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7th Gen

JOEL was b 15 Aug 1838 in Xenia, Ohio d 23 Aug 1902 in Erie, Kan. md Aug 1865 at La Harpe, Ill. Mrs. Angeline (Applegate) Thorp b 10 Sept 1842 at Perry, Tenn. d 2 July 1887 at Erie, Kan.
Ref: IW., Max B. Winans, Wichita, Kansas.

*1-5-1-1-3-12-7-1CHARLES EMMETT WINANS b 9 Apr 1866 at Independence, Mo., d 9 Sept 1942 at Erie, Kan. md 7 Nov 1894 in Erie, Kan. Minnie Belle Ticknor.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-7-2ANNA BELLE WINANS b 18 Mar 1868 in Independence, Mo.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-7-3JOEL EDGAR WINANS b 2 Dec 1869 in Lawrence, Kan. md Maggie Maloney, no children.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-7-4GEORGE ALBERT WINANS b 6 Nov 1871 in Lawrence, Kan. md 28 Dec 1897 in Erie, Kan. Ida May Sears.
*1-5-1-1-3-12-7-5WILLIAM SOLOMON WINANS b 12 Dec 1873 in Buckner, Mo. md 27 Oct 1898 in Erie, Kan. Leota Showalter.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-7-6CLARA ADA WINANS b 12 Apr 1877 in Buckner, Mo. md Walter Rensselaer Butler. They had one son: Paul Butler.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-7-7JOHN HERBERT WINANS b 22 Feb 1879 in Buckner, Mo. md 23 Dec 1909 in Nouata, 0kla. Rose Josephine Croker b 3 Nov 1885 in Summit City, Pa. dau of John William Croker. No children.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-7-8MAUD EUPHENIA WINANS b 15 Nov 1881 in Erie, Kan. md Joseph Albert Abell. They had the following children:
  1. Juanita Abell.
  2. Kenneth Abell.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-7-9OLIVE KATE WINANS b 24 Aug 1884 in Erie, Kan. md 6 Mar 1907 in Erie, Kan. Claude Thomas Sample b 21 Apr 1883 in Middleport, Ill. son of Henry Thomas and Emma (Brandburg) Sample. They had the following children:
  1. Lela Angeline Sample b 13 Sept 1908 in Centerville, Kan.
  2. Emma Lucille Sample b 12 Mar 1911 in Centerville, Kan.
  3. Wallace Henry Sample b 6 Aug 1915 in Erie, Kan.

7th Gen

WILLIAM GARDNER was b in 1800 in Vernon, Sussex Co., N. J. The date of his birth was taken from his tombstone in the Cemetery at Rockville, Conn, where he d 7 Jan 1872. At the time of his death he was living with his son, William Henry, Rockville, Conn, and in a letter to Ira Winans dated 11 Dec 1908, the son wrote "My father's family record was burned with the house and household goods at Vernon, N. J. I think in 1865. William was a weaver and inventor."

William was md (1) 10 Sept 1820 to Electa Riggs b 1802 d 1854. Their marriage is recorded in the Co. Clerk's office, Newton, N. J. Electa Riggs Winans d in New Hampton, N. Y. Riggs Gen. classes her as a descendant of Hannah (Brown) Riggs and Joseph Riggs of Newark, N. J. William md (2) Mary Wilson who had 2 sons and 1 dau when she married him. No further information on the 2nd wife.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Alton, Ill.


 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-1HANNAH JANE WINANS b 9 Mar 1821 at Vernon, N. J. d Jan 1909 in Edenville, N. Y. buried at Warwick, N. Y. md 18 Sept 1840 in New Hampton, N. Y. James Hedges b 10 June 1808 in Ulster, N. Y. d 11 June 1890 in Edenville, N. Y. son of William Henry and Mary (Campbell) Hedges. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Ellen Hedges b 22 Aug 1841 in Edenville, N. Y.
  2. Electa Jane Hedges b 1 Oct 1843 in same.
  3. William Henry Hedges b 22 Feb 1846 in same.
  4. James Matthew Hedges b 21 Sept 1850 in same.
  5. John Winans Hedges b 9 Feb 1853 in same.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-2CAROLINE WINANS b 19 Dec 1822 at Vernon, N. J. d 9 Mar 1856 in Amity, N. Y. md 17 Sept 1840 Joseph H. Morse b 19 Jan 1819 d 1880 in Orange Co., N. Y. They had the following children:
  1. Sarah Elizabeth Morse b 12 July 1842.
  2. Catherine Jane Morse b 29 July 1845 md William H. Gatfield.
  3. Margaret A. Morse b 30 May 1849.
  4. Nancy Morse b 1851 at Walden, N. Y. d 1851 at same.
  5. Maria Olive Morse b 9 June 1852.
  6. Electra Caroline Morse b 2 Mar 1856.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-3MARY ELIZABETH WINANS b 1824 d 1890 buried at Newburg, N. Y. md Capt. Matthew Brown Michaels who d in Newburg. They had the following children:
  1. Julia Frances Michaels.
  2. Emma Winans Michaels.
  3. David Moore Michaels.
  4. William Henry Winans Michaels.
  5. Mary Amelia Michaels b 12 Dec 1859 d Aug 1909 md Harry C. Contant.
  6. George LeGrand Michaels.
*1-5-1-1-5-1-1-4JOHN RIGGS WINANS b 16 Jan 1826 d 13 Mar 1909 at Pkpsie., N. Y. md (1) 10 Sept 1853 Abbie Jane Davis b 6 Sept 1834 d 26 May 1881 at Utica, N. Y. Md (2) Mrs. Rebecca Emeline Sleight b 1829.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-5THOMAS WINANS d 9 years of age at Newburg, N. Y.
*1-5-1-1-5-1-1-6AUGUSTUS WARNER WINANS b 1831 md Mary Ann Leach.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-7MARGARET ANN WINANS b 31 July 1833 at Vernon, N. J. md 3 Dec 1855 at Fishkill Landing, Dutchess, N. Y. Henry Edward Traver b 31 Jan 1828 at Hyde Park, N. Y. d 5 May 1883 at N. Y. son of Harvey and Catherine (Nichols) Traver. They had the following children:
  1. James Edward Traver b 28 May 1857 at N. Y., N. Y. d 13 July 1896 in New Britain, Conn.
  2. Anna Frances Traver b 5 June 1859 at N. Y., N. Y. d 28 Mar 1883 at N. Y.
  3. William Harvey Traver b 8 July 1862 at N. Y. d 8 Dec 1865 at Warwick, N. Y.
  4. Clara DeKay Traver b 23 May 1864 at Warwick, N. Y.
  5. George Godfrey Traver b 5 Feb 1868 at Fishkill Landing, N. Y. d 5 June 1874 at same.
  6. Harry Augustus Traver b 13 Dec 1875 at Orange Lake, N. Y.
*1-5-1-1-5-1-1-8WILLIAM HENRY WINANS b 3 Oct 1835 in Vernon, N. J. d 27 Apr 1912 at Rockville, Conn, md (1) 14 May 1867 in Rockville Harriet Leach. Md (2) 16 Nov 1909 Mrs. Adaline Frances (Van Voorhes) Michaels.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-9ELECTA ANN WINANS b 4 Oct 1840 New Hampton, N. Y. md (1) 24 May 1857 in Fishkill Landing, N. Y., William Neil b 24 May 1832 at Fishkill, d Jan 1867 in same, son of John and Sarah Neil. They had the following children:
  1. Minard Smith Neil b 17 Mar 1858 in Fishkill Landing.
  2. Homer Nelson Neil b 1 Apr 1859 in same.
  3. William Peter Neil b 11 Feb 1861 in same d Oct 1887 in So. Willington, Conn.
  4. Harvey Everett Neil b 15 June 1864 in same d 6 Jan 1865 in same.


  1. John Riggs Winans Neil b 13 Apr 1866 in same.
Electa md (2) 31 Dec 1869 in Rockville, Conn. James Sampson Still b 8 Apr 1834 in West Willington, Conn, d 18 June 1895 in Brooklyn, N. Y. son of William and Mary (Wight) Still. They had the following children:
  1. Charles Edwin Still b 1 Dec 1873 in W. Willington, Conn.
  2. Herman Ernest Still b 19 Apr 1883 in W. Willington, Conn.
Electa md (3) 14 Apr 1897 in Hartford, Conn. Edmund John Whittemore b 15 Mar 1845 in Worcester, Mass, son of Edmund Herbert and Susan (Pond) Whittemore. There were no children.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-10SMITH EMMET WINANS b 1842, killed when 5 yrs old by falling fron the N. Y. L. E. & Western R. R. bridge at New Hampton, N. Y.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-11HARRIET AMELIA WINANS b 1845 d in the 70's at N. Y. buried in Newburg, N. Y. never married.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-12SMITH WINANS b 1847 d at Worchester, Mass, md Jennie H     .
 1-5-1-1-5-1-1-13JULIA EMMA WINANS b 24 Feb 1850 at Stuyvesant Falls, Columbia, N. Y. md 6 Apr 1869 in Rockville, Conn. Joseph W. Bailey son of Joseph and Charlotte (Woodman) Bailey. They had the following children:
  1. Josephine Bailey b 9 Sept 1870 in New Britain, Conn.
  2. Joseph Archie Bailey b 21 July 1874 in same d 21 Jan 1880 at same.
  3. Park Elliot Bailey b 23 Feb 1876 at same d 16 Aug 1877 at same.

7th Gen

MARK was b 14 Mar 1810 d 20 Nov 1841 in Rossville, N. Y. md 13 Sept 1831 in N. Y. City, N. Y. Sarah Ann Prall b 7 July 1813 in Rossville, Staten Island, N. Y. d 16 Jan 1904 in Yonkers, N. Y. dau of Eliza (Dorset) Prall.
Ref: IW.

*1-5-1-1-5-1-2-1JOHN WALLACE WINANS b 30 Oct 1832 in Edenville, N. Y. d 25 Oct 1902 at New Hampton, N. Y. md 3 Nov 1854 in N. Y. City, Alice Owens.
*1-5-1-1-5-1-2-2DAVID ALFRED WINANS b 28 July 1834 at Orange, Essex Co., N. J. md 25 Mar 1857 at Blenham, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Mary Jane Farrington.
*1-5-1-1-5-1-2-3WILLIAM SALTER WINANS b 15 May 1836 at Orange, Essex Co., N. J. d June 1901 at New Britain, Conn., md 21 Sept 1865 at Dover, Dutchess Co., N. Y. Martha Ann Patchen.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-2-4ANN AUGUSTA WINANS b 26 Oct 1838 at N. Y. City d 26 June 1853.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-2-5CHARLES HENRY WINANS b 19 Oct 1840 at N. Y. City d 20 Aug 1842.

7th Gen

THOMAS was b   ?   md (1) Letty     . No further data. Thomas md (2) Malinda      md (3) Anne Vail. Both second and third wives died in Patterson, N. J.


Ref: IW.

Children by second wife:

 1-5-1-1-5-3-3-1WILLIAM WINANS md Cornelia       and they had one dau who died in Patterson, N. J.
*1-5-1-1-5-3-3-2JOHN WINANS d a few years before 1917 in Paterson,N. J. md Harriet Perry in Paterson, Passaic, N. J.

Child by third wife:

 1-5-1-1-5-3-3-3EMILY WINANS d 1880, buried in Paterson, N. J. No data of 2nd child.

7th Gen

WILLIAM BRANT was b 6 June 1826 in Stockholm, Sussex, N. J. d 6 Jan 1871 in Paterson, N. J. md 20 Sept 1849 in Paterson, N. J. Isabella Sutherland Crawford b 17 May 1825 in Scotland d 1889 in Paterson, N. J.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-1-1-5-3-8-1EMARETTE JEANETTE SUTHERLAND WINANS b 7 Aug 1850 in Paterson, N. J. md 8 Aug 1870 in Paterson, N. J. William Henry Cooper b 1 July 1846 in Paterson, son of Joshua Wells and Ann Elizabeth (Van Orden) Cooper. They had the following children:
  1. Marion Cooper b 10 June 1871 in Paterson md George Frisbee Teighman.
  2. Wells Cooper b Nov 1873 in Paterson d Jan 1874 in same.
  3. Charles Travis Cooper b 5 Dec 1875 in Paterson md Helen Alice Boylan.
  4. Isabelle Sutherland Cooper b 16 Sept 1882 in Paterson, graduated from Columbia University, N. Y. City, class of 1912 with degree of B. S.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-8-2SARA ISABELLA WINANS b 8 Dec 1852 in Paterson, N. J. d 1873 in same, unmarried.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-8-3FRANK VAN NESS WINANS b 15 Sept 1854 in Paterson, N. J. d 9 Jan 1856 in same.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-8-4AMELIA H. WINANS b 21 May 1856 in same, unmarried in 1917.
*1-5-1-1-5-3-8-5WILLIAM MILLER WINANS b 13 Sept 1859 in same d 3 Nov 1915 md 2 Aug 1881 in Paterson Mary Eleanor McMurray.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-8-6EBENEZER HAY DOLLING WINANS b 31 Jan 1862 in same, md (1) 1885 Ida Porter, md (2) 1915 Jeannette      . No record of any child.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-8-7ALBERT STALKER WINANS b 23 June 1866 in same, d 24 Mar 1867 in same.

7th Gen

BENJAMIN was b 12 May 1834 near Bantam, Clermont Co., Ohio md Amanda Simpson who was of the Ulysses S. Grant Family.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Susan S. Watson of Chattanooga, Tenn.


7th Gen

JOHN REDY was b 13 Sept 1843 in Meshoppen, Pa. md 2 Jan _?_ Mary Margrette Davidson b 1 Mar 1844 and was the dau of John and Sabrina (Fish) Davidson.
Ref: IW.

*1-5-1-3-4-7-8-1ELMER NATHAN WINANS b 14 Feb 1869 in Auburn, Pa. md 26 Nov 1901 in Auburn Ella Raymond Degman.
 1-5-1-3-4-7-8-2BINA CATHERINE WINANS b 9 July 1870 in Auburn, Pa. md Elmer Brown.
 1-5-1-3-4-7-8-3EMMA DELFENIA WINANS b 28 Mar 1872 in Auburn, md 18 Sept 1894 in Waverly, Tioga, N. Y. Omar Hassan Allen b 28 Aug 1873 in Mehoopany, Wyoming, Pa. and was the son of Alba and Orcelia Eva Allen. They had the following children:
  1. Elmer John Allen b 11 Sept 1900 in Meshoppen, Pa.
  2. Mary Orcelia Allen b 19 July 1902 in Meshoppen.
  3. Coltha May Allen b 9 June 1906 in same.
 1-5-1-3-4-7-8-4BELLE ANNA WINANS b 10 May 1874 in Meshoppen, Pa. md 24 Mar 1897 in same, Lewis Monroe Bunnell b 4 Nov 1874 in Auburn, Pa. son of George and Mary Jane (Mabeley) Bunnell. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Mildred Bunnell b 30 Oct 1898 in Meshoppen.
  2. Helen Hester Bunnell b 8 Jan 1900 in same.
  3. Faith Emma Bunnell b 1 June 1905 in same.
  4. George Lewis Bunnell b 30 May 1908 in same.
*1-5-1-3-4-7~8-5FREDERICK TILDEN WINANS b 27 Sept 1876/8 in Meshoppen, Pa. md 4 July 1904 in Binghamton, N. Y. Grace Marie DeWitt.
 1-5-1-3-4-7-8-6JOSEPH HENRY WINANS b 25 Dec 1879/80.
 1-5-1-3-4-7-8-7JOHN ARTHUR WINANS b 24 Nov 1887 d 7 Feb 1893.

7th Gen

Dr. ISAAC M. D.1 was b 3 July 1811 in Milton, Ohio d 3 Dec 1877 in New Brighton, Pa. md 1 Aug 1837 in Milton Alma or Ann Eliza Sheets b 7 July 1818 in Deerfield, Ohio d 25 Mar 1896 in Sharon, Mercer, Pa. buried New Brighton, Pa. dau of Jacob and Elizabeth (Hartzell) Sheets.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-1JACOB SHEETS WINANS2 b 15 Mar 1838 in Lima, Ohio d 1 May 1914 in Council Grove, Kan. md 17 Feb 1864 Elizabeth Esther Fulton b 21 Jan 1839 at Rochester, Pa. dau of George Washington and Harriet (Blanchard) Fulton. No children.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-2MARY ELIZABETH WINANS b 24 Jan 1840 in Limaville, Stark, Ohio md 1860 Ary Watson Browning. No children.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-3ADELIA WINANS b 31 Oct 1841 at Georgetown, Brown, Ohio d 1842 at same.


 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-4ELSIE ADELIA WINANS b 3 Dec 1843 at Georgetown, Ohio d Mar 1920 md 7 Sept 1865 in New Brighton, John Corbus b 13 Oct 1832 in Beaver Co., Pa. d 21 Apr 1907 in Beaver Falls, Pa. buried New Brighton, son of John Samuel and Eliza (Reeves) Corbus. They had the following children:
  1. Leila or Eliza Corbus b 14 Mar 1867 in New Brighton md 1888 Charles A. Wylie.
  2. Howard Lynn Corbus b 11 Oct 1868 md his 3rd cousin Josephine Corbus.
  3. Mary Emily Corbus b 22 Feb 1870 in New Brighton md 1895 Thomas Elden Moorhead.
  4. Helen Virginia Corbus b 1 June 1875 (Twin) in Allegheny, Pa. md 1898 Harry H. Patterson.
  5. Louis Courtney [Corbus] b 1 June 1875 (Twin) not married.
  6. Edward T. Corbus b 26 May 1877 in New Brighton md 1903 Clara Mulholland.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-5JOHN ALEXANDER WINANS b 10 Aug 1846 at New Brighton, Beaver, Pa. unmarried.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-6SARAH AMELIA WINANS b 2 Oct 1848 in New Brighton, d 30 Sept 1925 at Youngstown, Ohio md 15 Feb 1871 in New Brighton Myron Wood b 2 Dec 1844 in Hampton, Washington, N. Y. son of James H. and Esther (Lyman) Wood. They had the following children:
  1. Unnamed child b 29 Feb 1872 in Youngstown, d 8 Mar 1872 in same.
  2. Charles Lyman Wood b 11 Sept 1873 in Youngstown. He lived in Pittsburg in 1925.
  3. Arthur Leigh Wood b 23 Mar 1875 in Youngstown.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-7ELIZA VIRGINIA WINANS b 2 Jan 1851 at New Brighton md 15 Feb 1888 at Youngstown John Melville Evans b 5 July 1855 at Pittsburg, Pa. son of Rev. Ebenezer and Mary (Jones) Evans. Unnamed child b 5 Feb 1889 d at birth in Youngstown.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-8CHARLES WALTER WINANS b 12 Jan 1853 at New Brighton. Only information available, he married and had 1 boy and 1 girl.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-9Unnamed child b abt 1855 at New Brighton.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-1-10HELEN WINANS b 30 Jan 1858 at New Brighton md S. Eugene Ward of Chicago.

7th Gen

Dr. JOHN SUTHERLAND3 was b 25 Sept 1812 d 21 Feb 1879 (per IW.) 5 Feb 1881 (per JB.) in New Brighton, Pa. md 25 Oct 1848 Eliza Maria Reno. She was the dau of Thomas and granddaughter of Rev. Francis Reno, first Episcopal minister west of the Alleghenies.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-5-1-3-5-1-2-1JOHN S. F. WINANS b in Pittsburgh.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-2-2LOUIS A. R. WINANS b in Pittsburgh.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-2-3THOMAS RENO WINANS b in Pittsburgh md Maude A. Kelly and they had a son Thomas Reno Winans Jr. They lived in Boston, Mass, in 1920.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-2-4ELSIE M. WINANS b in Pittsburgh.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-2-5MARGARET ANN WINANS b in Pittsburgh.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-2-6LYDA L. WINANS md Franklin A. Dean.
 1-5-1-3-5-1-2-7FRANCIS E. WINANS4 md Walter S. Wallace.


7th Gen

WILLIAM was b 31 Oct 1837. No record of who his wife was.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-5-1-3-5-4-9-1ISAAC WINANS md and had 2 children.
 1-5-1-3-5-4-9-2WILLIAM JASPER WINANS md and had a dau., also a son, Lawrence Winans.
 1-5-1-3-5-4-9-3JOHN WINANS.
 1-5-1-3-5-4-9-4GEORGE WINANS

7th Gen

CLARK was b 15 Dec 1813 in Lordstown, Ohio d 24 Sept 1886 near Deloit, Ia. md (1) Julia Graves b 1816 d 12 Aug 1838 age 22, buried in Eckis Cemetery in Ohio. Clark md (2) 7 May 1840 in Trumbull Co., Ohio, Catherine Shively who d 3 Apr 1898 in Vail, Crawford, Ia. dau of George Shively. Clark Winans was the 2nd man with his family to settle in Crawford Co., Ia.
Ref: IW., George Winans of Sacramento, Calif., Mrs. Helen Winans Campbell of Deloit, Ia. I read a newspaper clipping owned by Josiah & Mary Ann's grandson George Winans of Sacramento, Calif.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-5-1-3-7-1-1-1MILTON WINANS b 1834 in Trumbull Co., Ohio d 5 June 1836.
 1-5-1-3-7-1-1-2LUCY JANE WINANS b 22 May 1836 in Trumbull Co., Ohio d 16 Jan 1929 at Ulmer, Ia. md 18 Feb 1855 at Deloit, Ia. John Dobson b 21 Feb 1834 d 21 Oct 1911 and they are both buried at Deloit, Ia. They had the following children:
  1. Marinda Dobson md Jesse Mason.
  2. Julia Ann Dobson (twin) b 21 Feb 1857 md ____ Willey.
  3. Mary J. Dobson (twin) b 21 Feb 1857 d 27 Feb 1890 buried in Deloit, Ia. md ____ Hatfield.
  4. Clinton Dobson.
  5. Franklyn Dobson.
  6. Julian and
  7. Julius Dobson.
  8. John Henry Lawrence Dobson.
  9. Cora Dobson md ____ Wanless.
  10. Edith C. Dobson b 1 Mar 1876 d and was buried in Independence, Mo. md Gus Putbreese.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-5-1-3-7-1-1-3SAMANTHA WINANS who d at age 8 buried at Vail, Ia.
*1-5-1-3-7-1-1-4HENRY SHIVELY WINANS b 3 Apr 1842 d 30 Aug 1902 in Vail, Ia., md (1) Louisa Bennett, md (2) Belle Lowery, md (3) Martha Minnie Hattery.
 1-5-1-3-7-1-1-5CLARA ELIZABETH WINANS b 22 Jan 1844 d 13 Dec 1913 md ca 1905      Olney.
 1-5-1-3-7-1-1-6SARAH WINANS b 8 Mar 1846 d 20 Feb 1866 and was the 1st wife of Soloman Slater.
*1-5-1-3-7-1-1-7GEORGE SHIVELY WINANS b 18 Feb 1848 d 11 May 1922 in Bureau Co., Ill. md Sarah Sabina McKim.


7th Gen

JOHN was b in Ohio, settled in Crawford Co., Pa. ca 1860 to prospect for oil. John md (3) 28 June 1868 Cordelia Baugher dau of Daniel and Mary (Gibson) Baugher. John was a Carriage Blacksmith in Townville. John was living in 1885.
Ref: JB.

 1-5-1-3-11-1-1-1LENA L. WINANS
 1-5-1-3-11-1-1-2FRED WINANS
 1-5-1-3-11-1-1-3FLOYD WINANS

7th Gen

JAMES N. b ca 1844 was 6 in 1850, 16 in 1860 and d in 1932 at age 88. He md Catherine Shaffer who was 45 in the 1880 census. They lived in Milton. A Polk Winans was sometimes confused with this James N. Winans. The late Eva Scott, genealogist of Youngstown, recalls Polk living alone in a shack as an old man, apparently a drifter and not above suspicion of his neighbors.
Ref: The above data on James Winans was sent to me by John Baldwin of Cleveland, Ohio.

 1-5-1-3-11-6-5-1JOLIET WINANS d young. This would be the Jollis, age 3 in 1880.
 1-5-1-3-11-6-5-2DAVID WINANS d young.
 1-5-1-3-11-6-5-3ALBERT WINANS d young.
 1-5-1-3-11-6-5-4JOHN WINANS d young.
 1-5-1-3-11-6-5-5MARY WINANS was age 1 in 1880, d young.
 1-5-1-3-11-6-5-6MAUD WINANS d young.
 1-5-1-3-11-6-5-7ANNA WINANS b 10 Feb 1877. Appears as EVEANNA age 4 in 1880. She md Vinton Porter of Milton. John Baldwin met her in 1947. They had the following children:
  1. Joseph Porter.
  2. Gertrude Porter md ____ Helsel.
  3. Dorothy Porter md ____ Shade.
  4. Hattie Porter md ____ Alman.
  5. Rose Porter md ____ Spell.
 1-5-1-3-11-6-5-8ADAM WINANS age 8 mo. in 1880 not on traditional list of children of James N., but probably synonymous with one of the above sons who died young.

7th Gen

JOHN was b ca 1847, was 3 in 1850, 14 in 1860, 35 in 1880. He md Rebecca      who was 29 in 1880. Rebecca was perhaps the Rebecca Winans of Milton who died 19 Nov 1887.
Ref: JB.


 1-5-1-3-11-6-6-1EVA WINANS b ca 1874, 6 in 1880.
 1-5-1-3-11-6-6-2NORA WINANS b ca 1875, 5 in 1880.
A dau of John lived in Detroit with seven children. Remark by J. B.

7th Gen

SAMUEL was b 22 Aug 1834 in Rockland, Pa. d 8 Apr 1917 in Taconville, Pa. md (1) 15 July 1858 in Randolph, Crawford, Pa. Margaret Ann Merritt b 22 Feb 1838 in Pennline, Crawford, Pa. d 5 June 1864 in Richmond, Pa. dau of James and Anna (Miller) Merritt. Md (2) 17 Dec 1865 in Richmond, Pa. Nancy Ann Merritt b 2 Dec 1844 in Perne Lane, Pa. d 12 Aug 1913 in Randolph, Pa. dau of Ransom and Rose (Landon) Merritt.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-5-1-3-11-7-1-1ARENA ANN WINANS b 24 Jan 1860 in Richmond, Crawford, Pa. md William Flack.
 1-5-1-3-11-7-1-2MARGARET ANN WINANS b 13 May 1864 in Richmond, Pa. md Frank Phelps.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-5-1-3-11-7-1-3ROSE MAY WINANS b 9 May 1869 in Richmond, Pa. md (1) 21 Oct 1888 in Richmond, Fred L. Sayre b 27 Jan 1867 in Richmond, Pa. d 5 June 1895 in Pa. son of Praul and Jane (Cowden) Sayre. They had the following children:
  1. Treva Helene Sayre b 15 Aug 1889 in Richmond, Pa. md Adalbert S. Helpbringer.
  2. Jesse Levi Sayre b 15 Dec 1891 in Richmond, Pa. d 10 Jan 1925 in Akron, Ohio md Fern Henton.
  3. Jasper Deane Sayre b 19 May 1893 in Richmond, Pa. md Grace Williams.
  4. Fred Floyd Sayre b 19 Mar 1895 in Richmond, Pa. md Grace Weber.
Rose May Winans md (2) 29 Sept 1909 in Townville, Crawford, Pa. Henry Buckley b 30 Jan 1851 in Ticonderoga, Essex, N. Y. son of Henry and Harriet Buckley. No children.
 1-5-1-3-11-7-1-4VIOLET EVANGELINE WINANS b 8 Mar 1873 in Richmond, Pa. md 30 Aug 1893 in Guys Mills, Crawford, Pa. Clarence Judd Drake b 18 Sept 1867 in Brown Hill, Crawford, Pa. son of Hiram Judd and Betsey (Morton) Drake. They had the following children:
  1. Archie Leo Drake b 2 Jan 1895 in Richmond, Pa. md Ruth M. McFeeter.
  2. Neva Laura Drake b 14 June 1900 in Tillotson, Pa. md Harold B. Fitch.
 1-5-1-3-11-7-1-5VICTOR EUGENE WINANS b 22 Feb 1874 in Richmond, Pa. md 4 Mar 1914 in Meadville, Crawford, Pa. Katherine Orrilla Boswell b 22 Feb 1873 in Tidioute, Warren, Pa. dau of Joseph and Anna (Purvis) Boswell. No children.


7th Gen

JOHN G. was b 14 July 1836 in Garretsville, Portage, Ohio d 16 Mar 1917 at Townville, Crawford, Pa. md 4 July 1863 at Blooming Valley, Crawford, Pa. Harriet Bidwell d 31 Mar 1918 at Townville, Crawford, Pa. and was the dau of Walter and Sarah (Potter) Bidwell.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Martha Minder, Holly, Mich., Mr. Paul L. Winans, Meadville, Pa. a grandson.

 1-5-1-3-11-7-2-1CORA ELVA WINANS b 28 Aug 1865 in Richmond Twp., Crawford. Pa. md 18 Feb 1886 Frederick Thomas Carter son of Wheeler and Mary Jane (Small) Carter. Frederick was b 18 Aug 1862 in Bloomfield, Pa. They had two sons:
  1. Guy Trew Carter b 30 June 1887.
  2. Ray Lyvern Carter b 30 June 1889.
Ref: Carter Family Gen., Lansing Library, Lansing, Mich. sent to me by Mrs. Martha Minder.
 1-5-1-3-11-7-2-2DAVID WALLACE WINANS b 19 Apr 1867 in Richmond Twp.. Pa. d 11 Sept 1937 at Townville, Crawford, Pa. md 23 Sept 1897 Harriet A. Carpenter who d 24 Dec 1935 at Townville, Crawford, Pa. They have one living dau at this time (1976) Mrs. Marian Courtney.
*1-5-1-3-11-7-2-3ERNEST L. WINANS b 12 Apr 1870 in Richmond Twp., Crawford, Pa. d 16 Nov 1913 at Franklin, Venango, Pa. md 25 Oct 1899 at Franklin, Pa. Armitta (Minnie) Snyder who d 4 Aug 1954 at Meadville, Pa.
 1-5-1-3-11-7-2-4DORA WINANS b 28 May 1872 at Richmond Twp., Crawford, Pa. d 27 June 1915.
 1-5-1-3-11-7-2-5RACHEL WINANS b 26 May 1875 in Richmond Twp., Crawford, Pa. d 13 Sept 1930.
 1-5-1-3-11-7-2-6NINA LUCRETTA WINANS b 4 Dec 1878 in Richmond Twp., md Tom Hampe. They have one son in Pomona, Calif., Lawrence T. Hampe.

7th Gen

WILLIAM was b 15 Nov 1847 in Richmond, Pa. d 26 Nov 1919 in Richmond, Pa. md 23 Sept 1883 in Blooming Valley, Crawford, Pa. Rosanna Frost b 3 Jan 1859 in Richmond, Pa. d 23 Nov 1943 dau of David Adolphus and Elizabeth (Gray) Frost.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Vernice Winans Patton of Conneaut Lake, Pa.

 1-5-1-3-11-7-8-1LINDA WINANS b 11 Oct 1886 in Richmond, Pa. is now deceased, md Oct 1907 Albert Clark. They had the following children:
  1. Bernita May Clark b 18 May 1908 in Rome Twp., Pa.
  2. William Philip Clark b 24 Apr 1910 in Troy, Crawford, Pa.
*1-5-1-3-11-7-8-2HARRY WINANS b 3 Apr 1889 in Richmond, Crawford, Pa. d 17 Aug 1964 md 26 Sept 1911 in Meadville, Crawford, Pa. Vera Smith.


Ill. md 10 May 1872 (1) Ruth Ann Brown b Nov 1857 at Taylorsville, Ind. d 16 Aug 1873 at Edinburg, Ind., md (2) 13 Dec 1875 Mary Jane Gibson b 3 Feb 1860 at Edinburg, Ind.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-2-5-3-9-2-1ROBERT IRA WINANS b 11 Feb 1873 in Edinburg, Johnson, Ind. md 1 Jan 1898 in Indianapolis, Ind. Elizabeth Jane Joyce b 1 Jan 1879 in Crawfordsville, Ind. dau of William J. and Mary Ettie (Banister) Joyce. There were no children on this record.

Child by 2nd wife:

 1-5-2-5-3-9-2-2LEWIS WINANS b 10 May 1878 at Edinburg, Ind.

7th Gen

CHARLES EDWIN was b 1852 probably in Middletown, Ohio d 8 July 1912 in Dayton, Ohio buried in Edinburg, Ind. md Viola Johnson b 1857 d 26 Nov 1909.
Ref: IW., Mr. Charles A. Winans of Morris, Ill.

*1-5-2-5-3-9-4-1ARTHUR ROY WINANS b 12 July 1880 in Edinburg, Ind. d 18 Aug 1943 buried in Morris, Ill. md 4 Sept 1901 in Chicago, Ill. Louise Marie Jaunke.
 1-5-2-5-3-9-4-2EDNA MAY WINANS b 1883 d 1958 buried in Royal Oak, Mich, md in 1936 Clarence Blackmon. No children. Clarence was from Painesville, Ohio.
 1-5-2-5-3-9-4-3RALPH HASFORD WINANS b 12 Feb 1886 in Edinburg, Johnson, Ind. md 21 Feb 1905 in Shelbyville, Ind. Flora Mae Sneppe b 18 Sept 1888 in Shelbyville, Ind. dau of Calvin Allen and Nancy Caroline (Cunningham) Sneppe. They had the following children:
  1. Lillian Irene Winans b 9 Feb 1907 in Edinburg, Ind.
  2. Viola Mae Winans b 16 Jan 1909 in Shelbyville, Ind.
  3. Mary Louise Winans d in infancy in 1913 at Edinburg, Ind.
Ralph Winans has been married twice since Flora Mae died and has several more children. Information not available at this time. Ralph is a Pentecosal Minister.

7th Gen

GEORGE IRA was b 24 Nov 1848 in Warren Co., Ohio d 9 Mar 1915 in Columbus, Ind. md 9 June 1880 in Columbus, Ind. Ella Martha Wallace b 15 Aug 1853 in Jefferson Co., Ind. dau of John Morris and Mary Jane (Duffy) Wallace.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-2-5-3-11-1-1EARL WALLACE WINANS5 b 13 May 1881 in Columbus, Ind. md Kathleen Rose Thompson. No children recorded.
 1-5-2-5-3-11-1-2MARY APPLEGATE WINANS b 21 Oct 1884 in Columbus, Ind. unmarried in 1916.


 1-5-2-5-3-11-1-3RALPH EDDY WINANS b 13 Oct 1887 in Columbus, Ind. unmarried in 1916.

7th Gen

WILLIAM FRANCIS was b 29 Aug 1850 in Edinburg, Ind. d 10 May 1887 in Indianapolis, Ind. md Aug 1880 Mary Ida Crossland b in Hope, Ind. dau of Joham Crossland.
Ref: Miss Lynne M. Winans, Bradford, Mass.

*1-5-2-5-3-11-2-1FRANCIS WILLIAM WINANS b 6 July 1881 in Columbus, Ind. d 14 Apr 1934 in Akron, Ohio md 24 Apr 1907 in Evansville, Ind. Valeda Blanche Daum.

7th Gen

HIRAM WEBSTER was b 4 Oct 1830 in Miami Co., Ohio md 27 May 1853 at Quinsey, Ohio Priscilla Ann Hollingshead b 24 Nov 1832 at Sidney, Shelby, Ohio d 27 Mar 1885 at Springville, Iowa dau of John B. and Elizabeth (Persinger) Hollingshead.
Ref: IW., JB., Mrs. Lila Hamilton Finne of Torrance, California.

 1-5-5-1-1-4-2-1MOSES WATSON WINANS b 8 Jan 1854 at Iowa City, Johnson, Ia. d 2 Sept 1907 at Meade, Kan. buried there, unmarried.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-2-2ELLA E. WINANS b 16 May 1856 at Springville, Linn, Ia. md 28 Feb 1882 at Springville, Ia. Everett T. McShane son of Barnabus and Elizabeth McShane. No record of any children.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-2-3MYRTLE MAY WINANS b 1 May 1867 at Maine, Linn, Ia. md Charles Victor Secrist. They had at least one dau, Irma Secrist who md Roy Schwab.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-2-4IVA D. WINANS b 10 Nov 1872 at Springville, Ia. md at Rock Island, Ill. David Clarence Bowman b 28 Oct 1874 at Marion, Linn, Ia. son of Abraham and Pauline (Beckner) Bowman. They had a son Wesley Clarence Bowman b 16 May 1908 at Springville, Ia.

7th Gen

WILLIAM BROWN was b 21 Dec 1838 at Sidney, Shelby, Ohio d 18 Oct 1917 at Santa Ana, Calif, md 4 July 1866 at Springville, Linn, Ia. Mary Jane Gibson b 27 Sept 1845 at Westville, Columbiana, Ohio dau of David Dickey and Tacee (Stanly) Gibson.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Lila Hamilton Finne of Torrence, California.

 1-5-5-1-1-4-6-1ONEIDA ETHELYN WINANS b 11 Sept 1870 at Springville, Ia. d Mar 1905 in Santa Ana, Calif, md 20 Dec 1891 in Santa Ana,


 Calif. Elmer Calvin Lindsay b 29 Jan 1868 at Windsor, Sonoma, Calif, d 1 May 1900 in San Francisco, Calif. They had the following children:
  1. Elmer Kenneth Lindsay b 24 Apr 1893 in Santa Ana, Calif.
  2. Leora Oneida Lindsay b 5 May 1894 at Santa Ana, Calif.
  3. William Edward Lindsay b 29 Aug 1897 at Santa Ana, Calif.
*1-5-5-1-1-4-6-2JOHN CHARLES WINANS b 25 May 1873 in New York, N. Y. (adopted 14 Feb 1880) md 27 Dec 1897 at Santa Ana, Calif. Bessie May Harlin.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-6-3MARY ELIZABETH (Mamie) WINANS b 1 Mar 1886 at Marion, Ia. (adopted 23 Apr 1889) unmarried.

7th Gen

DAVID CLARK was b 30 Nov 1843 at Sidney, Shelby, Ohio d 17 Mar 1921 at Newport Beach, Calif, md 16 May 1868 at Wooster, Wayne Co., Ohio Mary Marjory Hossler b 24 Apr 1850 d 19 Mar 1885 at Elsinore, Calif, dau of Michael and Kate (Bowers) Hossler.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Lila Hamilton Finne of Torrance, Calif.

 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-1LUELLA IMOJEAN WINANS b 27 Feb 1869 in Springville, Ia. d 22 Oct 1881 at same.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-2ALBERT DAVID WINANS b 1 June 1870 at Springville, Ia. d 20 Dec 1887 at Elsinore, Calif.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-3ANNA WINANS b 14 Feb 1873 at Springville, Ia. md _?_ Ringley.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-4HENRY NEAL WINANS b 22 Dec 1874 at Springville, Ia. d 19 Feb 1897 at Santa Ana, Calif.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-5RUTHERFORD HAYS WINANS b 19 Nov 1876 at Springville, Ia. d 10 Oct 1881 at same.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-6MURRAY MICHAEL WINANS b 28 July 1878 at Springville, Ia. d 1 Nov 1881 at same.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-7CLARK GARFIELD WINANS b 22 July 1880 at Springville, Ia., unmar.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-8SUSAN LOVE WINANS b 15 June 1882 at Springville, Ia. md 17 June 1902 at Santa Ana, Calif. Francis Marion Fox b 29 June 1882 at San Juan Springs, Orange, Calif. Son of John Sindall and Margaret Elizabeth (Spear) Fox. They had the following children:
  1. Anna Katharine Fox b 25 Nov 1903 at Santa Ana, Calif.
  2. Clarence Sindall Fox b 13 May 1906 at Los Angeles, Calif.
 1-5-5-1-1-4-7-9JENNIE WINANS b 21 July 1884 at Hastings, Adams, Neb. md 23 Apr 1904 at Santa Ana, Calif. Thomas Jonathan Holder b 30 Sept 1880 at St. Louis, Mo. son of Jonathan and Mary Ellen (Nichols) Holder. They had at least one son, Thomas William Holder b 26 June 1905 at Santa Ana, Calif.


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1 Dr. Isaac's biography appears on page 387 of History of Beaver County, Pennsylvania, by Joseph H. Bausman, Knickerbocker Press, New York, 1904, available on line in the Historic Pittsburgh collection of the University of Pittsburgh:

Isaac Winans was born in Milton, Mahoning County, Ohio, July 3, 1811. He was a son of Jacob and Elcy (Sutherland) Winans. His early education was obtained at Milton and Georgetown, Ohio, and he was a close student all his life. He read medicine with Dr. John Delenbaugh of Georgetown, Ohio, and received his degree as Doctor of Medicine from the Cincinnati Medical College, Cincinnati, Ohio. After his graduation he located tor the practice of his profession in New Brighton, Pa., and with the exception of one year (1873) spent in Youngstown, Ohio, remained there from 1844 until 1877. His brother. Dr. John S. Winans, studied with him, and was his partner for a few years shortly after he came to New Brighton. August 1, 1837, he was married to Ann Eliza Sheets of Deerfield, Mahoning County, Ohio. The children of this marriage were Jacob S., Mary E. (now Mrs. Ary W. Browning), Elsie A. (Mrs. John Corbus), J. Alexander, Sarah A. (Mrs. Myron Wood), E. Virginia (Mrs. John W. Evans), Charles W., and Helen (Mrs. S. E. Ward).

Dr. Winans was for many years an elder in the Presbyterian Church of New Brighton. In politics he was a Republican. His death occurred in New Brighton, December 3, 1877, and he is buried in Grove Cemetery, that place.

2 Major Jacob S. Winans wrote a number of letters during his Civil War service which were sold recently at auction. He is listed on page 531 of the History of Beaver County in "Company H, 9th Regiment, Pennsylvania Reserve Corps, 38th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, recruited at New Brighton for a term of three years, mustered into service, May 24, 1861", appointed Captain 28 Feb 1863 and brevetted Major 13 Mar 1865.
3 Dr. John S. Winans' biography appears immediately after his brother's in History of Beaver County:

John Sutherland Winans, M.D., was born September 25, 1812, in the Western Reserve, at Milton, Mahoning County, Ohio, second son of Jacob and Elcy (Sutherland) Winans. His father was of Dutch descent, first settling to Maryland; his mother of the Scotch Highlanders, direct descendants from the Sutherlands of Sutherlandshire, Scotland. His father was a lieutenant in the War of 1812. His collegiate education began at Western Reserve College, Cleveland, Ohio. He graduated from the Cincinnati College of Medicine and Surgery in 1858, and commenced the practice of his profession in New Brighton, Pa., associated with his brother, Dr. Isaac Winans. Later he practised in Bellaire, Ohio; Rochester, Pa.; and Allegheny, until the time of his death, February 5, 1881. He was a member of Beaver County and Allegheny County medical societies. Dr. Winans was married in New Brighton to Eliza Maria Reno, only daughter of Thomas Thorn Reno, son of Rev. Francis Reno, the first Episcopal minister west of the Alleghenies. His widow and six children survive him; three sons, John S. F., Louis A. R., Thomas R., and three daughters, Elsie M., Margaret A., and Lyda L. (now Mrs. Franklin A. Dean), all residing in Pittsburg.

4 When I transcribed this page, I commented:

Since this person is apparently a female, her first name should probably be Frances.

A visitor to the Winans message boards gives her name as Eliza E. Winans, born 1860, and states:
In the 1860 census she's listed with the initials E. E. V. and in 1870 she's listed as Eliza E. Winans... She died before 1904. The History of Beaver County was published in that year and the bio on her father Dr. John Winans did not mention her as one of his surviving daughters...
5 This Earl Winans appears to have been mentioned on page 3 of the Columbus (IN) Daily Herald, 9 Sep 1901, quoted on RootsWeb's IN-SOUTH-CENTRAL mailing list:


Earl Winans left for Purdue yesterday morning, and Messrs. John Scott, Clarence Hall and Clifford Newsom went up this morning.

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