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 1-5-1-1-4PHOEBE WINANS b 13 Dec 1747 in Essex Co., N. J. d 1807 in Beaver Co., Pa. md 17 Mar 1765 in New Providence, N. J. Abraham Powers b 1743 in Sussex Co., N.J. d 29 Aug 1832 in Youngstown, Trumbull Co., Ohio. Phoebe and Abraham were buried in the Old Stone Church, Beaver Co., Pa. They had the following chlldren:
  1. Ester Powers b 30 Sept 1767 d 30 Dec 1830 md 25 Jan 1784 Henry Inman.
  2. John Powers b 26 Jan 1770 (twin) d 20 July 1839 md Catharine.
  3. Jemima Powers b 26 Jan 1770 (twin) d Apr 1847 in Huron Co., Ohio, md (1) John Laylin md (2) Josiah Blackman.
  4. Sabra Powers md 1793 Joab Woodruff.
  5. Isaac Powers b 12 Apr 1777 in Westmoreland Co., Pa. d 9 May 1861 in Youngstown, Trumbull, Ohio md 9 Feb 1802 in Youngstown, Ohio Leah Frazee. Isaac was buried in the Pine Hollow Private Cemetery in Youngstown.
  6. James Powers b 4 Oct 1779 in Westmoreland Co., d 15 Aug 1849 md 28 Apr 1809 Ruth Pumphrey.
  7. Abraham Powers b 14 Mar 1783 d 14 May 1851 in Mahoning Co., Ohio md 1805 Elizabeth Woodruff. Abraham was buried in Oak Hill Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio.
  8. Elizabeth Powers b 1785 d 11 Oct 1862 in Ingham Co., Mich md (1) in 1810 Hanson Read, md (2) Perez Miner.
  9. Jacob Powers b 7 Mar 1787 in Westmoreland, d 31 May 1868 and was buried in West Mecca, Trumbull Co., Ohio md 18 Dec 1810 Nancy Pumphrey b 1787 in Wheeling, W. Va., d 15 June 1859 in Mecca, Trumbull Co., Ohio.
  10. Phoebe Powers b 1791 d 26 Apr 1830 md 5 Oct 1813 in Trumbull Co., Ohio, James Wilson.
*1-5-1-1-5MATTHIAS WINANS b 16 Sept 1750 d 1813 md Lydia Goble.
 1-5-1-1-6SABRA WINANS b 25 Jan 1753 md 15 Aug 1771 (Ref: New Providence records) in Essex Co., N. J. Joseph Goble. They had one son John Goble.
*1-5-1-1-7CRATON WINANS b 27 May 1756 in Elizabethtown, N. J. d 2 Feb 1790 in Braddock Grove, Greene Co., Pa. md Susannah Hopkins.
 1-5-1-1-8CALVIN WINANS b 13 Oct 1756 d 11 Sept 1759.
 1-5-1-1-9ESTHER WINANS b 10 Sept 1760 d 9 Apr 1761.
 1-5-1-1-10CALVIN WINANS (2nd) b 12 Nov 1762 d 12 July 1769.

4th Gen

ISAAC was b 1724 d 1769 md (1) Martha _?_ b 1732 d 19 Nov 1758 in 27th year buried Presby. Church Yard, Madison, N. J. Md (2) in 1759 Mary Carter who d 12 Jan 1791 in Hanover, N. J. dau of Jacob Carter. Isaac was a Rev. War Quartermaster.
Ref: IW.,

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-5-1-2-1MARTHA WINANS b 12 Nov 1760 in Madison, N. J. d 23 Feb 1845 md 1781/2 George J. Emmell b 1749 d 22 Jan 1826. They had the following children:
  1. Susannah Emmell b 12 Oct 1783 d 29 Nov 1804.
  2. Elizabeth Emmell b 29 Feb 1786.
  3. Phebe Emmell b 30 Apr 1788.
  4. Mary Emmell b 18 Sept 1790 d 6 May 1859.
  5. George Alexander Emmell b 2 Dec 1792 d 1822.
  6. Martha Emmell b 2 June 1794 md Major Elijah Ward.
  7. Sophia Emmell b 27 July 1797 d 28 Feb 1881.
  8. Silas Emmell b 6 Apr 1800 d 20 Oct 1883.
  9. Cornelia Ann Emmell b 18 May 1804 md 27 Dec 1826 John Flagg Voorhees.
*1-5-1-2-2ISAAC WINANS Jr. b 6 Apr 1765 in Battle Hill, Morris Co., N. J. d 5


 Apr 1814 in Hanover, Madison, N. J. md (1) 4 Jan 1787 Mary Beach b 12 June 1766/8 d 12 Oct 1805. Md (2) Abigail Ball.

4th Gen

JACOB was b 26 Nov 1726 in Perth Amboy, N. J., d 1810 in Milton, Trumbull, Ohio buried in the Pricetown Cemetery. He married four or possibly five times. Data will be presented chronologically.

He md first about 1750 Rebecca Clark dau of Jotham Clark of Elizabeth, N. J. It is unlikely her name was Rebecca Phebe, and absolutely wrong that her name was just Phebe, as Jotham had a different dau of that name. Rebecca d Dec 1758 in N. J. Rebecca's father, Jotham, left a will and it was dated April 1772 and lists the dau named Phebe. After Rebecca's death her son Jotham C. Winans went to live with the maternal grandparents and is listed in the grandfather's will. (NJ Archives, Ser. 1, 34:95: Abstr. of Wills) Vol V.

Jacob md (2) in Scotch Plains, Union Co., N. J. on 15 Mar 1759 Rebecca Connett dau of Matthew or Matthias Connett of Charlestown, Mass. or N. J. Her grandparents were James and Mehitable (Gardner) Connett of Charleston. Mehitable Gardner was the dau of Richard and Anna (Rolfe) Gardner of Woburn and granddaughter of Henry and Honor (Rolfe) Rolfe of Newburyport. Rebecca Connett Winans d three weeks after the 10 July 1764 birth of her son Isaac, thus 31 July or 1 Aug 1764 in Perth Amboy. Jacob md (3) in 1764 Jemima Rae. It is said they removed to Northampton Co., Pa. in 1767. They are found there certainly when Jacob and Jemima Rae were admitted to the Lord's Supper, Smithfield Dutch Reformed Church, 23 Apr 1774. On 16 Sept 1774 Jacob was Elder at the Supper, and appears again as an Elder 21 Mar 1766.

Jacob served in the Revolutionary War and the following was found in a letter that was among the papers of Ira Winans: To whom it may concern: I hereby certify that one Jacob Wlnans was Adjutant of the sixth Battalion Northampton County Militia in 1777, Jacob Straud, Co1onel. - See page 425 Vol 8, Penn. Archives, Fifth Series. In testimony where of I hereby affix the seal of the Department (Signed) Luther R. Kelkar, Custodian of Public Records in the Penn. State Library at Harrisburg. (Sent to me by W. M. V. Winans of Spokane, Washington. AWW)

Traditionally he had a fourth wife Mamie Gray to whom he must have been married too, by 1777, as she is given as mother of the son born that year. However, the similarity between names Jemima Rae and Mamie Gray give cause to suspect that this may have been one person.

The 1790 census of Lower Smithfield (Smithfield is now Shawnee, Monroe Co.) shows Jacob and wife, son over 16 (James), son under 16 (Jacob) and a dau. The Middle Smithfield tax list of 1796 shows Jacob with ten acres of Land.

Jacob's marriage whether fourth or fifth was in 1806 to Hannah LaRue. The following dispels the unfounded tradition that his last wife was a Delong and sister of his dau-in-law Eleanor Delong wife of son Isaac. From the Northampton Farmer and Easton Weekly Advertiser, Sat. morning 1 Nov 1806: "married on Sunday last, 26 Oct 1806 by C. Henberry, Esq. Mr. Jacob Winnens, aged 82 of Lower Smithfield to Miss Hannah LaRue age 79 of Middle Smithfield, Wayne Co." A tradition regarding this fifth wife was told in 1911 by Laura Jennings. She reported that her grandmother Phebe (1-5-1-3-3) as the oldest dau of Jacob used to care for the


younger children when the Indians were causing trouble. Laura, then added that she herself used to go up to her greatgrandfather's place when she was a girl and when old enough "did up" the lace caps of her step greatgrandmother, known as "Litt1e Granny".

Omitted earlier from the possibility of Jemima Rae and Mamie Gray's being synonymous is that records of a Northampton Co. shopkeeper shows the sale of shoes to Jacob Winans and of thread to Jemima Wlnans, long after the alleged marriage to a Mamie Gray.

Jacob was taken to Milton Township, Trumbull Co., Ohio in 1807 by sons James, Isaac and Jacob, arriving there 21 June 1807. He d there in 1810 and is buried in the Church Cemetery at Pricetown which is on the present Trumbull-Mahoning Co. line. A war department marker was placed on his grave in 1953 stating 84 years 4 days. (This age is not exact with his birth date, AWW).

Ref: This information was assembled by John Baldwin of Cleveland, Ohio and also information from Mrs. Mary Meyer of Pasadina, Maryland who gives "History of Truabull and Mahoning Co., Ohio" as her source of information. Also the census of Trumbull Co., also Winans Family chart at Maryland Historical Society. Also Mrs. Elizabeth D. Walters of East Stroudsburg, Pa. Also material of Maj. Ira Winans that is now in the Rochester, N. Y. Public Library. All assembled together by Alice Winans Woolley.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-5-1-3-1JACOB WINANS b traditiona1ly 1749 but a traditional marriage date of 1750 for his parents suggests a 1751 birth date. He starved on a prison ship during the Revolution.
*1-5-1-3-2JOTHAM CLARK WINANS called Clark b 21 Nov 1753 d 19 Nov 1831 at Big Flats, N. Y. md 7 Mar 1775 Elizabeth Depew. Jotham Clark Winans appears thus in his grandfather's will, which seems to preclude traditional lists of separate sons named Jotham and Clark. Thus the further tradition that of Jacob and Jotham, one died on a prison ship while the other was killed during the Revolution must pertain only to one man, Jacob.
 1-5-1-3-3PHEBE WINANS b 15 Dec 1758 (per Bible record) in Perth Amboy, Middlesex, N. J. d 9 May 1845 in Porterville, Pa, md 1781 James Place b 13 Dec 1760 d 14 Mar 1826 in Middle Smithfield, Pa. was the son of John and ____ (Riggs) Place. He was a Rev. soldier. They had the following children:
  1. Jacob Place b 4 Dec 1781 in Mid. Smithfield, Pa. d 27 Jan 1816 in same, md Mary Overfield, b 9 Nov 1782 d 14 Aug 1871 and they had 7 children.
  2. William Place b 11 Aug 1783 at same d 11 Nov 1841 at Wyoming Co., Pa. md Lena Myers in July 1790 and she d 1 Jan 1852, they had 13 children. They were the gt. gt. g.parents of Mrs. Horace B. Walters, genealogist of Stroudsburg, Pa.
  3. Rebecca Place b 14 Jan 1785 at same d 1 Sept 1875 at Lime Hill, Pa. md (1) Robert Biles in 1802. He was b 7 June 1791 d 26 Sept 1812. She md (2) in 1813 Benjamin Jennings. (See above note about Laura Jennings.) Rebecca had 13 children altogether.
  4. Rosanna Place b 11 Aug 1786 at same d 5 Mar 1868 at Portervllle, Pa. md 12 Sept 1801 Alexander P. Biles b 26 Oct 1783 d 28 Mar 1855. They had 14 children.
  5. James Place b 31 Jan 1790 at same d 14 Apr 1856 in Bradford Co., Pa. md (1) Susan Depew b 27 Oct 1792 d 14 Nov 1826 md (2) Mrs. Margaret (Wa1ters) Stroud. James had 13 children.


  1. John B. Place b 13 Ju1y 1791 at same d 16 Mar 1876 md Martha Bunnell b 12 Oct 1787 d 9 Jan 1866. They had 4 children.
  2. Mary Place b 7 Sept 1793 at same d 3 Nov 1855 at South Neck, Wyoming Co., Pa. md John Bunnell b 13 Aug 1790 d 11 Aug 1872.
  3. Eleanor (Lena) Place b 2 Dec 1794 d 4 Feb 1859 in Bunnell Hill, Pa. md Solomon Bunnell b 21 July 1792 d 22 May 1874. They had 10 children.
  4. Isaac Place b 22 May 1797 at same md Betsy Woodcock. They had 14 children.
  5. Annie Place b 21 Apr 1800 at same md (1) Joseph Harmon. Md (2) Charles Lyons. She had 6 children.
  6. George Place b 15 Oct 1802 d 20 May 1822 md Sarah Brink. They had 1 child that died young. (All death dates for Place children by IW.)

Children by 2nd wife.

*1-5-1-3-4MATTHEW (MATTHIAS) WINANS b probably 1760/1761 md Mary Van Garden. Appears as Samuel and/or Daniel. While these names frequently appear on early 20th century lists of Jacob's children, there seems little or no confirmation of either. It is said the Daniel married Margaret DePue but the latter's husband was Samuel Winans and dates suggest this Samuel is (1-5-1-3-4-1) son of Matthew and a grandson of Jacob.
*1-5-1-3-5ISAAC WINANS b 10 July 1764 d 26 Dec 1852 m 24 Oct 1786 Ellener DeLong.

Children by third wife, Jemima Rae.

 1-5-1-3-6ABIGAIL WINANS b ca 1766 md 6 Dec 1786 Samuel Seeley per records of the Minisink Valley Dutch Church.
*1-5-1-3-7JAMES WINANS b 12 Mar 1767 in Perth Amboy d 11 Aug 1852 Md (1) 1 Mar 1791 Hannah Bunnell. md (2) 20 Apr 1839 Jane Stewart.
 1-5-1-3-8JEMIMA WINANS b ca 1769 md William Baker. She appears as Jemima Whents in the Smithfield Church Records. William was b in Northhampton, Pa. They had one child Samuel Baker b Oct 1794 bp 9 Oct 1794 at the Smithfield Dutch Ref. Church.
 1-5-1-3-9ANNA WINANS b ca 1771 (Hannah) appears as Hannah Winne, wife Benjamin Bush in the Minisink Valley Church Records. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Bush b 6 Mar 1793 bp 30 Jun. 1793 in Minisink Valley.
  2. Annie Bush b 6 May 1794 bp 14 Sept 1794 in same.

Children attributed to a fourth wife Mamie Gray, but who in reality may well have been same as third wife Jemima Rae:

 1-5-1-3-10MARY MAGDALENE WINANS b ca 1772 appears in the records of Hamilton Township (now Monroe Co.) Church as the wife of Rudolph Trach who was b 1771.
*1-5-1-3-11JACOB WINANS b 20 Sept 1777, named for oldest half-brother, deceased on prison ship. Jacob d 1870 md Catherine DeLong.

4th Gen

WILLIAM Jr. was b ca 1738/40 d between 1803 and 27 May 1805 md Lydia _?_. His will recorded in Somerset Co., N. J. #1285, will and inventory 27 May 1805


Bridgewater Twp.). Said to be the William who served in Capt. Ten Eyck's Somerset Co. during the Revolution. Ref: Mrs. Edna Hull who did research at the NSDAR Library and Cong. Library in Washington, D. C. also records of IW., JB. Mrs. Hull has photostat copy of the will.

*1-5-2-4-1ISAAC WINANS b 17561 in Elizabeth, Union Co., N. J. d 1812 in Harrison Co.,2 Va. md Ruth Ayres. His will and inventory in will book #1, page 504 on 9 Oct 1812.
*1-5-2-4-2JOHN W. WINANS b 1779 d 7 Feb 1859 in Warrenville, Somerset Co., N. J. md Elizabeth Teeple.
*1-5-2-4-3LEWIS WINANS b 1780/82 d 1840 md Katherine Frightendall d 1854 at Plainsfield, N. J.
*1-5-2-4-4WILLIAM WINANS b 12 Mar 1781 in N. J. d 1838/40 (per IW.) Death of before 1805 has been given but I cannot accept this date as IW has a record of William's children sent to him by three different people. William md Mary Lawler.
 1-5-2-4-5PHEBE WINANS md either L. Bush or Daniel Bush or _?_ Willett.
 1-5-2-4-6LYDIA W1NANS md either Daniel Bush or _?_ Willett.

4th Gen

PHILIP was b 1742 d 1795 md (1) Hannah _?_ md (2) _?_ 4 Dec 1774 at New Providence, N. J. Mary Winans. Ref: Jersey Gen
This Philip is said to be the Philip who served in Capt. Ten. Eyck's Somerset Co. during the Revolution. See also brother William.
Ref: This information combined from the records of Major Ira Winans now in the Rochester Public Library, N. Y. and John Baldwin of Cleveland, Ohio.

Children by 1st wife:

*1-5-2-5-1PHILIP WINANS who d 1850 at Round Brook, N. J. md Phebe Lawler.
 1-5-2-5-2HANNAH WINANS md John Joseph Tingley b 27 Oct 1769 son of Joseph and Christina (Manning) Tingley. They had the following children:
  1. Polly Tingley.
  2. Rachel Tingley.
  3. Sarah Tingley.
  4. William Tingley.
  5. John Tingley.
  6. James Tingley.
  7. Christina Tingley.
  8. Simeon Tingley.
  9. Ira Tingley.
  10. Emeline Tingley.
  11. Andrew Tingley.
  12. no name.
Ref: Jersey Gen

Children by 2nd wife:

*1-5-2-5-3WINANT WINANS b 21 Apr 1775 d 1848/50 md Phebe Teeple.
 1-5-2-5-4WILLIAM WINANS lived and died in Washington Valley, N. J.
 1-5-2-5-5MARY WINANS.
 1-5-2-5-6JOHN W. WINANS lived and died in Washington Valley, N. J.
 1-5-2-5-7LEWIS WINANS lived and died in same.


4th Gen

JOHN was b _?_ md on 12 July 1770 Sarah Pryor dau of Andrew and Polly Prior.3 This record from the Providence Presbyterian Church. This Sarah could be the "Sarah, widow of John, 1749; 11/25/1846". This inscription is on a tombstone at the Raper Chapel Cemetery in Miami Co., Ohio. Sent to Mrs. Finne by the Public Library at Troy, Ohio.
Other Ref: IW., JB., Mrs. Lila Hamilton Finne of Torrance, California.

*1-5-5-1-1LEWIS WINANS b 13 July 1772 d 15 May 1861 in Stanton Twp., Troy, Ohio md his cousin Lydia Winans (1-5-5-2-5).
 1-5-5-1-2MOSES WINANS went to Ohio, unmarried.
 1-5-5-1-3JOHN WINANS went to Ohio, unmarried.4
 1-5-5-1-4ELIZABETH WINANS md (probably this Betsy per Miami Co., Ohio marriages 1813-16) 13 May 1815 David Cary.
 1-5-5-1-5SARAH WINANS md Jonathan Rollins.

4th Gen

BENJAMIN was b 29 Feb 1746 md Mary Sutton who d 6 Sept 1786. This is probably the Benjamin who was a pensioner in 1840 and gave his age as 100 but was actually only 94. He was living with John Winans, probably his son. He was living at Spring Creek Twp., Miami, Ohio, and was in the 1830 census aged 90 or under. One male under 30 also in home. The census lists Benjamin as having a wife 80 or under so he must have gotten married the 2nd time. Remarks by John Baldwin of Cleveland, Ohio.
Other ref by IW.

*1-5-5-2-1BENJAMIN BRITTON WINANS b 17755 d 20 Dec 1868 md Sarah Jane Ross.
 1-5-5-2-2JOSEPH WINANS no further data.6
 1-5-5-2-3SAMUEL WINANS no further data.6
*1-5-5-2-4JOHN WINANS md Mary Ann Clemons.7
 1-5-5-2-5LYDIA WINANS b 15 Aug 1784 d 29 July 1862 md 1st cousin Lewis Winans (1-5-5-1-1)
 1-5-5-2-6JEREMIAH WINANS no further data.
 1-5-5-2-7MOSES WINANS whose descendants live in Pasadena, California.

4th Gen

LEWIS was b 1750 in Elizabethtown, N. J. d 1 Feb 1825 at Junius, now Tyre, Seneca Co., N. Y., md Sarah Halsey8 b 1759 d 30 Apr 1832 at Tyre, N. Y. Lewis served in the Revolution and was listed as being from Elizabethtown, N. J. On page 10 of Alonzo Winans typescript it says that he had 10 or more children, nine of whom were living in 1812 the date of his will. After the Revolution (and also after


1800 if the assertion is true that all children were born in New Jersey) they settled in Seneca C., N. Y. Lewis appears in the 1820 census of Junius, N. Y. 000201/00101. His tombstone is near the railroad station, Seneca Falls.
Ref: IW., JB., Alonzo Winans, Mrs. E. Stewart Moore of Waxahachie, Texas. Paul Tripp of Pa.

*1-5-5-3-1WILLIAM WINANS b 7 Oct 1778 at Morristown, Morris, N. J. d 2 Nov 1828 at Tyre, N. Y. md 6 Dec 1798 at Morristown, N. J., Esther Gearde.
 1-5-5-3-2BENJAMIN WINANS d before 18 Dec 1809 md Elizabeth _?_. They had one son Benjamin not 21 when grandfather Lewis made his will in 1812.
 1-5-5-3-3SARAH WINANS md David Demond or Demund.
*1-5-5-3-4HALSEY WINANS b 16 Feb 1788 at Morristown, N. J. d 3 June 1862 at Tyre md Rachel Ann Brown.
*l-5-5-3-5LEWIS WINANS b 15 Jan 1790 d 9 May 1871 at Sacramento, California md (1) Jane Gilbert md (2) Mrs. Lucretia (Cook) Northrup.
 1-5-5-3-6JOHN WINANS b 1791 at Morristown, N. J.
 1-5-5-3-7MARY (POLLY) WINANS b 1 Apr 1793 in Morris Co., N. J. d 29 July 1875 Peoria, Ill. md 7 July 1811 at Waterloo, N. Y. Ossian Major Ross9 b 16 Aug 1790 in N. Y. d Jan 1837 in Havana, Ill. son of Joseph and Abigail (Lee) Ross. They had the following children:
  1. Lewis Winans Ross b 8 Dec 1812 at Seneca Falls, N. Y. d before 1906 in Lewiston,10 Ill. md Frances _?_.10
  2. Harriett Ross md Ambrose Steel.
  3. Harvey Lee Ross b 16 Oct 1817.
  4. Lucinda Caroline Ross b 27 Oct 1821 d 1900 in Ohio md Judge William Kellogg descendant of Lt. Joseph Kellogg of Hadley, Mass.
  5. Leonard Fulton Ross b 18 July 1823 d 1900.
  6. Pike Ross md Margaret Irwin.
Mr. Ossian Ross was the founder of Lewiston,10 Ill. which he named after his son, Lewis Winans Ross.
*1-5-5-3-8MOSES WINANS b 1794 in N. J. d 16 Mar 1872 at Brasslake, Mich, md in Junnis, N. Y. Lucy Seekell.
*1-5-5-3-9AARON WINANS b 23 Jan 1798 d 23 Mar 1866 at Galen, N. Y. md Mary Ann Clark.
*1-5-5-3-10MAHLON WINANS b 10 July 1800 d 26 Mar 1834 md Elizabeth Moore.

4th Gen

WILLIAM was b 1744 d 3 Mar 1795 md 10 Sept 1765 at Elizabethtown, N. J. Jemima Lyng b 1743 d 5 Apr 1803 at Elizabethtown, N. J. William spelled his name Wynants and was a Surgeon in the Revolution in the 1st Regiment Essex, Elias Dayton, Col. He was also surgeon in Col. Thomas' Battalion detached Militia. Dr. Wynants' home was plundered by the enemy 10 Feb 1780. Also a marauding party from Staten Island fired a shot through a window of his home into a room where his wife was sitting, wounding a boy, on 21 Apr 1781.
Ref: IW., JB., AWE.

 1-5-6-1-1WILLIAM WALTER WINANS was bap 15 Jan 1769 d 13 Oct 1799 md Mary Dissoway b 1772 d 18 Oct 1799. No record of any children.
 1-5-6-1-2JANE CHANDLER WINANS bap 16 Dec 1770.
 1-5-6-1-3MAGDALINE WINANS bap 22 Aug 1773.
 1-5-6-1-4JEMIMA WINANS b 1774 d 2 Aug 1844 in 70th year md Finley Chandler b


 14 Oct 1772 at Lyons Farms, N. J. son of Deacon David (d 3 Jan 1786) and Sarah (Thompson) Chandler. They had the following children:
  1. David Chandler b 30 June 1793 at Lyons Farms, N. J. d 15 Feb 1812 in same.
  2. Sarah Chandler b 24 Apr 1795 at L. F., N. J. d 2 Aug 1844 in Elizabeth. N. J. md Samuel _?_.
  3. Abigail Burnet Chandler bap. 17 Apr 1798 md _?_ Cairus.
  4. Mary Chandler d 1842 md William Burnet K_?_.
  5. Louis Chandler.
  6. Elizabeth Chandler md _?_ White.
 1-5-6-1-5PHEBE WINANS md Ephraim Terrill.

4th Gen

JOHN was b 16 Nov 1745 at Elizabethtown, N. J. d 19 July 1B25 at N. Y. City md 22 Apr 1779 in Phila., Pa. Anna Margaretha Minck b 23 Apr 1760 in Phila. d 1 Feb 1834 in N. Y. City dau of Christian Ludwig and Anna Catherine Minck.
Refr: IW.

 1-5-6-2-1SUSANNAH WINANS b 25 May 1782 d 5 Feb 1853 md Calvin F. Stevens. No children.
 1-5-6-2-2ELIZABETH WINANS b 3 Mar 1784 buried 2 Oct 1794.
 1-5-6-2-3MARGARET WINANS b 22 Sept 1785 d 1803.
*1-5-6-2-4ANTHONY VAN ARSDALE WINANS b 1787 d 26 Aug 1849 at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Lived as common law wife with Mrs. Jay
 1-5-6-2-5JAC0B WINANS b 29 Mar 1789 d as infant.
*1-5-6-2-6WILLIAM WANTON WINANS b 20 Aug 1792 d 19 July 1888 in N. Y. City md Eliza Rebecca Webb.
 1-5-6-2-7MAGDALEN MARGARET WINANS b 21 Jan 1795 d 2 Dec 1863 md Dr. David Green. They had the following children:
  1. Julia A. Green b 1834 d 1836.
  2. John Winans Green.
 1-5-6-2-8CATHERINE WINANS b 2 Feb 1798 d 6 May 1867 in L. I., N. Y. unmarried.
*1-5-6-2-9JOHN CALVIN WINANS b 15 Feb 1803 in Janesburg, Middlesex Co., N. J. d 20 Nov 1874 md Maria Voorhees.

5th Gen

JAMES MARTIN was b 2 July 1745 in Sussex Co., H. J. d 10 Feb 1827 at Jamestown, Ohio md 26 Jan 1769 in New Providence, N. J. Mary Dorothy Smeleger b 18 Dec 1752 probably in Philadelphia d 24 Nov 1831 in Jamestown, Ohio. This record is recorded in the Bible of their son Dr. Matthias Winans, now in possession of Mrs, J. H. Hutton, 187 E. Oakridge Park, Metairie, La. Mary Dorothy was the dau of Godfrey and Christina (Closs) Smeleger of Germany.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Alton, Ill., Mrs. Hutton who is mentioned above is a direct descendant of Dr. Matthias Minans.

 1-5-1-1-3-1ANDREW WINANS b 7 Aug 1769 d between 1820-30 in Indiana, bap. 7 Sept 1769 (Ref: New Providence Records).
 1-5-1-1-3-2CALVIN WINANS b 10 Sept 1771 d 21 Nov 1772 bap. 13 Oct 1771. (Ref:


 N. P. records).
 1-5-1-1-3-3PHEBE WINANS b 12 Oct 1773 d 1804 in Pekin, Ill.11
 1-5-1-1-3-4JOSIAH WINANS b 12 Sept 1776 d 9 Mar 1798 in Fleming, Ky.
*1-5-1-1-3-5JACOB WINANS b 5 Nov 1778 d 24 Apr 1836 md Rachel Becroft.
 1-5-1-1-3-6JAMES WINANS b 10 Feb 1781 d 7 Jan 1847 in Ky.
 1-5-1-1-3-7CRATON WINANS b 14 Apr 1783 d 25 Jan 1789.
 1-5-1-1-3-8MARY DOROTHY WINANS b 2 May 1785 d 12 Nov 1871 in Cincinnati, Ohio buried at Jamestown, Ohio md 3 Dec 1815 at Jamestown, William Baker who d 26 May 1838. They had the following children:
  1. Matthias Winans Baker.
  2. Douglas Baker.
  3. Andrew Baker.
  4. William G. Baker who md Thizza Larkin.
  5. Jacob William Baker.
  6. John Winans Baker md Elizabeth Tewel.
  7. Hilary P. Baker.
  8. George W. Baker.
  9. Lydia Baker who md John Penland.
  10. Betsey Baker who md R. Hains.
  11. Mary Baker who md James McLean or McClain.
 1-5-1-1-3-9LYDIA WINANS b 28 Aug 1787 d 28 Jan 1789.
*1-5-1-1-3-10MATTHIAS W. WINANS b 28 Mar 1791 d 7 July 1849 in Cincinnati, Ohio of Cholera, md Mary January. Matthias became a doctor.
 1-5-1-1-3-11ELIZABETH WINANS b 28 Mar 1793 in Mayslick, Ky. d 14 Aug 1795.
*1-5-1-1-3-12 JOHN WINANS b 23 Dec 1795 at N. Y. City d 1865 at Osawkie, Kansas md Susannah Bargdoll.

5th Gen

MATTHIAS was b 16 Sept 1750 probably in Essex Co., N. J. as his Revolutionary War Record shows he enlisted at Elizabethtown, N. J. He d between 12 May 1812 and 27 May 1813 in Hardiston Twp. Sussex Co., N. J. The death date is taken from his will which is recorded in Will Book A, Surrogate's Office, Sussex Co., Newton, N. J. Matthias was in Capt. Marsh's Troop of Light Horse, Essex Co., Militia from 2 June 1777 to 14 Sept 1780. The main source of information of this generation comes from the will, record of marriages, and the Hall of records (Deeds), County Clerk's Office, Newton, N. J.

According to the will, his wife's name was Lydia (Lidey) _?_. (Ira Winans says Lydia Goble). Other than a son John whose birth is ca 1777 (judging from his marriage in 1798) I do not have the birth or death dates of the other children but marriage records show John was the first to marry, so I am listing him as the first child. Other than the records mentioned it seems impossible to obtain information on this generation. Just when the family left Essex Co., is not known but we do know that John (1-5-1-1) died in Sussex Co., Hardiston Twp., also a deed dated 6 Nov 1799 concerning the sale of land owned by Matthias (1-5-1-1-5) in Hardiston Twp. verifies his residence in Sussex Co., N. J. This information compiled by Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Alton, Ill. and sent to me, except that marked Ira Winans.
Ref: See above.

The listing of the children may not be correct but is done according to information that I have on hand.

*1-5-1-1-5-1JOHN WINANS b ca 1777 d shortly before 19 Apr 1814 md 20 Sept 1798 at Vernon, Sussex Co., N. J. md Caroline Gardner.


 1-5-1-1-5-2JEMIMA WINANS
*1-5-1-1-5-3BENJAMIN WINANS b ___ d 1830 md 1805 Hannah Estelle Hess.
 1-5-1-1-5-4CHARITY WINANS md Ahijah Woods on 14 Feb 1807 in Hardiston Twp., N. J. (per Alfred H, Perlee of Franklin, N. J.) and she died 18 Oct 1864 in Sussex Co., N. J. They had a son Jonas Smith Woods b 1826 d 1884 md Elizabeth McManus, 1831-1903. Their son John L. Woods 1862-1941 md Bertha Rolison 1873-1948. Their son Glendon Woods was b ca 1901 in Hamburg, Sussex, N. J.
 1-5-1-1-5-5DAVID WINANS.
 1-5-1-1-5-6ELIZABETH WINANS md 1813 Isaiah Hall.
 1-5-1-1-5-7SARAH WINANS md 1814 John Van Nest.
 1-5-1-1-5-8NANCY WINANS.

5th Gen

CRATON or CREIGHTON12 was b 27 May or June 1756 in N. J. d 1790 probably Fayette or Greene Co., Pa. md 27 May 1780 Susannah Hopkins b 20 Aug 1750 d 14 Feb 1816 probably Ohio. Craton was a Revolutionary War soldier. DAR #52495-47608-109622-156241. Susannah Hopkins was the dau of Capt. John Hopkins. Stephen Hopkins the signer of the Declaration of Independence had a brother, John. I have never been able to establish the fact if Stephen and this John were brothers. (Note by AWE). The Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Mississippi published 1891 by Goodspeed has exerpts from a diary written by Dr. William Winans, Craton's youngest child, and he names his three sisters and speaks of his brother Obadiah as 4 years older than himself. Therefore I am listing them in the following order.
Re: This information given to me by Mrs. Susan S. Watson of Chattanooga, Tenn. She is a greatgranddaughter of Obadiah Winans. Mrs. Watson is a DAR #454586 and also a member of the Hugenot Society.

 1-5-1-1-7-1ELIZABETH WINANS married and had a family but no further information.13
 1-5-1-1-7-2MARTHA WINANS married and had a family but no further information (Maybe she md a Daniel McCollum ?).
 1-5-1-1-7-3ASENATH WINANS married and had a family but no further information. (Maybe she was b 1783 in Ohio and md 1807, John McCollum ?). This ref. by Mrs. Helen L. McCollum of Lakeside, California.
*1-5-1-1-7-4OBADIAH WINANS b 22 Dec 1784 in Sussex Co., N. J. d 15 Dec 1868 in Clermont Co., Ohio md ca 1805 Amy Simons b 18 Nov 1792 d 30 July 1856 in Clermont Co., Ohio.
*1-5-1-1-7-5Rev. WILLIAM WINANS b 3 Nov 1788 near Braddocks Grove, Pa. d 8 Aug 1857 in Smite Co.,14 Miss, md 14 Sept 1815 in Charleston, So. Carolina Martha DuBose.

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1 In view of the wide span of birth dates between Isaac and his siblings, a 1756 birth year may be in error. In his book, O. C. Winans assigns a birth year of 1760 to Isaac.
2 Harrison county is now a part of West Virginia.
3 Some researchers list an additional child for John and Sarah, Lydia Sarah Winans (1781-1841), who married Shadrach Hudson and lived in Paulding county, Ohio.
4 Glen suggests that this John Winans was born 7 Aug 1782 and died 15 Aug 1833.
5 Mrs. Egy may be off by about 5 years on this Benjamin's birth date. The 1860 census lists him as 79 years old, living with his son Richard in Adams county, Indiana. O. C. Winans' book gives a 1780 birth date, based on information supplied by his descendants.
6 Glen suspects these are Benjamin B. Winans' children, not his brothers.
7 Glen Winans' great-great-grandfather. The information in three different U. S. censuses places John's birth around 1800, which supports Mrs. Egy's guess that Benjamin remarried after Mary Sutton's death. Glen has supplied a great deal of additional information on John and his sons. The Miami county marriage index lists an 1807 marriage between Benjamin Winans and Betsey Ross which we suspect is a third marriage for John's father, Benjamin.
8 Fleet Admiral William F. "Bull" Halsey, Jr., was born in Elizabeth, NJ. His ancestors, like my Winans ancestors, resided there for several generations. There are many Halseys and Winans buried at the First Presbyterian Church in Elizabeth. It is possible that Sarah, as well as Betty, who is mentioned elsewhere in Mrs. Egy's book, were a part of this Halsey family. According to page 69 of O. C. Winans' Winans Family, Lewis Winans "married Sarah Halsey, a descendant of same family as Admiral Halsey. Lewis & Sarah are said to have had between 10 and 19 children..."
9 Ossian M. Ross has an extensive Wikipedia biography, much of which was written by one of his descendants. His middle initial of M. may or may not stand for "Major", which was his rank in the U. S. Army.
10 Lewis Winans Ross died 20 Oct 1895 in Lewistown (please note correct spelling), IL. He represented Illinois in the U. S. House of Representatives from 1863 to 1869. According to his Find a Grave page, his wife was Frances Mildred Simms (1822-1902). Read Lewis' Wikipedia biography.
11 Settlement by white Americans in Pekin didn't begin until 1824. The city was incorporated in 1849.
12 In February 2014, I was contacted by Jane Fell Greene, a descendant of Craton Winans, who has assembled an impressive collection of information on Craton and his family, at her site. I am studying Jane's pages and will make available here any corrections to Mrs. Egy's information which might be necessary.
13 According to O. C. Winans' book, "Elizabeth was born in in 1781 and married __?__ Bartholomew." However, according to Elizabeth's descendants, she was born Aug 1778 in New Jersey, married Timothy Dolen, and they migrated to Clermont County, Ohio, where their descendants remained for several generations. It is possible that Timothy and Elizabeth were married in Pennsylvania in 1796 and moved to Ohio in 1808. One of their children born in Ohio was Obadiah Winans Dolen, named for Elizabeth's brother who also went to Clermont county.
14 In Mississippi, there is an Amite county and a Smith county. The Dictionary of American Biography gives Rev. William Winans' place of death as Amite county.
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