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 1-5-5-3-10-5HARRIET WINANS b 1 June 1831 at Seneca Falls, N. Y. d 7 Aug 1895 at Vermont, Ill., unmarried.
*1-5-5-3-10-6MAHLON WINANS Jr. b 20 Feb 1834 d 16 Oct 1894 md 12 Jan 1857 at Albany, Ill. Julia Louisa Harmon.
*1-5-5-3-10-7GEORGE ORLANDO WINANS b 8 Jan 1839 (this date can't be right as his father died in 1834 but it is the date given in IW's mms.) in Comanche, Iowa d 22 Jan 1926 at St. Paul, Minn, md 23 Nov 1863 at Mt. Carroll, Ill. Emily Seaman.
There was supposed to be eight children but I do not have the name of the eighth. Note by AWE.

5th Gen

ANTHONY VAN ARSDALE was b 1787 d 26 Aug 1849 at Saratoga Springs, N. Y. unmarried, lived with a Mrs. Jay as his common law wife. Lived in Burlington, Vermont.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-6-2-4-1ADA WINANS md      Troubetskoy, a Russian Prince who d 1901. She was an opera singer. They had 3 sons, Peter an artist, Paul a sculptor, and Eugene. Peter was killed 18 Oct 1911. Paul died 1938 and Pierre died in 1936. This information by Ralph Winans of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. It must have been Eugene who was killed in 1911.1
See articles.

5th Gen

WILLIAM WANTON was b 20 Aug 1792 d 19 July 1888 in New York City md 18 Aug 1816 Eliza Rebecca Webb b 18 May 1798 d 17 Feb 1870 and was the dau of Samuel Webb. William was in the war of 1812.
Ref: I have the death record of Sara (Sarah) Adelaide (Badlam) Winans from the court house records here in Napa, Calif, as she died in Calistoga, Calif, which is in Napa, County. Informant was Mrs. Edna Meagher.
Other Ref. IW.

*1-5-6-2-6-1ANTHONY WILLIAM WINANS was b 22 Apr 1818 in N. Y. City d 6 May 1877 in L. I. City, N. Y. buried in N. Y. City Marble Cemetery. He md 13 Dec 1848 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess co., N. Y. Margaret Jane Montgomery.
*1-5-6-2-6-2JOSEPH WEBB WINANS b 18 July 1820 at N. Y. City d 31 Mar 1887 at San Francisco, Calif, md 30 May 1854 Sara Adelaide Badlam.
 1-5-6-2-6-3ELIZA MARGARET WINANS b 27 Nov 1822 at N. Y. City d 28 Mar 1901 in N. Y. buried in Hopkinton, N. H. md 18 June 1851 in N. Y. City, Robert Barclay Currier b 1 July 1818 in Hopkinton, Merrimac, N. H. d 3 Oct 1903 in N. Y. City, buried in Hopkinton. They had the following children:
  1. Ella Louise Currier b 28 Nov 1852 in N. Y. City md 30 Oct 1872 Robert R. Kimball who d 2 May 1904 and was the son of John Shackford and Mary Eldridge (Stevens) Kimball. There were no children.
  2. Florence Josephine Currier b 20 Nov 1856 in N. Y. City md 18 Nov 1880 Theodore Edwin Neergaard son of Dr. William and Margaret (Thompson) Neergaard of N. Y. City.


 1-5-6-2-6-4SUSAN MARIA WINANS b 29 may 1826 d 5 Dec 1887 in N. Y. City md Andrew Jackson Stark b 8 Feb 1815 d 30 Nov 1881 in N. Y. City. They had one son, William Winans Stark b ca 1856 d 29 June 1863 age 7.
 1-5-6-2-6-5CATHERINE ALMARENA WINANS b 1828 md Hugh M. Gregory. No children.
*1-5-6-2-6-6BENJAMIN WEBB WINANS b 1 July 1831 d 13 Aug 1906 md 15 Feb 1865 Margaret(Mary) Hickman.
 1-5-6-2-6-7HESTER HART WINANS b 1834 d Dec 1885 in Sacramento, Calif. md John Henry Carroll. They had the following children:
  1. Harry W. Carroll.
  2. Leila Carroll md ____ Skeld lived in Sacramento, Calif. in 1920.
  3. Minnie Carroll md ____ Kaufman lived in Seattle, Wash. in 1920.
  4. No name.
  5. Flora Houghton Carroll md M. S. Wilson lived in Burlingame, Calif. in 1920.
 1-5-6-2-6-8JULIA ADELAIDE WINANS b 1836 md Edward D. Moore. They had two sons,
  1. William Winans Moore. William was b 7 Sept 1860 in N. Y. City.
  2. Francis Gregory Moore.
*1-5-6-2-6-9JOHN WINANS b 3 June 1838 in N. Y. City d 8 Jan 1900 at Asbury Park, N. Y. md in Mar 1867 in Rahway, N. J. Josephine Matilda Williams.

5th Gen

JOHN CALVIN was b 15 Feb 1803 in Janesburg, Middlesex Co., N. J. d 20 Nov 1874 md Maria Voorhees b 1808 in Millstone, Somerset Co., N. J. d 13 Mar 1888 in N. Y.
Ref: IW.

*1-5-6-2-9-1ANTHONY VOORHEES WINANS b 17 Feb 1826 in N. Y. d 9 Nov 1893 in St. Augustine, Florida md Mrs. Mattie Elsie (Hanson) Crabtree.
*1-5-6-2-9-2JOHN CARVER WINANS b 2 Nov 1828 in N. Y. d 10 July 1903 in San Francisco, Calif, md Mrs. Jane Maria (Everett) Wheeler.
*1-5-6-2-9-3HORATIO NELSON WINANS d 11 Oct 1887 md Mary Underhill.
 1-5-6-2-9-4DAVID G. WINANS d as infant.
 1-5-6-2-9-5HENRY STEVENS WINANS d 5 Jan 1890 in N. Y. City. No further data.
 1-5-6-2-9-6ANNA MARGARETA WINANS d 1 June 1836 age 4 years.
 1-5-6-2-9-7ANNA MARIA WINANS b 1836.
*1-5-6-2-9-8WILLIAM GREEN WINANS b 29 Aug 1845 in N. Y. City d 12 Mar 1905 in Jacksonville, Florida md 6 Nov 1875 in Middlesex Co., N. J. Mary Thompson deForest.

6th Gen

JACOB was b 5 Nov 1778 in N. J., d 24 Apr 1836 in Ky. md 27 June 1799 in Ky. Rachel Becroft b __?__ d 9 Apr 1827.
Ref: Mrs. Velma G. Clark of Jackson, Miss.

*1-5-1-1-3-5-1JOHN WINANS b __?__ d 16 Aug 1856 md (1) 4 Oct 1832 Lucinda Barnett,


 md (2) 21 June 1849 Isabella Rebecca Luke.

6th Gen

Dr. MATTHIAS W. was b 28 Mar 1791 probably in N. J. as the family did not migrate to Ohio until after 1801. The date is given as 1801-10. Dr. Matthias md on 5 Dec 1814 in Maysville, Ky. Mary January b 14 Feb 1793 d 12 Nov 1860 in Cincinnati, Ohio. Dr. Matthias d 7 July 1849 of cholera in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Ref: IW., Mrs. J. H. Button, Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Alton, Ill.

 1-5-1-1-3-10-1ADELIA WINANS b 25 May 1816 in Maysville, Ky. d 23 Mar 1903 in Columbus, Ohio md 6 Sept 1832 John Dawson who was a M.D. They had the following children:
  1. Samuel Dawson b 25 Nov 1834 d 21 Nov 1836.
  2. Joshua M. Dawson.
There were 5 daughters but I do not have their names.
*1-5-1-1-3-10-2JAMES JANUARY WINANS b 7 June 1818 in Maysville, Ky. d 28 Apr 1879 in Xenia, Ohio md 26 Sept 1843 Caroline Eliza Morris b 1822 d Nov 1915. James was a Judge and a U. S. Congressman.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-3ZERELDA WINANS b 25 Feb 1820 at Jamestown, Ohio d 31 Mar 1899 at Salem, Ill. md 28 Dec 1843 Dr. Daniel Keller Green b 2 Oct 1822 at Fairfield, Ohio d 23 Oct 1881 at Salem, Ill. They had the following children:
  1. Permelia Ann Green b 13 July 1850 at Jamestown, Ohio d 26 Oct 1925 at Jackson, Miss, md 13 May 1869 James Samuel Jackson b 15 Sept 1831 d 7 June 1896 at Salem, Ill. They had dau Mary Ellen Jackson b 1870 d 1948 md Thomas Sherman Marshall b 1864 d 1930. Their dau was Mary Louise Marshall b 1893 md John Henry Hutton in 1931. This information was sent to me by Mrs. Mary Louise Marshall Hutton of 187 E. Oakridge Park. Metairie, La.
  2. John M. Green.
  3. Judd Green.
  4. Winfield Scott Green.
  5. Henry Forest Green.
  6. Another child but I do not have the name.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-4WILSON C0BURN WINANS b 9 Apr 1822 at Jamestown, Ohio d 3 June 1894 at Centralia, Ill. md 12 Aug 1847 in Ky. Amanda Fitzallen Carlin. Wilson was a M. D. and a druggist. They had four children.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-5CLARISSA WINANS b 24 Dec 1823 in Jamestown, Ohio d 15 July 1896 in Lima, Ohio md 23 Nov 1840 William Harrison Harper b 29 Mar 1819 d 21 Apr 1901 in Lima, Ohio. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Adelia Harper b 9 Sept 1844 in Bellbrook, Ohio md Rufus King Sypro.
  2. Thomas Winans Harper b 3 Aug 1847 in Lima, Ohio d 7 Mar 1907 in Terre Haute, Ind.
  3. James Henry Harper b 13 June 1849 in Lima, Ohio d 7 Sept 1864 in Andersonville Prison during the Civil War, buried in the Nat. Cemetery.
  4. Clara Harper b 9 June 1851 in Lima, Ohio d 31 Aug 1863 in same.
  5. Fannie Harper b 17 Jan 1858 in Lima, Ohio d 31 Aug 1863.
  6. Vinnie Harper b 20 July 1860 in Lima, Ohio md William Arnst.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-6FANNY WINANS b 7 Dec 1825 in Jamestown, Ohio d 9 Mar 1909 in


 Cincinnati, Ohio md 29 Nov 1843 in Jamestown, Ohio Asa McClellan Syfers b 20 Feb 1819 in Waynesburgh, Pa. d 15 Aug 1866 in Cincinnati, Ohio son of Jacob and Elizabeth McClellan (Allison) Syfers. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Elizabeth Syfers b 1 Oct 1844 in Jamestown, d 26 July 1883 in Cin. Ohio md Wm. Henry Porter,
  2. Louis Harvey Syfers b 13 Jan 1848 in Jamestown, md Clara Griffith,
  3. Jessie Fremont Syfers b 26 Nov 1862 (unmarr.)
  4. James Winans Syfers b 24 June 1864 in Cin. d 20 Oct 1910 md Florence May Stump.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-7FOUNTAIN PERRY WINANS b 25 Jan 1828 in Jamestown, d 18 Feb 1829 in same.
*1-5-1-1-3-10-8HENRY CLAY WINANS b 31 Dec 1829 in Jamestown d 17 Oct 1884 in Muncie, Ind. md (1) 4 Feb 1854 in Jamestown Lucy Emily Dakin, md (2) 6 Sept 1860 Anabella Paullin.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-9THOMAS HUSTON JANUARY WINANS b 7 Apr 1833 in Jamestown, d 2 Nov 1833 in same.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-10SAMUEL JANUARY WINANS b 17 Nov 1836 in Jamestown d 25 Nov 1863 in the Battle of Missionary Ridge in the Civil War, buried in Jamestown, Ohio.

6th Gen

JOHN was b 23 Dec 1795 at N. Y. City, N. Y. d 1865 at Osawkie, Jeff., Kan. md Susannah Bargdoll. Susannah was 16 when she was married.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Frank Winans of Sacramento, California.

 1-5-1-1-3-12-1MATTHIAS WINANS b 1824 near Jamestown, Ohio md Mary Ann Beckworth on 28 Dec 1853 in La Harpe, Hancock, Ill. They had 8 children, 3 boys, and 5 girls but only the names of 2 are known at this time.
  1. Jane Winans who md ___ Riggs.
  2. Emma Winans.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-2HEGLER WINANS d unmarried.
*1-5-1-1-3-12-3GEORGE BARGDOLL WINANS b 8 Aug 1833 at Xenia, Ohio d 27 June 1901 at Osawkie, Jeff., Kan. md 24 Dec 1873 at Osawkie Sarah Adelia Busbee.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-4ELECTA WINANS b 1835 md Jeff Parks. They had the following children:
  1. Emmett Parks
  2. Orpha Parks
 1-5-1-1-3-12-5DAUGHTER name not known at this time but information says that she was an invalid.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-6NANCY WINANS md Samuel Humphrey.
*1-5-1-1-3-12-7JOEL WINANS b 15 Aug 1838 at Xenia, Ohio d 23 Aug 1902 at Erie, Kan. md Aug 1865 at La Harpe, Ill. Mrs. Angeline (Applegate) Thorp.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-8SOLOMAN WINANS (called Dock) md Maud      and they had a dau Josie Winans.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-9MARY ANN WINANS.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-10DANIEL WINANS.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-11JEFFERSON WINANS.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-12ROY or RAY WINANS.


6th Gen

JOHN was b ca 1777 d shortly before 19 Apr 1814 in Hardiston Twp. Sussex Co., N.J. This death date is taken from a deed found in Book A-2 pg 227 Sussex Co., Newton, N. J. This deed tells about John Hinds being assignee of all the estate of John Winans, consisting of land (property} situated in the Twp. of Hardiston, and located near land owned by his father Matthias (1-5-1-1-5). John married Caroline Gardner on 20 Sept 1798 at Vernon, Sussex Co., N. J. She was b 21 Feb 1782 dau of Christopher and Elizabeth Gardner. Christopher Gardner was a soldier of the Revolution and was b about 1759 in Morris Co., N. J. and lived in Sussex Co. where he d after 17 June 1805, date of his will. Deed and the will of Christopher Gardner, father of Caroline, lists John Winans as the executor, and are on file in the DAR Library, Washington, D. C. Elizabeth Gardner had two sisters, Rachel, wife of Daniel Alenton, and Nancy wife of Benjamin Alenton. The marriage of John and Caroline Gardner Winans is recorded in the office of the Co. Clerk, Newton. N. J.
Ref: I.W., Mrs. Alice Winans Wightman of Alton, Ill.

*1-5-1-1-5-1-1WILLIAM GARDNER WINANS b 1800 d 7 Jan 1872 at Rockville, Conn, md Electa Riggs.
*1-5-1-1-5-1-2MARK WINANS b 14 Mar 1810 d 20 Nov 1841 in Rossville, N. Y. md 13 Sept 1831 in N. Y. City, N. Y., Sarah Ann Prall.
 1-5-1-1-5-1-3CHARLES WINANS md Sabrina Garibrant.

6th Gen

BENJAMIN was b ____ d 1830 md Hannah Estelle Hess who d 1873 at Paterson, N. J. All of their children were b at Stockholm, Sussex Co., N. J.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-1-1-5-3-1SIDNEY WINANS d at Paterson, N. J. md Henrietta _?_. They divorced, no chi1dren.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-2MATTHIAS WINANS d 1860 at Paterson, N. J. md Nancy Pettigrew. They adopted Nancy's nephew and named him Matthias Cummings Winans. He d 1916 had md Della _?_ and they had two daughters.
*1-5-1-1-5-3-3THOMAS WINANS md (1) Letty _?_. Md (2) Malinda _?_. Md (3) Anne Vail.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-4SAMUEL WINANS d at Paterson, N. J. md Phoebe Scott who d at Paterson, no children.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-5JOHN WINANS d ca 12 years of age.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-6JULIA WINANS md John Stalter and they had the following children:
  1. Sidney Stalter.
  2. Jeremiah (Jerry) Stalter.
  3. Charlotte Stalter md Henry Scott.
  4. Selina Stalter.
  5. George Benjamin Stalter who md twice.
 1-5-1-1-5-3-7ELIZA WINANS d at Paterson, N. J. md Edward Hackett.
*1-5-1-1-5-3-8WILLIAM BRANT WINANS b 6 June 1826 d 6 Jan 1871 at Paterson, N. J. md 20 Sept 1849 at Paterson, N. J. Isabella Sutherland Crawford.


6th Gen

OBADIAH2 was b 22 Dec 1784 in Sussex Co., N. J. d 15 Dec 1868 in Clermont Co., Ohio md ca 1805 Amy Simons b 18 Nov 1792 d 30 July 1856 in Clermont Co., Ohio. Both are buried at the Old Bethel Cemetery at Bantam, Ohio, I have pictures of Obadiah's old homestead and also his and Amy's gravestones.
Ref: This information sent to me by Mrs. Susan S. Watson of Chattanooga, Tenn. a Greatgranddaughter of Obadiah Winans.

 1-5-1-1-7-4-1CALEB WINANS died young (unmarried)
 1-5-1-1-7-4-2WILLIAM WINANS md Elizabeth      and they had 2 daughters, lived and died in Clermont Co., Ohio at the Winans Home place.
 1-5-1-1-7-4-3SILAS WINANS md Susan      and they had a daughter, Lydia Winans and a son Charles A. Winans who md Harriet E.     . Both children married but neither had any children,
 1-5-1-1-7-4-4BETSEY WINANS d in Ohio md Nathaniel Dailey. They had the following children:
  1. Benjamin Dailey b 3 June 1846 in Clermont Co. d 22 Dec 1933 in Catoosa Co., Ga. md (1) Olive Wheeler b Aug 1843 d 27 Aug 1907. Both are buried in Catoosa Co., Ga. at the Methodist Church Cemetery at Boynton, Ga. Benjamin Dailey md (2) Isadore Trimble but there were no children from this union. Benjamin and Olive (Wheeler) Dailey had the following children:
    1. Lloyd Alpheus Dailey b 26 Feb 1871 in Olathe, Kan d 11 Dec 1946 in Walker Co., Ga. md (1) Edith Corbly and they had one dau,
      1. Olive Ethel Dailey b 6 May 1900 in Walker Co., Ga. md 29 May 1923 Luke E. Williams.
      Lloyd md (2) 28 Aug 1912 at Rossville, Ga. Lilly Anna Leinbach b 19 Oct 1883 in Darke Co., Ohio d June 1961 in Toledo, Ohio dau of Thomas J. and Ella (Rush) Leinbach. They had two dau,
      1. Ella Wheeler Dailey b 11 Oct 1913 in Walker Co., Ga. who never married and
      2. Margaret Leinbach Dailey b 23 Nov 1918 in Walker Co., Ga. md 11 July 1949 in Catoosa Co., Ga. Clarence William Idarius, Jr. b 20 Nov 1913 in Chicago, Ill. son of Clarence W. Idarius, Sr. and Olive (Jobes) Idarius. They had two daughters,
        1. Mary Ellen Idarius b 22 Oct 1952 at Toledo, Ohio and
        2. Ann Kristine Idarius b 27 June 1955 at Oak Park, Ill.
    2. Hiram Ethelbert Dailey b June 1872 in Clermont Co., Ohio d 27 Dec 1945 md Lizzie Bowman. Both are buried at the Newman Springs Methodist Church Cemetery in Catoosa Co., Ga. They had one dau, Herraina Dailey who md Albert Stancil and they had one son, Albert Stancil Jr.
    3. May Dailey b May 1875 in Clermont Co., Ohio d 1933 md Enos Martin. They had three children:
      1. Lois Martin b 6 Aug 1897 md Birch Harrell, lives in Daisy, Hamilton Co., Tenn.
      2. Harvey Martin b 18 Feb 1899 lives in California.
      3. Newell Martin b 22 Jan 1903 md ____ Garner, widow now living in California.
    4. Arch Dailey b 27 Apr 1877 in Clermont Co, d 30 Dec 1947 md (1) Clara Ward, md (2) Ozelle Smith. Arch and Clara had four children,
      1. Ralph Dailey,
      2. Byron Dailey,
      3. Estelle Dailey who died young,
      4. Leota Dailey md Robert Maddox.
      Arch and Ozelle had two children,


      1. Hortense Dailey md (1) Claude Dacus, md (2) Jim Temple.
      2. Olive Kathryn Dailey md A. F. Warlick.
    1. William F. Dailey b Aug 1879 d 29 July 1940 md Jennie Huskey. They had three children:
      1. Seth Ward Dailey b 25 Aug 1907 md Gladys Mullis b 23 June 1909. Seth was a Lt. Col. in the U. S. Army. They had the following children:
        1. Bill Dailey b 25 Jan 1934. Bill married Linda ____ and they have three children:
          1. Anita b 28 Feb 1959.
          2. Brenda b 26 June 1961.
          3. Christine b 29 July 1962.
        2. Jane Dailey b 16 Sept 1936 who married [whom?] and has two children,
          1. Kathy b 4 Apr 1958 and
          2. John Ward b 24 May 1960.
        3. Laura Dailey b 19 Dec 1939 who married [whom?] and has two children,
          1. Steve b 7 Aug 1959 and
          2. David b 16 Oct 1960.
        4. Mike Dailey b 17 June 1946.
        5. Pat Dailey b 13 Dec 1949.
      2. Merrill Dailey b 1 Oct 1917 md Mildred Urban b 1 June 1920. They have two children,
        1. Jeanne Dailey b 6 Sept 1947 and
        2. Andy Dailey b 7 June 1950.
      3. Gladys Dailey md Brown Nevels b 29 July 1918.
    2. Grace Dailey b 1882 in Clermont Co., d 1901, unmarried.
    3. Laura Dailey b 9 Apr 1885 in Clermont Co., d 1922 md Charlie Smith. They had the following children:
      1. Dailey Smith md Sylvia ____.
      2. Ruth Smith md Roy Keith.
      3. Velma Smith b 12 Jan 1914 md Charlie Davis b 29 Apr 1915 and they had one dau, Laura Esta Smith [should be Laura Esta DAVIS?] b 13 Aug 1948. They live in Hartford, Conn.
      4. Rachel Smith md (1) Perry Lyons and they had three sons,
        1. Perry Donald Lyons b 21 Aug 1935 md Judy Barrineau.
        2. Marion David Lyons b 3 Feb 1938 md Neda Hollingsworth and they have two children,
          1. David b 5 Jan 1961 and
          2. Olivia Ann b 8 Dec 1962.
        3. Albert Sidney Lyons b 26 Aug 1939 md Betty Shelton and they have two children,
          1. Albert Sidney Lyons Jr. b 18 June 1960 and
          2. Cynthia Lyons b 9 Oct 1962.
        Rachel Smith md (2) H. H. Gregory b 6 Mar 1902 and they had three children,
        1. Hamilton Gregory b 15 Oct 1946,
        2. Windburn Gregory b 6 July 1948 and
        3. Linda Gregory b 18 Aug 1952.
      5. Mary Smith md Philip Keith.
    4. John W. Dailey b 26 Sept 1887 in Clermont Co., md Virgie Ross.
    5. Edna Dailey b 23 Oct 1894 in Catoosa Co., Ga. md Dock Empson who d in 1954.
    6. Obadiah Dailey md twice.
    7. David Dailey never married.
    8. Mary Ann Dailey md ____ Rogers, had son Harvey Rogers.
    Nathaniel Dailey had two other children by another wife, Dick Dailey who md twice and Emma Dailey md ____ Baber.
These are family records of Mrs. John W. Dailey 1957 and also records of Mrs. Susan S. Watson.
 1-5-1-1-7-4-5LYDIA WINANS md      Dunn and they had 2 daughters,
  1. Ollie Dunn and
  2. Deborah Dunn.
 1-5-1-1-7-4-6MARY WINANS b 24 Mar 1818 in Clermont Co., Ohio md William Shepard b 29 Jan 1805 in Pa. Both d between 1885/90 in Clermont Co. They had the following children:
  1. Benjamin Shepard b 1840 in Clermont Co., d young, unmarried.
  2. Samuel Dolan Shepard b 6 Aug 1846 in Clermont Co., md Josephine Temple on 8 Oct 1877 at Titusville, Pa. She was b 14 Apr 1855 d Jan 1935 at Chattanooga, Tenn. Samuel d Dec 1918 at Chattanooga, Tenn. and both are buried at the Newman Springs Cemetery, Catoosa, Ga. which is a few miles from Chattanooga. Josephine was b in Clermont Co., Ohio, and was the dau of Charles R. and Susan (Ulrey) Temple. They had the following children:


    1. Cora Florence Shepard b 9 July 1871 in Clermont Co., Ohio d Aug 1958, never married.
    2. William Charles Shepard b 27 Dec 1880 in Clermont Co., d 12 Nov 1893, unmarried.
    3. John Gilbert Shepard b 13 Nov 1883 in Clermont Co., d 27 Jan 1896.
    4. Benjamin Winans Shepard b 20 Jan 1886 in Clermont Co., d 11 Jan 1909, unmarried.
    5. Susan Mary Shepard b 1 Apr 1889 in same, md 6 Dec 1911 James Allan Watson b 31 May 1885 in Hardin Co. Tenn d 21 June 1961 at Memorial Hospital, Chattanooga, Tenn, buried at the Forest Hills Cemetery at Chattanooga. He was the son of William Joseph and Lutitia (Ice) Watson. They had the following children:
      1. Allan Winans Watson b 15 Feb 1915 at Knoxville, Tenn., md 5 Aug 1943 Bessa Mae Evans.
      2. Josephine Watson b 29 Jan 1918 at Chattanooga, Tenn., md 2 Dec 1939 William D. Stuart b at Cleveland, Tenn., the son of William Harvey Stuart and Margaret (Dickerson) Stuart. They have the following children:
        1. Susan Margaret Stuart b 10 May 1942 at Marietta, Ga., md 6 Dec 1962 Jerrol David Weatherly.
        2. Mary Josephine Stuart b 20 July 1945 at Marietta, Ga.
        3. William Dow Stuart, Jr. b 2 Feb 1954 at Cleveland, Tenn.
    6. Bruce Temple Shepard b 4 Apr 1893 in Ga., md Ruby Martin dau of Anne (Stone) Martin. Bruce is still living at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. They had the following children:
      1. Katherine Shepard md and divorced (no children).
      2. Marion Shepard, unmarried.
      3. Joanna Shepard md Michael Samilo.
      4. Martha Shepard md Earl Cawthorn.
      5. Virginia Shepard md 6 Mar 1954 Owen K. Underwood.
      6. John Shepard md Peggy Lowry.
    7. Joseph Henry Shepard b 1 Nov 1898 at Chattanooga, Tenn., d 24 Aug 1899.
  1. Cynthia Ellen Shepard b 1849 in Clermont Co., md Sanford Montjar.
  2. Amanda Melissa Shepard b in Clermont Co., unmarried.
This information taken from the 1850 census of Clermont Co., Ohio and Family Bible Records. Sent to me by Mrs. Susan S. Watson.
 1-5-1-1-7-4-7AMANDA WINANS d young.
 1-5-1-1-7-4-8SUSANNAH WINANS b 13 Oct 1824 md 24 Mar 1847 Orson Higgens. Both d in Tenn. They had the following children:
  1. Emma Higgens d in Dayton, Ohio md Rev. ____ Ewell and they had at least one son, Clay Ewell.
  2. Bina Higgens md as 2nd wife Thomas Jefferson Leinbach. They had the following children:
    1. Susanna Winans Leinbach b 2 Oct 1895 at Rossville, Ga. md 11 Oct 1919 at Rossville, Lawrence Smith b 29 Dec 1893 at Viola, Ill. He was the son of Lucious Edwin and Harriet (Thompson) Smith. They had the foliowing children:
      1. Thomas Edwin Smith b 29 July 1920 at Viola, Mercer, Ill. md 4 Nov 1944 Eula Jean Robbins b 15 Apr 1924 at Galesburg, Ill. dau of Irvin and Verna (Baxter) Robbins. They had the following children:
        1. Elsa Marie Smith b 4 July 1947 at Moline, Ill.
        2. LaVerne Arthur Smith b 16 Mar 1951 at Aledo, Ill.
        3. Duane Alvin Smith b 11 Dec 1953 at Aledo, Ill.
        4. Lelan Mark Smith b 15 Feb 1956 at Aledo, Ill.


      1. Susanna June Smith b 21 Dec 1921 at Viola, Ill. md (1) B. L. Bookwalter and they had one son, Michael B. Bookwalter b 17 Aug 1943 and was adopted by the Beachs on 18 Apr 1952. Susanna md (2) 25 Mar 1960 Edmund Beach b 16 Mar 1918 at Portland. Maine. He was the son of Dr. Sylvester Judd and Harriet L. (Harris) Beach. They had a dau, Barbara June Beach b 3 Mar 1961 in Bryan, Ohio. The date given for the adoption of Michael B. Bookwalter by the Beachs is before Susanna and Edmund were married so there must be an error somewhere. Note by AWW.
      2. Lillian Edith Smith b 12 May 1926 at Viola, Ill. md 17 Aug 1950 Lawrence M. Smith b 23 Dec 1927 at Ulysses, Neb., son of Leslie N. and Hazel (Mercer) Smith. They were md at Irrigon, Ore. They had two daughters,
        1. Marina June Smith b 6 May 1954 in Moline, Ill. and
        2. Rebecca Sue Smith b 7 Dec 1958 in Moline, Ill.
      3. Eugene Lawrence Smith b 18 Dec 1927 at Viola, Ill. md 14 Feb 1951 Wanda R. Hoover b 5 Feb 1934 at Boden, Ill. They had the following children:
        1. Roger Eugene Smith b 1 Feb 1952 at Aledo, Ill., d 10 Feb 1952.
        2. Patricia Kay Smith b 16 Mar 1953 at Aledo, Ill.
        3. Ross Edwin Smith b 10 Jan 1956 at Moline, Ill.
        4. Jack Lawrence Smith b 28 Oct 1957 at Moline, Ill.
      Susannah and Lawrence Smith lived in Viola, Ill. in 1966.
    1. George Barron Leinbach b 15 Mar 1899 in Rossville, Ga, md 31 Dec 1922 at Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, Alice Marie Winter b 15 July 1895 at Horicon, Wis. She was the dau of George B. and Carrie (Andrews) Winter. They had the following children:
      1. Georgene Leinbach b 23 Nov 1924 at Rossville, Ga. md 23 Aug 1946 at Rossville, Ga., A. L. Helmbright b 14 Aug 1926 at Okmulgee, 0kla., son of August Louis and Lois Roberta (Hughey) Helmbright. They had one son, August Louis Helmbright the 3rd b 14 Jan 1954 at Berkeley, Calif.
      2. Alice Marie Leinbach b 26 Feb 1926 in Rossville, Ga. md 20 Nov 1945 Major George Alan Orfalea b 30 July 1922 at Cleveland, Ohio, son of Aref E. and Nasera (Jabaly) Orfalea. They had one dau, Bonnie Alice Orfalea b 22 Nov 1946 in Cleveland, Ohio.
      3. Dorothy Ann Leinbach b 17 Sept 1930 at Rossville, Ga. md 10 Sept 1952, J. B. Harris b 11 Sept 1926 at Thomson, Ga., son of Waldo Putman and Mary Emerson (Fluker) Harris. J. B. Harris' name was Joseph Belknap Harris. They had one dau, Jennifer Ann Harris b 3 Dec 1963 at Hartville, Darlington, Co., S. C.
    Thomas Jefferson Leinbach and his 1st wife Carrie Rush, had three children:
    1. Heber Leinbach md Bess____ who d at Kansas City, Mo.
    2. Lilly Leinbach md Lloyd Alphius Dailey (see above).
    3. John Leinbach md Louise____ d Allentown. Pa.
  1. Charles Landon Higgens b 1863 d Nov 1952 at Smithsburg, Md., md (1) Roseanna (Anna) Ratliff, md (2) Mildred______. Charles and Anna had one dau,
    1. Dorothy Emma Higgens b 22 Sept 1910 at Gig Harbor, Wash, md 24 Dec 1931 at Blue Ridge Summit, Pa., Malcolm Ellyott Rankin Craig son of waiter L. Craig and Annie (Rankin) Craig. Malcolm was b 14 Mar 1904 at Weyers Cave, Va. They had the following children:
      1. Ann Higgens Craig b 25 Dec 1932 at Takoma Park, Md., md 14 Aug 1954 at Silver Spring, Md., Emmett Monroe Cooper b 1 Mar 1931, son of Chalmer and Helen Cooper.


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1 Mrs. Egy's information is at odds with other data available on this family. They may not have lived in Burlington, Vermont, but rather in Burlington, New Jersey, where Ada was enumerated in the 1860 U. S. Census while working as a music teacher at Doane Academy. Peter Troubetzkoy (1822-1892) was a Russian diplomat. While in Italy on a diplomatic mission, he met Ada Winans and had three children with her:
  1. Pierre Troubetzkoy (1864-1936), who was an artist.
  2. Paolo Troubetzkoy (1866-1938) "was an artist and a sculptor, of Russia's Troubetzkoy princely family, who was described by G. B. Shaw as 'the most astonishing sculptor of modern times'."
  3. Luigi (or Ludwig) Troubetzkoy (1867-1959).
There are several mentions of a Prince Eugene Troubetzkoy in early 20th century Russian histories, but he doesn't seem to be one of Ada and Peter's sons. I've seen Ada's dates given as 1831-1917, but don't know if that's correct.
2 I transcribed this 4-page list of descendants of Obadiah Winans with great difficulty. The text of Mrs. Egy's book was run together and hard to follow, and I can't say with any certainty that I have transcribed it correctly. I welcome any comments which my readers might have, and am studying the information at the web site of a descendant of Craton Winans, Jane Fell Greene, which will be reflected in these pages.
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