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These are miscellaneous pages from the Conrad Winans section of Winans Family Genealogy, which is broken down into several subsections for ease of access and maintenance. The pages were especially interesting because of their mentions of a number of our Winans relatives who traveled to California immediately after gold was discovered. One of these 49ers even incorporated the official California state motto "Eureka!" into the name of her daughter who was born in 1856.

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 1-7-1-5-8-4-5WARREN CLIFFORD WINANS b 16 Dec 1872 d 29 Dec 1908 md 30 Apr 1906 Ellen Elberg. They had one dau Marian Winans b 1907.

6th Gen

ALFRED was b 8 Oct 1827 d 23 June 1903 at Elizabethtown, N. J. md 26 July 1849 in Renn. Co., N. Y. Mary Jane Mulford b 30 June 1828 d 10 Apr 1888.
Ref: IW., David Ross Winans of R. I.

 1-7-1-5-9-2-1HARRIET WINANS b ? md Otto Hoffmaster and they had one dau who they did not name, d 28 Feb 1869.
 1-7-1-5-9-2-2CAROLINE WINANS b ? md _?_ Clarendon who d 1906.
 1-7-1-5-9-2-3MARY JANE WINANS b ? md _?_ High.
 1-7-1-5-9-2-4ALFRED WINANS who d when 11 years old.
 1-7-1-5-9-2-5TOWNLEY HULFORD WINANS md _?_ Woodruff.
 1-7-1-5-9-2-6CHARITY WINANS.
 1-7-1-5-9-2-7NAME not available, died when 7 weeks old on 26 Aug 1868.
 1-7-1-5-9-2-8NAME not available, died as infant.
 1-7-1-5-9-2-9NAME not available, died as infant.

6th Gen

JAMES WOODRUFF was b 25 June 1846 at Lyons Farms, N. J. d 4 Sept 1875 at Lyons Farms, N. J. md 1 June 1870 at Jamaica, N. Y. Joanna Elizabeth Ludlum b 21 Sept 1840 at Jamaica, N. Y. d 23 Mar 1942 dau of Waite Smith Everitt and Jane (Gracy) Ludlum. Joanna d at Van Nuys, California.
Ref: IW., George Woodruff Winans of Jamaica, N. Y.

*1-7-1-5-9-3-1HERBERT LUDLUM WINANS b 10 Feb 1872 at Brooklyn, N. Y. d 12 Mar 1959 md 21 Aug 1903 at Yaphank, N. Y. Dorothy Catherine Swezey.
*1-7-1-5-9-3-2GEORGE WOODRUFF WINANS b 25 Aug 1873 at Brooklyn, N. Y. d Mar 1964 in Jamaica, N. Y. md 15 Sept 1904 at Port Jefferson, N. Y. Jessie Rose Hawkins.
 1-7-1-5-9-3-3ANNIE ROSS WINANS b 22 July 1875 at Jamaica, N. Y. d 30 Aug 1875 at Lyons Farms, N. J.

6th Gen

Prof. SAMUEL ROSS Jr. was b 1 Mar 1855 at Lyons Farms, N. J. d 25 July 1910 at Princeton, N. J. md 27 July 1886 at Sherbrooke, Canada Sarah Elizabeth Elliott Macdonald b 24 Sept 1857 at Sherbrooke, Nova Scotia, Canada d 29 Mar 1929 at Tunis, Tunisia, No. Africa buried at Princeton, N. J. dau of John Angus and Hannah (Clarke) Macdonald. Prof. Winans was a teacher and a dean at Princeton University


for many years. He worked on the Winans Genealogy with Major Ira Winans of Rochester, N. Y.
Ref: David Ross Winans of R. I.

*1-7-1-5-9-4-1JAMES MACDONALD WINANS b 17 May 1887 at Princeton, Mercer, N. J. d 26 July 1955 at Chatham, Morris, N. J. buried at Princeton, md 22 May 1912 at Elizabeth, Union, N. J. Marie C. de Goll.
 1-7-1-5-9-4-2MARY GRUMMAN WINANS b 7 Nov 1888 at Princeton, Mercer, N. J. md 28 June 1918 at Princeton Ariovistus Pardee b 4 Dec 1874 at Hazelton, Luzerne, Pa. d 13 Jan 1944 at Philadelphia, Pa. son of Calvin and Mary (Byrne) Pardee. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Pardee b 25 Dec 1921 at N. Y. City md (1) 13 June 1941 John Alexander md (2) 5 May 1951 Christopher R. P. Rodgers.
  2. Sarah Pardee b 24 June 1924 at N. Y. City d 11 Aug 1935.
 1-7-1-5-9-4-3GERTRUDE WINANS b 25 June 1890 at Princeton, Mercer, N. J. d 4 Apr 1949 at Princeton md 26 Mar 1927 at Princeton Dean Mathey b 23 Nov 1890 at Brooklyn, N. Y. son of Louis A. and Josephine (Dean) Mathey. They had the following children:
  1. Dean Winans Mathey b 9 Jan 1928 in N. Y. City.
  2. Macdonald Mathey b 12 June 1929 in N. Y. City md 2 July 1960 Josephine Harris.
  3. David Mathey b 16 Oct 1932 in N. Y. City.
*1-7-1-5-9-4-4DAVID ROSS WINANS b 29 Oct 1896 at Princeton, Mercer, N. J. md 9 Dec 1929 Emily Sophronia Anderson.

6th Gen

SAMUEL was b 20 May 1800 in Rahway, Union, N. J. d 23 Apr 1879 in Elkhart, Ind. buried in the Grace Lawn Cemetery md 1821 Mary A. Taylor b 27 [?] May 1801 d 9 Aug 18801 in Elkhart, Ind.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Barbara Zelko, San Juan Capistrano, California.

*1-7-1-6-2-1-1STEPHEN WINANS b 20 Mar 1822 in Ohio md Eliza Crampton on 23 June 1851.
 1-7-1-6-2-1-2BENJAMIN WINANS b ca 1826, age 24 in 1850 census.
 1-7-1-6-2-1-3FRAZIER WINANS b ca 1828, age 22 in 1850 census.2
 1-7-1-6-2-1-4ELIZA ANN WINANS1 (or Eliza S. according to the will) b ca 1831 age 19 in 1850 census. She md Conrad Cook.
 1-7-1-6-2-1-5MARY A. WINANS b ca 1836, age 14 in 1850 census. She md 10 May 1855 James S. Clark.

6th Gen

WILLIAM MARSH was b 4 Sept 1801 in Elizabeth, Union, N. J. d 10 Sept 1873 in Columbus, Ind. md (1) _?_ Md (2) Rebecca Chatman b 1793 and d 1842. Md (3) 3 May 1853 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio Lucinda (Terwilleger) Ike b 1 Oct 1816 in Hamilton, Butler, Ohio and d 13 Aug 1890 in Indianapolis, Ind. dau of David and Catherine (Stickle) Terwilleger.
Ref: IW.


Child by 1st wife:

 1-7-1-6-2-2-1A dau but no record of her name. She married a Mr. Cain.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-7-1-6-2-2-2FRANK or FRAZEE WINANS b 1 Jan 1836 in New Trenton, Franklin, Ind. d 1886 in Blasco, Mo.
*1-7-1-6-2-2-3NEWTON FRANK or FRAZEE WINANS b 5 Nov 1837 in New Trenton, Franklin, Ind. md Sarah Jones.

Children by 3rd wife:

 1-7-1-6-2-2-4CHARLETTE ANNA WINANS b 21 Apr 1854 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio md 24 Oct 1883 in Piqua Joseph McDaniel b 12 Dec 1852 near Cyrithiana, Harrison, Ky. d 15 Aug 1905 in Buffalo, Ill. No children. Joseph was the son of Robert and Jemima Frances (Carrell) McDaniel.
 1-7-1-6-2-2-5LAURA BELLE WINANS b 13 May 1858 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio md 28 June 1877 in Piqua John W. Bailey b 14 Jan 1855 in Wayne Co., Ind. son of Milo L. and Betsy Jane (Brooks) Bailey. They had the following children:
  1. Charles Winans Bailey b 10 May 1880 in New Castle, Henry, Ind. d 18 Sept 1885 in Elwood, Ind.
  2. Virgie Edith Bailey b 19 June 1886 in Greenwood, Ind d 26 Nov 1905 in Indianapolis, Ind.
  3. Harry I. Bailey b 20 Oct 1889 in Indianapolis, Ind.

6th Gen

STEPHEN3 was b 2 Aug 1810 in N. J. d 14 May 1885 in Sweetland, California md 8 Apr 1831 in Piqua, Miami, Ohio Eliza Johnston3 b 28 Aug 1811 in Ft. Wayne, Allen, Ind. d 1 Oct 1876. She was the dau of Stephen and Mary (Caldwell) Johnston.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-1-6-2-7-1STEPHEN JOHNSTON WINANS b 16 Jan _?_ in Piqua, Ohio d 1862 in Sacramento, Calif.
 1-7-1-6-2-7-2ELIZABETH WINANS b in Piqua, Ohio.
 1-7-1-6-2-7-3MARY McALISTER WINANS b 16 Mar _?_ in Piqua, d 1884 in Sweetland, Calif.
 1-7-1-6-2-7-4ROBERT OGDEN WINANS b in Piqua, Ohio d 1904 in San Francisco, Cal.
 1-7-1-6-2-7-5SAMUEL WINANS b in Piqua, Ohio.
 1-7-1-6-2-7-6JAMES EDWIN WINANS b in Piqua, Ohio.
 1-7-1-6-2-7-7ELIZA LaBELLE WINANS b 1 Feb 1847 in Piqua, Ohio md 24 June 1869 in Sweetland, Nevada, Calif. George Powell b 23 Nov 1836 in Jacksonville, Calif,3 d 6 Apr 1883 in Sebastopol, Calif., buried in No. San Juan, Calif, son of John and Cynthia (McEldric) Powell. They had the following children:
  1. Frank Winans Powell b 23 July 1870 in Sebastopol, Calif.
  2. George Edgar Powell b 17 July 1872 in Sebastopol, Calif.
  3. Eda Mary Powell b 1874 in same d 1919 unmarried.
  4. Eliza LaBelle Powell b 29 June 1876 in same d 29 Aug 1898 buried in San Juan, Calif.
  5. Adele Powell b 10 Mar 1879 in No. San Juan, Nevada, Calif, md Ross Rathbun.


  1. Hattie Powell b 15 May 1881 in same md James Thomas Clemo.
  2. Eldred Powell b 13 July 1883 in same.
 1-7-1-6-2-7-8ARM??? WINANS (can't read) b in Piqua, Ohio.

6th Gen

DAVID CLARK was b 11 Mar 1808 in N. J. d 15 June 1855 near Auburn, Placer, Calif. md 28 Sept 1828 in Miami Co., Ohio his cousin Amy Rollins Winans b 20 July 1811 in Troy, Miami, Ohio d 7 Apr 1887 in Osceola, St. Joseph Co., Ind. She was the dau of Lewis-5 and Lydia-5 (Winans) Winans. Lewis' line was (l-5-5-l) and Lydia's line was (1-5-5-2). Amy md (2) Henry Crampton.
Ref: IW., Sonoma Co. Court House Records, Santa Rosa, Calif., Mrs. Raymond Winans, Jenner, California.

*1-7-1-6-5-1-1Dr. RICHARD WINANS b 25 Sept 1829 near Troy, Ohio d 18 Oct 1883 in Benton Harbor, Mich. md (1) 29 Jan 1852 in Osceola, St. Joseph, Ind. Mary Isabel Swords dau of Edward Swords. Richard md (2) Sarah Atkinson. Richard was a doctor.
 1-7-1-6-5-1-2SARAH ELIZA WINANS4 b 24 Apr 1832 in Troy, Ohio d 29 Nov 1859 near Stockton, California md 6 Sept 1853 at Elkhart, Ind. Lines Cicero Cory b 1821 near New Carlisle, Clark, Ohio d 1895 in San Francisco, Calif. He was the son of Thomas and Margaret (Saylor) Cory. They had the fallowing children:
  1. Florence Eureka Cory b 31 Aug 1856 in Calif, d Jan 1886 in Springfield, Ohio.
  2. Lulu Josephine Cory b 31 July 1858 in Yuba Co., Calif, md William N. Cecil.
 1-7-1-6-5-1-3MARY ANN WINANS b 3 Jan 1836 in Troy, Ohio md (1) 10 May 1855 in Elkhart, Ind. James Clark b Sept 1826 in Euclid, Ohio d 18 Sept 1886 in Elkhart, Ind. He was the son of David Jarvis and Ruth (Smith) Clark. They had the following children:
  1. May Isabella Clark b 17 Apr 1858 in Elkhart d 11 Feb 1864 in same.
  2. Lewis Elmer Clark b 1862 in Elkhart, Ind.
Mary Ann md (2) 27 Apr 1876 Nicholas Smith b 12 Nov 1807 in White Creek, Washington, N. Y. d 31 Jan 1892 in Elkhart, Ind. These are the dates given in IW's mms.5
*1-7-1-6-5-1-4JAMES LEWIS WINANS6 b 19 June 1838 in Elkhart, Ind. d 12 June 1918 in Petaluma, Calif, md 1 Jan 1861 at Florence, Mich. Mary Arletta Johnson.

6th Gen

JAMES was b 28 May 1810 in N. J. d 4 Sept 1878 in San Rafael, Calif, md (1) in Miami Co., Ohio Emeline F. Bailey. Md (2) 28 Sept 1837 in Indiana Martha Ashby who was b in Ohio. Emeline d in Miami Co., Ohio.7
Ref: IW., Miss Edith Winans of Petaluma, California.


Child by 1st wife:

 1-7-1-6-5-2-1NO NAME believed to have been a boy and he died in infancy and his mother d about the same time.

Children by 2nd wife.

*1-7-1-6-5-2-2DAVID MADISON WINANS8 b 11 Sept 1838 in Ind. d 1 Apr 1918 at Petaluma, Calif, md 7 Apr 1870 in Elkhart, Ind. Maria Eliza Newell.
 1-7-1-6-5-2-3SARAH E. WINANS9 b 31 July 1840, believed to have d young.
 1-7-1-6-5-2-4N. J. WINANS10 b 28 Feb 1844, believed to have d young.
 1-7-1-6-5-2-5HANNAH H. WINANS b 19 Jan 1847 d 24 Apr 1913 in Mendocino Co., Calif, md 29 May 1864 Uriah Bierbower. They had two daughters:
  1. Eula Bierbower.11
  2. Neska Bierbower.11

6th Gen

JOHN CLAWSON was b 8 Mar 1822 d 30 Sept 1891 near Troy, Ohio md 2 June 1869 Mrs. Rachel (Maxwell) Rollins b 8 Jan 1830 dau of Spafford and Rachel Denal (Spafford) Maxwell son of Thomas and Susannah (Jones) Maxwell.
Ref: IW., JB., Miami Co., Ohio History.

*1-7-1-6-5-4-1RICHARD MAXWELL WINANS b 14 Apr 1871 md 2 Jan 1896 Clara Belle Flory.

6th Gen

ELIHU M. md Charlotte Fitz Randolph.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-1-8-2-4-1RANDOLPH WINANS.
*1-7-1-8-2-4-2GEORGE WINANS md _?_ Howell.
 1-7-1-8-2-4-3HANNAH WINANS md (1) James Allen. They had the following children:
  1. Charles Allen.
  2. Anna (or Hannah) Allen.
Hannah md (2) Lyman Fairclo and they had one son, George Fairclo.
 1-7-1-8-2-4-4ELIZABETH WINANS md James Downs, no record of any children.

6th Gen

JAMES was b 15 Apr 1808 in Catskill, N. Y. d 16 Mar 1864 in High Falls, Ulster, N. Y. md 1 Jan 1831 in Glasco, Ulster, N. Y. Sarah or Sally Carle b 28 Mar 1807 in Kingston, Ulster, N. Y. dau of Frederick and Nellie (Burham) Carle.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-2-3-2-3-1NELLIE MARIA WINANS b 17 Mar 1832 in Catskill, Greene, N. Y. md 3


 July 1863 in Amenia, N. Y. d 14 Sept 1865 in same.
  1. Susie Conklin b 22 Dec 1865 in Amenia, N. Y. md her cousin Virgil Guernsey Winans (1-7-2-10-6-2-1-1).
  2. Gussie Conklin b 30 May 1867 in Amenia, N. Y. d 11 Apr 1896 in Lithgow, N. Y., unmarried.
  3. Jennie Conklin b 2 May 1869 in Amenia, N. Y. md Addison Townsend Robinson.
*1-7-2-10-7-1-6JAMES KNOX POLK WINANS b 19 Nov 1844 in Stanford, N. Y. md 21 Oct 1868 in New Milford, Pa. Drusilla Myers.
*1-7-2-10-7-1-7DARN WELLING WINANS b 13 Mar 1848 in Stanford, N. Y. md 25 Feb 1875 in Poughkeepsee, N. Y. Nettie Underwood.
 1-7-2-10-7-1-8ULYSSES ELISHA WINANS b 27 Feb 1851 in Stanford, N. Y. md 26 Mar 1896 in Sangerties,12 N. Y. Ardell Hoff b 1 Oct 1865 in Sangerties,12 N. Y. dau of David Brood and Sarah Hannah (Becker) Hoff. They had at least one son Frank Rodney Winans b 27 Dec 1896 d 6 July 1897 in same.

6th Gen

ELISHA BEADLE was b 12 Mar 1815 in N. Y. State d 10 Apr 1884 and was buried in Sharon, Ct. md 9 Dec 1840 Hannah Maria Hart b 14 Nov 1821 in Cornwall, Ct. d 10 Jan 1884 in Sharon, Ct. He lived in Macedon, N. Y. until 1833 and then his family moved to Sharon, Conn. At his death he left a son and a daughter. This information taken from the files of Major Ira Winans, in Rochester, N. Y. Public Library. Ira received his information from Mrs. Helen D. Winans Bartram, a daughter, on Dec 23, 1919. Elisha's death date, marriage date, and Hannah's birth and death dates were furnished by Mr. Walter R. Winans of Carrsville, Virginia who is a greatgrandson.

 1-7-2-10-7-2-1HELEN D. WINANS md Isaac Newton Bartram. no further information.
 1-7-2-10-7-2-2HENRY WINANS no further information.
 1-7-2-10-7-2-3ARTHUR W. WINANS b 28 June 1855 in Sharon, Ct. d 21 Jan 1915 in Sharon, Ct. md 18 June 1884 in Sharon, Ct. Delia Reinhardt b 10 Sept 1858 in Torrington, Ct. d 20 May 1912, buried in Sharon.

6th Gen

EGBERT ISRAEL13 was b 31 July 1848 in Middleburg, N. Y. md 15 Mar 1871 in Onondaga Co., N. Y. Mary Seagfriest dau of Nicholas and Mary (Darnicht) Seagfriest.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-2-10-10-4-1WILLIAM WALTER WINANS b 15 Mar 1873 in Kirkville, N. Y. md 11 Apr 1899 in Onondaga Co., N. Y. Clara Faranz. They had two children:
  1. Retha Winans b 17 Oct 1901.
  2. Malvin Winans14 b 24 July 1902.
 1-7-2-10-10-4-2MARY ALICE WINANS b 16 Feb 1875 in Kirkville, N. Y. md in Minoa, N. Y. Charles Baird who was b in 1872 son of Claude and Emma


 Baird. They had the following children:
  1. Grace Charlotte Baird b 15 Feb 1895 in East Syracuse, N. Y.
  2. Pearl Albert Baird b 8 Sept 1898 in same.
  3. William Henry Baird b 23 Jan 1905 in same.
 1-7-2-10-10-4-3ALBERT JOSEPH WINANS b 15 Feb 1879 in Kirkville, N. Y. md 9 Nov 1904 in Minoa, N. Y. Mary Wilhelmina Brandt dau of Henry and Barbara (Plank) Brandt. They had one dau Ethel Irene Winans b 23 Mar 1906 at Minoa, N. Y.
 1-7-2-10-10-4-4HARVEY ANTHONY WINANS b 9 Jan 1881 at Minoa, N. Y. md 17 Oct 1905 in Minoa, N. Y. Yvonne Lewis dau of Lester and Algerette (Fulmer) Lewis.
 1-7-2-10-10-4-5FREDERICK EDWARD WINANS b 23 July 1883 in Minoa, N. Y.

6th Gen

JAMES DAVID was b 14 Jan 1836 at Mount Ross, N. Y. d 27 Dec 1906 at Hudson, N. Y. md 1 Feb 1863 at Hudson Alice King who d 27 Aug 1907 at Hudson, N. Y. dau of John and Margaret (McDonald) King.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-2-10-13-2-1JOHN WINANS b May 1868 at Hudson d 9 Apr 1870 at same.
 1-7-2-10-13-2-2AMBROSE FRANCIS WINANS b 31 Aug 1870 at Hudson, N. Y. md 25 Dec 1894 at Albany, N. Y. at the Evangalist Lutheran Church parsonage Mary Ida Proper b 22 May ? at Red Hook, Dutchess Co., N. Y. dau of Martin and Isabella (Pulver) Proper. There were no children.
 1-7-2-10-13-2-3WILLIAM HENRY WINANS b 28 Feb 1872 at Hudson, N. Y. md 11 Jan 1898 at Hudson, N. Y. Mary Agnes Galvin dau of Patrick and Helen (Foley) Balvin. They had at least one dau Helen Winans b 11 Mar 1899 at Hudson, N. Y.

7th Gen

NATHANIEL FRAZEE15 was b 29 Nov 1828 md Sarah Jane Cross.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Alton, Ill.

*1-7-1-3-1-2-1-1GEORGE FRAZEE WINANS b 28 June 1853 d 12 Oct 1912 md 14 Dec 1876 at LaFayette, Stark, Ill. Kate Cardiff.

7th Gen

JOSEPH HENRY was b 20 Sept 1830 d 5 Dec 1898 at Lyons Farms, N. J. md in 1850 Frances "Fanny" Ruth Godber who d in Mar 1894. Joseph Henry built the Winans


Homestead in Illinois. He was also very active in Sunday School work. This family settled in Stark Co., Goshen Twp., Ill. Joseph Henry was b in the old Winans homestead built by his greatgrandfather.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Alton, Ill., Dr. Leslie Haines Winans of Ill.

*1-7-1-3-1-2-2-1WILLIAM HENRY WINANS b 20 Jan 1853 in Lyons Farms, N. J. d 5 June 1902 in Ill. md 10 May 1871 Harriet Elizabeth Clements.
 1-7-1-3-1-2-2-2ELIZABETH MAY WINANS b _?_ d 1950 md J. E. Price. There is one record that says Elizabeth was b 4 Sept 1870.

7th Gen

JONATHAN DAYTON was b 14 Oct 1845 at Lyons Farms, N. J. md (1) Mary Emma Coles who d 27 Aug 1867 at Lyons Farms, N. J. md (2) 16 June 1869 Mary Etta Williams b 15 Nov 1846 d 18 Jan 1910 at Lyons Farms, N. J. dau of John B. and Mary Frazee (Spinning) Wi11iams.
Ref: IW.

Child by 1st wife:

 1-7-1-3-1-2-5-1MARY EMMA WINANS b 27 Aug 1867 at Lyons Farms, N. J. d 3 Jan 1868 at same.

Children by 2nd wife:

*1-7-1-3-1-2-5-2WALTER JUDSON WINANS b 23 Jan 1871 at Lyons Farms, N. J. md Lillie Grace Hedden.
 1-7-1-3-1-2-5-3MARY ELIZA WINANS b 13 Oct 1873 at same d 20 Oct 1879.
 1-7-1-3-1-2-5-4JONATHAN DAYTON WINANS Jr., no further data.

7th Gen

ISAAC was b 28 Dec 1850 in Crawford, N. J. md 24 Oct 1878 in Rahway, N. J. Anne Robinson b 17 June 1858 in Rahway dau of Robert and Adelia Robinson.
Ref: IW.

*1-7-1-3-8-3-4-1JONATHAN DAYTON WINANS b 18 Nov 1880 in Crawford, N. J. md 18 July 1906 Louise Anderson.
 1-7-1-3-8-3-4-2ROBERT JAMES WINANS b 16 Nov 1884 in Crawford, N. J. md 18 Sept 1910 in Terre Haute, Ind. Catherine Evans Jones b 3 Apr 1887 in Carbon, Ind. dau of John Edward and Catherine (Evans) Jones. No further data.
 1-7-1-3-8-3-4-3RAYMOND DAVID WINANS b 12 Sept 1886 in Crawford, N. J.


 md (2) Mrs. Ernie "Patsy" Hughes.
 1-7-1-3-9-9-6-2AMY LOUISE WINANS b 1 Jan 1904 at Villa Ridge, Pulaski, Ill. md LaVerne Fletcher. No children.
*1-7-1-3-9-9-6-3HENRY GOE WINANS b 29 Jan 1906 at Pasadena, Calif md 15 June 1935 in Riverside, Calif Bonnie Wolf.
*1-7-1-3-9-9-6-4DAVID HAND WINANS b Mar 1910 at Pasadena, L. A. Co., Calif, md 15 July 1939 Mary Jane Kathleen Kildall.

7th Gen

WALTER SCOTT was b 25 Aug 1877 in Cairo, Alexander, Ill. d 6 July 1939 near Riverside, Riverside, Calif, buried in Monrovia, Calif, md 9 June 1903 in Reno, Washoe, Nev. Evaline Elizabeth Fitch b 3 Apr 1879 in Worden, Madison, Ill. d 15 Nov 1946 in Maywood, Los Angeles, Calif, buried same as husband. Evaline was the dau of Dr. Charles Cleveland and Emma Elizabeth (Handshy) Fitch. Walter was a school teacher, farmer and Manager of the Tulare Co. Farm Bureau Supply Co. at Lindsay, Tulare, California. He was killed in an automobile accident near Riverside, Calif.
Ref: Winans Family Bible and my own knowledge as this is my father and mother. AWW.

 1-7-1-3-9-9-8-1VIOLET LENORA WINANS b 9 Oct 1904 in Tulare, Tulare, Calif, md (1) 31 July 1926 Frank Joseph Cuslidge b 27 Nov 1892 at San Andreas, Calaveras, Calif, d 8 Aug 1972 in San Andreas, Calif. buried 12 Aug 1972 in same. He was the son of Andrew and Flora (Shelton) Cuslidge. They had the following children:
  1. Frank Joseph Cuslidge Jr. b 8 Jan 1931 in Fresno, Fresno, Calif, md (1) in 1949 Roberta Wood and they had one son, David Joseph Cuslidge b 18 Mar 1950 in Jackson, Amador, Calif. Frank md (2) 23 Dec 1956 in Reno, Washoe, Nev. Mrs. Jean Hall and she had one son at the time, Daniel David Hall b 8 Aug 1952. There are no more children.
  2. David Walter Cuslidge b 10 Jan 1934 in Monrovia, L. A. Co., Calif, md 26 Aug 1961 in Carson City, Nev. Mrs. Arlene Anne (McCrank) King. Arlene was b 30 Nov 1936 in Minneapolis, Minn, and md (1) 23 Aug 1952 at Angels Camp. Calif. John King and was div. on 23 Aug 1961. Arlene has two children: John King b 18 Aug 1953 at San Andreas, Calif, and Patricia Anne King b 3 Dec 1958 at San Andreas, Calif. Arlene is the dau of Joseph Daniel and Carol Elaine (Farrar) McCrank. Joseph was b in Minn and Carol was b in Wisconsin. David and Arlene have one son, Joseph David Cuslidge b 19 Mar 1962 at San Andreas, Calif.
  3. Marvin Donald Cuslidge b 14 Nov 1938 at San Andreas, Calif, md 13 Oct 1957 in Minden, Nev., Nettie Mae Baker b 25 June 1939 at Valliant, McCurtain, Okla. dau of Claude Griffin Baker of Ark. and Ola Evelyn (Flowers) Baker b in Okla. They have the following children:
    1. Brenda Lee Cuslidge b 18 June 1959 at San Andreas, Calif.
    2. Lenora Jene Cuslidge b 14 Nov 1960 at San Andreas, Calif.
    3. Donald Brian Cuslidge b 14 Nov 1962 at San Andreas, Calif.
Violet md (2) 24 Oct 1972 in Carson City, Nev. Stacey Tossie Hickman


 b 9 Nov 1903 in Fall City, Neb d 1981 in Fort Bragg, Calif. She md (3) in Jan 1984 Clarence Simpson.
 1-7-1-3-9-9-8-2FLORENCE MAUDE WINANS b 17 Mar 1907 in Fresno, Fresno, Calif. d 28 Dec 1916 in Lindsay, Calif.
 1-7-1-3-9-9-8-3ALICE ELIZABETH WINANS16 b 25 Nov 1910 in Lindsay, Tulare, Calif. md (1) 2 Dec 1928 in Lindsay, Calif., Paul Burdette Egy b 15 Nov 1904 in Storm Lake, Buena Vista, Iowa, d 19 Feb 1982 in Palm Springs, Riverside, Calif, son of Arthur Leon and Mary Blanche (Atkinson) Egy. Alice md (2) Allan Claude Woolley b 6 Sept 1916 in Duchesne, Utah, son of Mark Stringham and Kate (Piper) Woolley. No children from this marriage.
Alice Winans and Paul Egy had the two following children:
  1. Harold Arthur Egy b 1 Jan 1930 in Modesto, Stanislaus, Calif. md 28 Dec 1951 Velta June Reynolds b 3 May 1931 at Hemet, Riverside, Calif, dau of Levi (b 29 Feb 1903) and Rosa Lena (Randal) (b 29 Jan 1908) Reynolds. They had the following children:
    1. Ronald Arthur Egy b 15 Apr 1954 at Vallejo, Solano, Calif, d 18 May 1973 at Phoenix, Maricopa, Arizona buried at Glendale, Ariz.
    2. Carolyn Joyce Egy b 13 July 1955 at San Diego, San Diego, Ca. md 5 Apr 1980 in Phoenix, Ariz., Dale Kirby Clifton b 27 Mar 1953 son of Glen Kirby and Gladys (Isgrigg) Clifton. They have the following children:
      1. Crystal Lynne Clifton b 30 Sept 1982 in Mountain View, Ca.
      2. Scott Kirby Clifton b 24 Nov 1984 in Mountain View, Ca.
    3. Marilyn Kay Egy b 30 Nov 1957 at Lynwood, L.A., Calif. md 14 Feb 1976 at Phoenix, Maricopa, Ariz. Randall "Randy" Mark Reiff b 24 July 1956 in Garden City, Kansas son of David Samuel and Joyce Janice (Southworth) Reiff. They have the following children:
      1. Wendy Cherie Reiff b 12 Sept 1980 in Phoenix, Ariz.
      2. Shannon Nicole Reiff b 8 June 1982 in Phoenix, Az.
      3. Trenton Nicholas Reiff b 14 Jan 1987 in Glendale, Ariz.
  2. Dorothy Elizabeth Egy b 26 Aug 1931 in Sequoia National Park, Tulare, California md (1) 6 Dec 1948 in Reno, Nev. Anthony Edwin Travis b 10 May 1929 in Klamath Falls, Oregon d 3 May 1964 in San Andreas, Calif, buried in Oakland, Calif. They had one son Michael Edwin Travis b 6 Sept 1951 in San Francisco, Calif. Dorothy and Anthony (Tony) were div. 30 June 1953 in Reno, Nev. Dorothy md (2) 7 Dec 1957 in Napa, Calif. Arthur Clyde James. No children by this marriage. Div. in 1969. Dorothy md (3) 18 Oct 1969 in Michigan, Ronald Hipkiss, no children and they were Div. Dorothy md (4) 27 Aug 1977 in Michigan, George Kovach.
 1-7-1-3-9-9-8-4WALTER SCOTT WINANS b 29 Jan 1914 in Lindsay, Tulare, Calif d 30 Oct 1984 at Montclair, Calif, md 4 Dec 1937 Genevieve Poluzzi. There were no children.
 1-7-1-3-9-9-8-5EVALINE MAY WINANS b 4 May 1915 at Lindsay, Tulare. Calif, d 2 Sept 1977 at Gaston, Oregon, md 23 Sept 1933 in Monrovia, Calif. Albert Cassell Beard b 31 Jan 1913 in Parsons, Kansas d 3 Aug 1978 at Gaston, Oregon, son of Charles Franklin and Parthena (Baker) Beard. They have the following children:
  1. Albert Cassell Beard Jr. b 26 Aug 1934 at Monrovia, Calif, md 18 Dec 1954 at Las Vegas, Nev. Caroline Jessie Rihbany b 25 Sept 1936 at Fillmore, Calif, dau of Charles Simon and Yesmean Jacob (Nader) (b in Beirut, Lebanon) Rihbany. They have the following children:


    1. Albert Charles Beard b 29 June 1955 at Montebello, Ca. md 23 Apr 1977 Priscilla Ann Malinzak and they have four sons,
      1. Albert Beard the 4th,
      2. Ryan Raj Beard,
      3. Christopher Shane Beard, and
      4. Kyle Christian Beard.
    2. Belinda Carole Beard b 4 Sept 1956 at Montebello, Calif,
    3. David Scott Beard b 12 June 1964 at Montebello, Calif.
  1. Charles Walter Beard b 2 May 1936 in Maywood, Calif, md (1) 20 Jan 1958 at Las Vegas, Nev., Myrtice Marie Rice and they had one son, Walter William Beard b 3 Feb 1959 at Downey, Calif. Walter William is known by "Billie". Charles Walter and Myrtice Marie were divorced. Md (2) 3 Apr 1965 at Huntington Park, Calif. Susanne Alyce Hale b 10 Mar 1949 at Los Angeles, Calif, dau of Robert Dunham and Louise Jeanette (Andrade) Hale. They have the following children:
    1. Susan Louise Beard b 22 Feb 1966 at Downey, Calif.,
    2. Charles Robert Beard b 24 July 1969 at McMinnville, Yamhill, Oregon, and
    3. Kenny Beard b in Oregon.
 1-7-1-3-9-9-8-6CHARLES HERBERT WINANS b 6 Mar 1917 at Lindsay, Tulare, Calif. d 4 July 1918 at same.
*1-7-1-3-9-9-8-7JOHN GILBERT WINANS b 29 Nov 1918 at Lindsay, Tulare, Calif, md (1) 2 June 1942 Dorothy Jane Ashland md (2) 15 Mar 1947 Mary Jane Ressler.

7th Gen

CHARLES ANTHONY CLAWSON was b 1838 d 18 July 1903 md 26 Sept 1861 in Miami Co., Ohio Nancy (or Anne) Rollins.
Ref: IW., Miami Co., Ohio marriage license records.

 1-7-1-5-1-2-5-1JOHN F. WINANS b 1864.
 1-7-1-5-1-2-5-2HENRY CHARLES WINANS b 1867.
 1-7-1-5-1-2-5-3WILLIAM JUDD WINANS b 1871.
 1-7-1-5-1-2-5-4GRACE MAY WINANS b 1877 md 1898 Osne Eckelman.

7th Gen

JOHN GEARHART WINANS (also sp. Gearheart) was b 31 Dec 1828 in Miami Co., Ohio d 31 Mar 1897 in Vermilion, Ill. md Mar 1850 in Miami Co., Ohio Elizabeth Ann Wikoff, b 1 Jan 1826 in Trenton, N. J. d 22 May 1884 in Vermilion, Ill.
Ref: IW., O. Cliff Winans of Paris, Ill.

*1-7-1-5-2-1-2-1JAMES HENRY WINANS b 26 Jan 1851 in Elbridge Twp., Edgar Co., Ill. d 17 Mar 1886 in Haven, Kan. buried in the Haven Cemetery, md 10 Sept 1874 in Edgar Co., Ill. Mary Thompson.
*1-7-1-5-2-1-2-2JOHN WESLEY WINANS b 11 Feb 1852 in Elbridge Twp., Edgar Co., Ill. d 28 Apr 1929 in Paris, Ill. buried in the Edgar Cemetery, md 27 Apr 1881 in Buck Twp., Edgar., Ill. Mary Alice Stotts.


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1 Mary's obituary was posted to a Winans discussion group:

Abstracted obit, Elkhart Weekly Review, 19 Aug 1880, pg 4:

Mary Ann Winans, b. Pennsylvania, 28 May 1801, d. 9 Aug 1880, Elkhart, Indiana, when five years old, moved to Ohio with parents, married there 1821 to Samuel Winans, who d. 23 Apr 1879.

To homestead near Elkhart 1836, lived there almost 43 years. Seven children, four sons and three daughters, three sons and two daughters now living. One son in Iowa and one in Kansas.

The same person also posted the following, which bears a certain resemblance to the information on page 40 for Samuel Winans' daughter, Eliza Ann Winans, who did marry a Conrad Cook:

Abstracted obit, Elkhart Daily Review, 26 Jan 1914, pg 8:

Mrs. Anne Elizabeth Cook, lived near Elkhart since 1831, d. home of daughter, Mrs. AW Brown, Goshen. Burial in Grace Lawn cemetery, Elkhart. Born Piqua, Ohio, 1 Dec 1828, age three years to Elkhart County by parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Winans. Widow of Conrad Cook, who d. 1892. Surviving two daughters, Mrs. Brown of Goshen and Mrs. Louis B Cooke of Chicago, 2 grandchildren, one gr grandchild.

2 A researcher has informed me that Frazier Winans married Leah McMahan, who was born 19 December 1831 in PA, and was kind enough to send us photographs of both Frazier and Leah. I'm looking forward to receiving more information about this line.
3 With the help of other researchers, I've been able to assemble a great deal of additional and, I hope, more accurate information on Stephen and Eliza, their children and their descendants. For instance:

George Powell's birthplace was actually in Illinois. Although there was a Jacksonville in Tuolumne county, California (see historic marker), it is unlikely any Anglo-American children would have been born in California as early as 1836. But there is a Jacksonville, IL, and George is listed in both the 1870 and 1880 censuses as being born in Illinois.

Please visit Stephen and Eliza's page in this Carey Family Album to learn more about them and their descendants.
4 Susan is listed in the Corey/Cory Surname Database. Her husband's name is given as Linus S. Cory. According to this genealogy site, the couple's two daughters were born in Ohio.
5 James L. Winans' obituary states that his sister, Mary Ann (Winans) Smith, was living in Alabama at the time of James' death in 1918.
6 There is extensive additional information on James Lewis Winans and his descendants in our Petaluma page.
7 Mrs. Egy's information about James Winans' wives doesn't appear to be correct. Since O. C. Winans' Winans Family contains similar misinformation, both may have relied on erroneous data from Major Ira's files. The following represents my own best guess as to who James' wives were:
  1. Abigail Rollins. The Miami County Marriage Index lists an 1834 marriage between James Winans and Abagail Rollins. This appears to be the woman who bore James' first child, and died shortly after childbirth. Winans and Rollins were both very common surnames in Miami county in the early 19th century. A fellow researcher, Abigail (Anthony) Deeter (1971-2013), informed us:
    James Winans married Abagail Rollins April 10, 1834 in Miami County, Ohio. Abigail Rollins was the daughter of Josiah Rollins & Nancy Tucker. Abigail was born November 27, 1810 and died June 2, 1835.
    Abigail, the researcher, touched many of us with her willingness to share information and answer questions. We learned, with sadness, that she died tragically in an auto accident in St. Marys, Ohio, 24 October 2013.
  2. Martha Ashby, who married James 28 Sep 1837. She is listed with James and their four children in Osolo township, Elkhart county, IN, in the 1850 census. She was born about 1820 in Ohio, and according to the biography of their son, died before James and the children moved to California.
  3. Emeline F. Olds, who was born 10 May 1809 in New York and died 25 Oct 1894 in California. She married James in California. She and James and his two youngest children are enumerated together in Bolinas, Marin county, CA, in 1860, and she and James are in San Rafael in 1870. After James' death, Emeline remained in San Rafael, where she was enumerated in 1880 with her widowed 66-year-old brother, Daniel Olds. My guess that Olds was Emeline's maiden surname was confirmed by a study of A Good Life: A Study of Dairy Farming in the Olema Valley, by D. S. Livingston, published in 1995 by the U. S. National Park Service. According to this book, Emeline's brothers, Daniel and Nelson, acquired land in the Olema Valley in 1856 and her sister, Martha (Olds) Powell, also lived in the area. Was Bailey her surname from a previous marriage, or an error on Mrs. Egy's part?
8 There is extensive additional information on David Madison Winans and his descendants in our Petaluma page.
9 Sarah Elizabeth Winans did not die young, but lived to a ripe old age. There is extensive additional information on Sarah and her descendants in our Petaluma page.
10 Nancy Jane Winans lived to adulthood. There is extensive additional information on Nancy and her descendants in our Petaluma page.
11 Although Mrs. Egy lists Eula and Neska as Hannah (Winans) Beerbower's children, Eula and Neska Alexander are actually her grandchildren. See Hannah's section of the Petaluma page for details.
12 The correct name of this town is Saugerties. It is in Ulster county, NY.
13 Egbert's tragic death by drowning was reported in the Thursday 9 Sep 1915 issue of the Syracuse Herald:


The body of Egbert Winans, the Minoa farmer, whose body was found floating in Limestone creek near that village yesterday afternoon was removed to the home to-day by Undertakers Burns & O'Brien. The funeral will be held there to-morrow afternoon with burial at Minoa. Mr. Winans had been missing from his home since last Saturday. He is survived by a daughter, four sons and two brothers.

14 The news of the death of his grandson, whose name appears to have been Melvin, not Malvin, appeared in The Post Standard, Syracuse, NY, 17 July 1917:



Young Companion Unable to Aid Swimmer Beyond His Depth
Fell from Bridge to Pool While Returning to Home Near Minoa – Lad's Funeral Thursday

Melvin Winans, 14, was drowned in Limestone creek near Minoa at 11:00 o'clock yesterday morning at almost the same place his grandfather, Egbert Winans, met his death two years ago.

The boy was the only son of William and Clara Farrance Winans, whose home is near the New York Central Railroad bridge over the creek. Accompanied by a smaller boy, the lad went to the creek to swim, his companion watching him from the bank. Young Winans got beyond his depth and sank.

The other boy, too young to assist him, ran to the Winans home and told what had happened. Members of the family and neighbors went to the creek and in a short time, the body was recovered.

In September 1915, the boy's grandfather, while returning home from Minoa at night, fell into the stream near the railroad bridge and his body was not found until two days later.

Besides his parents, the Winans boy is survived by one sister. The funeral will be held from the family home Thursday morning and later in St. Mary's Church, Minoa. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery.

15 Nathaniel F. and Joseph H. Winans and their descendants are mentioned in the history of the First Baptist Church of Toulon, Illinois. The history mentions their Lyons Farm, NJ, roots.
The Winans family is another one which has been prominent in the work of the church for many years. We find that N. F. Winans was one of the very early members of the church and he served as Trustee and on many appointed committees. He was evidently acquainted with Elder J. M. Stickney, the first pastor of the church, as they had both come to Stark County from Lyon's Farm, New Jersey. He was the grandfather of Frazee Winans who later became a member of the church and married Miss Faye Dexter. He was followed to Stark County from Lyon's Farm by Joseph Henry Winans and his son William H. Winans who settled on the present Winans homestead in Goshen Township. Mr. J. H. Winans was a strong Christian leader and he organized and became Superintendent of a Sunday School which met in the Quinn school house and he served here for a period of twenty years. Later when the Winans school house was built, he started a Sunday School there and carried on its work for many years. He became a member of this church in 1884 and was active in its affairs up to the time of his death. His two children, W. H. Winans and Mrs. May Winans Price, also became members of the church here and were active in its affairs. Mrs. W. H. Winans but recently passed away. Some of their children continued as members of this church and interested in its work were Harry [Harry?] Winans, Mrs. Lyda [Harriet Elizabeth?] Price, Mrs. Bessie Bamber, and Elber Winans. Robert and Elsie (Dutton) Winans are still members at the celebration of the sesquicentennial. Their son William with wife Barbara (Windish) and two children, Wendy and Joe are still active in the church even today (1998).
There are numerous other mentions of Winans family members in various pages at the church's web site.
16 The author of the genealogical work of which this page is a very small part. The Social Security Death Index includes an entry for Alice E. Egy, born 25 Nov 1910, died December 1993, whose last residence was Desert Hot Springs, Riverside county, CA.
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