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5th Gen

JACOB was b 20 Sept 1777 d 15 Nov 1870 at Waterford, Pa. (per IW). He was b in Northampton Co., Pa. and was named for his oldest half-brother who died on a British prison ship. He md 13 Dec 1797 Catherine Delong b 4 Apr 1781 (per M.C.) d 1857 (per IW). She was the dau of John Delong Sr. and sister of Ellener, wife of Jacob's half-brother Isaac (1-5-1-3-5). This marriage is recorded in Capt. Philip Shrawder's Docket Book, North County. Catherine was b in Northampton Co. They had come to Ohio in June 1807 with Jacob's brothers, Isaac and James and the aged father. Jacob and Catherine were living in the home of their dau Anna Kenneman in Milton, Trumbull (now Mahoning) Co., in 1850. In 1860 Jacob was living at the home of dau Rachel Porter, erroneously recorded as born in N. J. rather than Pa., Crawford Co. History states that Catherine died in Pa.
Ref: IW., JDB. There was a David living with Anna Kenneman who was b ca 1827. He may have been a son of Jacob. Census records furnished by John Balwin, birth dates from data of IW.

*1-5-1-3-11-1JAMES WINANS b 1799 d 15 or 17 Jan 1837 md Rachel Frankfurther.
 1-5-1-3-11-2JOHN WINANS b 1802 (no further information).
 1-5-1-3-11-3ELEANOR WINANS b ca 1804 md 17 May 1821 William Kenneman.
 1-5-1-3-11-4ANNA WINANS b 15 May 1806 d 26 Feb 1899 in Waterford, Erie Co., Pa. (per IW). Old correspondence calls her dau of James but Jacob (1-5-1-3-11) and Catherine were living with her in 1850 and they were more likely to be with their dau than their niece of the same name. Anna md 4 May 1825 David Kenneman of Milton b 23 Feb 1803 d 1 Sept 1883 in Waterford, Pa. They had the following children:
  1. Peter Kenneman b 20 Dec 1825 in Berlin, Ohio d 17 Feb 1835 in Garrettsville, Ohio.
  2. Jacob Kenneman b 10 Aug 1827 in Petersburg, Ohio, d 1 Mar 1910 in Newton Falls, Ohio md Lucy Clark of Newton Falls and she d 1912 at same.
  3. James Kenneman b 30 Aug 1829 in Milton d 31 Dec 1899 in Carry, Pa. md 6 Oct 1854 Augusta N. Baird of Newton Falls, she d 19 Apr 1904 in Carry, Pa.
  4. John Kenneman b 22 Mar 1832 in Greene, Ohio d 1 Apr 1837 in Garrettsvi11e, Ohio.
  5. William Kenneman b 3 Mar 1834 in Greene, Ohio md in Wattsburg, Pa., Laura W. Chase who d 12 Aug 1898 in Ohio.
  6. Mary Kenneman b 20 Oct 1836 in Milton, d 10 Sept 1837 in Garrettsville, Ohio.
  7. Julia Kenneman b 14 Oct 1838 in Garrettsville, md George Ripple who d 189?.
  8. Martha Kenneman b 4 Oct 1843 in Garrettsville md 1 Jan 1872 at Waterford, Pa. Charles H. Colburn who was killed 14 Mar 1885.
  9. David Kenneman b 21 Sept 1846 in Newton Falls, Ohio md 27 Dec 1865 Mary M. Judson.
  10. Henry B. Kenneman b 15 Sept 1848 in Newton Falls, Ohio d 17 Apr 1849.
  11. Candace Kenneman b 17 Apr 1850 in Ohio d 23 Oct 1888 md 24 Oct 1869 James R. Martin or Mertin of Buffalo, N. Y.
 1-5-1-3-11-5JEMIMA WINANS b ca 1809 md 12 June 1823 Robert Shorts. They had the following children:
  1. Aaron Shorts b 10 Sept 1824 in Milton d 1907 in Crawford Co., Pa.
  2. Jacob Shorts b 1826 in Milton.
  3. Louisa Maria Shorts b 30 Oct 1828 in Milton, md (1) ___ McFadden md (2) ____ Crydler.
  4. William Shorts b Apr 1830 in Milton d 20 May 1910 in Townville, Pa.
  5. Mary Ann Shorts b 20 Feb 1831 in Milton, Ohio md ____ Lingo.


  1. Jemima Shorts b Nov 1832 in Milton, md ____ Stull.
  2. Robert Shorts b 26 Feb 1834 in Milton, d 1904 in Crawford, Pa.
  3. James Shorts b 1836 in Milton md Hannah Winans (1-5-1-3-7-7-6).
  4. Jefferson Shorts and
  5. Elizabeth Shorts were twins. She md ____ Odell and d 14 May 1912.
  6. Sarah Ellen Shorts b June 1840 in Crawford Co., Pa. d 1902 in Pa. She md ____ Terrill.
  7. Clara Shorts b 10 Aug 1842 in same md ___ Stull.
  8. George Washington Shorts b 4 May 1844 in same.
*1-5-1-3-11-6JACOB WINANS b 1810 md Amindia or Amanda Lingo.
*1-5-1-3-11-7JESSE WINANS b 11 Aug 1812 d 13 Aug 1883 (per M.C.) md Rachel Gray.
 1-5-1-3-11-8RACHEL WINANS b ca 1817 (per IW.) but appears as 42 in 1860 and 55 in 1870 md 13 Dec 1836 Enoch Porter b ca 1808, 52 in 1860, 61 in 1870. They had the following children:
  1. John Porter b ca 1838/40 md his cousin Nancy Winans dau of Jacob (1-5-1-3-11-6).
  2. Amos Porter b ca 1839.
  3. Rachel Porter b ca 1840.
  4. James Warren Porter b ca 1854. Seems young to be a son.
  5. Joseph Porter was 48 in 1850. Perhaps a brother of Enoch or could be a son of misrecorded or misreported age.
  6. William Porter b ca 1836/8. Follows Joseph in 1860 census so could be his son instead of Enochs. This William md a Sarah called Winans in an unidentifiable letter. She was 30 in 1870.
*1-5-1-3-11-9BOYD WINANS b ca 1818 md Sarah     .
 1-5-1-3-11-10JOSIAH WINANS b ca 1822, unmarried.
 1-5-1-3-11-11CATHERINE WINANS b ca 1825 d soon after 1840.

5th Gen

ISAAC was b 1756 in Elizabeth, Union, N. J. d 1812 in Harrison Co., Va. md ca 1785 in Elizabethtown, N. J. Ruth Ayres. Wife's name is given as      Byers in 0. C. Winans' Genealogy but IW. gives it as Ayres. They settled in Virginia. His will and inventory in Will Book #1 pg 504 on 9 Oct 1812, recorded in Harrison Co., Va.
Ref: All data not referenced is from the records of Major Ira Winans of Rochester, N.Y.

*1-5-2-4-1-1EZEKIEL WINANS b 1787 (census of Wood Co., W. Va., lists him in 1850 as age 62 but the 1870 census lists him as 87). He died 30 Jan 1873 in W. Va., age 86 and is buried in the Bethel Cemetery. He md (1) 1810 Elizabeth Wires md (2) Margaret Nelson.
 1-5-2-4-1-2WILLIAM WINANS referred to as Dr. md Elizabeth Lane. Ref: OCW. The appraisal of his estate was 20 Sept 1843 in Bastrop Co., Texas, by his brother Francis.
*1-5-2-4-1-3FRANCIS WINANS b 1790 in Elizabethtown, N. J. d 27 Apr 1878 in McDade, Texas md (1) Nancy Woofter and they separated and he md (2) Julia Ann Whitaker.
 1-5-2-4-1-4LYDIA WINANS b 1793 md George Woofter.
 1-5-2-4-1-5JEANETTE WINANS b 1796 md 13 Feb 1812 Jonathan Woofter b 1790 d 1864. They had a son John Woofter who md 1836 Maria Bailey. John and Maria had a dau Sarah Jane Woofter who md Dr. Marcus Wm. Hughes (1835-1898) and their dau Pauline Olive Hughes b 6 Aug 1863 md Rev.


 J. D. Springston. Ref: Name and birth date of Jeanette from IW. and Mrs. Chas. L. Bryan of Bradenton, Fla. 1944, and other data on Jeanette by Mrs. Bryan.
 1-5-2-4-1-6MARY WINANS b 20 July 1798 d 18 Sept 1874 md 14 Mar 1820 Vincent Alexander b 12 May 1798 d 5 Aug 1861 in Hurst, W. Va. They had the following children:
  1. Marinda Alexander b 5 Mar 1822 d 10 Dec 1822 in Lewis Co., Va.
  2. William Alexander b 11 Sept 1823 d 28 Mar 1870.
  3. Emily Alexander b 2 Apr 1825 d 3 Sept 1909 near Grove, W. Va., unmarried.
  4. Jesse Denny Alexander b 24 Mar 1827 md Sarah Simmons.
  5. Eliza Alexander b 22 Aug 1829 d 19 May 1895 in Hurst, W. Va., md Vincent Hurst.
  6. Cyrena Alexander b 31 July 1831 d 15 Dec 1914 in Grove, W, Va., md (1) Joshua Pearcy md (2) Steward Chapman.
  7. Amy Alexander b 10 Sept 1833 d 9 May 1898 near Hurst, W. Va,, md George Washington Snider.
  8. Washington Alexander b 11 Sept 1835 d 18 Feb 1890 in Clinton, Iowa.
*1-5-2-4-1-7ENOS WINANS b 6 June 1803 d 8 May 1887 at Freeman's Creek, W. Va., md 22 Nov 1840 at Polk Creek, Va. Sally Nicolas.
*1-5-2-4-1-8BENJAMIN WINANS b 1805 md Catherine (Katy) Simons.
 1-5-2-4-1-9RUTH WINANS md   ?   Radabaugh and they had a dau Cinderella Radabaugh.

5th Gen

JOHN M. was b 1779 d 7 Feb 1859 at Warrenville, Somerset Co., N. J. md Elizabeth Teeple b 1778 at Warrenville, N. J. d 12 Nov 1859.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-2-4-2-1JAMES WINANS md Elizabeth Conrad. They had at least one dau, Juliette who md George Edgar Bradley b 22 Jan 1826, son of Harvey Stone and Maria Rosa Bradley. Taken from Detroit Society Magazine, summer of 1964, for Genealogy Research by Mrs. M. Minder. There were no further records on this James. There were probably other chi1dren.
 1-5-2-4-2-2WILLIAM WINANS.
 1-5-2-4-2-3ELIAS WINANS.
 1-5-2-4-2-4IRA WINANS.
 1-5-2-4-2-5ISAAC WINANS.
 1-5-2-4-2-6GEORGE WINANS md Hester Giles. They had one dau Mary Elizabeth Winans b 11 July 1842 d 11 Oct 1905 in Bound Brook, N. J. md Alexander Harris. They had son George Winans Harris.
*1-5-2-4-2-7PHILIP WINANS (twin) b 31 Oct 1818 at Warrenville, Somerset, N. J. d 3 Aug 1853 at same md 4 Nov 1843 at same Hannah Manning Titus.
*1-5-2-4-2-8PETER WINANS (twin) b 31 Oct 1818 d 18 May 1892 at Warrenville, Somerset, N.J. md Rachel Ann Martin who d 5 Feb 1889.


5th Gen

LEWIS was b 1780/82 d 1840 md Katherine Frightendall d 1854 at Plainsfield, N. J.
Ref: IW. Children may not be in order, but no further birthdates.

*1-5-2-4-3-1FREDERICK WINANS b 19 Jan 1802 in Albany, N. Y. d 5 May 1881 in Chicago, Ill. md (1) 3 Mar 1830 Rachel Bishop md (2) Mrs. Anne (Phillips) Morse.
 1-5-2-4-3-2KATHERINE WINANS md      Hamilton. They had 2 daughters, not named in the records that I saw.
 1-5-2-4-3-3SUSAN WINANS (no further record)
*1-5-2-4-3-4JOHN LEWIS WINANS b 3 Aug 1807 d 1 May 1887 in Mt. Bethel, N. J. md at Mt. Hareb, N. J. in 1841 Sarah Bilyen.
*1-5-2-4-3-5WILLIAM WINANS md Charity Giddis.
*1-5-2-4-3-6DAVID WINANS b 1812 d 20 Feb 1892 in Saratoga Springs, N. Y. md (1) Mary Baynon md (2) Martha      md (3) Sarah Louise Baldwin.
*1-5-2-4-3-7LEWIS WINANS md Susan Harris.
 1-5-2-4-3-8HENRY WINANS (no further record).
*1-5-2-4-3-9ISAAC WINANS d 1875 in Washingtonvi11e, N. J. md 1859/60 Mrs. Sarah Elizabeth (Upson) Bilyen.

5th Gen

WILLIAM was b 12 MAR 1781 in N. J. d 1838/40 (PER IW.). Death of before 1805 has been given but I cannot accept this date as IW has a record of William's children sent to him by three different people. William md Mary Lawler b 14 Jan 1788 in N. J. d 6 Oct 1856 in Green Valley, Ill. was the dau of Michael and his 2nd wife Jane Lawler.
Ref: IW., JDB.

 1-5-2-4-4-1PHILIP W. WINANS b 22 May 1805 in N. J. d 29 Dec 1857 in Green Valley, Ill. unmarried.
 1-5-2-4-4-2NANCY WINANS b 25 Nov 1807 in Somerset Co., N. J. d in Terre Haute, Ind. md      Ruckman.
 1-5-2-4-4-3JOHN WINANS b 29 Mar 1810 in Washington Valley, N. J. md Hannah Bilyen dau of William and Mary (Giddis) Bilyen. No children.
 1-5-2-4-4-4MECAH WINANS b 6 Dec 1812. (This name may be spelled incorrect as it was very blurred.)
 1-5-2-4-4-5HANNAH WINANS b 13 Jan 1814 in Washington Valley, N. J. md      Van Riper. They had at least one son, Eden Van Riper.
 1-5-2-4-4-6ELIZABETH WINANS b 10 Aug 1816 in Washington Valley, N. J. d in same.
 1-5-2-4-4-7JANE REMEMBER WINANS b 5 Aug 1819 in N. J. d 3 Apr 1899 in Forrest, Ill. md Francis Landon Davis b 3 Nov 1814 in N. J. d 20 Nov 1905 in Forrest, Ill. was the son of James Davis. They had the following children:
  1. Peter Davis b 27 May 1843 in Essex Co., N. J.
  2. William Winans Davis b 27 Sept 1845 in N. J.
  3. Philip Winans Davis b 9 Jan 1850.


  1. Mary Davis died when 13 years old in Ill.
 1-5-2-4-4-8MARY ANN WINANS b 4 Jan 1822 in Washington Valley, N. J. d 1891 md George Davis son of James Davis. They had two sons, John and Henry Davis.
 1-5-2-4-4-9PHEBE WINANS b 26 Aug 1824 in Washington Valley, N. J. (unmarried)

5th Gen

PHILIP d 1850 at Bound Brook, N. J. md Phebe Lawler who d 1863 at Bound Brook, N. J. She was the dau of Michael and Jane (Stansbury) Lawler. Ref: IW., JDB.

*1-5-2-5-1-1JONATHAN WINANS b 11 May 1802 in Bound Brook, Somerset, N. J. d 9 July 1885 at Huntington, Pa. md 1834 Jane Brown.
*1-5-2-5-1-2CHARLES WINANS md Mary Oppje.
 1-5-2-5-1-3PHEBE WINANS md Miller Tunison. (There is a ? mark on the spelling of Tunison in this reference). They had the following children:
  1. William Tunison.
  2. Elizabeth Tunison.
  3. Abram Tunison.
  4. Philip Tunison.
 1-5-2-5-1-4ELIZA ANN WINANS d 1852 at No. Branch, N. J. md Cornelius Tunison who d 1855 at No. Branch, N. J. They had the following children:
  1. John Tenbrook Tunison b 1833 d 1858, unmarried.
  2. Phebe Ann Tunison b 1843 md James B. Brown b 5 May 1835 in Martinsvi11e, N. J. d 13 Aug 1913 in Somerville, N. J. They were md 1 Apr I860 in No. Branch, N. J.

5th Gen

WINANT was b 21 Apr 1775 near Bernardsville, N. J., Bridgewater Twp., Somerset Co., d 6 June 1848 age 73 years 1 mo. at Middletown, Ohio md 24 June 1797 Phebe Teeple b 17 Dec 1776 near Pluckmin, N. J. d 28 Sept 1842 age 65 years 9 mos. at Middletown, 0hio. Both are buried in the 1st Ave. Cemetery sq. 5, lot 11. Winant was a shoe and boot maker as were his 2 sons, Ira and William.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Helen Funston, Middletown, Ohio, 1st Settlers of Passaic Valley, N. J. and Vicinity above Chatham with Their Ancestors and Descendants by John Littell, 1852, Judge Noble Littell, Martinsville, Ind., Charles A. Winans of Morris, Ill.

 1-5-2-5-3-1MARY MILLER WINANS (also called Polly) b 27 Nov 1798 in Bridgewater Twp., Somerset Co., N. J. d 5 Jan 1871 age 73 md 8 May 1817 James Littell of Greenbrook, N. J. b 17 June 1773 d 13 Jan 1836 age 63. They had the following children:
  1. William Littell md Sarah Burge dau of Anthony Burge.
  2. Winant Winans Littell md Huldah Noble dau of Anthony Noble.
  3. Catherine or Kate Littell.
  4. Caroline Littell md Isaac Hand son of Ira Hand son of David Hand.
  5. Sarah Littell md William Mitchell.
  6. Francis M. Littell.


 1-5-2-5-3-2LYDIA WINANS b 10 Jan 1800 in same as sister above, d 1835 md George White.
 1-5-2-5-3-3ALLIE La TEEPLE WINANS b 7 Jan 1801 in same as above, d 23 July 1835.
 1-5-2-5-3-4PHEBE BUSH WINANS b 29 Oct 1802 in same, d 16 Oct 1805.
 1-5-2-5-3-5SEREPTA WINANS b 19 Dec 1803 in same.
 1-5-2-5-3-6CHARLOTTE WINANS b 10 Sept 1805 in same.
 1-5-2-5-3-7SARAH (Sally) WINANS b 20 July 1808 md _?_ Sebring.
 1-5-2-5-3-8CAROLINE WINANS b 9 June 1811 d 14 May 1835 in Middletown, Ohio. Her tombstone reads 23 years 11 mos. 5 days wife of James White.
*1-5-2-5-3-9IRA WINANS b 10 Mar 1814 at Baltimore, Md. d 26 Nov 1866 at Edinburg, Ind. md Rachel Turner.
 1-5-2-5-3-10PHEBE WINANS b 14 Dec 1815 in N. J. d 9 Oct 1820 in Middletown, Ohio.
 1-5-2-5-3-11WILLIAM WINANS b 11 Nov 1818 in Butler Co., Ohio d 5 Mar 1863 in Edinburg, Ind. md 11 Nov 1843 in Butler Co., Elizabeth Bechtol b 1822 d 1907. Both are buried in Edinburg, Ind.

5th Gen

LEWIS was b 13 July 1772 d 15 May 1861 in Stanton Twp., Troy, Ohio md his cousin b 15 Aug 1784 d 29 July 1862 in Miami Co., Ohio dau of Benjamin-4 and Mary (Sutton) Winans (1-5-5-2). The above birth and death dates are on the records at the Raper Chapel Cemetery in Miami Co., Ohio. The birth date for Lewis has been given as 1778 and his death date as 1855 but this doesn't agree with the cemetery records. Also it has been said that Lewis md a second wife by the name of Lydia who was a cousin to his first wife Lydia. But I do not see how this could be true if he died in either 1855 or 1861 as Lydia (1st wife) died in 1862. This 2nd Lydia Winans was supposed to be a dau of an Uncle Kelsey Winans but no record has been found of him. AWE.
Ref: Other ref: IW., JDB., Mrs. Lila Hamilton Finne of Torrance, Calif. a descendant of Lewis and Lydia Winans.
*1-5-5-1-1-1WILLIAM WINANS b 24 Dec 1800, do not know his wife's name.
 1-5-5-1-1-2ELIZABETH WINANS b 22 Apr 1803 in Stanton Twp., Ohio md Jonathan Gearhart. An Elizabeth Gearhart believed to be a sister of Jonathan Gearhart md James Winans6, Anthony5, James4, Jonathan3, Conrad2, John1.
 1-5-5-1-1-3SARAH WINANS b 3 Aug 1805/6 in Cincinnati, Hamilton, Ohio d 26 Oct 1847 near Piqua, Ohio ad 1822 near Troy, Miami, Ohio Hiram B. Webster b 12 Mar 1793 at Fairfax, Franklin, Vt., d 28 Apr 1843 in Ohio buried at Piqua, Ohio. He was the son of Samuel and Lavina (Hopkins) Webster. Sarah and Hiram had the fallowing children:
  1. Joseph Coe Webster b 27 July l824 in Piqua, Ohio.
  2. Samuel Webster b 26 Feb 1826/7.
  3. Mary Jane Webster b 25 Feb 1829 in Piqua, Ohio.
  4. George Washington Webster b 3 Mar 1831 in Piqua, Ohio.
  5. WIlliam Clark Webster b 26 Feb 1833 in same.
  6. Benjamin Henry Harrison Webster b 20 Jan 1835 in same.
  7. Lewis Hopkins Webster b 5 Mar 1837 1n same.
  8. Rhoda Ann Marie Webster b 19 Feb 1839 in same.
  9. Telitha Ella Webster b 11 Nov 1842 in same.


 Sarah md (2) Samuel Hetzler.
*1-5-5-1-1-4MOSES PRYOR WINANS b 4 Jan 1808 in Stanton Twp., Ohio d 5 or 25 Aug 1871 in Springville, Iowa md 11 Sept 1828 Susan Simmons.
 1-5-5-1-1-5AMY ROLLINS WINANS b 20 July 1811 in Troy, Ohio d 7 Apr 18871 in Osseola, Ind. md (1) 28 Sept 1828 her 4th cousin David Clark Winans. He was b 11 Mar 1808 in N. J. d 15 Jan 1855 in Calif. and was the son of Richard Woodruff and Sarah Ross (Winans) Winans who were 1st cousins. David's line is (1-7-1-6-5-1). Amy md (2) Henry Crampton. No record of any children.
*1-5-5-1-1-6BENJAMIN WINANS b 29 Feb 1816 d 13 Nov 1890 md Mrs. Fanny Eliza (Winans) Todd (1-7-1-6-5-3).
 1-5-5-1-1-7LYDIA WINANS b 21 Sept 1818 d in Miami Co., Ohio md 13 Nov 1841 in Miami Co., Ohio Hiram Smith. They had two sons John and Lewis Smith.
 1-5-5-1-1-8MARY C. WINANS b 20 Nov 1820 md Joseph Yager.
*1-5-5-1-1-9JOHN CLARK WINANS b 16 June 1824 in Stanton Twp., Ohio d 11 Mar 1912 in Rochester, Minn. md (1) Hannah Ann Alston, md (2) Mrs. Harriet Ann (Coffey) Crawford, md (3) Emma Amelia Baier.
 1-5-5-1-1-10SAMANTHA WINANS b 6 Mar 1825 In Stanton Twp., Ohio md William Shubert. They had one dau Samantha Shubert.

5th Gen

BENJAMIN BRITTON also known as Benjamin B. was b 17752 d 20 Dec 1868 md Sarah Jane Ross b in Va.
Ref: IW., JDB., Mrs. Alice Wightman of Alton, Ill., 0. C. Winans of Paris, Ill.

There were 15 children and this may not be the right order but this is all of the data that we have been able to gather.

*1-5-5-2-1-1JOSEPH ROSS WINANS b 15 Feb 1817 d 10 Apr 1878 md Nancy Heath.
 1-5-5-2-1-2LYDIA WINANS b 25 Oct _?_ d 9 May 1886 in Ind. md John Caldwall b Feb 1799 d 1853 in Carroll Co., Ind. They had the following children:
  1. Richard W. Caldwall b 10 May 1835 d 16 May 1907 in Canada, buried in Carroll Co., Ind.
  2. Mary Catherine Caldwall b 31 July 1837 d 1837.
  3. Sarah Jane Caldwall b 9 Oct 1840 d 1 Mar 1908 in Carroll Co., Ind. md Robert S. Lenons.
  4. Ann Augusta Caldwall b 10 Aug 1843 md George Wallace.
  5. Elizabeth Caldwall b 11 Apr 1845 d 1895 in Logansport, Ind.
  6. William Givens Caldwall b 7 July 1846 in Washington, Carroll, Ind.
This name Caldwall may have been spelled Caldwell.
 1-5-5-2-1-3SAMUEL WINANS d 9 July 1892 at Parsons, Kan. He had a large family but no records have been found, to my knowledge.
 1-5-5-2-1-4BENJAMIN WINANS no further data.
*1-5-5-2-1-5RICHARD HUGH WINANS b 1824 d 5 Oct 1886 in Decatur, Ind. md Rosabelle Flagg.
 1-5-5-2-1-6LEWIS WINANS no further data.
 1-5-5-2-1-7ELIZABETH WINANS md _?_ McConkey. The last information was that they were in Oregon.
 1~5-5-2-1-8JOVENE or JANE WINANS lost track of family in Ohio and Ind.
 1-5-5-2-1-9MARTHA WINANS md Josiah Forsythe and they had 2 children who both


 died in infancy.

5th Gen

JOHN was b late 1700s, probably 1790 to 1800 and also probably the John Winans of Spring Creek Tp., in 1840, 133/001/000/01. He md Mary Ann Clemons.
Ref: IW., JDB.

*1-5-5-2-4-1WILLIAM WINANS b 19 Dec 1822 at Piqua, Ohio d Oct 1889 at Terre Haute, Ind. md (1) Judith Branham. William was a Reverend. Md (2) Emaline Crist.
 1-5-5-2-4-2ISAAC WINANS d in Newton, Kan. He had a son George Winans and a daughter. No further data.
*1-5-5-2-4-3BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WINANS b 10 Sept _____ at Piqua, Ohio d 9 May 1900 md Sedinia Ellen Cramer.
*1-5-5-2-4-4IRA WINANS b 11 June 1827 in Ohio d 4 Apr 1902 at Newton, Kan. md 19 Nov 1850 Minerva Esther Hollenbeck.
 1-5-5-2-4-5JOHN WINANS b 1829, unmarried.
 1-5-5-2-4-6AMOS WINANS died during the Civil War. He was married and had two children. All of them died soon after he did. (Note by Ira Winans.)
*1-5-5-2-4-7JAMES MONROE WINANS3 b 28 Dec 1832 at Piqua, Ohio d May 1907 at Wichita, Kan. md Mary Ann Creech.
 1-5-5-2-4-8GRACE WINANS.4
 1-5-5-2-4-9PHEBE WINANS md Sim Bradshaw. In further research found that Phebe was the 9th child and according to Alonzo Winans, John had nine children.

5th Gen

WILLIAM was b 7 Oct 1778 at Morristown, Morris, N. J. d 2 Nov 1828 at Tyre, N. Y. md 6 Dec 1797 Esther Gearde b 9 Aug 1777 d 27 Dec 1877 age 100 years. They were both from Morristown, N. J. Esther died at Tyre, N. Y. and was buried in the Traver Cemetery at Tyre. Esther was the oldest resident of Tyre, N. Y. at the time of her death. She was also a pensioner of the 1812 war. Esther's mother was Mary _?_. Ref: IW., JDB., Paul Tripp of Pa.

 1-5-5-3-1-1PHEBE WINANS b 31 Oct 1798 at Morristown, Morris, N. J. d 14 Aug 1872 at Tyre, N. Y. md 22 Dec 1816 Hiram Woodworth b 8 Apr 1793 at Mayfield, Montgomery, N. Y. d 16 Jan 1876 at Tyre, N. Y. He was the son of Caleb and Rebecca (Traver) Woodworth. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Woodworth b 2 Jan 1818 at Tyre, N. Y. d 26 July 1820 at same.
  2. William Gersham Woodworth b 5 Dec 1819 at Tyre d 5 May 1883 at same.
  3. Caleb Woodworth b 7 Dec 1821 at Tyre d 21 Apr 1893.
  4. Esther Woodworth b 2 Aug 1824 at Tyre d 2 Jan 1825 at same.
  5. Helen Marr Woodworth b 19 Nov 1825 at Tyre.
  6. Hugh Hiram Woodworth b 1 Jan 1829 at Tyre d 11 June 1900 at same.


  1. George Woodworth b 20 Oct 1831 at Tyre.
  2. John Woodworth b 11 May 1834 at Tyre d 13 Apr 1904 at Buffalo, Wright, Minn.
  3. Jeremiah Woodworth b 1 June 1837 at Tyre d 5 Dec 1902 at same.
  4. Charles Woodworth b 21 Aug 1842 at Tyre.
 1-5-5-3-1-2POLLY WINANS b 4 May 1801 at Junius, Seneca, N. Y., d 10 Feb 1875 at Tyre buried at Maple Srove Cemetery in Waterloo, N. Y. md 19 Sept 1819 Garvin Stevenson b 18 Feb 1796 in Florida, County Down, Ireland, d 1 July 1871 at Tyre, N. Y. buried same as wife. He was the son of James and Martha (Lauther) Stevenson. They had the following children:
  1. Esther Stevenson b 3 Sept 1826 in Tyre d 27 Jan 1896 in Tyre.
  2. William Augustus Stevenson b 25 Nov 1831 at same d 25 Dec 1896 at same.
  3. James Francis Stevenson b 27 May 1834 at Tyre d 22 Oct 1905 at same.
  4. Martha Ann Stevenson b 20 Apr 1837 at Tyre, unmarried.
  5. Mary Stevenson b 7 Feb 1842 at Tyre d 1 Apr 1916 at same, unmarried.
*1-5-5-3-1-3JEREMIAH WINANS b 19 Mar 1808 at Junius, now Tyre, Seneca, N. Y. d 8 Nov 1836 at same, md 15 Aug 1827 Chloe Wilcox.
 1-5-5-3-1-4JOHN WINANS b 25 Feb 1812 at Junius, now Tyre, Seneca, N. Y. d 12 Dec 1831 at same, unmarried.

5th Gen

HALSEY was b 16 Feb 1788 at Morristown, N. J. d 3 June 1862 at Tyre, N. Y. md 28 Oct 1808 Rachel Ann Brown b 20 Mar 1789 d 20 July 1849 at same. Halsey was listed in the census of Junius, Seneca Co., N. Y. 1820. 100010/30010.
Ref: IW., JDB.

 1-5-5-3-4-1MARY HALSEY WINANS b 27 Dec 1810 at Junius d 20 Apr 1813 at same.
*1-5-5-3-4-2OLIVER WINANS b 16 Jan 1813 at Tyre, N. Y. d 12 June 1893 at Canandaigua, N. Y. md (1) 1832 Elizabeth Bennett. md (2) Ann Barber. md (3) Caroline Eastman.
 1-5-5-3-4-3MARY (POLLY) WINANS b 28 Apr 1815 at same d 28 Aug 1875 at Chelsea, Mich md 22 Oct 1834 Joseph Harrison Durand b 16 Apr 1813 d 7 May 1887 at Chelsea, Mich and was the son of David and Phebe (Crowett) Durand. They had the following children:
  1. William Henry Durand b 5 May 1835 at Leoni, Mich d 4 Sept 1875 at Fredericktown, Madison, Mo.
  2. David Halsey Durand b 25 Dec 1838 at Leoni, d 11 Nov 1862 at Washington, D. C.
  3. Emma Louisa Durand b 20 Mar 1842 at Leoni.
  4. Mary Antoinette Durand b 14 June 1848 at Leoni, Mich d 25 Nov 1862 at Chelsea, Mich. She was an invalid.
 1-5-5-3-4-4ELIZABETH WINANS b 15 June 1817 at Tyre, N. Y. d 11 Aug 1839 md Henry M. Van Clef or Van Cluf on 16 July 1834. They had one dau Sarah, who died in infancy.
 1-5-5-3-4-5SARAH WINANS b 13 Sept 1819 at Tyre, N. Y. d 21 June 1851 at same md 7 July 1850 Mahlon Burtless.
 1-5-5-3-4-6LEWIS WINANS b 1 July 1821 at Tyre d 18 Sept 1899 at Chelsea, Mich md 12 Oct 1842 Amy Rosencrants b 23 Mar 1822 d 9 Aug 1872 at Chelsea, Mich. They had at least one dau Lila May Winans b 2 May 1862 at Chelsea, Mich md 24 Oct 1887 William Campbell b 30 Oct 1866 at Sylvan, Mich.


 1-5-5-3-4-7HALSEY MAHLON WINANS b 24 Oct 1824 at Tyre d 1 July 1862 in Civil War, unmarried.
 1-5-5-3-4-8RACHEL ANN WINANS b 28 Nov 1827 at Tyre md 31 Aug 1850 at Tyre, George Washington Mohr b 7 July 1825 near Philadelphia, Pa. They had the following children:
  1. Phebe Georgia Mohr b 14 July 1851 at Geneva, Ontario, N. Y.
  2. Mary Elisabeth Mohr b 27 May 1853 at Tyre.
  3. George Ross Mohr b 1867 at Chelsea, Mich.
*1-5-5-3-4-9BENJAMIN WINANS b 3 Mar 1830 at Tyre d 23 Nov 1894 md 1 Aug 1858 at Junius, Seneca Co., N. Y. Mary Jane Summer.
 1-5-5-3-4-10PHOEBE (PHEBE on tombstone) WINANS b 22 Oct 1833 d 12 Aug 1852 at Tyre, unmarried.

5th Gen

LEWIS was b 15 Jan 1790 at Morristown, N. J. d 9 May 1871 at Sacramento, Calif, age 81. He settled with his parents in 1808 in Seneca Co., N. Y., later to Canada where he lived until 1839 when he went to Galena, Ill. From there to California in 1863. He md (1) in Canada in 1812 Jane Gilbert b 3 June 1791 in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia d 1851 in Galena, Ill. She settled with her parents in Ontario in 1800. Lewis md (2) Lucretia (Cook) Northrup b 18 Aug 1794 in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia d 13 Oct 1872 in Sacramento, California. She was the widow of William Northrup and they had had a large family. She went to Calif, in 1863 with her 2nd husband, Lewis Winans, settling in Ione, Sacramento, Calif. They went in 1867 to the city of Sacramento.
Ref: The above from Alonzo Winans' typescript, which quotes a newspaper clipping given to him in 1908 from a granddaughter of Lewis. Mrs. Wm. W. (Joanna) Swayse. Also IW., JDB.

*1-5-5-3-5-1HENRY BRIDGEMAN WINANS an M. D. b 18 Jan 1813 in Woodhouse, Norfolk, Ontario Canada d 24 Mar 1874 at Exeter, Huron Dist., Ontario md Rachel Millicent Ann Carson.
 1-5-5-3-5-2JOHN HALSEY WINANS b 1815 in Canada d in Ogle Co., Ill. md _?_ and had one dau Addie Winans md John Minford. They or their children lived in Sacramento, Calif, during the 1880s and later in Alameda, Calif. They had 2 daughters and a son. It is believed that one dau was Lucretia Jane Minford md Dr. Carson.
*1-5-5-3-5-3MAHLON LEWIS WINANS b 22 Mar 1817 at Elgin Dist, Ontario, Canada d 22 Aug 1881 at Oakland, Calif, md Hester Ann Rogers Martin.
 1-5-5-3-5-4ROWLAND GILBERT WINANS b in Elgin Dist., Ontario, Canada d at age 27 in Dixon, Ill. He was a lawyer.
 1-5-5-3-5-5JOANNA WINANS b 1822 in Canada d 1839.
 1-5-5-3-5-6PHEBE JANE WINANS b in Elgin Dist., Ontario, Canada in 1835 md David S. Tallman in 1858. They had the following children:
  1. Ida A. Tallman probably b in Calif, md Herbert Parsons Thrall who d 3 Jan 1896 in San Francisco, Calif. Ida d 26 May 1928 in Oakland, Calif. They had a dau.
  2. May Belle Tallman md Wm. T. Hanford. Childrens names not known.
  3. Willie H. Tallman.
  4. Lillian Eva Tallman md (1) Monroe Marshall, md (2) Firman Stahl, md (3) _?_ Andrews. They


 lived in Hertford, Oregon and she had children by first two husbands.
  5. Edith Estelle Tallman md Edwin S. Leonard and they had children.

5th Gen

MOSES was b 1794 in N. J. d 16 Mar 1872 at Grasslake, Mich, md in Junius, N. Y. Lucy Seekell b 1800 in Conn, d 5 Oct 1871 at Grasslake, Mich.
Ref: IW.

*1-5-5-3-8-1GEORGE WASHINGTON WINANS b 1822 at Junius, N. Y. d 28 Dec 1888 at Jackson, Mich. md Louisa Speer.
 1-5-5-3-8-2POLLY (MARY) WINANS b 1824 at Tyre, N. Y. d 12 Mar 1856 unmarried.
 1-5-5-3-8-3MARTHA ANN WINANS b 25 Dec 1826 at Tyre, N. Y. d 2 Apr 1891 at Grasslake, Mich, md John Kyes and there were no children.
 1-5-5-3-8-4HALSEY WINANS b 3 Oct 1829 at Tyre, N. Y. d 3 Mar 1894 in Hillsdale Co., Mich, md 11 May 1862 Mary Bartlett b 31 July 1840 at Bridgewater, Washington, Mich, and was the dau of Phineas and Mary Ann (Royce) Bartlett. There were no children.
 1-5-5-3-8-5CHANNCEY WINANS b 3 Nov 1830 at Tyre, N. Y., d 15 Jan 1907 at Jackson, Mich, md Mary Riker. No children.
 1-5-5-3-8-6LEWIS WINANS b 1832 d 1842.
 1-5-5-3-8-7SOPHIA WINANS b 3 Oct 1834 at Tyre, N. Y. d 25 Sept 1903 at Lansing, Mich, buried at DeWitt, Mich, md Seymour Kyes, who d 29 Apr 1909 at DeWitt, Mich, and he was the son of Samuel Kyes. No children.
 1-5-5-3-8-8ORRIN WINANS b 19 Mar 1836 in Mich, d (believed to be in 1917) unmarried.
 1-5-5-3-8-9LUCY JANE WINANS b 1838/9 at Lodi, Washington, Mich, d 5 Jan 1873 at Grasslake, Mich, md Thomas Jefferson Bowen who d July 1878 at Grasslake, Mich. They had one dau Jennie Frances Bowen b 1 Jan 1873 at Grasslake, Mich, and she md Alton Edward Curtis.

5th Gen

AARON was b 23 Jan 1798 in N. J. d 23 Mar 1866 at Galen, N. Y. md Mary Ann Clark b 18 Feb 1807 in N. J. d 2 May 1887 at Galen, Wayne, N. Y. dau of John and Sarah (Cobb) Clark.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-5-3-9-1MAHLON WINANS b 24 Nov 1828 d 11 Sept 1853. He was unmarried and was a photographer.
 1-5-5-3-9-2MARY ANN WINANS b 3 Feb 1831 d 21 May 1892 in the Oklahoma Territory. She was unmarried and was a tailoress.
*1-5-5-3-9-3ALBERT COBB WINANS b Oct 1832 at Tyre, Seneca, N. Y. d 8 Dec 1873 at Union City, Mich., buried there. He md at Saline, Mich. Mary Frances Tripp dau of Thos. Tripp.
 1-5-5-3-9-4AARON CLARK WINANS b 18 July 1834, unmarried.


 1-5-5-3-9-5ELIZABETH AUGUSTA WINANS b 29 May 1837 at Tyre, N. Y. d May 1889 at Geneva, N. Y. md Eliphalet Nelson. There were no children.
 1-5-5-3-9-6HARRIET AZALEA WINANS b 22 June 1839 at same, d 21 Mar 1906 at Independence, Mo. md 3 Mar 1894 in Chippewa, Osceola, Mich. John L. Bear b 1838 in Affeltern, C't Zurich, Switzerland. He was the son of John and Tima Bear. The mother's maiden name was believed to be Stegar. Harriet was an artist. There were no children.
*1-5-5-3-9-7LEWIS JUDS0N WINANS b 19 Feb 1841 at same, d 31 Dec 1909 at Okla. City, Okla. md (1) Matilda Cossit Allison md (2) Julia Allison.
*1-5-5-3-9-8JOHN FRANKLIN WINANS b 1 Sept 1842 at same, md ____.
*1-5-5-3-9-9EBENEZER DAXTER WINANS b 6 Mar 1844 d 27 Oct 1896 at same, unmarr.
 1-5-5-3-9-10HELEN ESTELLA WINANS b 22 Jan 1846 at Tyre, N. Y. d 4 July 1908 at Tahlequah, Cherokee, Okla. md 16 May 1878 at Geneva, N. Y. Deuane Emmerell Palmer b 11 Nov 1854 at Big Flats, N. Y. d 4 July 1908 at same as wife. Deuane was the son of Benjamin and Angeline (Couch) Palmer. They had the following children:
  1. Gracie Palmer b 23 July 1880 at Galen, unmarried.
  2. Emmett Newton Palmer b Sept 1883 at Fork, Mich.
  3. Hallie May Palmer b 17 Apr 1885 at Fork, Mich., Mecosta Co., and she md H. J. Easton.

5th Gen

MAHLON was b 20 Feb 1800 d 8 May 1834. He was drowned in the Spoon River near Vermont, Fulton Co., Ill. He md 2 Jan 1820 in Seneca Falls, N. Y. Elizabeth Moore b 14 Oct 1804 in N. J. d 19 Jan 1873 in Vermont, Ill. and was the dau of William and Mrs. Hannah (Knowles) Scott Moore.
Ref: IW., Mrs. E. Stewart Moore of Waxahachie, Texas a descendant of Lewis.

 1-5-5-3-10-1WILLIAM WINANS b 7 Oct 1821 near Seneca Falls, N. Y. d Dec 1855 out West. No further data.
 1-5-5-3-10-2MARY WINANS b 3 Nov 1823 at Seneca Falls, N. Y. d 29 May 1882 at Fort Scott, Kan. md 1841/2 at Albany, Ill. Samuel Reynolds Murray b 1813 at Troy, Rensselaer, N. Y. d 9 Sept 1845. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Murray b 16 Sept 1843 at Albany, Ill. md Wm. M. Provine at Vermont, Ill.
  2. Samuel Reynolds Murray b 16 Sept 1845 at Albany, Ill. d 12 June 1902 at St. Paul, Minn.
Mary Winans Murray md (2) Nov 1851 Amos Galusha Moulton b 10 Aug 1818 at Concord, Essex, Vt. d 29 Sept 1898 at Richmond, Va. buried at Fort Scott, Kan. They had the following children:
  1. Hannah Elizabeth Moulton b 14 May 1852 at Fairfax, Fairfax, Va. d 4 Dec 1913 at Fort Scott, Kan. md ____ Hedges.
  2. James H. Moulton b 23 Sept 1854 at Fairfax.
  3. Emelia Ann Moulton b 14 Oct 1856 at Buzzard Roost, Franklin Co., Ala. md Henry Ury Drum.
  4. William Thomas Moulton b 21 July 1861 at Iuka, Tishamingo Co., Miss.
  5. Alice Belle Moulton b 13 Sept 1864 at Leighton, Ala.
*1-5-5-3-10-3LEWIS WINANS b 21 Apr 1826 at Seneca Falls, N. Y. d 9 July 1875 at Vermont, Ill. md 14 Sept 1849 in Ill. Sarah Martin Scott.
*1-5-5-3-10-4AARON WINANS b 21 Dec 1828 at Seneca Falls, N. Y. d 19 Mar 1886 at Vermont, Ill. md (1) Lucy Ann Hopkins md (2) Mary C. Provine.


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1 Amy's obituary was posted to a Winans discussion group:

Abstracted obit: Elkhart Daily Review, Thurs, 14 Apr 1887, pg 2:

Amy R Winans, b. near Troy, Miami Co, Ohio, 20 Jul 1811, d. Osolo twp, Elkhart Co, 7 Apr 1887. Married David Clark Winans 1828, 1836 moved to Elkhart Co. (description of area at the time given) 1855 her husband died in California, she had assembled neighbors for his homecoming when she received word of his death.

Four children grew to adulthood, 2 survive, James L of Petaloma, Cal, and Mrs. Nicholas Smith of Elkhart county, with whom she spent declining years.

Member of ME church. Interred in Johnson cemetery, a part of the old Winans homestead, donated by her husband a half century ago for burial purposes.

2 Mrs. Egy may be off by about 5 years on this Benjamin's birth date. The 1860 census lists him as 79 years old, living with his son Richard in Adams county, Indiana. O. C. Winans' book gives a 1780 birth date, based on information supplied by his descendants.
3 According to Highland Cemetery's burial records and James' tombstone, he was born 28 Dec 1834 and died 14 May 1906.
4 This may be a misreading by Mrs. Egy of a source document, since there is no evidence for a second daughter, but we've learned that there was a George W. Winans among John Winans' sons.
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