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These are miscellaneous pages from the Conrad Winans section of Winans Family Genealogy, which is broken down into several subsections for ease of access and maintenance.

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5th Gen

ABNER ROSS was b 21 Sept 1794 in Rahway, N. J. d 12 Jan 18731 in Miami Co., Ohio at age 76 md Mary Brant or Brent b 1807 d 14 Feb 1860.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-1-5-8-1JANE C. WINANS (her name may have been Sarah Jane--per IW.) b 1826 d Dec 1884 in Miami Co., Ohio buried in the Raper Chapel Cemetery md James Campbell Todd b 1831 in Miami Co., Ohio d 17 June 1901 in Vicksburg, Arizona, son of James or Nathan Campbell and Fanny Eliza (Winans) Todd. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Frances Todd b 29 May 1852 at Piqua, Miami, Ohio d 25 July 1892 md John Hegler.
  2. Sarah Jane Todd b 10 Apr 1854 at Piqua md Wm. Cahill.
  3. James Campbell Todd b 5 Oct 1857 at Piqua, Miami, Ohio md Flora Bell Hartman.
*1-7-1-5-8-2ALBERT RANDOLPH WINANS b 1828 d 31 Dec 1880 md Anna _?_.
 1-7-1-5-8-3ANNA ELIZABETH WINANS b 1831 md William S. Vreeland.
*1-7-1-5-8-4ABNER ROSS WINANS2 b 12 Jan 1833 md 22 July 1858 Mary Ann Holliday.

5th Gen

SAMUEL ROSS was b 22 July 1796 in N. J. d 27 Feb 1887 in Lyons Farms, N. J. md (1) 23 Feb 1820 Amelia Zeluff b 9 Aug 1802 in Newark, N. J. d 4 Feb 1829 at Lyons Farms, N. J. md (2) 4 Feb 1845 Ann Woodruff b 10 Mar 1810 in N. J. d 20 Aug 1880 at Lyons Farms, N. J. dau of Timothy and Mary (Grumman) Woodruff.
Ref: This material was sent to me by David Ross Winans, son of Prof. Samuel Ross Winans of Princeton, N. J. I also have a copy of a diary written by Samuel Ross Winans, Sr. The diary tells about the time his son Samuel Ross Jr. went to college and when he began to teach at Princeton University. I saw the tombstones of Alfred and his wife Mary Jane and also James Woodruff and his wife Joanne Elizabeth at Elizabethtown, N. J. in May 1963. Also information from George M. Winans of Jamaica, N. Y.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-7-1-5-9-1CAROLINE WINANS b 30 July 1823 d 28 June 1870 md 3 Apr 1844 William Scott Johnson b 17 June 1819 d 7 Mar 1869 son of Ebenezer (1793-1881) and Mary M. (Osborne) (1795-1870) Johnson. They had the following children:
  1. Ann Amelia Johnson b 7 May 1845 d 1 May 1863.
  2. Samuel Winans Johnson b 21 June 1850 d 3 Aug 1916 md Emily Maria Hunter.
  3. Jotham Clarke Johnson b 1 Oct 1855 d 15 Apr 1925 md Edith Compson.
  4. Mary Caroline Johnson b ca 1860 d 1876.
*1-7-1-5-9-2ALFRED WINANS b 8 Oct 1827 d 23 June 1903 at Elizabethtown, N. J. md


 Mary Jane Mulford.
There were one or two children that died as infants.

Children by 2nd wife:
*1-7-1-5-9-3JAMES WOODRUFF WINANS b 25 June 1846 at Lyons Farms, N. J. d 4 Sept 1875 at Brooklyn, N. Y. buried at Elizabethtown, N. J. md Joanne Elizabeth Ludlum.
*1-7-1-5-9-4SAMUEL ROSS WINANS Jr. b 1 Mar 1855 at Lyons Farms, N. J. d 23 July 1910 at Princeton, N. J. md 27 July 1886 Sarah Elizabeth Elliott Macdonald.

5th Gen

STEPHEN was b 26 Mar 1774 in N. J. d 11 June 1850 near Troy, Ohio md 24 Mar 1799 in N. J. Charlotte "Lottie" Marsh b 20 May 1781 in N. J. dau of William and Sarah (Frazee) Marsh. She was Stephen's 2nd Cousin and her line was John, Conrad, Jonathan, Susannah Winans Frazee, Sarah Frazee Marsh. Stephen md (2) 30 July 1829 Susan Kimball (per IW) Susan Frazee (per JB). Md (3) 16 Sept 1847 Mrs. Hannah (Freeman) 1st Husband Anderson 2nd husband Anthony Winans. b 6 Sept 1777 d 18 Feb 1851 in Ohio. Anthony's line was (1-7-1-5-2). Stephen living with James McMullen in 1850, age 76, Wash. Tp. Miami Co., Ohio.
Ref: IW., JB.

Children by 1st wife:

*1-7-1-6-2-1SAMUEL WINANS b 20 May 1800 in Rahway, Union, N. J. d 23 Apr 1879 in Elkhart, Ind., buried in the Grace Lawn Cemetery md 1821 Mary A. Taylor.
*1-7-1-6-2-2WILLIAM MARSH WINANS b 4 Sept 1801 in Elizabeth, Union, N. J. d 10 Sept 1873 in Columbus, Ind. md (1) _?_. Md (2) Rebecca Chatman. Md (3) Mrs. Lucinda (Terwilleger) Ike.
 1-7-1-6-2-3SARAH WINANS md ca 1824 Cummings Scudder who d 1877 in Piqua, Ohio. They had the following children:
  1. Howard Scudder md Malinda Morhaffy.
  2. Stephen Scudder.
  3. Dorsey Scudder who was killed in the Civil War.
  4. Ephraim Scudder who was a soldier in the Civil War.
  5. Harriet Scudder who d 17 July 1911 md _?_ Stellwell.
  6. Hannah Scudder.
  7. Sarah Scudder.
  8. Jane Scudder.
  9. Charlotte Scudder.
 1-7-1-6-2-4MARGARET WINANS (believed to have d in infancy.)
 1-7-1-6-2-5HANNAH WINANS b 7 May 1806 d 28 July 1882 in Piqua, Ohio md 15 Sept 1825 Benjamin Clark Carey b 14 Aug 1801 d 10 Mar 1876 in Piqua, Ohio. He was the son of George and Phebe (Clark) Carey. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Carey who d in infancy.
  2. Sarah Jane Carey b 14 Dec 1828 md James Boyd McConnell.
  3. Samuel Winans Carey b 17 Mar 1831 in Piqua d 5 Jan 1917 in Dayton, Ohio, was a minister.
  4. George Augustus Eddy Carey b 2 Aug 1833 in Piqua d 11 Oct 1910 in Indianapois, Ind. m Eliza James.
  5. Isaac Stewart Carey b 31 July 1836 d in the summer of 1911 in Piqua.
  6. David Clark Carey b 11 Nov 1838 in Defiance, Pauldina,3 O. md Sarah Jane Perry who d 15 Feb 1914.
  7. Charlotte Ann Carey b 23 Sept 1841 d 14 June 1914 in Piqua, md (1) William Clark Enyart md (2) David Steelman.4


  1. William Frazee Carey b 19 Apr 1844 and was a detective in the Civil War.5
 1-7-1-6-2-6CATHERINE WINANS md _?_.6
*1-7-1-6-2-7STEPHEN WINANS b 2 Aug 1810 in N. J. d 14 May 1885 in Sweetland, Cal. md 8 Apr 1831 in Piqua, Eliza Johnston.
 1-7-1-6-2-8CHARLOTTE WINANS (twin) b 22 Jan 1816 in Newark, N. J. d 14 Oct 1906 in Marion, Ind. md (1) 14 Apr 1841 John Wylie and they had one son. Md (2) May 1850 in Springfield, Ohio Harvey Barnes Pearce b 1812 d 1890 In Ossian, Ind. They had the following children:
  1. Laura Jane Pearce b 1 Mar 1851 in Springfield, Ohio md Frank Sebastian Naus.
  2. Joseph Winans Pearce d in infancy.
 1-7-1-6-2-9SUSANNA WINANS (twin) b 22 Jan 1816 md 12 Feb 1836 in Newark, N. J. Enos W. Hathaway.
 1-7-1-6-2-10FRAZEE MARSH WINANS b 1820 d 8 Apr 1884 in Monroe Co., Mich. He was a graduate of West Point. He was a Lt. Col. in Michigan Infantry in 1861. (Ref: OCW)
 There were no children by the 2nd and 3rd wives.

5th Gen

RICHARD WOODRUFF was b 3 Jan 1781 in Rahway, N. J. d 10 Jan 1863 at Troy, Ohio md 4 June 1807 his cousin Sarah Ross Winans b 23 May 1788 in Rahway, N. J. d 26 Aug 1858 in Troy, Ohio. Sarah was the dau of James (1-7-1-5) and 2nd wife Elizabeth (Ross) Winans.
Ref: IW., Richard mentioned in mother's 1833 will, also a Sally R. Winans.

*1-7-1-6-5-1DAVID CLARK WINANS b 11 Mar 1808 in N. J. d 15 June 1855 near Auburn, Placer, California, md 28 Sept 1828 in Miami Co., Ohio his cousin Amy Rollins Winans (1-5-5-1-1-5) dau of Lewis and Lydia (Winans) Winans, Lydia's line was (1-5-5-2-3).
*1-7-1-6-5-2JAMES WINANS b 28 May 1810 in N. J. d 4 Sept 1878 in San Rafael, Calif. md (1) in Miami Co., Ohio Emeline F. Bailey Md (2) 26 Sept 1837 in Ind. Martha Ashby.
 1-7-1-6-5-3FANNY ELIZA WINANS b 5 May 1812 near Troy, Ohio d 13 Nov 1881 in Fillmore Co., Minn. md (1) Nathan Todd b 23 Mar 1806 d 17 Oct 1852. They had the following children:
  1. James Campbell Todd b 1831 d 17 June 1901 in Vicksburg, Arizona.
  2. Sarah Jane Todd b 1833 d 9 Apr 1856 In Piqua, Ohio md Jason Taylor Hathaway.
Fanny md (2) her cousin Benjamin Winans (1-5-5-1-1-6). See his sheet for further data.
*1-7-1-6-5-4JOHN CLAWSON WINANS b 8 Mar 1822 d 30 Sept 1891 near Troy, Ohio md 2 June 1869 Mrs. Rachel (Maxwell) Rollins.
 1-7-1-6-5-5HANNAH WOODRUFF WINANS b 24 Oct 1831 d 28 Nov 1859 unmarried.

5th Gen

WILLIAM FORD was b 5 June 1791 d 3 May 1813 md 22 Dec 1810 Margaret Ludlow.


Ref: IW.

 1-7-1-7-5-1ELIZABETH FORD WINANS b 13 May 1811 md Archibald Timmons and they had the following children:
  1. William Timmons.
  2. Margaret Timmons.
  3. Daniel Timmons.
 1-7-1-7-5-2RACHEL WINANS b 26 Apr 1813 d 6 Nov 1903 md 23 Dec 1839 Madison Laurence Toms. They had the following children:
  1. Crowell Toms.
  2. Margaret Toms.
  3. Anna Toms.
  4. Stewart M. Toms.

5th Gen

JOHN was b 1773 d 3 Jan 1833 at Rahway, N. J. md Hannah Cooper b 1787 d 13 July 1867 at Rahway, N. J.
Ref: IW. (except as indicated).

 1-7-1-8-2-1ISAAC MARSH WINANS living in 1868.
 1-7-1-8-2-2SARAH ANN WINANS b 11 Sept 1810 d 11 Dec 1824.
 1-7-1-8-2-3JOHN HAMPTON WINANS b 7 Dec 1813 d 20 July 1844 at Elizabethtown, md Susan Boylston Wood b 9 Apr 1821 d 17 Dec 1913 at Elizabethtown, N.J. They had one dau Susan Boylston Winans b 20 Mar 1840 at Elizabethtown N. J. d 1 Apr 1840 at same. I saw all three graves for this family in Elizabethtown, N. J. AWW.
*1-7-1-8-2-4ELIHU M. WINANS md Charlotte Fitz Randolph.
 1-7-1-8-2-5MARGARET M. WINANS who d 1863 md Mathias Brant Crane. They had the following children:
  1. Sarah F. Crane who md a Mr. Crane.
  2. Marietta A. Crane who md a Mr. Earle.
  3. Anna M. Crane.
  4. John W. Crane.
 1-7-1-8-2-6MARY M. WINANS who md George Maxwell.
 1-7-1-8-2-7JOANNA WINANS b 5 June 18237 d 5 Dec 1842 at Elizabethtown, N. J.

5th Gen

CAPTAIN JOHN was b 15 June 1766 d 5 June 1829 in Poughkeepsee, N. Y. md (1) Harriet Livington. No record of any children. Md (2) 2 Sept 1793 in N. Y. City Catherine Stewart. Catherine was still living in 1824.
Ref: IW., Prince Gaston de Bearn, Rodney O. Winans of N. Y.

 1-7-2-3-1-1SARAH WINANS (twin) b 28 June 1799 in Poughkeepsee, Dutchess Co., d 1867 in N. Y. md (1) Morley or Morey Bingham. They had the following children:
  1. Catherine Maria Bingham md John Abner Douglass.
  2. John Abner Bingham.
  3. Douglass Bingham.
Sarah md (2) Richard S. Green. Md (3) before 1830 John Faxon.
 1-7-2-3-1-2STEWART WINANS (twin) b 28 June 1799 in Poughkeepsee, Dutchess Co., N. Y. d 1865 in Troy, N. Y., no further data known.
 1-7-2-3-1-3JOHANNA WINANS b 25 June 1804 in Poughkeepsee, Dutchess Co., N. Y. d


 Aug 1872 in West Troy, N. Y. md 8 Feb 1821 Thomas Douglass. They had 11 children but only the names of two are available at this time: No. 5. Gibson L. Douglass. No. ? Elizabeth Douglass b 1823 d 1903 md 1845 Henry Grove Saxe (1819-1897).

The following was copied by Mr. Rodney O. Winans of Round Lake, N. Y. and was taken from "Annual Report of the Town of Ferrisburg, Vt. for Dec 31 1958":
"The cut on the front of the town report is of the steamer "Vermont" the first steamboat on Lake Champlain and the second steamboat in the world to go into commercial service. The builders, James and John Winans were Quakers who had helped Fulton build the "Claremont" on the Hudson River. With others they had received a franchise to build and operate a steamboat on Lake Champlain. Built at Burlington in 1808 it was outfitted and finally made ready for commercial use at Basin Harbor during the winter of 1808-09. The Vermont was considerably larger than the Claremont, being 120 ft long, 20 ft wide, and 8 ft deep."
5th Gen

JAMES IRA was b 20 May 1768 in Poughkeepsee, N. Y. d 14 Sept 1830 in Basin Harbor, Vt. md (1) Catherine Pierson or Person. Md (2) Betsy McFarland. Md (3) 14 July 1810 Ida Rogers b 23 July 1781 d 27 Oct 1853 at Basin Harbor, Vt. dau of Platt and Ida (Wittsea) Rogers. Wittsea may have been Wiltsia.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-7-2-3-2-1MARGARET ANN WINANS bap. 1799.
 1-7-2-3-2-2ELMIRA WINANS.

Child by 2nd wife:

*1-7-2-3-2-3JAMES WINANS b 15 Apr 1808 in Catskill, N. Y. d 16 Mar 1864 in High Falls, N. Y. md Sarah or Sally Carle.

Children by 3rd wife:

 1-7-2-3-2-4CYNTHIA ANN WINANS b 25 Mar 1813 at Basin Harbor, Addison. Vt. d 20 Apr 1880 in Addison Co., Vt. md 19 Sept 1833 in Basin Harbor, Vt. Calvin R. Smith who d at Basin Harbor, Vt. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Smith.
  2. Edison or Edson Smith.
  3. Charles R. Smith.
  4. Ida Smith.
 1-7-2-3-2-5MARY ANN WINANS b 18 Aug 1815 at Basin Harbor, Vt. d 10 Jan 1884 md 11 Jan 1844 at Basin Harbor, Vt. James P. Kennedy. They had the following children:
  1. Frank J. Kennedy.
  2. James Kennedy.
  3. Sarah Kennedy.
 1-7-2-3-2-6JAMES BARNUM WINANS b 12 July 1818 at Basin Harbor, Vt. d 21 Jan 1896 at same, unmarried.
 1-7-2-3-2-7IDA ANN WINANS b 8 Sept 1820 at Basin Harbor, Vt. d 25 Dec 1898 at Panton, Vt., unmarried.
*1-7-2-3-2-8MARTIN WITTSEA8 b 12 Feb 1823 at Basin Harbor, Vt. d 19 May 1885 at


 Basin Harbor, Vt. md Mrs. Ida Ann (Newton) Webster.
 1-7-2-3-2-9ELIZABETH ANN WINANS b 10 Feb 1826 at Basin Harbor, Vt. d 28 Mar 1865 at same, unmarried.

JAMES and his brother "Capt" JOHN built the steamboat "Vermont". For further detail see the family group sheet for John (1-7-2-3-1).

5th Gen

DAVID was b 7 Dec 1776 in Poughkeepsee, N. Y. d 25 Sept 1824 md Catherine Reynolds b 1776 d 1872 age 96 years, at Plano, Ill.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-2-3-6-1CLARISSA WINANS d before 1908 md Jesse Braman. They had at least one dau, Edna Braman.
*1-7-2-3-6-2JAMES FREDERICK WINANS b 25 Jan 1810 d 10 Nov 1865 in Owego, Tioga, N. Y, md Esther DeVoe or DeVough.
*1-7-2-3-6-3PETER WINANS b   ?   d 14 Mar 1869 in Pine Run, Mich md (1) Loana Carpenter. Md (2) Mrs. Margaret (Wright) Underhill.
 1-7-2-3-6-4MARGARET WINANS md   ?   Bell and they moved west.
 1-7-2-3-6-5JOHN WINANS md Lydia Rogers and they had one son David Winans. They moved out west.
 1-7-2-3-6-6ELIZABETH WINANS, unmarried, lived in Vermont.
 1-7-2-3-6-7HANNAH WINANS b 25 July 1820 d 16 Jan 1898 in Tioga, N. Y. md 11 July 1837 Samuel Romine b 5 Dec 1816 in West Newark, Tioga, N. Y. d 22 Sept 1868 in Tioga, N. Y. son of John and Mercy Romine. They had the following children:
  1. Denegh Romine b 12 Mar 1842 in Tioga Co., N.Y. d 4 Dec 1890 in Owego, N. Y.
  2. Constantine Romine b 4 Mar 1843 in Owego, d 27 May 1867 in Tioga, soldier in Civil War.
  3. Thaddeus Romine b 4 Dec 1844 in Owego md Mary Carlton.
  4. William Morning Star Romine b 1 Apr 1846 in Baltimore, Md. d 13 Sept 1894 in Tioga.
  5. Samuel LeRoy Romine b 15 Dec 1848 in Baltimore d 4 July 1894 in Owego.
  6. Edwin Baldwin Romine b 2 Sept 1849 in Baltimore.
  7. Mercy Louise Romine b 25 May 1852 in Baltimore d 10 May 1869 in Tioga.
  8. Joseph Alphonso Romine b 27 Apr 1854 in Tioga.
  9. Charles Frederick Romine b 28 Aug 1856 in Tioga.
  10. Clarence Romine b 29 Mar 1858 in Tioga.
  11. Leonidas Romine b 10 Feb 1862 in Tioga.
 1-7-2-3-6-8CAROLINE WINANS b 11 April 1822 in Ticonderoga, Essex, N. Y. md 1846 in Owego, N. Y. George Washington Russell b 11 July 1816 d 10 April 1862 in Vestal, N. Y. son of Thomas Russell. They had the following children:
  1. Luther Russell b 1845 in Vestal, Broome Co., N. Y. d 30 Jan 1874 in Vestal.
  2. Alonzo Thomas Russell b 11 Oct 1849 in Vestal.
  3. Ann Catherine Russell b 1850 in Vestal md (1)   ?   Weston md (2)   ?   Santon.
  4. Eunice Russell b 7 June 1853 in Vestal md   ?   Fox.
  5. Emma Russell b 1856 in Vestal d 1900 md   ?   West.
  6. Ella Louise Russell b 1859 d 5 Nov 1903 in Binghamton, N. Y.
  7. Ida L. Russell b 25 Sept 1863 md Elias   ?  .
CAROLINE md (2) Henry Haight.
 1-7-2-3-6-9DAVID WINANS, unmarried, drowned in Hudson River.
*1-7-2-3-6-10STEPHEN WINANS b 1827 d 23 Feb 1909 md (1) Melissa Tanner. Md (2) Carrie May Wheat.


5th Gen

STEPHEN was b 12 Sept 1781 at Poughkeepsee d 5 Feb 1857 at Coxsackie, N. Y. md Eleanor Van Bergen b 9 Feb 1788 d 14 May 1862.
Ref: IW.

*1-7-2-3-8-1JAMES D. WINANS b 13 Feb 1805 at Coxsackie, N. Y. d 20 Jan 1894 at Ann Arbor, Mich md at Detroit, Mich. Sarah Eaton Hilliard.
 1-7-2-3-8-2PETER WINANS b 17 July 1807 at Coxsackie, N. Y. d 1857 at Coxsackie md Sarah Jundan or Junden. They had a dau, Eleanor Winans who md George Van Dyck and they had a dau, Alida Van Dyck.
*1-7-2-3-8-3JOHN WINANS (twin) b 16 Aug 1809 at Coxsackie, d 1885 or 1894 at Carthage, N. Y. md (1) Susan Williams. Md (2) Eliza A. Cole.
 1-7-2-3-8-4HENRY WINANS (twin) b 16 Aug 1809 at Coxsackie, d young.
 1-7-2-3-8-5CATHERINE WINANS b, 4 Oct 1811 at Coxsackie, N. Y. d 1890 md Storm Hotaling. They had the following children:
  1. Stephen David Hotaling.
  2. Mary Ellen Hotaling.
  3. Caroline Amelia Hotaling.
 1-7-2-3-8-6ANNA MARIA WINANS b 25 Sept 1813 at Coxsackie, N. Y. d 1889 md Isaiah Roberts.
 1-7-2-3-8-7ELEANOR CHRISTINA WINANS b 19 Nov 1815 at Coxsackie d before 1823.
 1-7-2-3-8-8STEPHEN WINANS b 26 May 1817 at Coxsackie d in California.
*1-7-2-3-8-9WILLIAM HENRY WINANS b 18 Aug 1820 at Coxsackie d 25 Nov 1903 in Coxsackie md Christina VanDenberg.
 1-7-2-3-8-10UNNAMED TWIN WINANS (stillborn) b 13 Sept 1822.
 1-7-2-3-8-11UNNAMED TWIN WINANS (stillborn) b 13 Sept 1322.
 1-7-2-3-8-12ELEANOR CHRISTINA WINANS (2nd) b 18 Sept 1823 at Coxsackie d 188? md   ?   Bibbens. They had a dau Ada Bibbens md M. Milo Gould.
*1-7-2-3-8-13ANDREW WINANS (twin) b 25 May 1827 in Coxsackie, Greene, N. Y. d 8 Sept 1903 in Coxsackie, md Elsie VanDenberg.
*1-7-2-3-8-14DAVID WINANS (twin) b 25 May 1827 in Coxsackie, md 5 Apr 1853 at Lansingburg, N. Y., Harriet Livingston.
 1-7-2-3-8-15CAROLINE AMELIA WINANS b 1829 d 1892 md M. Douglass in 1851 at Coxsackie, N. Y. They had the following children:
  1. Charles Place Douglass b 1853 in Jersey City, N. J. md Mrs. Minnie Johnson.
  2. Ella Malitta Douglass b 1856 d 1887 md Robert Vroom.
  3. Ada May Douglass b 22 May 1858 d 1906 md Benjamin Fowler.
Caroline md (2) J. B. Hance, no children.

5th Gen

JOHN PERLEE was b   ?   md 16 Feb 1807 in Troy, N. Y. Mary Carpenter dau of John and Abigail Carpenter.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-2-5-1-1JOHN CARPENTER WINANS b 13 Mar 1808 in Troy, N. Y. No further data.
*1-7-2-5-1-2STEPHEN WINANS b 14 May 1810 in Troy, N. Y. d 3 May 1876 in Springfield, Mass, md 4 Apr 1835 Bethiah Chapin.
 1-7-2-5-1-3AMELIA WINANS md Jacob Shunk.
 1-7-2-5-1-4HELEN WINANS md   ?   Johnson.


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1 Two brief lines in the 18 Jan 1873 Miami Union noted Abner's passing:
WINANS, ABNER R. - At the residence of his son, in Troy, on Sunday evening last [12 Jan 1873], of paralysis, Abner R. Winans, in the 79th year of his age.
WINANS, ABNER R. - An old gentlemen and respected citizen who formerly resided in Piqua.
2 There is extensive additional information on Abner Ross Winans, junior, and his descendants in our Petaluma page.
3 My great-grandfather was born in Paulding county, OH.
4 Charlotte's husband's surname is Speelman. She was also married to John Nelson Armacost between Mr. Enyart and Mr. Speelman.
5 This is the only mention I've ever seen of William being a detective!
6 There is a pencilled note after Catherine's name to the effect that she married (1) Hiram Acus and (2) John Russell. This could have been written by my book's previous owner, Wayne Preston.
7 The 1823 birthdate may be an error on Mrs. Egy's part. The inscription on Joanna's grave marker says she died 5 Dec 1842 "Aged 20 Years & 6 Months".
8 Mrs. Egy omits Martin's last name here. In his entry on page 44, he is listed as Martin Wittsea Winans.
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