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These are miscellaneous pages from the Isaac Winans section of Winans Family Genealogy, which is broken down into several subsections for ease of access and maintenance.

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 Noah Crane. No children.
 1-9-3-2-4-8NANCY HAYES WINANS b 1817 d 1893 unmarried.

5th Gen

GOZEN RYERSON was b 1781 d 14 Mar 1815 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. md Margaret DuBois.
Ref: IW. This is all of the information that I have about this family. AWW.

*1-9-3-2-6-1ELIAS WINANS b 7 Jan 1810 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. d 18 Sept 1848 at same md Elizabeth Luce.
 No 2, 3, 4,No information.
*1-9-3-2-6-5CHARLES WINANS who d 21 Jan 1845 md Fannie Jeanette Yarington.

5th Gen

ELIAS was b 22 Dec 1783 at Woodbridge, Middlesex, N. J. d 2 July 1824 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. md at Vestal, N. Y. Catherine DeLaTourette b 20 Oct 1792 at Woodbridge, N. J. d 3 Feb 1883 at Vestal, N. Y. dau of Peter and Catharine (Androvat) DeLaTourette.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-3-2-7-1WILLIAM WINANS b 1814 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. d 1892 at Vestal md 1858 Mrs. Matilda (Nichols) Sprague. They had a dau Minnie Winans.
 1-9-3-2-7-2MARY "POLLY" WINANS b 1816 at Vestal, N. Y. d 1 Dec 1896 at Vestal md 25 Sept 1839 at Vestal James Mortimer Cafferty b 1816 at Union, Broome, N. Y. d 30 Mar 1853 at Binghamton, Broome, N. Y. son of John and Debaraugh L. (Price) Cafferty. They had the following children:
  1. Elias Winans Cafferty b 4 Nov 1842 at Union, N. Y. d 1872 at Binghamton, N. Y.
  2. Doane Cafferty b 18 Nov 18461 at Union, N. Y.
  3. Edward Mortimer Cafferty b 20 Dec 18441 at Union, N. Y.
 1-9-3-2-7-3ESTHER WINANS b 24 Jan 1818 at Vestal, N. Y. d 8 Feb 1843 at Union, N. Y. md (1) John Young, no children. Md (2) Joseph Stanfield and they had a dau Ruth Stanfield who md Arthur Cole.
 1-9-3-2-7-4RACHEL WINANS b 1818 at Vestal, N. Y. d 1894 at Wi11iamsport, Pa md William Sweet, no children.

5th Gen

PETER MERSEREAU was b 19 Feb 1789 near Elizabethtown, N. J. d 21 Jan 1838 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. md 2 Nov 1823 at Binghamton, N. Y. Elizabeth Brant b 22 May 1797 at Rahway, N. J. d 6 Mar 1877 at Vestal, N. Y. dau of Amos and Sarah (Marsh) Brant.
Ref: IW.


 1-9-3-4-4-1SARAH MARSH WINANS b 23 Oct 1824 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. d 12 Jan 1895 unmarried.
 1-9-3-4-4-2MARY CLOSE WINANS b 29 Apr 1827 at Vestal, N. Y. md 25 Sept 1845 at Union, N. Y. her cousin Elias Winans Crane b 25 Apr 1819 at Vestal, N. Y. d 29 Jan 1896 at Vestal son of Jonathan and Esther (Winans) Crane. Mary was his 2nd wife. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Elizabeth Crane b 7 July 1846 at Vestal.
  2. Elias Crane b 15 Feb 1848 at Vestal.
  3. Jason Crane b 22 Feb 1850 at Vestal d 13 Feb 1861 at same.
  4. Jacob Bennet Crane b 28 Sept 1864 at Vestal, N. Y.
*1-9-3-4-4-3ABRAM WINANS b 6 June 1832 at Vestal, N. Y. md 3 Apr 1861 at Vestal Caroline Morse.
 1-9-3-4-4-4AMOS BRANT WINANS b 28 Mar 1834 at Vestal d 7 Jan 1838 at same.

5th Gen

CORNELIUS was b 1805 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. d 27 Mar 1880 at Corbettsville, N. Y. md 22 Feb 1838 at Corbettsville, N. Y. Mary Susan Main b 10 Apr 1820 at Pitcher, Chenango Co., N. Y. d 17 Mar 1895 at Corbettsville, N. Y. and her mother was Phebe Main.

 1-9-3-4-8-1PERRY MONTAGUE WINANS b 1840 at Corbettsville, N. Y., d in the Civil War, unmarried.
 1-9-3-4-8-2MARY ALTHEA WINANS b 14 Aug 1842 at Corbettsville, N. Y. [md] Henry Clay Minkler b 10 June 1844 son of Charles and Sabra (Cox) Minkler. There were no children. Mary and Henry were 1st cousins. Henry's mother was dau of Mary Winans (1-9-3-4-3) and Edward Cox.
 1-9-3-4-8-3AMELIA THERESA WINANS b 8 Sept 1847 at Corbettsville, N. Y. md 13 Nov 1876 at same Samuel DeWitt Jayne b 22 Dec 1840. He was from Scranton, Pa son of William and Miranda (Britton) DeWitt. They had the following children:
  1. William Perry Jayne b 6 Sept 1877 at Great Bend, Pa.
  2. Eloise Jane Jayne b 30 Aug 1879 at Great Bend, Pa d when still a schoolgirl.
  3. Samuel Ebenezer Jayne b 28 Feb 1881 at same.
  4. Mable Mary Jayne b 14 Apr 1883 at same.
  5. Harriet Evelin Jayne b 16 Apr 1885 at same.
 1-9-3-4-8-4EMAROY AUGUSTA WINANS b 22 May 1852 at Corbettsville, Broome, N. Y. md 22 May 1873 at same Henry William Ives b 24 July 1845 at Louesville Center, Pa son of William Henry and Jane (Ross) Ives. They had the following children:
  1. Jennie Rose Ives b 7 Mar 1874 at Louesville Center, Pa.
  2. Theresa May Ives b 22 May 1878 at same.
  3. Georgia Irene Ives b 9 Oct 1879 at same.
 1-9-3-4-8-5EVALYN ANNA WINANS b 26 May 1859 at Corbettsville, N. Y. md 26 Apr 1905 at Binghamton, Broome, N. Y. John J. Conkling b 14 June 1850 at Owego, Tioga, N. Y. son of Abijah and Phebe (Crane) Conkling. There were no children.
 1-9-3-4-8-6ALBERTA WINANS d 18?? d in infancy.


6th Gen

ISAAC was b 26 Jan 1789 in Vernon Twp., N. J. d 15 Dec 1816 in Vernon, N. J. md 4 Feb 1813 Hannah Welling of Warwick, N. Y. and she d 30 Jan 1872 at Warwick, N. Y. This was a Bible record sent to Maj. Ira Winans.
Ref: IW.

*1-9-1-1-1-4-1WILLIAM ROLPH WINANS b 28 Nov 1813 at Vernon, Sussex, N. J. d 3 Dec 1890 at Normal, Ill. md 10 Sept 1844 at Warwick, N. Y. Sarah Maria Wilcox.

6th Gen

ROSS was b 17 Oct 1796 in Vernon Twp., Sussex Co., N. J. d 11 Apr 1877 at Baltimore, Md., buried in the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore. Ross md 22 Jan 1820 at Vernon, N. J. (1) Julia DeKay b 10 Aug 1801 in Orange Co., N. Y. d 21 May 1850 at Baltimore and was buried same as husband. Ross md (2) in 1854 Elizabeth K. West b 31 July 1802 d 2 Apr 1889 at Baltimore and was buried same as husband.
Ref: This information taken from a report sent to General F. C. Latrobe, 205 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md. signed by W. P. Twamley. This report was sent to me by David Ross Winans of Westerly, R. I. Data was also taken from "The Railway and Locomotive Historical Society Inc." Bulletin #70. ROSS WINANS manufactured Locomotives and took the first locomotive into Russia.2 He was the founder of the Winans Locomotive Works, having settled Baltimore in the 1830's. Additional information sent by Gaston XIII, Prince de Bearn et de Chalais.
See articles.

Children by 1st wife:

*1-9-1-1-1-7-1THOMAS DEKAY WINANS b 6 Dec 1820 in N. J. d 11 June 1878 at Newport, R. I. md 23 Aug 1847 at St. Petersburg, Russia Celeste Revillon a Russian of French and Italian descent.
*1-9-1-1-1-7-2WILLIAM LOUIS WINANS b 1823 d 25 June 1897 at London, England md Maria Anne de LaRue.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-3JULIA WINANS b 24 Oct 1825 d 26 Sept 1875 buried in the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore, Md md 1 June 1854 George William Whistler Jr. who d 1869 in England and was then removed and buried in the same cemetery as his wife. He was the son of George Whistler who was a half brother to James McNeil Whistler, the artist.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-4ROSS WINANS b 1831 d 24 June 1863 at Paterson, N. J. buried in the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore, Md., md 1855 Margaret A. Wentz b 1833 d 19 Nov 1858 at St. Petersburg, Russia and was buried in the Greenmount Cemetery on 11 Dec 1858.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-5DEWIT CLINTON WINANS b 1836 d 27 Nov 1892 at London, England md Mathilda Levaux. No children.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-6WALTER SCOTT WINANS b 1840 d 1928 or 29 md Elizabeth Howell b 1842 d 1926. They had a son, Thomas Winans b 1881 md Ruth F. C. Morris and they had a dau Gladys Ruth Winans b 1908.


6th Gen

WILLIAM RALPH was b 4 May 1799 at Vernon, N. J. d 22 Oct 1869 md 20 Oct 1819 or 1820 Catherine Simonson dau of Christopher and Hannah (Perry) Simonson. William was an Attorney at Vernon, N. J.
Ref: IW.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-1CAROLINE WINANS b 27 May 1821 d Apr 1905 at Brooklyn, N. Y. md 3 May 1843 at Vernon, N. J. William Douglass. They had the following children:
  1. William Douglass.
  2. Isadore Douglass.
  3. Catherine Douglass.
  4. Adaline Douglass.
  5. Fanny Douglass md _?_ Powell.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-2MARY WINANS b 27 Aug 1822 d 2 Dec 1906 at LaPrairie, Wis md 12 Apr 1843 at Vernon, N. J. Uriah M. Terry b 22 June 1818 in Minisink, N. Y. d 12 Dec 1904 at LaPrairie, Wis son of Hiram and Keziah (Mather) Terry. They had the following children:
  1. Hiram Terry b 29 Mar 1844 at Delavan, Wis d Jan 1851 at same.
  2. William Henry Terry b 16 Aug 1846 at LaPrairie, Wis.
  3. Clarence Eugene Terry b 11 Mar 1851 at LaPrairie, Wis d 26 Sept 1898 at same.
  4. George Brown Terry b 18 Nov 1855 at same.
  5. John Lewis Terry b 18 July 1860 at same.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-3HANNAH WINANS b 12 Aug 1824 d 2 Jan 1913 at Vernon, N. J. md 16 Apr 1850 John Campbell b 10 Dec 1816 d 29 Mar 1875. They had two sons, Henry Kipp Campbell and Thomas Campbell.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-4ELIZABETH WINANS b 16 Apr 1827 d 18 Mar 1898 at Syracuse, N. Y. md 11 Jan 1849 at Vernon, N. J. George McDaniels who d Mar 1898 at Syracuse, N. Y. within one week of his wife's death. They had the following children:
  1. George McDaniels.
  2. Mary McDaniels.
  3. A son who d when a child.
*1-9-1-1-1-8-5WILLIAM MATTHIAS WINANS b 27 Apr 1829 at Vernon, N. J. d 24 Mar 1887 at London, England md 3 Nov 1852 at Vernon, N. J. Frances Amelia DeKay.
*1-9-1-1-1-8-6JOHN WINANS b 13 Sept 18303 at Vernon, Sussex, N. J. d 17 Jan 1907 at Janesville, Wis md (1) 15 Nov 1855 at Newton, N. J. Margaret Ann Cochran. Md (2) Emma Wood. Md (3) Mrs. Frances Copeland Russell.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-7CATHERINE JANE WINANS b 26 Aug 1833 d 8 Sept 1895 in N. Y. md 15 Dec 1852 at Vernon, N. J. Ira Brown. They had one son, Walter Winans Brown.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-8HENRY WINANS
 1-9-1-1-1-8-9THOMAS WINANS b 15 Mar 1838 in N. J. d 10 Jan 1893 at Trenton, N. J. md 16 Sept 18??. Julie Benedict. There were no children.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-10JULIA WINANS b 26 Jan 1840 at Vernon, N. J. md 21 June 1864 at Janesville, Wis Edwin Tracy Foote b 1831 in New London Co., Conn d 12 Oct 1910 in Janesville. Wis. There were no children.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-11FRANCES WINANS b 16 Mar 1843 at Vernon, N. J. md 19 May 1864 at Janesville, Wis James Wood Ball who d 14 June 1887 at Black Hawk, Colo. They had one child, Jessie Ball b 16 June 1866 at Janesville, Wis. She md (2) James Gage b 11 Mar 1841 at Benton, N. Y. son of Lewis D. and Abbie (Pembroke) Gage. There were no children.


6th Gen

WILLIAM BODLE was b 13 Dec 1790 d 15 Jan 1871 at Newburgh, N. Y. md 13 Dec 1813 Joanna Maria Haines b 13 Apr 1796 d Oct 1891 at Newburgh, N. Y.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-1-2-1-1CAROLINE MERVID WINANS b 26 Oct 1814 md David C. McConeloy and they had a dau who was unmarried and a son who d at birth.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-2WILLIAM EDGAR WINANS b 9 May 1816 d 20 Feb 1836 in Orange Co., N. Y.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-3HANNAH ANTONETTE WINANS b 23 Nov 1818 md (1) 8 Jan 1845 _?_ Pierson md (2) Thomas Cox who d before 1866.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-4JOANNA MELISSA WINANS b 20 Mar 1820 d 7 Sept 1844 unmarried.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-5LEMUEL ICHABOD WINANS b 4 Feb 1822 at Orange, N. Y. md Henrietta A. _?_.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-6VILMINA MALVINA WINANS b 18 Nov 1823 d 14 Mar 1856 at Newburgh, N. Y. md as his 1st wife David Dorrance Leon b 1822 d 5 Feb 1898 at Newburgh, N. Y. son of Pedro and Frances (Dorrance) "De" Leon. They had the following children:
  1. Charles Winthrop Leon b 1846 at Newburgh, N. Y. d 17 Nov 1876 at same.
  2. Mary Louisa Leon b 24 Sept 1848 at Newburgh d 5 Apr 1864 at same.
  3. Vilmina Malvina Leon b 14 Mar 1856 at Newburgh, N. Y. md William Montfort.
*1-9-1-1-2-1-7HENRY DELANCY WINANS b 8 Oct 1826 at Summerville, Orange, N. Y. d 9 Sept 1889 at Caldwell, N. J. md 16 July 1848 at N. Y. City Mary Elizabeth Hotte.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-8ERASTUS HAINES WINANS b 9 Sept 1828 d 30 June 1842 at Chester, Orange, N. Y.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-9WALLACE WILSON WINANS b 29 Sept 1830 d 12 June 1843.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-10ORLANDO LEONARD WINANS b 1 Feb 1833 md Rachel Stager. They had two children:
  1. Virginia Winans and
  2. Lowell Winans.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-11AMELIA LOUISA WINANS b 10 Feb 1835 d 1918 at Omaha, Neb. md Marvin J. Collyer.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-12SEELY ROSS WINANS b 9 Aug 1837 md Mary _?_. They had the following children:
  1. William Winans.
  2. Harry Winans.
  3. Edward Winans.
  4. Anna Winans.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-13GEORGIANNA C. WINANS b 14 Sept 1839 md John H. Shay. They had the following children:
  1. Alpha Shay.
  2. Milton Shay.
  3. Ella Shay.
  4. Jessie Dora Shay.
  5. Minnie Warren Shay.
 1-9-1-1-2-1-14JOSEPHINE VIOLA WINANS b 11 Mar 1842 d 29 Aug 1888 at Newburgh, N. Y. md as his 3rd wife (see #6 above) David Dorrance Leon. They had the following children:
  1. Frances Deborah Leon b at Newburgh, Orange, N. Y. md Dr. Howard Eugene Winans, her 1st cousin, son of Henry Delancy Winans. There were no children.
  2. Pedro William Leon.

6th Gen


ALFRED LINCOLN was b 31 Jan 1803 in N. Y. d 1 Oct 1872 at Topeka, Kan md 31 Dec 1825 Mary Ann Hutchinson b 1795 d 4 Sept 1881 at Mt. Pleasant, Ia. buried at Topeka, Kan. She was the dau of Ephraim Hutchinson and was from Dublin, Ireland.
Ref: IW., JB. says that her name could have been Hutchison. Caroline Bennett. There was a half-sister Martha Morning Carrier who d in a Masonic Home at Los Angeles, Calif per Mrs. Lois Gatchel of Hood River, Ore.

*1-9-1-3-2-4-1EDGAR WILLIAM WINANS b 8 Nov 1826 in N. Y. City d 30 Nov 1923 at Reedville, Ore buried at Hood River, Ore md 4 Dec 1847 Elizabeth Kinney.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-2ALFRED LINCOLN WINANS Jr. b 28 Nov 1828 in N. Y. d 1860 in Shawnee Co., Kan md Elizabeth Dupont. They had a son Dupont Winans who d 1908 and left no descendants.
*1-9-1-3-2-4-3EPHRAIM HUTCHINSON WINANS b 2 Apr 1831 at N. Y. City d 8 Aug 1918 at Los Angeles, Calif md 23 June 1858 at Mt. Pleasant, Ia, Margaret Strother Wright.
*1-9-1-3-2-4-4HENRY KIPP WINANS b 13 Apr 1835 at Bradford, Pa d 17 Nov 1906 at Topeka, Kan buried at same md Caroline Susannah Brooks.

6th Gen

Dr. NORMAN TALLMAN4 was b 23 Sept 1808 in N. Y. City d 29 Mar 1895 at Garnett, Kan. md (1) 21 Sept 1832 in N. Y. Sarah Ann Smith b 17 May 1814 at Hyack,5 N. Y. d 18 Sept 1856 at Fieldon, Ill. md (2) 4 Jan 1857 Martha Anne Lowe b 17 May 1840 at St. Louis, Mo d 25 July 1859 at Stanton, Kan buried at Stanton, Kan. Dr. Norman md (3) 22 Feb 1860 Sarah Catherine Stevenson b 19 Feb 1835 d 18 Feb 1862 at Xenia, Kan. He md (4) 5 May 1862 at Iola, Kan Elizabeth Martha Powel b 17 May 1840 at St. Louis Mo d 1906 at Garnett, Kan buried at Iola, Kan.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-9-1-3-2-7-1MARY ELIZA WINANS b 25 Jan 1834 in N. Y. City d 17 Feb 1842 in N. Y. City buried at Bloomingdale, N. Y. in the Presbyterian Grave Yard.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-2THADDEUS HYATT WINANS b 29 Aug 1836 at Bradford, Pa d 31 Nov 1859 in Franklin Co., Kan, unmarried.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-3CAROLINE WINANS b 15 Mar 1838 at Fulton, Ohio md _?_ Bethel.
*1-9-1-3-2-7-4HENRY KIP WINANS b 14 Jan 1841 in N. Y. City md 7 July 1861 Nancy Anne Cash.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-5JANE "JENNIE" KIP WINANS b 18 Apr 1844 at Cincinnati, Ohio md 31 Dec 1861 at Fieldon, Jersey, Ill. Robert Terry Bethel b 6 Oct 1841 near Fieldon, Ill. son of Lenson Walter and Nancy (Rhoads) Bethel. They had the following children:
  1. Maude Elizabeth Bethel b 10 Dec 1862 at Fieldon, Ill. d 18 May 1884, unmarried.
  2. Norman Tallman Bethel b 28 Sept 1865 at Iola, Allen, Kan.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-6ARCHIBALD HIGHWAY WINANS b 10 Feb 1847 at Cincinnati, Ohio d 8 Apr 1863 at Iola, Kan.
*1-9-1-3-2-7-7GEORGE ADOLPHUS REESE WINANS b 15 Aug 1849 at Montebello, Hancock, Ill. md (1) 4 Dec 1876 at Jonesboro, Ark Margaret Butcher. Md (2)


 4 Jan 1885 in Clark Co., Ark Frances Uaden.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-8EMELINE SMITH WINANS b 28 May 1852 at Fieldon, Jersey, Ill. d 18 Nov 1872 at Iola, Allen, Kan md _?_ Goforth.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-9ELIZA ANNE WINANS b 16 Dec 1854 at Fieldon, Ill. d 13 Feb 1856 at same.

Child by 2nd wife:

 1-9-1-3-2-7-10ELIDA CATHERINE WINANS b 29 Nov 1857 at Fieldon, Ill. d 24 Oct 1877 in Linn Co., Kan md 30 Nov 1875 in Anderson Co., Kan William Anderson Post who d 15 May 1899 at Colony, Kan. They had one dau Martha Catherine Post b 7 Oct 1876 in Linn Co., Kan. Catherine md 12 June 1897 at Garnett, Kan James Irwin Wilson who was b 16 Sept 1874 at Garnett, Kan and d 24 Mar 1908 at same.

Child by 3rd wife:

 1-9-1-3-2-7-11SAMUEL ROSS WINANS b 9 Nov 1860 in Bourbon Co., Kan d in Oregon, unmarried.

Child by 4th wife:

 1-9-1-3-2-7-12NORA L. WINANS b 22 July 1863 at Iola, Allen, Kan md (1) _?_ Jones, md (2) _?_ Abbott.

6th Gen

ISAAC CHANNCEY was b 7 July 1814 in N. Y. d 25 Nov 1877 md (1) 31 Dec 1833 in N. Y. Mrs. Elizabeth Oliver who d 19 July 1864 at Cincinnati, Ohio and was buried there, She had a step-son William Oliver but no children of her own. Isaac Channcey adopted William Oliver and gave him the name of Winans. Isaac md (2) 13 Jan 1866 at Cincinnati, Ohio Mrs. Mary Elizabeth (Gault) Ackerman b 4 July 1826 at Ripley, Brown, Ohio d 12 Dec 1911 at Springfield, Ohio buried at Cincinnati dau of Lemuel Trueman and Eliza (Hamilton) Gault.

Ref: IW.

*1-9-1-3-2-8-1WILLIAM OLIVER WINANS (adopted) md Margaret McGinnety.
 1-9-1-3-2-8-2HARRY WINANS b 9 May 1867 at Cincinnati, Ohio d 9 Feb 1871 at same.
 1-9-1-3-2-8-3ROSS WINANS b 25 Nov 1869 at Cincinnati, Ohio d 14 Feb 1915 at Cincinnati buried at same md 11 Apr 1903 at same Alice May Stansbury b 19 Mar 1884 at Cincinnati, Ohio dau of William Henry and Rose Hannah (Gillsbrand) Stansbury. They had a dau Rosalind Ruth Winans b 5 Apr 1904 at Cincinnati, Ohio.
 1-9-1-3-2-8-4ELIZA WINANS b 7 Oct 1873 at Cincinnati, Ohio md 15 June 1907 at Norwood, Hamilton, Ohio Julius Dessoir b 1 Mar 1859 in N. Y. City son of Robert and Margaret (Fosdick) Dessoir. They had the following children:
  1. Dorothy Dessoir b 2 Apr 1908 at Norwood, Ohio.
  2. Margaret Dessoir b 11 Feb 1910 at Norwood, Ohio.


6th Gen

MOSES OLIVER was b 10 Aug 1826 at Elizabethtown, N. J. d 10 Sept 1900 buried at Elizabethtown, N. J. md 5 Nov 1850 Sarah E. Hatfield b 11 May 1828 in N. J.
Ref: IW.

*1-9-1-5-6-2-1MALINE WINANS b 4 Sept 1851 in N. J. md 20 Feb 1878 Eliza Watkins Winans [1-8-6-4-5-5-4].
*1-9-1-5-6-2-2CLARENCE HATFIELD WINANS b 8 July 1854 in N. J. md 28 Jan 1883 Phebe Augusta Wood.
 1-9-1-5-6-2-3SARAH ELIZA WINANS b 19 July 1858 at Linden, N. J. d 13 Mar 1894 at Roselle, N. J. md 6 Dec 1882 at Linden, Union, N. J. Clarence Harris Crane b 19 Nov 1857 at Union, Union, N. J. son of Oliver and Sarah Jane (Meeker) Crane. They had the following children:
  1. Harris Winans Crane b 23 Aug 1883 at Linden, N. J. d Apr 1886 at Roselle, N. J.
  2. Jennie Meeker Crane b 17 July 1886 at Roselle, N. J.
  3. Sara Louise Crane b 27 Apr 1889 at Roselle, N. J.
  4. Clare Harris Crane b 23 Aug 1891 at Roselle, N. J.
  5. Russell Oliver Crane b 5 Nov 1892 at Roselle, N. J.
  6. Lizzie Winans Crane b 5 Mar 1894 at Roselle, N. J.
 1-9-1-5-6-2-4MARY LOUISA WINANS b 28 Oct 1860 at Linden, Union, N. J. md 14 Oct 1891 at Linden, N. J. Walter Edwin Mitchell b 22 Apr 1860 in N. Y. son of Eliza Ann (Shanklin) Mitchell. They had one son Walter Edwin Mitchell, Jr. b 19 May 1894 at Linden, N. J, d 28 Mar 1895 at same.

6th Gen

FREEMEN TUCKER was b 6 May 1831 at Linden, N. J. d 20 Aug 1907 at Elizabethtown, N. J. md 6 Nov 1856 at Rahway, N. J. Jane Hartshorne Enders b 22 Jan 1837 in Clark Twp., Union, N. J. dau of Joseph Farce and Frances (Radley) Enders.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-5-6-4-1CLARA FRANCES WINANS b 18 Feb 1862 at Elizabeth, N. J. md 15 June 1881 at Elizabeth, N. J. Frank Enos Higbee b 23 Sept 1856 at Brooklyn, N. Y. son of William and Sarah Jane (Skidmore) Higbee. They had the following children:
  1. Grace Ellis Higbee b 18 Jan 1882 at Bernardsville, Somerset, N. J. md 16 Feb 1907 at Elizabeth, N. J. Frederick B. Ring of Elizabeth, N. J. b 3 Oct 1882 at Westfield, N. J. and they had a dau Elizabeth Higbee [Ring?] who lived less than one month.
  2. Herbert Freeman Higbee b 20 Sept 1883 at Elizabeth, N. J. md 21 Sept 1905 Frances Valerie deCore.
  3. Florence Cory Higbee b 8 Sept 1887 at Elizabeth, N. J.
  4. Clara Louise Higbee b 7 Sept 1892 at Elizabeth d 24 Feb 1896 at same.
  5. Alan Seabury Higbee b 30 June 1896 at Elizabeth, N. J.
 1-9-1-5-6-4-2HARRY CORY WINANS b 10 Mar 1864 at Elizabeth, N. J. d 19 July 1907 at Elizabeth, N. J. md 24 Oct 1888 at Newark, N. J. Bertha Potter Cox


 b 25 Dec 1868 at Elizabeth, N. J. dau of Alvard Mulford and Hannah Potter (Bird) Cox. They had two children:
  1. Marguerite Winans b 11 Aug 1889 at Elizabeth, N. J.
  2. Harold Freeman Winans b 22 Oct 1890 at Elizabeth, N. J.
 1-9-1-5-6-4-3JENNIE SUETTA WINANS b 13 Mar 1872 at Elizabeth, N. J. md 4 Apr 1893 at Elizabeth Henry Cornwell Higbee b 31 Jan 1862 at Brooklyn, N. Y. son of Henry and Amelia (Hadden) Higbee. They had one son Russell Cornwell Higbee b 25 Nov 1899 at Elizabeth, N. J.

6th Gen

ISAAC was b 30 Oct 1828 at Elizabethtown, N. J. md 18 Dec 1851 at Pittsfield, Pike, Ill. Sarah Webster b 24 Apr 1832 at So. Wilbraham, Camden, Mass d in Walla Walla, Wash dau of Norman and Sarah (Shaw) Webster.
Ref: IW. Mrs. Ann Winans Stauffer of Alton, Ill., Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Alton, Ill.

*1-9-1-5-8-1-1NORMAN WEBSTER WINANS b 1 Dec 1852 at Pittsfieid, Ill md 11 Apr 1877 at same Celestia Jones.
*1-9-1-5-8-1-2WILLIAM MALINE WINANS b 20 July 1854 at Pittsfield, Ill d May 1940 at Summer Hill, Ill. md (1) 19 Mar 1879 at Pittsfield, Amanda Smith. Md (2) 21 Dec 1902 in Ill. Fannie Angie Wells.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-3JOHN STILES WINANS b 9 Dec 1855 at Pittsfield, Ill. d 26 Jan 1882, unmarried.
*1-9-1-5-8-1-4ISAAC NEWTON WINANS b 25 Feb 1857 at Pittsfield, md 11 Oct 1882 at Pittsfield Frances Isadore Wells.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-5JONAS LINCOLN WINANS b 3 Dec 1859 at Pittsfield md 6 Mar 1895 at Walla Walla, Wash Eva Amrilla Harris b 2 Nov 1842 at Lowell, Wis dau of Daniel Garrett and Harriet (Roberts) Harris. They had at least one son, William Parkhurst Winans b 17 Feb 1897 at Walla Walla, Wash.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-6ELMER ROSS WINANS b 24 Apr 1862 at Pittsfield, Ill md 7 Apr 1897 Ida Stewart. They lived in Walla Walla, Wash in 1905.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-7EMMA PARKHURST WINANS b 26 Feb 1864 at Pittsfield, Ill md 12 Feb 1890 at same Marshall L. Hoskin b 15 May 1857 at Atlas, Pike, Ill. son of Horace and Lucinda (Loutzenhiger) Hoskin. They had the following children:
  1. Maude Lucille Hoskin b 22 July 1891 at Hadley, Pike, Ill.
  2. Ray Hoskin (twin) b 18 Aug 1892 at Hadley.
  3. Roy Hoskin (twin) b 18 Aug 1892 at Hadley.
  4. Homer Dewy Hoskin b 13 May 1898 at Hadley, Ill.
  5. Ross Orville Hoskin b 20 May 1900 at Hadley.
  6. Gladys Mildred Hoskin b 9 Mar 1907 in Pike Co., Ill.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-8HORACE GRANT WINANS b 18 Mar 1866 at Pittsfield, Ill d 6 Jan 1882, unmarried.

6th Gen


EBENEEZER CONNETT7 was b 5 May 1830 at Elizabethtown, N. J. md 29 Oct 1857 at Pittsfield, Ill. Margaret Brown Rose b 31 Aug 1837 at Pittsfield, Pike, Ill. dau of Erasmus Darwin and Martha Roxcena (Allen) Rose.
Ref; IW.

 1-9-1-5-8-2-1SARAH STILES WINANS b 29 Dec 1858 at Pittsfield, Ill d 6 Dec 1882 at same, unmarried.
 1-9-1-5-8-2-2FRANK ALLEN WINANS b 15 Nov 1860 at Pittsfield, Ill d 2 Nov 1878 at same.
 1-9-1-5-8-2-3PARK HENRY WINANS b 1 Nov 1864 at Pittsfield, Ill md 26 Dec 1894 at Hillsboro, Ill. Mabel E. Greene b 18 Aug 1871 at Kane, Greene, dau of John and Emma (Perry) Greene. There were no children.
 1-9-1-5-8-2-4NETTIE ROSE WINANS b 13 Dec 1866 at Pittsfield, Ill d 5 Sept 1895 at Pittsfield md Francis P. Lonergan.
 1-9-1-5-8-2-5LEWIS B. WINANS b 7 Sept 1875 at Pittsfield, Ill. d 23 Oct 1895 at same.

6th Gen

WILLIAM PARKHURST was b 28 Jan 1836 at Wheatsheaf (now Linden) N. J. d 22 Apr 1917 at Walla Walla, Wash md (1) 6 Oct 1868 at Olympia, Wash Phebe Eliza Moore b 30 Mar 1840 at Newark, N. J. d 4 Dec 1876 at San Francisco, Calif dau of Philip Dennis and Phebe (Earl) Moore. William md (2) 20 Nov 1879 at Walla Walla, Wash Christine McRae b 15 May 1851 at Rosschire, Scotland dau of Alexander and Jean (Bane) McRae.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-9-1-5-8-4-1GILBERT PARK WINANS b 25 Jan 1870 at Colville, Stevens, Wash md 12 June 1892 at Vancouver, Wash Carrie Ducket b 14 Nov 1869 at Decatur, Ill. They had one son, Yancy Park Winans b 14 Jan 1894 at Walla Walla, Wash.
 1-9-1-5-8-4-2PHILIP MOORE WINANS b 10 Dec 1874 at Walla Walla, Wash md 28 June 1899 at Walla Walla, Wash Rose Marie Blalock b 11 Apr 1874 at Walla Walla dau of Nelson Gales and Marie Elisabeth (Greenfield) Blalock. There were no children.
 1-9-1-5-8-4-3ALLEN LIDA WINANS b 25 Apr 1876 at Walla Walla, Wash md 5 Oct 1918 at Pittsfield, Ill Henrietta Winifred Webster b 20 Sept 1885 at Pittsfield, Ill. dau of Edgar Lyman and Mary Smith (Connett) Webster. They had a son William Webster Winans b 8 Mar 1920 at Oakland, Calif.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-9-1-5-8-4-4WILLIAM STILES WINANS b 6 May 1881 at Walla Walla, Wash d 16 Dec 1891 at same.
 1-9-1-5-8-4-5FREEMAN EARL WINANS b 19 Feb 1883 at Walla Walla, Wash md 23 Nov 1908 at Seattle, Wash Florence Ladd b 7 May 1887 at LaGrande, Ore dau of William Charles and Alice Lillian Ladd. There were no chi1dren.
 1-9-1-5-8-4-6SARAH JEAN WINANS b 19 Sept 1885 at Walla Walla, Wash md


 George L. Converse b 25 Nov 1883 at Columbus, Ohio son of George Leroy and Antonia Thornton (Jenkins) Converse. They had at least one son, George L. Converse b 24 July 1910 in the Phillippine Islands.

6th Gen

JONAS WOOD Jr. was b 11 Nov 1840 at Wheatsheaf (now Linden) N. J. d 2 Sept 1897 at San Jose, Calif md 13 Sept 1876 at Pittsfield, Ill. Alice Emily Jones b 23 Mar 1852 at Pittsfield, Ill. dau of Thomas William and Eliza Jane (Ownby) Jones.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-5-8-6-1ADA JANE WINANS b 12 Oct 1877 at Pittsfield, Ill md 25 Dec 1899 at San Jose, Calif Frank Willard Kimball b 10 Dec 1867 at Augusta, Maine son of Willard and Sarah (Philbrick) Kimball. They had the following children:
  1. Wiliard Winans Kimball b 23 Mar 1903 at San Jose, Calif.
  2. Richard Stiles Kimball b 6 Mar 1907 at San Luis Obispo, Calif d 26 Mar 1909 at same.
 1-9-1-5-8-6-2CLAUDE OWNBY WINANS b 29 Jan 1880 at Pittsfield, Ill. md 9 Oct 1912 at Saratoga, Santa Clara, Calif Georgia Anna Smith b 6 Jan 1881 at Plattsmouth, Cass, Neb dau of George Stanford and Lucy Anna (Whitney) Smith. No children in 1921.

6th Gen

ABNER Jr. was b 1801/3 d 1867 md (1) Lucinda Wright Baldwin. Md (2) Elizabeth Anna Conrad b 20 Sept 1828 at Dover, N. J.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-9-3-2-3-5-1MARGARET WINANS b 1828.
*1-9-3-2-3-5-2WILLIAM HENRY WINANS b 3 Sept 1830 at Orange, Essex, N. J.
*1-9-3-2-3-5-3GILBERT HEARD WINANS b 2 Apr 1833 d Oct 1906 in Orange Co., N. J. md (1) Emily Mann. Md (2) Laura Eldridge Mann. Md (3) Sarah Clark.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-4ELIAS MONROE WINANS b 3 Apr 1834.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-5MARGARET LOUISA WINANS b 16 Nov 1836.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-6JANE ELIZA WINANS b 26 Dec 1841 at Orange, Essex, N. J. d 15 Mar 1912 at Richmond Hills, N. Y. md 20 Oct 1862 at Orange Rev. James S. Chadwick b 12 Apr 1841 at N. Y. son of George and Elizabeth Chadwick. They had the following children:
  1. Ella Mindora Chadwick b 17 June 1864 at Rockford, Ill.
  2. Amy LaCantia Chadwick b 26 Aug 1868 in Richmond Co., N. Y. d 10 Oct 1885 in N. Y.
  3. Grance Foster Chadwick b 15 Dec 1871 at Newark, N. J.
Rev. James Chadwick was a minister in the Methodist church.
*1-9-3-2-3-5-7LYMAN OSCAR WINANS b 3 Aug 1844 at Orange, Essex, N. J. d 5 May 1916 at Newark, N. J. md 4 Aug 1863 at Newark, N. J. Hannah Maria Gardner.


 1-9-3-2-3-5-8CHARLES THEODORE WINANS b 10 Sept 1846 at Orange, Essex, N. J.

Children by 2nd wife:

*1-9-3-2-3-5-9GEORGE HERMAN WINANS b 29 Jan 1857 d 29 Mar 1892 at Newark, N. J. md Mrs. Mary Margaret (Day) Ogilvie.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-10HORACE ALDEN WINANS b 7 Sept 1859 d 3 Jan 1890.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-11EVA AUGUSTA WINANS b 27 Feb 1861 md Silas Van Duyne. They had the following children:
  1. Elmer Van Duyne.
  2. Lelia Van Duyne.
  3. Stanley Van Duyne.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-12LILIA MINDORA WINANS b 27 Aug 1863 d 17 Nov 1881.

6th Gen

ISAAC COMBS was b 3 Jan 1799 d 30 Apr 1877 md Mary Johnson.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-3-2-4-2-1ISAAC COMBS WINANS Jr. d 1867, unmarried.
 1-9-3-2-4-2-2CAROLINE WINANS d 1888.
 1-9-3-2-4-2-3PAMELIA WINANS d 1873.
 1-9-3-2-4-2-4CATHERINE RAMAGE WINANS b Oct 1827 d 1870.
 1-9-3-2-4-2-5OGDEN J. WINANS b 1829 d 1864 md Mrs. Henrietta (Winans) Adams. They had one dau, Mary or Marie Ogden Winans md William Beaman and they had at least one dau.
 1-9-3-2-4-2-6SARAH JANE WINANS b 1830 d 1847.

6th Gen

DAVID RYERSON was b 1804 d 1883 md Frances Caroline Freeman b 1805 d 1883 dau of Jotham and Lydia (Jones) Freeman.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-3-2-4-4-1PETER PERLEE WINANS b 1829 d 1848, unmarried.
 1-9-3-2-4-4-2SARAH CATHERINE WINANS b 1831, unmarried.
 1-9-3-2-4-4-3GEORGE FREDRIC WINANS b 1833 d 1901.
 1-9-3-2-4-4-4HARRIET CAROLINE WINANS b 1838 d 1896, unmarried.

6th Gen

RICHARD WALLENSTINE was b 1813 d 1882 md Marietta Jones.
Ref; IW.

 1-9-3-2-4-6-1SARAH WINANS b 1830 d 1831.
 1-9-3-2-4-6-2FRANCES ANN WINANS b 1832 living in 1908 md James Riley. They had


 the following children:
  1. Frances Riley b 1858 living in 1909.
  2. Ella A. Riley b 1864 living in 1908.
 1-9-3-2-4-6-3JULIA AUGUSTA WINANS b 1842 d 1907 md George Stevenson. They had the following children:
  1. Henry A. Stevenson b 1868 living in 1908.
  2. Marietta C. Stevenson b 1874.

6th Gen

ELIAS was b 7 Jan 1810 at Vestal, Broome Co., N. Y. d 18 Sept 1848 at same md Elizabeth Luce b 12 Sept 1812 at Groton, N. Y. d 2 Oct 1871 at Auburn, Ind buried in the Union Cemetery, N. Y. She was the dau of David and Sophia Luce. Elizabeth married (2) Stephen Crane.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-3-2-6-1-1JOHN MARSHALL WINANS b 15 Mar 1832 at Vestal, N. Y. d 15 Oct 1848 at Vestal.
 1-9-3-2-6-1-2ELIAS WINANS b 22 Mar 1834 at Vestal, N. Y. d 14 Mar 1838 at Vestal.
 1-9-3-2-6-1-3GOZEN HARMON WINANS b 4 Sept 1835 at Vestal d 18 Mar 1836 at Vestal.
 1-9-3-2-6-1-4MARY ELIZABETH WINANS b 15 Feb 1837 at Vestal.
 1-9-3-2-6-1-5CHARLES DUBOIS WINANS b 21 May 1839 at Vestal, N. Y. d 11 Mar 1851 at same.
 1-9-3-2-6-1-6CLARISSA BENEDICT WINANS b 23 Mar 1842 at Vestal, N. Y. d 11 Oct 1881 at Toronto, Canada md 1856 at Vestal Samuel Nelson Doughan b 10 Aug 1834 at N. Y. City d 20 July 1915 at Corbyville, Ont., Canada son of Henry and Mary Ann (Thompson) Doughan. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Alice Elizabeth Doughan b 22 Feb 1858 at Elmira, N. Y. md _?_ Luce.
  2. Ida Jane Doughan b 18 May 1860 at Vestal d Sept 1861 at same.
  3. Amanda Jane Doughan b 17 Oct 18679 at Vestal md John Thomas Shipman.
  4. Delephine Sophia Doughan b 7 Sept 1864 at Toronto, Canada md James Hudson.
  5. Clarissa Doughan b 9 Dec 1866 at Toronto, Canada d 13 June 1928 at Belleville, Canada md 1906 at Belleville, Abraham Denison.
  6. Henrietta Lydia Doughan b 5 Nov 1868 at Toronto d 23 Aug 1923 at Toronto md _?_ Hudson.
  7. Georginia Maude Doughan (twin) b 14 Aug 1871 at Toronto md (2) William George Ewing.
  8. Henry Doughan (twin) b 14 Aug 1871 at Toronto d 15 Aug 1871.
  9. Annie Jane Doughan b 1 Dec 1874 at Toronto, md Charles James Bartlett.
  10. Mabel Doughan b 23 May 1877 at Toronto.
  11. Florence Workman Doughan b 21 Oct 1879 at Toronto, living in 1929, md David Moses Jose.
 1-9-3-2-6-1-7SOPHIA WINANS b 25 Mar 1845 at Vestal, N. Y. md 8 July 1860 at Union, Broome, N. Y. Hamilton Thompson b 11 June 1834 in N. J. son of Hugh Thompson. They had at least one son Frederick Wellington Thompson b 17 Mar 1862 at Union, Broome, N. Y.
 1-9-3-2-6-1-8LYDIA DORINDA WINANS b 8 Mar 1849 at Vestal, N. Y. md Hiram Tuttle Randall b 19 July 1844 at Elmira, Chening,10 N. Y. son of Isaac and Hannah Ann (Inman) Randall. They adopted a dau, Ada Lydia Randall b 19 Mar 1874 at Auburn, Ind.


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1 These children appear to be listed in the wrong sequence. I don't have any information, other than this, as to their birth dates.
2 I've read speculation that Ross Winans' sons had something to do with the construction of the Trans-Siberian Railroad. I've been unable to find any factual basis for this idea. Your input is welcome!
3 Mrs. Egy doesn't mention it, but John Winans served in Congress as a representative from Wisconsin from 1883 to 1885. His congressional biography lists his date of birth as 27 Sep 1831, which seems more likely to be correct than the date Mrs. Egy gives.
4 Hearshal McKinney, who is a great-great-grandson of Dr. Winans' daughter Caroline, writes us that Norman Tallman Winans has some patents for friction matches in New York, practiced medicine in Hancock and Jersey counties, IL, and in several counties of Kansas, and was a Surgeon in the Civil War along with sons Henry and George. We hope to learn more about this man who had such a long and interesting life. A Standard History of Kansas and Kansans, written and compiled 1918 by William E. Connelley, lists him as the Assistant Surgeon of the 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry. Dr. Winans' match patents can be found among New York State Patentees and Assignees, 1840-1844:
Dr. Winans' partners in invention were his brothers-in-law. Thaddeus Hyatt was the husband of Emaline Winans (1-9-1-3-2-3). Thaddeus' photograph is available in the Matthew Brady Gallery, which describes him as "affluent, flamboyant inventor and committed abolitionist Thaddeus Hyatt". The Kansas Historical Society's collection of Thaddeus Hyatt Papers, 1843-1898, includes correspondence to or from other Winans. Theodore Hyatt married another sister, Mary Winans (1-9-1-3-2-6). Theodore's correspondence, including his photograph, is available at Territorial Kansas Online, 1854-1861.
5 There is no such town in New York. There is a Nyack, in Rockland county.
6 This man's first name was probably Freeman. That is the more usual spelling, and Mrs. Egy lists him as Freeman with his parents' family.
7 The usual spelling of this man's first name is Ebenezer, and it is so spelled in page 682 of O. C. Winans' book.
8 One of Elias's descendants located his widow Elizabeth's 1850 census record, which listed her birthplace as Canada and her net worth as $6,000. She was operating the family farm in Vestal township with the help of one laborer. We wondered who Elizabeth's second husband, Stephen Crane, might have been. There were several Cranes living in the area. A Stephen listed elsewhere in Mrs. Egy's book just might fill the bill -- Elias' first cousin who was born 1815 in Vestal. We would welcome any further information on this mystery.
9 Since this family's birth dates aren't in sequence, this may be a typo by Mrs. Egy. Perhaps Amanda was born in 1862?
10 Elmira is located in Chemung county, NY.
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