1dren.
 1-5-1-3-5-9HANNAH WINANS b 3 Oct 1805 in Stroudsburg, Pa. d 20 June 1894 buried at Palmyra, Portage Co., Ohio md in Warren, Ohio 21 Oct 1828 Bezaleel Olmstead b 18 Feb 1804 in New Milford, Conn d 20 Sept 1839 in Palmyra. Hannah's dau Eleanor stated in 188O that mother Hannah had been b in N.J. but the records of IW. says Pa. which is probably correct. They had the following children:
  1. Gain Olmstead b 23 Aug 1829 in Palmyra d 22 Mar 1848 in same.
  2. Susannah Olmstead b 29 July 1831 in Palmyra d 9 July 1849 at same soon after her 15 Apr 1849 marriage to Hiram Buckley.
  3. Morris Olmstead b 31 Mar 1834 in Palmyra d 17 Apr 1880 in Ravenna, Ohio md 19 Dec 1858 Sarah Thayer. Their dau Olive, wife of Rollin Sanford corresponded extensively with Major Ira winans the Genealogist.
  4. Eleanor Olmstead b 6 Feb 1836 in Palmyra d May 1918 in Cleveland, Ohio buried at Palmyra, md 5 Jan 1854 to Marquis Baldwin, divorced and md (2) 17 June 1873 his cousin Andrus Tibbals Baldwin (1820-1887). Great-grandson by second marriage is John Dwight Baldwin the III, co-compiler of this typescript. Eleanor also corresponded with Major Ira Winans, genealogist.
  5. Edmund Olmstead b 21 Mar 1839 in Palmyra d 6 Mar 1842 in same.
 1-5-1-3-5-10SUSANNAH (SUSAN) WINANS b 12 Aug 1807 just after the family arrived in Ohio. She lived at home with widowed father Isaac until his death in 1852. She married 9 Dec 1869 John McCollum b 1801 or 1803 d 9 Oct 1881 (widower of Mary Packard). Susannah d 17 Jan 1876 buried beside her father at Pricetown, Ohio. Age on tombstone 65-5-5 is error for 68-5-5 or a misreading. In 1860 she was living with Johnson J. Moore age 25 and Ele (male) Moore. These may have been children of her sister Rebecca of whose family we know nothing (less likely of the family of sister Phebe who also md a Moore and whose large family is known. However these may merely be sons of a James Moore living next door with Susannah serving as housekeeper.

5th Gen

JAMES was b 12 Mar 1767 in Perth Amboy, N. J. d 11 Aug 1852 in Milton, Ohio buried there. He md (1) 1 Mar 1791 Hannah Bunnell b July 1772 in Stroudsburg. Pa. d 13 Sept 1838 buried Eckis Cemetery in Milton, Trumbull Co., Ohio (now Mahoning Co.). Ira Winans says that her parents were Solomon and Eleanor (Fox) Bunnell. James migrated to Ohio in the summer of 1807 with his father and brothers, Isaac


and Jacob. He appears in the 1840 census there with a male under 20 and one under 15, probably grandsons. He was 83 in 1850 living with son James Jr. James md (2) 20 Apr 1839 Jane Stewart b ca 1791 in Stroudsburg, Pa. She was age 59 in Milton 1850 and a widow in the 1860 census. As Jane was not living with James in the 1840 or 1850 census she may have been the widow of Daniel Stewart. This Jane died 25 Mar 1865 age 74 years. James did not serve in the Rev. War in Dutchess, N. Y. as often stated. This service was in Conrad-2 Winans' family.
Ref: IW., JDB.

*1-5-1-3-7-1JACOB JAMES WINANS b Oct 1791 in Stroudsburg, Pa. d 22 Sept 1838 md (1) Eleanor Swallow per (IW) Eleanor Daughety (per JDB). Md (2) Elizabeth McAdams.
 1-5-1-3-7-2JEMIMA WINANS b 8 Nov 1794 in Stroudsburg, Pa. d 1 Sept 1854 in Lima, Ohio md 23 June 1814 in Trumbull Co., Ohio George D. Titus b 17 Feb 1791 d in Lima, Ohio. They had the following children:
  1. Jane Titus b 14 May 1815 md (1) J. Armstrong. Md (2) Caleb Baldwin.
  2. Hannah Titus b 21 Feb 1817 md George Boyd.
  3. John Titus b 29 Dec 1819 md (1) Hannah Boyd. Md (2) Catherine Wappur (may not be spelled correctly).
  4. Elizabeth Titus b 13 Jan 1822 md Samuel Linton.
  5. Sarah Titus b 25 Nov 1826 d 29 Dec 1905 in Rochester, Fulton, Ind. md (1) Henry Richards. Md (2) Charles Anthony.
  6. James Winans Titus b 20 June 1829 in Milton, Ohio d 11 Apr 1912 in Elkhart, Ind md Mary Richards.
  7. Isaac Titus b 19 Sept 1830 d 30 Nov 1865 in Elkhart, Ind md Hannah Archer.
  8. Mary Titus b 5 Mar 1834 d 5 Mar 1834.
  9. Abraham Titus b 27 Apr 1835 md Sara Petersen.
  10. Milton Titus b 7 Oct 1838 md Mary Jane Blair.
 1-5-1-3-7-3ISAAC WINANS b 3 Oct 1796 in Stroudsburg, Pa. d 3 Apr 1886 in Trumbull Co., Ohio md (1) Sarah Hawley b 1797 d 17 Sept 1871 in Graceville, Trumbull, Ohio. There were no children. Isaac md (2) 19 Mar 1872 Parthena A. Robinson b 19 Mar 1832 in Ware, Mass. d 7 Aug 1907 in Garrettsville, Portage, Ohio. There were no children.
 1-5-1-3-7-4MARY or POLLY WINANS b 17953 d 13 Oct 1838 in Milton, Ohio md 1809 Jesse Delong b 1786 d 12 Apr (per VR) 15 Apr (per land bounty) 1856. Jesse was the younger brother of the wife of her uncle Isaac (1-5-1-3-5). She was buried Eckis (her tombstone recorded erroneously in Henry Baldwin's Mahoning Co. Tombstone typescript as a wife of old John Delong of Milton). Jesse was John's son. After her death Jesse remarried 12 or 15 Apr 1839 Mrs. Rachel (Frankfurther) Winans widow of her Uncle Jacob's son James (1-5-1-3-11-1). Mary and Jesse had the following children:
  1. James Delong b ca 1811 md (1) Margaret McKensie. Md (2) Ellen McClurg.
  2. Rachel Delong b ca 1813 md 23 June 1832 Aaron Porter.
  3. Hannah Delong b 15 Sept 1816 d 15 May 1844 buried Eckis Cemetery md Joseph Porter.
  4. Catherine Delong b 1819 d 3 Sept 1841 (these dates followed by age 33 appear in H. Baldwin's poor transcript of graves in Mahoning Co.) She md Peter Ghee.
  5. Margaret Delong b 1820 md 6 Apr 1837 age 17 Michael Shingelocker.
  6. Jesse P. Delong b 13 June 1829 md 1853 Mary Davis. Settled Berrien and Newaygo Cos., Michigan.
  7. Elizabeth Delong b ca 1832 perhaps. An Elizabeth was living in Newton, same twp. as Jesse in 1850. She is probably the Elizabeth who md August Miron Parshall.
  8. Wayne Delong b ca 1838 per 1850 census, but more likely b 1839 or later as that is the date of Jesse's 2nd marriage.


 He married and settled Newaygo Co., Michigan. Perhaps others.
Ref: These Delong children are data from records of John Baldwin.
*1-5-1-3-7-5HENRY STRINGER WINANS b 11 Feb 1800 d 17 July 1854 md 31 Aug 1821 Rachel McCarthy.
 1-5-1-3-7-6SUSANNAH WINANS b 11 Feb 1803 d 8 Dec 1859 md 27 Nov 1828 in Newton Twp., Trumbull, Ohio Hugh Haggarty Cole b 17 Sept 1808 in Elizabeth, N. J. son of James Cole Jr. They settled in Iowa for a short while where their first child was born. Back to Ohio where the 2nd child was born in Cleveland, and the rest of them were born in Kirtland, Ohio. They went west with the Mormon Migration to Springville, Utah where Susannah died. Hugh md Elizabeth Taylor. She died 1876 and he went to San Bernardino California where he d 11 July 1896. Ref; for this family is Mrs. P. A. Peterson, Los Angeles, Calif. Susannah and Hugh had the following children:
  1. Belinda Cole b 6 Mar 1830, Council Point, Ia d 21 Mar 1848 [md?] _____ Webb.
  2. James Alfred Cole b 8 Mar 1831 at Cleveland, Ohio d 26 July 1883 md Elizabeth Kelly.
  3. Hannah Orilla Cole b 28 Oct 1833 at Kirtland, Ohio d 15 June 1911 md Henry Kearns.
  4. Albert John Cole b 20 Jan 1835.
  5. Alvina Ann Cole b 15 Mar 1836 d 3 Jan 1906 md James Oakley.
  6. Susannah Cole b 5 May 1837 d 26 Jan 1896 md Horace Clark.
  7. Mary Lucinda Cole b 26 Feb 1840 d 26 Feb 1882 md 6 Dec 1856 John McDonald.
  8. Henry Almon Cole b 5 May 1841 d 27 Jan 1861.
  9. Charles Ira Cole b 26 Feb 1843.
  10. Clarinda Cole b 16 Nov 1846 d 21 Mar 1850.
  11. Joseph Hyrum Cole b 3 Oct 1848 d 6 Oct 1848.
*1-5-1-3-7-7JAMES ISAAC WINANS Jr. b 1806 in N. J. d 4 Mar 1876 md (1) 9 Oct 1823 Polly or Mary Frankfurther. md (2) Caroline Hall (per JDB) Caroline Hudson (per IW).
 1-5-1-3-7-8ANNA WINANS b 1808 in Milton Twp. d in Adrian, Mich md Lemmel Church.
 1-5-1-3-7-9HANNAH BUNNELL WINANS b 1810 d 2 May 1873 at Paris, Ohio (per IW) d 2 May 1874 (per JDB), md 2 July 1833 or 2 June 1833 Amos Osborn b 1810 or 1811 in Pa. son of Abner and Abigail (Allison) Osborn. Abigail was the maternal aunt of President McKinley. Amos d 15 July 1873 (per IW) or 15 June 1881 (per JDB) as 70 yrs 11 mos 6 days in Paris, Portage Co. Ohio. Hannah and Amos had the following children: this data taken from the records of IW.
  1. James J. Osborn b Mar 1834 d 11 Mar 1913 in Ohio.
  2. Laura Osborn b Apr 1835 md ____ Johnson, moved to Michigan.
  3. Sylvester Osborn b 24 Jan 1837 m Mary Winans (1-5-1-3-7-7-1-1) his cousin, moved to Chicago.
  4. Hannah Osborn b Nov 1838 d 1840.
  5. Ellen Jane Osborn b Apr 1840 d 1856.
  6. Louisa Osborn b Aug 1842.
  7. Amos Osborn b Apr 1844 d 1850.
  8. Emaline Osborn b Sept 1846.
  9. Henry Osborn b May 1849 moved to Alaska.
  10. Isaac Osborn b Sept 1851.
  11. Rose Osborn b June 1853.
  12. William Osborn b Sept 1855 d 1856.
  13. Edwin Osborn b Mar 1858 d 1912 buried Hawley Cemetery.
(per JDB) Eliza I. or J. This girl aged 19 in 1850 was living with Jane, the 2nd wife of James, but is to old to be her dau. Perhaps she was a late child by 1st wife or perhaps a granddaughter. Or perhaps was Jane's child by an earlier marriage and took stepfather's name. Also in house was a Rachel Fargeson, age 2.4


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1 There is no Lowman county in the state of New York, but there is a hamlet, or unincorporated area, by that name in Chemung county, NY.
2 The list of Olive and Jesse's descendants is extremely hard to follow, since Mrs. Egy runs together all the information without any breaks or indentation. My apologies if I've added to the confusion! The Breese and Fitzsimmons children don't appear to be in the correct chronological sequence, while Linda Marie Eisenhauer's birth date appears to be a typo and probably should be 1947.
3 Based on the birth dates given, Mary seems to be listed out of sequence.
4 When I first saw it, I couldn't figure out what this paragraph was all about. It seemed to have nothing to do with the immediately preceding material. I eventually determined that the Jane and James to whom it refers are the couple whose entries begin at the bottom of page 23.
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