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*1-5-5-2-1-1-11JOSEPH FRANKLIN WINANS b 22 Feb 1855 md 21 Nov 1880 Clara Eleanor McCullough.
*1-5-5-2-1-1-12JAMES ELTON WINANS b 20 Oct 1857 md Rebecca Myers.
 1-5-5-2-1-1-13SAMUEL BURTON WINANS b 27 Aug 1859 d 18 Sept 1863.

6th Gen

RICHARD HUGH was b 1824 in Miami Co., Ohio d 5 Oct 1886 in Decatur, Ind md Rosabelle Flagg who d 6 Mar 18611 near Pleasant Mills, Ind. dau of Samuel and Rebecca (Wright) Flagg.

 1-5-5-2-1-5-1REBECCA ELIZABETH WINANS d in infancy.
 1-5-5-2-1-5-2BENJAMIN JACKSON WINANS d in infancy.
 1-5-5-2-1-5-3SAMUEL ALLEN WINANS (no further data.)
 1-5-5-2-1-5-4JASPER HARLAND WINANS b 14 Dec 1851 in Pleasant Mills, Adams, Ind. d 12 Dec 1897 in Bellefontaine, Ohio. He was a Baptist Minister, no further data.
 1-5-5-2-1-5-5SARAH ISABELLE WINANS b 14 Dec 1854 in Pleasant Mills, Adams, Ind. md (1) 15 Feb 1874 in Pleasant Mills Zachariah Archer who d 3 Sept 1878 in Pleasant Mills son of Aaron and Susannah (Harrison) Archer. They had one son Jesse Emerson Archer b 27 Apr 1876 in Pleasant Mills, Ind. Sarah md (2) 27 Sept 1887 in Warsaw, Ind. Hugh Aaron Faulke b 5 Dec 1852 in Frankfort, Clinton, Ind. son of Casper and Susana Faulke. They had the following children:
  1. Bernice Faulke b 15 Feb 1889 in Warsaw, Ind.
  2. Elgin Winans Faulke b 9 Jan 1891 in Warsaw, Ind.
  3. Alice Faulke b 4 Jan 1894 in Warsaw, Ind.
  4. Hugh Harland Faulke b 14 Aug 1897 in Clovis, Fresno, Calif.
 1-5-5-2-1-5-6JOSEPH DAYTON WINANS b 26 Jan 1858 in Pleasant Mills, Ind.
 1-5-5-2-1-5-7CHARLES SPENCER WINANS who was a Baptist Minister. He lived in Malaga, Calif. in 1909 and my father, Walter Scott Winans received a letter from him. AWE.
 1-5-5-2-1-5-8IRA FRANKLIN WINANS d in Ind.
 1-5-5-2-1-5-9WILLIAM HAMPSON WINANS d in Fort Wayne, Ind. buried at Pleasant Mills, Ind.

6th Gen

WILLIAM was b 19 Dec 1822 at Piqua, Ohio d Oct 1889 at Terre Haute, Ind. md (1) Judith Branham b 1 Jan 1827 d July 1863 in Ind. md (2) 10 Mar 1864 Emaline Crist2 who d July 1911 at Vincennes, Ind. William was a baptist Minister. If there was a 3rd wife there is no record of her name. OCW lists William's 11th child as Iva but research finds that IW. had a letter in 1915 which says that she was the dau of William's brother Benjamin.
Ref: IW., JB., OCW.


Children by 1st wife:

 1-5-5-2-4-1-1MARTHA ANN WINANS b 15 Sept 1843 md _?_ Cary.
 1-5-5-2-4-1-2MARY ELLEN WINANS b 19 Aug 1844 d 1 Dec 1848.
 1-5-5-2-4-1-3PARTHENE JANE WINANS b 8 Aug 1846 d 12 May 1848.
 1-5-5-2-4-1-4RHODA M. WINANS b 9 Sept 1849 md George Titsworth.
 1-5-5-2-4-1-5LYDIA EMILY WINANS b 13 Mar 1853 d 1899 in California.
 1-5-5-2-4-1-6WILLIAM FRANKLIN WINANS b 18 Sept 1860 in Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Ind. d 1884 near Pueblo, Colo. (unmarried).
*1-5-5-2-4-1-7RANKIN WALKUP WINANS b 4 Jan 1863 in Vigo Co., Ind. md (1) May Bitcker md (2) Azalea Vanderford.

Children by 2nd wife:

*1-5-5-2-4-1-8ALBERT IRA WINANS b 28 July 1867 in Vigo Co., Ind. md Elinia Meader.
 1-5-5-2-4-1-9CARY CAMERON WINANS3 b 14 July 1871 at Fairbanks, Sullivan, Ind.
 1-5-5-2-4-1-10VIOLA ANN WINANS b 12 July 1873 at Fairbanks, Ind. md Nov 1903 William M. Agnew. They had a son Theo Agnew.

6th Gen

BENJAMIN FRANKLIN was b 10 Sept _____ at Piqua, Ohio d 9 May 1900 at Edinburg, Ill. md 7 Nov 1854 at Piqua, Ohio Sedinia Ellen Cramer b 4 Aug 1836 at Harpers Ferry, Va. d 9 July 1892. She was the dau of John and Priscilla (Smoot) Cramer.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-5-2-4-3-1LAURA JANE WINANS b 23 May 1856 at Piqua, Ohio.
*1-5-5-2-4-3-2JAMES WILLIAM WINANS b 9 Aug 1861 d 17 June 1903 md _?_.
 1-5-5-2-4-3-3ELIZA ELNORA WINANS b 3 Oct 1864 md Paul Scott. They had two sons, Fred S. Paul Scott and Ralph Paul Scott.4
*1-5-5-2-4-3-4JOSEPH ARDEEN WINANS b 20 Sept 1866 d 23 Sept 1903 md Fannie Belle Cagle or Boerbeck. IW. has both names in his records.
 1-5-5-2-4-3-5IVA ELLEN WINANS b 2 Sept 1868 d 25 Mar 1925 md (1) Samuel Henry Myers b in Princeton, Ind. md (2) 24 Dec 1893 in Ramsey, Fayette, Ill., Sylvester Macy Barton b 28 July 1873 in McLean Co., Ill., son of Eli and Susan Rachel (Peasley) Barton.

6th Gen

IRA was b 11 June 1827 in Ohio d 4 Apr 1902 at Newton, Kan. md 19 Nov 1850 at Cloverdale, Ind. Minerva Esther Hollenbeck b 16 Mar 1833 at Meadville, Pa. d 3 Jan 1916 at Guthrie, Okla. dau of Armond Porter and Lois (Larkins) Hollenbeck.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-5-2-4-4-1ISAAC ARMOND WINANS b 26 Dec 1851 at Cloverdale, Ind. d 22 Aug 1914 in Bermijillo, Mexico and buried there. His wife was a


 native Mexican.
 1-5-5-2-4-4-2LAVINIA ROSABELL WINANS b 21 Feb 1854 at Greencastle, Ind. d at Amidor, Minn,5 age 4 years.
 1-5-5-2-4-4-3JOHN WILLIAM WINANS b 21 Mar 1856 at Amidor, Minn,5 md Nellie Newton. They had one dau Lulu Charlotte Winans.
 1-5-5-2-4-4-4CARMI HOLLENBECK WINANS b 14 Jan 1859 in Taylors Falls, Minn. Md Emma Holland b 13 Oct 1878 in Memphis, Shelby, Tenn. They had 3 children but I do not have their names.
 1-5-5-2-4-4-5GEORGE CLEMONS WINANS b 28 Nov 1860 in Youngstown, Vigo, Ind. No further information.
*1-5-5-2-4-4-6BRADFORD GRANT WINANS b 15 Mar 1864 at Fontanet, Vigo, Ind. md 24 Feb 1897 Sarah Thomas.
 1-5-5-2-4-4-7LILLIE MAY WINANS b 15 Sept 1866 at Fontanet, Vigo, Ind. md 15 Sept 1884 in Newton, Harvey, Kan. George John Haas b 13 May 1864 in Syracuse, N. Y. son of Charles Birdie and Louise (Sturges) Haas. They had the following children:
  1. May Haas b 6 Jan 1886 in Newton, Kan. d 6 Jan 1886 in same.
  2. Cora Esther Haas b 26 Dec 1888 in Newton, Kan.
  3. Carmi L. Haas b 17 Dec 1890 in Arkansas City, Kan.
  4. Bertha Louise Haas b 30 July 1892 in Arkansas City, Kan.
 1-5-5-2-4-4-8IRA EDWARD WINANS b 30 Apr 1868 at Kirksville, Mo. d 22 Apr 19006 at Newton, Kan.

6th Gen

JAMES MONROE was b 28 Dec 1832 at Piqua, Ohio d May 1907 at Wichita, Kan. and was buried there. He md in 1863 Mary Ann Creech b 6 Nov 1846 at Gasport, Ind.7 d 4 Mar 1913 at Whittier, Calif.8 and was the dau of Isaac and Phebe (Ferris) Creech.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-5-2-4-7-1ISAAC ULYSSES WINANS b 6 Sept 1864 in Gasport, Ind.7
 1-5-5-2-4-7-2FLORA JANE WINANS md (1) 4 Apr 1883 in Newton, Kan. Vincent Brandon who d 4 Apr 1887 in Kingman, Kan. son of Walter and Sarah Jane Brandon. They had the following children:
  1. Myrtle Agnes Brandon b 18 Jan 1884 in Kingman, Kan.
  2. Vincelia Brandon b 24 Aug 1886 in Kingman, Kan. d 20 Aug 1887 in same.
Flora md (2) 11 Oct 1890 in Anthony, Harper, Kan. Charles C. Smith son of Pleasant and Sarah Alice (Boswell) Smith. They had the following children:
  1. Lawrence E. Smith b 29 Aug 1891 in Corwin, Harper, Kan.
  2. Effie Smith b 31 Oct 1893 at O'Keene, Elaine, Okla.
  3. Edna Alma Smith b 4 June 1898 in Isabella, Major, Okla.
  4. Mary Alice Smith b 18 Apr 1901 in Isabella, Okla.
  5. Hazel Smith b 26 Dec 1904 in O'Keene, Okla.
  6. Florence Mildred Smith b 22 Aug 1908 in O'Keene, Okla.
*1-5-5-2-4-7-3BENJAMIN WADE WINANS b 14 Nov 1867 at Kirksville, Mo. d 16 Aug 1897 md 18 Apr 1889 Elnor Elender Harmon.
*1-5-5-2-4-7-4JAMES ELMER WINANS b 10 Jan 1871 at Brashear, Mo. md 6 Apr 1910 in McAllister, Okla Mattie Norman.
 1-5-5-2-4-7-5CHARLES EDWARD WINANS md Bertha M. Green.


 1-5-5-2-4-7-6GERTRUDE WINANS b 19 Dec 1875 at Kirksville, Mo. md 13 Sept 1894 in Homestead, Blaine, Okla. William Francis Brittendall b 7 May 1869 in Emerson, Marion, Mo. d 13 June 1924 in Wichita, Kan. son of John Luther and Mary Jane (Mallon) Brittendall. They had the following children:
  1. Nora Pearl Brittendall b 26 July 1895 in Homestead, Okla.
  2. Nellie Gertrude Brittendall b 28 Sept 1897 in same.
  3. Ruby Wilma Brittendall b 24 July 1900 in Brookville, Saline, Kan.
 1-5-5-2-4-7-7ALTA MAY WINANS b 20 Aug 18779 md Edward H. St _?_.
 1-5-5-2-4-7-8WILLIAM CURTIS WINANS md Gertrude Haskins.
 1-5-5-2-4-7-9LULU EVELYN WINANS d 14 Feb 1909 md Leslie Harper.

6th Gen

JEREMIAH was b 19 Mar 1808 at Junius, now Tyre, N. Y. d B Nov 1836 at Tyre md 15 Aug 1827 Chloe Wilcox b 1797 d 24 Feb 1876 at Tyre, age 79.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-5-5-3-1-3-1WILLIAM WINANS b 6 Apr 1829 at Tyre buried in Baltimore, Md. He was a rover, wrecked in the South Pacific and became "king of a cannibal island". Later in the U. S. Navy. Then became a Methodist preacher and was known on the Atlantic Coast seaport towns as "Happy Jack", the temperance Evangelist.
 1-5-5-3-1-3-2JOHN WINANS b 14 Apr 1831 at Bloomfield, Mich d 31 Aug 1900 at Tyre, unmarried.

6th Gen

OLIVER was b 16 Jan 1813 at Tyre, N. Y. d June 1893 at Canandaigua, N. Y. md (1) 1832 Elizabeth Bennett b 17 Mar 1816 at Junius, N. Y. md (2) Ann Barber md (3) Caroline Eastman b 1 Jan 1830 at Canandaigua, N. Y. d 18 Sept 1889 at same, dau of Peter and Margaret Eastman.
Ref: IW., JB.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-5-5-3-4-2-1RICHARD MAHLON WINANS b 5 Jan 1835 at Tyre, N. Y. d 16 Feb 1894 at Junius, now Tyre, N. Y. (unmarried).
 1-5-5-3-4-2-2MARY JANE WINANS b 10 July 1837 at Tyre, N. Y. d 25 June 1893 at Junius, N. Y. md 25 Nov 1861 at Tyre, N. Y. Robert Jackson White b 1 Sept 1836 at Tyre, N. Y. d 2 Jan 1902 at Junius, N. Y. son of Ezra and Mary Ann (Decker) White. They had the following children:
  1. (twin) Nettie Amelia White b 1 Aug 1864 at Tyre, N.Y.
  2. (twin) Nellie Luella White b 1 Aug 1864 at Tyre.
  3. Jennie May White b 25 Sept 1866 at Junius, N. Y.
 1-5-5-3-4-2-3CATHERINE AMELIA WINANS b 8 Apr 1840 at Tyre, N. Y. (unmarried).


Children by 2nd wife:

 1-5-5-3-4-2-4MARY WINANS b in Leoni, Jackson, Mich, md Burt (believed to be) Southwick. (Writing was blurred--AWW)
 1-5-5-3-4-2-5HERMAN WINANS b in same.
 1-5-5-3-4-2-6FRANK WINANS b in same.

Children by 3rd wife:

 1-5-5-3-4-2-7EMMA WINANS b 1858 at Canandaigua, N. Y. d 1881 md William H. Chase.
 1-5-5-3-4-2-8ROBERT MURRAY WINANS b 7 Apr 1860 at Canandaigua, N. Y. d Mar 1906 at same (unmarried).
 1-5-5-3-4-2-9WILLIAM OLIVER WINANS b 1863 at same d Aug 1899 at same (unmr.).
*1-5-5-3-4-2-10LEWIS HALSEY WINANS b 23 July 1866 at same d 23 July 1904 at Weedsport, N. Y. md Emma Black.
 1-5-5-3-4-2-11FREDERICK M. WINANS b 1867 at same d 16 Sept 1887 at same (unmar.).
 1-5-5-3-4-2-12IDA MARY WINANS10 b 29 Aug 1870 at same d Mar 1921 md 11 Apr 1894 at same, Lawrence Valerian Smith b 14 Apr 1860 at same, d 19 Feb 1915, son of Thomas and Elizabeth (Burke) Smith. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Smith b 14 Apr 1895 at Rochester, N. Y. d 14 Apr 1895.
  2. Helen Margaret Smith b 12 Oct 1897 at Rochester.
  3. Lawrence Walter Smith b 6 Apr 1902 at Canandaigua, N. Y.
  4. Marion Elizabeth Smith b 23 Mar 1904 at Canandaigua, N. Y. d 30 Aug 1972 at Los Angeles.

6th Gen

BENJAMIN was b 3 Mar 1830 d 23 Nov 1894 md 1 Aug 1858 Mary Jane Summer b 27 Aug 1839 d 27 June 1918 dau of Samuel Adams and Elizabeth (Marr) Summer.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-5-3-4-9-1FLORA ELIZABETH WINANS b 1 Aug 1859 d 5 Mar 1860.
 1-5-5-3-4-9-2WILLIAM HALSEY WINANS b 16 Jan 1861 at Tyre, N. Y. md 17 Aug 1887 at Lansing, Mich. Mrs. Martha (Peacock) Stickles b 21 May 1858 at Parma, Mich. dau of Richard William and Martha Anna Peacock. No children.
*1-5-5-3-4-9-3CHARLES SUMMER WINANS b 25 Jan 1863 at Tyre, N. Y. d 13 July 1935 at Montreal, Canada md 30 Sept 1890 Emma Kemp.
*1-5-5-3-4-9-4ALBERT EUGENE WINANS b 16 Dec 1865 at Sharon, Mich, md 3 Jan 1887 Alice Eliza Smith.
 1-5-5-3-4-9-5NETTIE ELIZABETH WINANS b 16 May 1867 at Seneca Falls, N. Y. md (1) 5 July 1893 at Chelsea, Mich. Ford William Brown md (2) Willis H. Benton son of Willis and Harriet (Du Bois) Benton.
 1-5-5-3-4-9-6ELBERT ALLEN WINANS d 7 Nov 1890, killed by live wire, unmarried.
 1-5-5-3-4-9-7CLARENCE GEORGE WINANS b 19 Dec 1876 d 13 Jan 1877.
 1-5-5-3-4-9-8LESTER LEWIS WINANS b 17 Dec 1877 (unmarried).
 1-5-5-3-4-9-9BESSIE MAE WINANS b 6 Sept 1881 at Chelsea, Mich, md 12 Mar 1901 in Chelsea, Mich. Arthur Pierce Corwin b 3 Nov 1874 in Sharon, Mich, son of Patrick and Elizabeth (O'Neil) Corwin. They had the following children: 1. Doris Lucile Corwin b 8 May 1903 at


Dingman's Ferry, Pa. ca 1908.

 1-5-6-2-6-1-1SUSAN STEVENS WINANS b 22 Jan 1850 in N. Y. unmarried.
 1-5-6-2-6-1-2CAROLINE MONTGOMERY WINANS b 21 Oct 1851 in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. d 5 July 1856 in N. Y.
 1-5-6-2-6-1-3ISABEL TALLMADGE WINANS b 23 Dec 1854 in N. Y. unmarried.
 1-5-6-2-6-1-4MARGARET A. WINANS b 15 Mar 1858 in N. Y. unmarried.
 1-5-6-2-6-1-5FRANK MONTGOMERY WINANS b 4 Aug 1860 in N. Y. d 26 Aug 1860 in N.YV
 1-5-6-2-6-1-6CATHERINE LOUISE WINANS b 21 Oct 1861 at Poughkeepsie d 23 Feb 1862 in N. Y.
 1-5-6-2-6-1-7ELEANOR FREDERICA WINANS b 14 June 1863 in N. Y. City md 14 Oct 1886 in Astoria, N. Y. Frederic Chester Buswell b 22 Feb 1860 in Jersey City, N. J. son of Henry Lee and Isabel (Smith) Buswell. They had the following children:
  1. Margaret Winans Buswell b 24 July 1887 in Astoria, N. Y.
  2. Henry Lee Buswell b 11 Nov 1892 in Hackinsack, N. J.
  3. Frederic Grant Buswell b 28 Aug 1896 in Hackinsack, N. J.
  4. Robert Montgomery Buswell b 9 Jan 1904 in Hackinsack, N. J.

6th Gen

JOSEPH WEBB was b 18 July 1820 in N. Y. City d 31 Mar 1887 in San Francisco, Calif, md 30 May 1854 in San Francisco, Calif. Sarah Adelaide Badlam b 3 Aug 1837 in Cleveland, Ohio d 9 Nov 1910 in Calistoga, Napa, Calif, dau of Alexander and Mary Ann (Brannan) Badlam. Both are buried in the St. Helena Cemetery, Napa County. I have the death record of Sarah (Sara) Adelaide (Badlam) Winans from the Court House Records in Napa, Calif, as she died in Calistoga, Calif, which is in Napa County. Informant was Mrs. Edna Meagher. Joseph Webb Winans was a lawyer in San Francisco, Calif, and was listed in the Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1871-1873 as an Attorney-at-law in San Francisco.
Other ref: IW.

 1-5-6-2-6-2-1SARA ELIZABETH WINANS b 9 May 1856 at Calistoga, Calif, d 4 Nov 1914.
 1-5-6-2-6-2-2JOSEPH WILLIAM WINANS b 4 Nov 1857 at Sacramento, Calif, d 31 May 1894 in Sacramento.
 1-5-6-2-6-2-3GERARD CLARENCE WINANS b 25 Apr 1861 d 7 Nov 1880 in Sacramento, Calif.

6th Gen

BENJAMIN WEBB was b 1 July 1831 d 13 Aug 1906 md 15 Feb 1865 Margaret (Mary) Hickman b 10 Sept 1838 d 5 Oct 1903 dau of John and Catherine (McElhinny) Hickman.
Ref: IW., Ralph Winans, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. grandson of Benjamin and Margaret (Mary) Hickman.

 1-5-6-2-6-6-1GRACE EVANGELINE WINANS b 29 May 1867 in N. Y. City d 15 June 1962


 md 21 June 1904 Atherton Allerton b 3 Nov 1869 in N. Y. City d 2 Dec 1917 son of Reuben German and Henrietta Latimer (Vredenburgh) Allerton. Her parents were md 19 Sept 1866 in N. Y. City. Grace and Atherton had one dau Lois Atherton Allerton b 26 May 1905 in N. Y. City. Lois md 26 Dec 1957 Robert E. Hager. No children.
 1-5-6-2-6-6-2EUGENIA ADELAIDE WINANS b 13 Mar 1869 d 13 Dec 1935, unmarried.
*1-5-6-2-6-6-3CLARENCE FREDERIC WINANS b 3 Sept 1870 d 24 Apr 1935 md 2 Feb 1898 Netty Fenton Allerton.
 1-5-6-2-6-6-4MARY LILLIAN WINANS b 9 Mar 1876 d 11 July 1876.

6th Gen

JOHN was b 3 June 1838 in N. Y. City d 8 Jan 1900 in Asbury Park, N. Y. md Mar 1867 in Rahway, N. J. Josephine Matilda Williams b 6 Feb 1845 in Phila. d 28 Dec 1905 in Asbury Park, N. Y. dau of George and Lydia Hart (Shotwell) Williams.
Ref: IW.

*1-5-6-2-6-9-1JOHN HERBERT WINANS b 19 May 1868 in Rahway, N. J. md (1) 11 Mar 1891 in N. Y. Virginia Lee Morris, md (2) Emily (Parker) Bentley.
*1-5-6-2-6-9-2CARLTON GEORGE WINANS b 13 Nov 1869 in Rahway, N. J. d 26 Mar 1925 in Summit, N. J. md 9 Dec 1897 in Newark, Essex, N. J. Russie Morris Dusenberry.
 1-5-6-2-6-9-3WILLIAM WINANS b 4 Mar 1874 in Rahway, N. J. unmarried.
 1-5-6-2-6-9-4JOSEPHINE VIRGINIA WINANS b 6 Feb 1877 in Rahway, N. J. unmarried.
 1-5-6-2-6-9-5FANNY WILLIAMS WINANS b 24 Jan 1882 in Rahway, N. J. unmarried.

6th Gen

ANTHONY VOORHEES was b 17 Feb 1826 in N. Y. d 9 Nov 1893 at St. Augustine, Florida, buried there, md Mrs. Hattie Elsie (Hanson) Crabtree who d 18 Oct 1907 in Washington, D. C. buried at St. Augustine, Florida. She was the dau of James and Anna Elsie (Whitehurst) Hanson.
Ref: I.W.

 1-5-6-2-9-1-1ANTHONY VAN ARSDALE WINANS b in N. Y. d 9 July 1913 in New Orleans buried at St. Augustine, Florida md Helen Davidson who d Sept 1913 in Holland, buried in America at La Parte, Ind. She was the dau of William and Helen (Gillett) Davidson. There were no children.

6th Gen

JOHN CARVER was b 2 Nov 1828 in N. Y. d 10 July 1903 in San Francisco, Calif, md 24 Dec 1858 Mrs. Jane Maria (Everett) Wheeler.


Ref: I.W.

 1-5-6-2-9-2-1FLORENCE ULYN WINANS b 28 Sept 1859 in San Francisco, Calif. md (1) Thomas Earl Butcher b in London, England ca 1842 d 21 Mar 1891 in San Francisco, Calif. son of William and Mary Ann (Roberts) Butcher. They had one dau, Edith Florence Butcher b 8 May 1886 in Sacramento, Calif., md (1) Roy G. Turner, md (2) David Caleb Pelton b in Ohio, md (3) Jesse Elmon Pelton b in Navarro Co.Texas.
 1-5-6-2-9-2-2BLANCHE WINANS b 4 Dec 1864 in San Francisco, Calif, unmarried.

6th Gen

HORATIO NELSON d 11 Oct 1887 md Mary Underhill.
Ref: I.W.

 1-5-6-2-9-3-1GRACE ELLIOTT WINANS b 2 Nov 1860 in N. Y. City d 16 Mar 1896 in Phila. Pa. md 28 Oct 1891 in N. Y. City, William Winans Moore b 7 Sept 1860 in N. Y. City and they were living in 1913 in Plainsfield, N. J. They had a son, Edward Dunscombe Moore who md (1) Julia Adelaide WINANS. There were no children.
 1-5-6-2-9-3-2ABRAHAM UNDERHILL WINANS b 1876 d 26 Dec 1878 in N. Y. City, age 2 years.

6th Gen

WILLIAM GREEN was b 29 Aug 1845 in N. Y. city d 12 Mar 1905 in Jacksonville, Florida md 6 Nov 1875 in Middlesex Co., N. J. Mary Thompson deForest b 1 Sept 1855 in Somerset, N. J. dau of John I. and Magdalin (Van Nest or Van Nert) deForest.
Ref: IW.

 1-5-6-2-9-8-1MORGAN HATCH WINANS b 8 Oct 1877 in Metuchen, Middlesex, N. J. No further data.

7th Gen

JOHN was b __?__ d 16 Aug 1856 md (1) 4 Oct 1832 Lucinda Barnett b 29 Sept 1816 d 29 July 19?? in Indianapolis, Ind. md (2) 21 June 1849 Isabelle Rebecca Luke.
Ref: Mrs. Velma G. Clark of Jackson, Miss.

Children by 1st wife:

  1-5-1-1-3-5-1-1MARY ELIZABETH WINANS b 26 July 1833 d ? md 21 Feb 1850 in Scott Co., Ky. (Marriage Notice).
  1-5-1-1-3-5-1-2JAMES MATHIAS WINANS b 6 May 1835 d ? md 30 Dec 1858 in Marion


 Co., Ind. (IM-Bk-7-P-144) Sarah J. Tomlinson.
 1-5-1-1-3-5-1-3JOHN WILLIAM WINANS b 18 Oct 1836 in Harrison Co., Ky., md 4 Apr 1867 Carolyn M. Clark.11
 1-5-1-1-3-5-1-4MARION OSCAR WINANS b 24 Feb 1838. No further record.
 1-5-1-1-3-5-1-5AMBROSE WINANS b 20 Jan 1840. No further record.
 1-5-1-1-3-5-1-6SARAH WINANS b 6 Dec 1841 d ? md (1) in 1857 in Scott Co., Ky. Silas Noel Richardson b ? d Dec 186212 buried on the banks of the Mississippi River in Arkansas, prisoner of war boat traveling north. They had two children:
  1. Lucy Margaret Richardson.
  2. Silas Richardson.
Lucy Margaret Richardson b 186812 in Scott Co., Ky. d 1920 in Wilmore, Jessamine Co., Ky. md 1879 in Scott Co., Ky. Hardin B. Rohrer b 1833 d 1911 in Jessamine Co., Ky. They had the following children:
  1. George Thomas Rohrer b 14 Feb 1883 in Woodford Co., Ky. d 20 Dec 1937 in Wilmore, Jessamine Co., md 19 Dec 1906 Ida Atchison b 25 Oct 1884 in Robertson Co., Ky., d 20 Jan 1974 in Springfield, Ky.
  2. Louise Rohrer b 1 Hay 190912 in Jessamine Co., Ky., md 8 Feb 1930 in Lexington, Ky., Robert L. Eddleman b 1907.
 1-5-1-1-3-5-1-7NAOMI WINANS b 30 Oct 1843 md _?_ Alexander. They had at least one child: Marcie M. Alexander who md 2 Mar 1887 William H. Brumfield b in Tipton Co., Ind. No further data.
 1-5-1-1-3-5-1-8EVANS D. WINANS b 23 aug 1845 d young. Not on 1850 census.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-5-1-1-3-5-1-9SUSAN ANN WINANS b 16 Apr 1850.
*1-5-1-1-3-5-1-10HENRY EDMANDSON WINANS b 9 Mar 1852 in Jefferson Co., Ky. d 12 Dec 1920 in McCook, Ne. md (1) Catherine Elizabeth Richwine md (2) _?_ Huls.

7th Gen

JAMES JANUARY was b 7 June 1818 in Maysville, Ky. d 28 Apr 1879 in Xenia, Ohio13 md 26 Sept 1843 Caroline Eliza Morris b 1822 d Nov 1915. James was a Judge and a U. S. Congressman.
Ref: I.W.

 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-1EMILY WINANS b 2 Oct 1844 in Oxford, Ohio d 22 Mar 1864, unmarried.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-2CAROLINE ELIZA WINANS b 27 Oct 1846 in Oxford, Ohio d 27 June 1909 in Xenia, Ohio md 6 Oct 1869 Capt. William Henry Harry who d 1 Feb 1902. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Caroline Harry b 1870 md W. H. Morris.
  2. Samuel Harry b 1876.
  3. James W. Harry b 1877.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-3MARY LEE WINANS b 14 Aug 1848 d 3 Jan 1882 in N. Y. buried in Xenia, Ohio, unmarried.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-4AMELIA MARGUERITE WINANS b 13 Sept 1850 d 1918 md (1) 1 Nov 1869 John Frank Dunnie. No children. md (2) Paul Farwerg and there were no children.


 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-5WILLIAM MORRIS WINANS b 1 Apr 1852 d 5 June 1853 in Xenia, Ohio
 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-6MATTHIAS WINANS b 22 May 1854 d 18 Dec 1871 in Xenia, Ohio.
*1-5-1-1-3-10-2-7JAMES WINANS b 17 Oct 1857 d 21 Nov 1893 in Xenia, Ohio md (1) 24 June 1877 Fannie Rankin. md (2) 2 Jan 1891 Alice Huston
 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-8SUSANNA WINANS b 30 Nov 1859 d 30 Sept 1883 in Xenia, Ohio.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-9ISAAC ELLSBERRY WINANS b 9 Nov 1861 d 24 Sept 1862.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-2-10ALVIN AUSTIN WINANS14 b 10 Feb 1863 d June 1890 in Cedarville, Ohio md 1 Jan 1889 Rose Owen and they had one child.
*1-5-1-1-3-10-2-11MICHAEL NEY WINANS b 4 Mar 1871 in Xenia, Ohio md Lilia Eugenie _?_.

7th Gen

HENRY CLAY was b 31 Dec 1829 in Jamestown, Ohio d 17 Oct 1884 in Muncie, Ind. md (1) 4 Feb 1854 in Jamestown Lucy Emily Dakin b 4 Aug 1828 in Jamestown d 8 Mar 1860 in Xenia, Ill.13 She was the dau of Henry and Sarah (Black) Dakin. Henry md (2) 6 Sept 1860 Anabella Paullin b 27 Oct 1831 near Jamestown, Ohio d 9 Dec 1908 in Muncie, Ind. dau of Joseph and Mary (Thomas) Paullin.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-5-1-1-3-10-8-1HENRY MATTHIAS WINANS b 21 Sept 1855 in Xenia, Ill. d 23 Nov 1913 in Muncie, Ind. md 22 Dec 1885 in Paris, Ill. Josephine Steele b 29 Aug 1857 in Paris, Ill. d 3 Mar 1916 in Indianapolis, Ind. buried in Muncie, Ind. She was the dau of James Andrew and Margaret (Clark) Steele. There were no children.
 1-5-1-1-3-10-8-2CHARLES DAKIN WINANS b 15 Jan 1859 in Xenia, Ill. d 7 Dec 1882 Cincinnati, Ohio, unmarried.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-5-1-1-3-10-8-3MARY WINANS b 21 Oct 1862 in Muncie, Ind. md 22 Apr 1885 in Muncie, Carl Augustus Spilker b 1856 in Muncie, son of George W. and Malvina (Swain) Spilker. They had the following children:
  1. George Spilker b 18 Jan 1887 in Muncie d 10 Mar 1887 in same.
  2. Baby Boy (unnamed) Spilker b 5 Jan 1894 d 7 Jan 1894 in Muncie.

7th Gen

GEORGE BARGDOLL was b 8 Aug 1833 at Xenia, Ohio d 27 June 1901 at Ozawkie, Jeff., Kan. and was buried there. He md 24 Dec 1873 at Ozawkie, Kan. Sarah Adelia Busbee b 28 May 1852 at Meredosia, Macon, Ill. d 11 Oct 1923 at Hutchinson, Reno, Kan. and was buried at Ozawkie, Kan. She was the dau of Balaam Jacob and Catherine (Bromley) Busbee. Balaam Busbee was b 23 Feb 1820 at Morrow, Marion, Ind. d 27 Nov 1872 at Ozawkie, Kan. md 27 July 1848 at Jacksonville, Morgan, Ill. Catherine Bromley who was b 8 Aug 1824 at Bedford, Monroe Co., Quebec, Canada and d 22 May


1907 at Lyndon, Kan. Balaam Busbee's father was also Balaam Busbee and d in 1855 in Jeff. Co., Kan. leaving a will mentioning a Balaam Buzbee. George Bargdoll served in the Union Army during the Civil War.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Inez Winans of Sacramento, Calif.

*1-5-1-1-3-12-3-1GEORGE FRANK WINANS b 11 Get 1874 at Ozawkie, Jeff. Kan. d 31 July 1936 at Pasadena, Cal. buried in the mountain View Cemetery in Altadena, Cal. md 23 Nov 1905 Minnie May Zimmerman.
*1-5-1-1-3-12-3-2CHARLES WINANS b 14 Dec 1876 at Ozawkie, Jeff., Kan. d 1939 in Kan. City, Mo., buried in Buster Cemetery, Jeff., Kan. He md 26 Aug 1901 at Oskaloosa, Kan. Priscilla Dick.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-3-3KATIE WINANS b 27 Nov 1878 at Ozawkie, Jeff., Kan. d 4 June 1882 at same and buried there.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-3-4ROY RAY WINANS b 14 Jan 1881 at Ozawkie, Jeff., Kan. d 1920 at Joplin, Mo., never married.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-3-5OSCAR ROSS WINANS b 9 Apr 1883 at same d 16 Sept 1907 at Old Ulysses, Kan. and was buried there, unmarried.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-3-6BERTHA ADELIA WINANS b 29 Jan 1885 at same d 1950 at Topeka, Kan. buried at Ozawkie, Kan. md (1) 23 Dec 1905 Walter Louis Ball b 19 July 1883 at Ottannwa, Ia. d 21 Aug 1912 at Topeka, Kan. son of James Douglas and Rowena Ball. They had the following children:
  1. Dorothy Adelia Ball b 4 Feb 1907 md J. F. Price.
  2. Harold Winans Ball b 7 Apr 1908.
  3. Walter Bruce Ball b 20 Apr 1910.
Bertha Winans md (2) Fred Brandle.
*1-5-1-1-3-12-3-7ROGER SHERMAN WINANS b 15 Dec 1886 at Ozawkie, Jeff., Kan., d 26 Oct 1975 at Temple City, L. A., Calif, buried in Altadena, Cal. in the Mountain View Cemetery. He md (1) 7 June 1912 in El Paso, Tex. Mary Ethel Hunt. md (2) 19 Dec 1919 in Peru Esther Hazeltin Carson. md (3) 21 Dec 1929 in Peru Laura Mabel Park.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-3-8DANIEL CARL WINANS b 13 Feb 1889 at Ozawkie, Jeff., Kan. d 1949 at St. Maries, Id. and was buried there, md (1) 27 Aug 1910 in in Ulysses, Grant, Kan. Alice M. Wilcox dau of Oscar and Mary Ellen Wilcox. md (2) Pina     . No children.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-3-9LOU NETTIE WINANS b 5 Jan 1891 d 5 June 1957 at Valles, Mexico md 2 Aug 1918 at Deming, New Mexico Rev. Francisco H. Soltero. No children. A very large monument marks her grave at Valles. They served as Pilgrim Holiness Missionaries in Mexico from 1920 until their deaths.15
 1-5-1-1-3-12-3-10ELLIE RUE WINANS b 30 Mar 1894 at Ozawkie, Jeff. Kan d 1964 and was buried in Buster Cemetery, Jeff., Kan. She md Dave Rumbaugh who d 1957 and buried in same as wife. They had the following children:
  1. Edwin Rumbaugh b ca 1924.
  2. Opal Rumbaugh who md F. E. Larsen.
  3. Rachel Rumbaugh.
 1-5-1-1-3-12-3-11JOEL WINANS b 20 May 1897 at Ozawkie, Jeff., Kan. d 27 Nov 1909 at Old Ulysses, Kan., buried there. One large stone marks the graves of Oscar and Joel Winans.


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1 There are some discrepancies here that need to be investigated. Mrs. Egy was apparently unaware that Richard remarried after Rosabelle's death. She lists Rosabelle's death as occuring in 1861, Richard's second wife's biography says she and Richard were married in 1863. It provides exact birth dates for all the children, with Charles' birth as occuring in 1862 (which agrees with his 1870 census record). Ira and William are apparently from Richard's second marriage, but whose child is Charles?
2 William's second wife's name is spelled Emeline in the 1880 census record, which also implies that Crist wasn't her maiden name, since William's household includes a stepson, Oliver T. Crist.
3 Although the same 1880 census lists a 9-year-old daughter, Carrie C. Winans, with William and Emeline's family in Fairbanks, IN, Mrs. Egy lists his name correctly. I've heard from his great-grandson, Cary Winans Tucker, who says that census records indicate Cary C. Winans "was living in Marion, Franklin County, Ohio in 1930..." and that he "may have died in 1933."
4 Glen Winans tells us this daughter is listed as Nora Paul in Benjamin's will and suggests Mrs. Egy could have transposed the husband's name, which was possibly Scott Paul.
5 There's no such town in Minnesota, but there's an Amador township in Chisago county.
6 Ira Edward "Ed" Winans' tombstone is inscribed 28 Apr 1899.
7 There's no such town in Indiana, but there's a Gosport in Owen county.
8 Mary Ann, whose tombstone lists her birth year as 1842, is buried next to James in Wichita. Is it possible Mrs. Egy, or her source of information, confused Whittier with Wichita? Perhaps one of James and Mary Ann's descendants can fill in the correct information here?
9 Alta May's tombstone reads Aug. 20, 1878.
10 The additional information on Ida Mary's family was provided by one of her descendants. We welcome additions and corrections to any of the information you see in these pages.
11 John's biography appeared in Counties of Howard and Tipton, Indiana, F.A. Battey & Co., Chicago, 1883:

JOHN WINANS, farmer, owns sixty acres of good land in Section 30, Cicero Township, Tipton County. He is a native of Harrison County, Ky., and was born October 18, 1836, and is the son of John Winans. He spent his boyhood days in Scott County, Ky.; and engaged in the distillery business. In 1859, he came to Indianapolis and began butchering for some time, and in 1865 enlisted in the United States service in Company I, One Hundred and Fifty-fourth Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry, and served about six months. He then returned to Indianapolis and worked in a saw mill, and in the fall of 1865 came to Tipton County, where he worked in a saw mill for some time. He then engaged in farming, which occupation he has since continued. In November, 1882, he purchased sixty acres in Section 30, where he still lives. He was married in this county, April 4, 1867, to Miss Caroline M. Clark. They have two children, Oscar C. and Laura J. Mr. Winans is a Democrat in politics, is an Odd Fellow and a member of the G. A. R.

12 In view of her father's date of death, it is likely Lucy was born in 1858 rather than 1868! Also, the other daughter, Louise, is probably a granddaughter, a daughter of Lucy and Hardin's son George. We welcome any information from this family's descendants on such areas of confusion!
13 There are several references to Xenia, Ohio, a town in Greene county, and also to a Xenia, Illinois. Although there is a village named Xenia in Clay county, IL, I suspect the mentions of a town of this name in Illinois are erroneous.
14 Alvin's biography appeared in Portrait and Biographical Album of Greene and Clark Counties, Ohio, Chapman Bros., Chicago, 1890:

ALVEN A. WINANS. Among the young men who worthily represent the press of Greene County this gentleman should justly be mentioned. He publishes and edits the Herald, at Cedarville, and although yet in his early manhood he has been connected with literature for many years. The Herald is an eight-page, five column [illegible] and has a local circulation of five hundred copies. It also enjoys a lucrative trade in its job department, and does a good advertising business.

Xenia, Ohio, was the native city of our subject, and his birth occurred February 10, 1863. His parents, Judge James J. and Caroline E. (Morris) Winans, of Xenia, Ohio. Of their family of children, Alven A. was the ninth in order of birth, and received a good common-school education at the Xenia public and private schools. When only thirteen years of age he began to learn type-setting in the office of the Xenia Daily Herald, also acting as carrier. Subsequently, he thoroughly learned the printer's trade, and in 1885 became part owner of the Democrat News at Xenia; this he successfully assisted in conducting for over a year. He came to Cedarville in 1877 and took charge of the Cedarville Herald for R. H. Young. In November, 1888, he purchased the office and plant, and since then has ably conducted it alone.

Mr. Winans was married January 1, 1889, to Rose E. Owens, and they are the parents of one child, named Mary. Mrs. Winans is a native of Spring Valley, Ohio, and was born January 31, 1869. Her father was Peter Owens, who was born in Ireland, while the mother, Amanda (Smith) Owens, was a native of Ohio. Mrs. Winans is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. By their genial ways and many charming traits of character this worthy couple have earned the respect of the people of Cedarville.

15 "Valles" is undoubtedly Ciudad Valles, in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosí. lists a book by a Mrs. F. H. Soltero, The Romance of the Pilgrim Missions in Mexico. The Wesleyan Church's web site includes an article by Jane Higle, Celebrating the Missionary Spirit – Francisco (1892–1977) and Nettie (1891–1957) Soltero, which includes wonderful biographies of this couple.
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