This is a Hall of Fame, or Honor Roll, of sorts. The people whose names appear below have contributed their own knowledge to the pages of this Carey family album. They've generously sent us copies of their own work and said "go ahead and use it!" They've tracked down bits of hard-to-find information in other parts of the country. They've corrected misinformation and typos whenever they found them in these pages. I don't know how many of us should really be called researchers, since most of us are just ordinary folks who have accumulated a few old photos and letters and documents and have become curious enough about our ancestors to try to find out more.

I'm posting their names, addresses and areas of expertise here in one place because it's hard for me to maintain that information in dozens of different album pages. Now, when somebody moves, I only need to change his or her address in one place! Instead of having people's e-mail addresses scattered all over the place, they're all on one page now.

Some of our researcher cousins have started web sites of their own. As I become aware of their sites, I'll provide links. If their name appears in red in the left column, just click on it to see whatever they might have made available on the World Wide Web.

Researcher / Web site (if any)AddressSurname and Area
Carey, Chuck (that's me)cwcfamily@roadrunner.comyou name it! << send your comments about this web site to me! >>
Atwell, Glennatwellgrp@aol.comRUSSELL in PA
Atwell, Kenken_atwell@yahoo.comRUSSELL in PA
Bean, Kristinlveanurse@sbcglobal.netSEWARD & FRANCIS in IN
Bechtel, Latenbecht@cfw.comBREWSTER, etc.1
Black, Lylelyle.jay@comcast.netCLARK in IL
Bretz, Joanjbretz1@earthlink.netLANGTON & BRATTON in PA
Carey, CAREY in OH
Cheney, Marilynmarilyn_cheney@milton.eduBREWSTER, etc.1
Clark, Harmanhrclarkjr@kingcon.comCLARK anywhere
Conrad, Kelly L.klconrad@h2net.netCAREY, WINANS & PRILLIMAN in OH
Coy, David Kentdavidkentcoy@gmail.comALLEN in IN, STITES in NY & NJ
Crum, Betty-Ellenbettyellen2@yahoo.comPLANK & YODER in OH
Cruse, Susan "Buckeye"deafmtnbear@woh.rr.comWINANS & STATLER in OH
Davis, Lindadeltamom4850@yahoo.comVOSS in NC, IN, MO, KS & CA
Davis, Roy L.r.roycarm@verizon.netDAVIS in OH & CA
Davis, Tomdavist@northjersey.comWINANS in NJ
Deere, Phillipdeerhunter@cfl.rr.comCLARK in IL
Dillon, Lornadillon@goldrush.comPERRY in PA, OH & CA
Dishman, PamunknownCAREY & ENYART in OH
Doak, Ralphralphdoak@gmail.comDOAK everywhere
Elliott, EricunknownCAREY in OH
Elliott, Mactwigsntx@aol.comHELTON in KY, IN
Erlenbush, Pamelalynznick_mom@hotmail.comCLARK in IL
Evarts, Karenkrmevarts@pacbell.netSEWARD & WALKER in IN, AZ & CA
Ewer, Phyllisphyllisewer@hotmail.comALLEN, SHOWERS & VOSS in IN
Ferris, Scottjsferris@intcon.netJOHNSON in OH & KS
Finn, Gailgfin@telus.netSTERRETT & VOSBURGH in MN
Fitterer, Nancy Keithfittererg@msn.comSTERRETT & KEITH in MN
Frazee, Steve unknownFRAZEE in NJ & OH
Grainger, Barbpaltia@aol.comBREWSTER, etc.1
Green, Jane Fell (Lucy)literacy.lady@me.comCraton WINANS descendants
Hamilton, JerryunknownPERRY in PA & OH
Hamilton, Kathykshamilton@cox.netWINANS & WENDELL in IA & CA
Hancock, Audrey Shieldsaudreyhancock1939@sbcglobal.netENYART, WINANS/WYNANT, CLARK, MILLS in OH
Hawley, Janelle Hussey jhhawley@comcast.netALLEN in IN
Hennessey, Jane & Timtphennessey@gmail.comPERRY in PA & OH
Herder, MikeunknownINMAN in OH, IL & CO
Hettrick, Diane K.dhettrick@earthlink.netENYART in OH
Hillmer, Bonny "Lady Bonita"ladybonita@usa.comVOSS & HILLMER in SD
Hitchcock, Dannysigithal@yahoo.comBREWSTER, etc.1
Hofer, Steveshofer@aerlex.comBREWSTER, etc.1
Hunter, Stevestephen_hunter@yahoo.comCAREY & ENYART in OH
Hutton, Janegainiecincy9@mailstation.comBREWSTER, etc.1
Hystad, Pamphystad@computerpro.comFRAZEE in NJ & OH
Irvine, David T.david.irvine@att.netERWIN / IRVINE in VA, Ulster, Scotland
Jackson, Bobrjcksn@earthlink.netBREWSTER, etc.1 - - This address bounced!
Jarvis, Tonytjar@att.netHELTON, TODD & CLARK in IN
Kenley-Moreno, Kerrykerry.moreno@roadrunner.comSEWARD & FRANCIS in IN
Kilroy, Peggijkilroyjr@kc.rr.comWALKER in TX
Kimball, Franfkimb@sbcglobal.netWINANS in OH & CA
Kitchen, Connie Youngclykitchen@charter.netBREWSTER, etc.1
Koscak, Sandi Evilsizersandi.j.koscak@gmail.comFRAZEE et al in NJ & OH
Koseruba,, HUDSON & WINANS in NJ & OH
Kozloff, Jodiegekozloff@gmail.comVOSS in IN & WA
Landry, Joejl_58_ml@charter.netBREWSTER, etc.1
Langton, Joeljoel_d_b_langton@hotmail.comLANGTON worldwide
Lassen, Sandyslassen@infoave.netFRAZEE in NJ & OH
MacNair, Andyahmacnair@aol.comBREWSTER, etc.1
Maxwell, Howardhmaxwell2@comcast.netBREWSTER, etc.1
McKenzie, MartaunknownPERRY in PA, OH & CA
McKim, Michellebimm@frii.comWINANS, STANBERY & FINLEY in NJ/NY/OH
McNeil, Cecilycrmcneil@mac.comWINANS, STANBERY & FINLEY in NJ/NY/OH
Mere, Cathycatmere@aol.comPLANK in OH
Messinger, CharlotteunknownBREWSTER, etc.1
Mills, SharonunknownFRAZEE in NJ & OH
Moncelle-Colglazier, Teriteasz5@gridcom.netCOOK & PAUGH in IN & IL
Montgomery, Craig & Marie6ms@cox.netLINGARD & SEWARD in IN & AZ
Olson, Sharonslopoet@well.comWINANS, SIMONSON & OLSON in NJ & CA
Pearson, Sharon Winanssharon@mindseyeprod.comWATERMAN & WINANS in CA
Peckham, Treva E.peckham1970@hughes.netCOOK & HELTON in IN
Perry, Billruefperry@juno.comPERRY in PA, OH & CA
Phillips, Phyllisonlyonephyl@aol.comCLARK & HELTON in IN
Pickett, Sandysandyredcal@aol.comVOSS in IN, MO & CA
Pierotti, Marympierotti@verizon.netPERRY in PA
Porter, JudyunknownHELTON & CLARK in IN
Prickett, Teribustladee@aol.comPERRY in OH & CA - - this address bounced!
Rawski, Pam Careypamrawski@gmail.comCAREY in OH & IN
Reed, Franfkreed@comcast.netPERRY in PA, OH & CA
Renard, Meredithmerrenard12@gmail.comSMITH in PA, OH & IN
Rhoades, Thelmatdrhoad@earthlink.netIRVIN, DOAK & LOGAN
Rodenberger, Katzoesdare@gmail.comHELTON, PETERS, RODENBERGER
Rosiere, Deborahdeborahrosiere@yahoo.comCAREY & CLARK in IL
Rothwell, Cherylhistorysleuth@gmail.comCLARK in IL
Schasteen, James William "Bill"bill@schasteen.comSCHASTEEN in IL, CA, TX, etc.
Scott, Nancy & Walternrscott@prairienet.orgPERRY in PA & OH
Shepherd, Joycejoyannshp@aol.comBREWSTER, etc.1
Shoemaker, Susiesusiesho@bellsouth.netWINANS & STATLER in OH
Shotts, Conniecshotts1@carolina.rr.comBREWSTER, etc.1
Starkman, Delores Vossmnchic6467@yahoo.comVOSS in IN & SD
Stout, Jerryjerrystout@sbcglobal.netROLLINS & WINANS in OH
Streich, Lynnelkstreich@home.comENYART in OH
Teslik, George & Gracekilset@msn.comPERRY in PA
Thiede, Mary Janem.b.thiede828@worldnet.att.netWINANS & STATLER in OH
Thomas, Henryhankphenom@msn.comPERRY & JOHNSON in KS, CA & DC
Todd, Dan dantodd@att.netHELTON & TODD in IN
Tongier, J. P. & Suzannesbaw53@aol.comPERRY & JOHNSON in KS, CA & DC
Umbdenstock, Debdebbie_u@adelphia.netBREWSTER, etc.1
Wanless, CharlesunknownWINANS anywhere
Weak, Theresatreeweak@hotmail.comALLEN in IN
Wennerlind, Peggydpwen8@yahoo.comPLANK in PA & OH
Wilgus, Adamkima@myvine.comFRAZEE in NJ & OH
Williams, Gaylegaylegaylewll@aol.comBOVELL & COOK in IN & IL
Winans, Daleredwingstar@hotmail.comWINANS anywhere
Winans, Davedwinans@nycap.rr.comWINANS anywhere
Winans, Dawn M.dmwinans@yahoo.comWINANS in OH
Winans, Glen R.grwinans@aol.comWINANS anywhere
Winans, Jay D.winansj@telus.netWINANS anywhere
Young, Robrobert_young@invesco.comHELTON anywhere
Zettle, Darbydarby.zettle@gmail.comPERRY & JOHNSON in KS, CA & DC

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If I have your entry wrong above, or you'd rather not see your name here, or if you'd like to have your name added, please let me know! I've lost contact, at least via e-mail, with those researchers whose address is listed as "unknown", so please check in with me and give your current e-mail address.

How to contact me? See name at top of list above.

In Memoriam

The following researchers who are no longer with us have made great contributions to our knowledge, either directly or via the work they left behind:

Carey, Col. Warren E.
Deeter, Abigail Anthony
Fenstermacher, Fannie Langton
Hough, Jackie
Marshall, Rev. Kelly
Morris, Sarah Margaret Logan
Tennis, Inez Langton
Walker, Alice Seward
Winans, Maj. Ira

1 I use "Brewster etc." here to refer to a multiplicity of surnames including ALEXANDER, BREWSTER, DOAK, DUNN and IRVIN in their migrations from Ireland to Virginia, then to Kentucky, Indiana and other parts of the United States.
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