Alice Winans Egy Woolley's
Winans Family Genealogy
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 2 Albert Winans (1-5-1-3-4-10-1)
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   Frank Winans (1-5-1-3-4-10-6)
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   Lyman Winans (1-5-1-3-4-10-5)
 4 Bradford G. Winans (1-5-5-2-4-4-6)
 5 Abigail Winans (1-9-1-3-4)
 6 Sarah Jane Winans (1-8-6-3-2)
 7 Elias Crane Winans (1-8-6-4-5-2-3)
 8 Frederick S. Winans (1-8-6-4-5-2-3-1)

These are updates to Winans Family Genealogy which have been submitted by fellow Winans researchers. I am displaying them in more or less the same format used by Mrs. Egy in her book. If you have questions about their content, please contact the person whose name appears at the top of each page.

Chuck Carey
March 2007

Helen Graves submitted this page of updates to information on page 54 of the main section of Winans Family Genealogy:

6th Gen

CLARK WINANS was b 13 Sep 1812 in PA (NJ per bio of Charles Gay), d 16 Mar 1882 probably in Meshoppen, Wyoming Co., PA, bur Overfield Cem, Meshoppen, Wyoming Co., PA. (d 1885 per Overfield Cem records), md ca 1832 Martha Maynard, b 1 Oct 1814 (in PA per 1880 census (or NY per bio of Charles Gay), d 26 Nov 1899 prob Auburn twp, Susquehanna Co., PA, bur Overfield Cem. She was dau of Elijah Maynard and Sally Stow Dunn.

*1-5-1-3-4-10-1ALBERT WINANS b 15 Nov 1834 in PA, d 2 Apr 1901 in Meshoppen, PA, md ca 1859 Elizabeth _?_.
*1-5-1-3-4-10-2CHARLES WINANS b 15 Oct 1836 in Wyoming Co., PA, d 30 Dec 1904 in PA, md ca 1863 Louisa A. Hoyt.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-3SALLY ANN WINANS b ca 1839, md 2 Apr 1863 in Wyoming Co., PA, Charles Gay, the son of Ansel Gay, who was born 26 Mar 1834 in Braintrim, Wyoming, PA, and died 1903. They had the following children:
  1. Cora Belle Gay b ca 1866, d bef 1900.
  2. Alice Gay md Lalin Brown in Meshoppen, Wyo. PA?
  3. Frank W. Gay.
  4. Marble C. Gay d aft 1900, was listed in 1900 census as a farmer of Wyoming Co., PA.
  5. (Twins) Clark and
  6. Ansel Gay both d in infancy.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-4GIDEON WINANS b 21 Dec 1841, d 18 Nov 1895 in Meshoppen, at age 54 of pneumonia, bur Overfield Cem, md Clara J. _?_.
*1-5-1-3-4-10-6FRANCIS M. (Frank) WINANS b Jun 1845 prob Meshoppen, on 1880 census, d 1911 (alive age 55, living in Falls, Wyoming Co., PA, in 1900 census), bur Overfield Cem, md bef 1869 Alice Courtwright.
*1-5-1-3-4-10-7GERSHOM WINANS b Oct 1847 in Meshoppen, PA (per 1900 census), d 1900-1910, md ca 1870 Harriet E. Barlow b Apr 1851.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-8CLARK BENTLEY WINANS b Jan 1851 prob Meshoppen on 1880 census living with parents in Meshoppen, a stone mason unmarried, d after 1901 (in 1901 age 49, single, lived with his bro-in-law Charles Gay in Auburn twp, Susquehanna Co., PA).
*1-5-1-3-4-10-51LYMAN WINANS b ca 1853, d 1932 in PA, bur Overfield Cem, md bef 1890 Tempa Dunlap b 1854, d 1944.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-9VERNANDO WINANS, b 1856, died young.


Helen Graves submitted this page of updates, also to page 54:

7th Gen

ALBERT WINANS was b 15 Nov 1834 in PA (per 1860 census), and died 2 Apr 1901 in Meshoppen, Wyoming Co., PA, age 66 of chronic gastritis, bur Overfield Cem, Meshoppen, PA. He married Elizabeth _?_ ca 1859. She was born ca 1843.

 1-5-1-3-4-10-1-12MARTHA (Esa?) WINANS b 1860, prob Meshoppen; on 1880 census living with mother in Meshoppen, unmarried.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-1-2BERNARDO (Verna?) WINANS b 1862, prob Meshoppen; 1880 living with his mother and sister in Meshoppen. He was a stone mason.

7th Gen

CHARLES WINANS was b 15 Oct 1836 in Wyoming Co., PA, d 30 Dec 1904 in PA, bur Overfield Cem, Meshoppen. He married Louisa A. Hoyt ca 1863. She was born Jun 1840 in PA per 1900 census, and died aft 1900.

 1-5-1-3-4-10-2-12IDA WINANS b ca 1865.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-2-2ETTA WINANS b ca 1866.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-2-3ALMEDA (Allie) M. WINANS b 8 May 1868, PA, d 13 Jun 1895.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-2-4ELIZABETH WINANS b ca 1870.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-2-5CLARA WINANS b Feb 1872.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-2-6LAURA M. WINANS b Oct 1877.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-2-7CHARLES WINANS b Nov 1879.

7th Gen

FRANK WINANS was b Jun 1845 in prob Meshoppen, Wyoming Co., PA, and died 1911 in Falls, Wyoming Co., PA, bur Overfield Cem, Meshoppen, PA. He married Alice Courtwright bef 1869. She was born Nov 1847 in NJ per 1900 census.

 1-5-1-3-4-10-6-12MAUDE WINANS b. ca 1869, m. Andrew O. Bullard, 22 Oct 1890, in Meshoppen. Andrew was b ca 1864.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-6-2VIRGIE WINANS b ca 1871, m Chester W. Blackman, 18 Apr 1894, in Meshoppen. Chester was b ca 1869.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-6-3CLARK WINANS b ca 1873, Meshoppen, m Sadie Capwell, 30 Nov 1896, in Meshoppen. Sadie was b 1873, Lackawanna, PA, d 31 Dec 1897, Meshoppen, age 24 1/2, in child birth.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-6-4FRED WINANS.


Helen Graves submitted additional updates to information on page 54:

7th Gen

GERSHOM WINANS was b Oct 1847 in Meshoppen, Wyoming Co., PA (per 1900 census). He died between 1900 and 1910. (Was on 1900 census in Meshoppen, widow on 1910 census in Athens, Bradford Co., PA.) Married ca 1870 prob in or near Meshoppen, PA, Harriet E. Barlow, b Apr 1851 in PA per censuses, d after 1920. She was living with dau Bertha in Binghamton NY in 1920 census. She was dau of Smith Barlow and Susan _?_.

 1-5-1-3-4-10-7-12BERTHA MABELLE WINANS b 23 Jan 1872 in Meshoppen, Wyoming Co., PA, d 16 Sep 1942 in Lourdes Hospital, Johnson City, Broome Co., NY, md 30 Sep 1889 William Erastus Graves who lived in Dunkirk, NY.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-7-2LENNA (Lennie) M. WINANS b 1873 probably in Meshoppen, d 1935 in Athens-Sayre, Bradford Co., PA, bur Tioga Point Cem, Athens, PA, md 18 Dec 1893 in Tunkhannock, Wyoming Co., PA (per church records) to Frank A. Clayton.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-7-3VIOLA D. WINANS b 16 Oct 1879 prob Meshoppen, d 6 Sep 1903 bur Overfield Cem, Meshoppen, md Homer Bennett, but listed on 1900 census in Meshoppen as single w mother.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-7-4LOUISE (Laurella) WINANS, b Nov 1881 prob Meshoppen, d 1916 prob Athens, bur Tioga Point Cem. Never married.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-7-5EDITH WINANS b Jun 1884 prob Meshoppen, d prob Athens, bur Tioga Point Cem. Never married.
 1-5-1-3-4-10-7-6HARRIET WINANS, b 1891 prob Meshoppen, d 24 Apr 1921 prob PA, bur Tioga Point Cem. Never married.

7th Gen

LYMAN WINANS was b ca 1853, and died 1932 in PA, bur Overfield Cem, Meshoppen. He married Tempa Dunlap bef 1890. She was b 1854, d 1944, bur Overfield Cem.

 1-5-1-3-4-10-5-12Mabel B. Winans, b 22 Sep 1890, d 17 Jul 1906, PA, bur Overfield Cem.


Glen Winans and Jay Winans submitted this page of updates to information on page 132 of the main section of Winans Family Genealogy.

7th Gen

BRADFORD GRANT WINANS was b 15 Mar 1864 in Newton, KS, d 13 Sep 1932 in Los Angeles, CA, md 24 Feb 1897 Sarah Thomas, who was b 26 Aug 1872, d 18 May 1930 in Newton, KS. Sarah was the dau of William and Esther Angel (Jones) Thomas. Bradford and Sarah are both buried in Greenwood cemetery in Newton.

 1-5-5-2-4-4-6-1WILLIAM IRA (Sonny) WINANS b 4 June 1900.
 1-5-5-2-4-4-6-2ESTHER MAE WINANS b 3 Feb 1907, md J. Ransom Cook.
 1-5-5-2-4-4-6-3BRADFORD DANIEL WINANS b 5 Jan 1913, d 31 Oct 1979 in Newton, md Dorothy K. Flower, who was b 17 Oct 1913 and d 6 Aug 1996.


Bob Minugh submitted these possible updates to page 4 of Isaac Winans' section of Winans Family Genealogy:

 1-9-1-3-4ABIGAIL WINANS. It is likely she is the Abigail Winants who married William Minugh 9 Oct 1787 in Trinity Church, New York, NY. William later married Maria Christina Raden 31 Jan 1798 in Trinity Church. Their children's names were:
  1. Jane Minugh.
  2. John Matthias Minugh.
  3. Rachel Minugh, born 1790, married Charles Chipp ca 1809, and had a daughter Rachel Chipp. Both Rachels seem to have gone by the nickname of Lockey.
  4. Mary Catherine Minugh.

Bob tells us that all four of Abigail and William's children were baptised in Trinity Church and that witnesses included Rachel Winans and Isaac Winans. According to Bob, who lives in Hawaii, "William Minugh and his brother John were harbor pilots in NYC and involved in sailing ships. William remarried in 1798, so I believe Abigail died between 1795-1797, but I have no record of her death." There are numerous references to Minugh on the World Wide Web. I located a Minugh Family Page, maintained by one of Bob's cousins, which apparently no longer exists.

The mention of Charles Chipp above caught the eye of Rena D'Andrea, who called our attention to LT Charles Winans CHIPP, Executive Officer of USS Jeannette during the ill-fated Arctic expedition mentioned elsewhere in these pages. The naval officer is one of several men bearing that name in the history of the Chipp family, which came to America from England in the 18th century and settled in New York City and in Kingston, NY. An entire chapter of The Chipp family in England and America, Charles Howard Burnett, Los Angeles, 1933, is devoted to LT Chipp, who is said to have been born 23 Aug 1848 in Kingston, the son of Warren Chipp and Elizabeth Graham Burnett. The chapter closes with the statement:

The name of Charles Winans Chipp is still well known to all students of Arctic exploration, and a river in northernmost Alaska has been named "Chipp River" in his honor.

Burnett's book lists a Charles Chipp (1785-1831) who married a Rachel Mineaux. This may be the couple mentioned by Bob above.

We welcome additional information on the Winans-Chipp connection.


Coe is a surname which occurs frequently in the early history of Miami county, Ohio. Glen Winans called our attention to Joseph G. Coe's biography, which appears on pages 320-321 of Robert Coe, Puritan, His Ancestors and Descendants, 1340-1910, published privately in 1911 by Joseph Gardner Bartlett, and available online through Google Books.

 1-8-6-3-2SARAH JANE WINANS b 13 Aug 1798 in Essex Co., N. J. d in Riverside, Wash. Co., Iowa md 23 May 1815 in Troy, Ohio Joseph Gibbons Coe.

Although I am not actively researching the Coes, I felt the following information on this family from Bartlett's book, which supplements Sarah Jane'S entry on page 4 of Jacob Winans' section in Winans Family Genealogy, was interesting, and important, in view of the Coes' connections with the Winans and other early Ohio settlers:

317. JOSEPH GIBBENS73 COE (Joseph6 (159), Elder Joseph5, Elder Joseph4, Joseph3, Benjamin2, Robert1), born in Washington Co., Pa., Jan. 8, 1796, became a pioneer farmer, and in early life removed to Piqua, Miami Co., Ohio, where he remained until about 1830; during the next ten years he lived at South Bend, Ind., St. Joseph, Mo., and Iowa City, Ia.; and about 1840 he finally located at Riverside, Ia., where he d. Nov. 9, 1855. During the War of 1812 he was a soldier under Gen. Harrison, and for many years his widow drew a pension for his services.

He married in 1816, SARAH WINANS, born August 13, 1798, daughter of a New Jersey soldier of the Revolution; she died at Riverside, Ia., in Aug., 1883.


510.i.BENJAMIN WINANS, b. at Piqua, O., Aug. 28, 1817.
 ii.MARY ANN, b. at Piqua, O., Sept. 28, 1818, d. at Morse, Johnson Co., Ia., in Aug., 1903. She m. (1), JONATHAN CHORD who d. in Indiana; child, Sarah Jane; she m. (2), UPTON C. HOLDERMAN; no children; and she m. (3), EDWIN KEECH MORSE (widower of her sister Esther)
511.iii.SYLVESTER, b. at Piqua, O., Feb. 4, 1821.
 iv.ESTHER, b. at Piqua, O., Dec. 25, 1822, d. at Morse, Johnson Co., Ia., Oct. 2, 1846; m. at Iowa City, Ia., Jan. 1, 1841, EDWIN KEECH MORSE, b. in Thompson, Conn., Oct. 23, 1816, son of Nathaniel Brown and Ruth Ann (Tefft) Morse. He was a farmer at Morse, Ia., where he died Nov. 4, 1879. Children: Adaline Louisa, Edwin Martin, Annette Esther. Edwin K. Morse m. (2), his sister-in-law Mary Ann Coe (see supra).
 v.SARAH, b. about 1825, d. young.
 vi.ELIZABETH A., b. about 1827, m. WILLIAM CARPENTER.
 vii.SAMANTHA, b. about 1829,4 m. (1), STERLING STAGG; m. (2), PETER FLYNN. She has lived in Minneapolis, Minn., and Mankato, Kans.
 viii.ELVIRA, b. at South Bend, Ind., Aug. 28, 1831, m. Oct. 2, 1850, J. PATTERSON MOORE, M.D., b. at Dayton, O., Oct. 15, 1825, son of Bruce and Lydia (Patterson) Moore. They settled at Promise City, Ia., where Dr. Moore d. Mar. 31, 1888, and his widow d. Apr. 18, 1906. Children: Ida, Iva, John Coe.
512.ix.JOSEPH LEANDER, b. at St. Joseph, Mo., Jan. 7, 1838.


This information is based on the research of Sharon (Winans) Pearson and Tom Davis, who submitted corrections to information on pages 18 and 19 of Jacob Winans' section of Winans Family Genealogy.

7th Gen

ELIAS CRANE was b in 1842 or 18445 in Elizabethtown, N. J., d in N. J. 1903, md Lydia A. Shotwell b ca 1849 d 4 Oct 1928 in Elizabeth, N. J. age 79 years. Elias was in the Civil War and was wounded. He is remembered by his grandson, Clarence Frederic Winans, who never saw him out of his wheel chair. Elias, Lydia and all of their children except Mary are buried at Evergreen Cemetery in Hillside, N. J.

*1-8-6-4-5-2-3-1FREDERICK SHOTWELL WINANS b Dec 18676 in Elizabeth, N. J. d 4 Oct 1928 in Elizabeth, N. J. md Matilda Frick.
 1-8-6-4-5-2-3-2EDWARD PERRINE WINANS b 3 Jan 1871 in NJ, d 12 Jul 1933 in Hightstown, NJ, about 1895 md Grace Smith, who was born 17 Mar 1876 in NJ, and died 24 Oct 1942 in Newark, NJ. They had two sons:
  1. Robert Winans, b about 1905 in NJ, and
  2. Richard E. "Dick" Winans, b 6 May 1913 in NJ, d 15 Feb 1991 in Mount Bethel, PA.
 1-8-6-4-5-2-3-3MARY WINANS b Nov 1872 in NJ, md Lafayette Godfrey about 1894. Lafayette was born Mar 1868 in France, and died 18 Dec 1949 in Westfield, NJ. He is sometimes listed as Lafayette de B. Godfrey, which may allude to his being born in Boulogne. Mary and Lafayette were living at 347 Grier Ave. in Elizabeth (around the corner from where Frederick & Lydia died) in 1900, in Roselle in 1910, and at 584 Chestnut St. in Westfield at the time of the 1920 and 1930 censuses, all of these towns being in Union county, NJ. Lafayette's obituary7 appeared in The Westfield Leader, Thursday, 22 Dec 1949, page 4:

Lafayette Godfrey

Lafayette de Boulon Godfrey, 81, husband of Mrs. Mary Winans Godfrey of 584 North Chestnut street, died Sunday at his home after a long illness.

Before his retirement many years ago, he was associated with the New York Life Insurance Co. in New York City. He was born in France and had been a resident here 30 years. He was a member of Grace Episcopal Church, Plainfield.

In addition to his wife, he is survived by a son, Paul H., at home.

Funeral services were held at Gray's Funeral Home, Rev. Harry Knickle, rector of Grace Episcopal Church, Plainfield, officiating. Interment was in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, Maspeth, N. Y.

Mary and Lafayette had one adopted son: Paul H. Godfrey, born about 1911 in Glen Falls, NY, died 1 Mar 1990 in Plainfield, NJ. Paul's obituary7 appeared in The Westfield Leader, Thursday, 8 Mar 1990, page 10:

Paul H. Godfrey

Paul H. Godfrey, 79, of Westfield died Thursday March 1 at the Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center in Plainfield.

Mr. Godfrey was born in Glen Falls, N. Y., and lived most of his life in Westfield.

He was educated in the Westfield school system and attended the Randolph Macon Military Academy in Fort Royal [sic], Va. Mr. Godfrey was an Army veteran of World War II.

He is survived by his wife, Mary Godfrey.

Arrangements were by the Gray Funeral Home in Westfield.

 1-8-6-4-5-2-3-4AMY WINANS b 1879 d 1893. Died of rheumatic fever.


This information is based on the research of Sharon (Winans) Pearson, who submitted corrections to information on pages 22 and 23 of Jacob Winans' section of Winans Family Genealogy.

8th Gen

FREDERICK SHOTWELL was b Dec 18676 in Elizabeth, N. J., d 4 Oct 1928 in Elizabeth, md Matilda Frick, who was the daughter of Henry Charles Frick and Crescenz Hildendorf. Matilda was born 24 Aug 1870 in Elizabeth and died 13 Oct 1958 in California. Frederick and his mother, Lydia A. (Shotwell) Winans died the same evening in their home from being asphyxiated by coal gas.

 1-8-6-4-5-2-3-1-31MABEL WINANS was b Apr 18936 in Elizabeth, md Frederic Burnett, who was b about 1888 in NJ. They had two children:
  1. Frederic Burnett Jr., b 1926 in CA, and
  2. Doris Burnett, b 1929 in CA.
*1-8-6-4-5-2-3-1-1CLARENCE FREDERIC WINANS was b 2 Feb 1899 in Elizabeth, d 13 Dec 1986 in San Gabriel, CA, md Lillias Stewart Waters, who was b 29 Jun 1896 in Glasgow, Scotland, and d 22 Aug 1981 in Los Angeles county.
 1-8-6-4-5-2-3-1-2MERRILL WAITE WINANS was b 24 Dec 1907 in Elizabeth, d 21 Jul 1994 in Los Angeles county, md Elsie Marlette 6 Jul 1930, in CA. Elsie was born about 1912. They have one son Larry Winans and also two grandchildren.


1 I have resequenced this family's children to reflect what appears to be their correct order, but have retained Mrs. Egy's numbers.
2 I have assigned numbers to this family, using Mrs. Egy's numbering system.
3 The numbers appearing immediately after individuals' names refer to the generation numbering scheme of this book. Joseph G. Coe belongs to the seventh generation of Coes, starting from the original "Robert Coe, Puritan." The codes which appear in green for various people were assigned by the book's author for identification purposes.
4 Samantha's 1880 census entry very clearly lists her age as 42, which would place her birth date in 1837 or 1838. I've seen other census data which is also consistent with an 1830s birth date for Samantha. According to Iowa Marriages, 1851-1900, Jordan Dodd, Liahona Research, comp., The Generations Network, Inc., Provo, UT, 2000, Samantha and Sterling were married 22 Apr 1855 in Johnson county, IA.
5 Different birth dates are based on the 1880 and 1900 U. S. census.
6 Birth date is based on the 1900 U. S. census.
7 Obituaries available on line in the Westfield Memorial Library's archive of The Westfield Leader.
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