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These are miscellaneous pages from the Conrad Winans section of Winans Family Genealogy, which is broken down into several subsections for ease of access and maintenance.

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5th Gen

WILLIAM was b 28 Nov 1791 at Pine Plains, N. Y. d 1872 at West Berne, N. Y. md Elizabeth Thomas who d in 1868 in Bernie Twp. N. Y. and was the dau of Bariah Thomas.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-7-2-6-9-1ZADA WINANS b 17 Feb 1823 in Bernie Twp., N. Y. d 23 Apr 1885 in Rensselaervi11e, N. Y. md 1845 Samuel Coggshall son of George Coggshall. They had the following children:
  1. William Winans Coggshall b 14 Mar 1846 in Bernie, Albany, N. Y. d 2 Nov 1907 in Troy, N. Y.
  2. Sarah Elizabeth Coggshall b 4 Dec 1847 in Bernie d 10 Feb 1920 in Rensselaervi11e, N. Y. was 2nd wife of Lewis Kenyon.
  3. Frances Mary Coggshall b 14 Sept 1849 in Bernie, N. Y. was 1st wife of Lewis Kenyon.
ZADA md (2) 8 Mar 1862 Peter C. Haverly b 30 Oct 1820 in Bernie, N. Y. d 1 Dec 1906 in Rensselaervi11e, N. Y. They had one dau, Henrietta Haverly b 31 Jan 1863 in Middleburg, Schoharie, N. Y. md Charles Oswald.
 1-7-2-6-9-2EDWIN HENRY WINANS b 1827 in Bernie Twp., N. Y. d 1894 in Vineland, Cumberland Co., N. J. md Antoinette Reeves. They had one dau, Martha Winans.
 1-7-2-6-9-3FRANCES "FANNIE" WINANS b 1828 in Bernie Twp., d 1914 in N. Y. md (1) John Spahn. Md (2) Abram Underdouk. No record of any children.
 1-7-2-6-9-4WALTER JAYCOX WINANS b 7 Feb 1830 in Bernie Twp., N. Y. d 31 Aug 1908 in Gloversville, N. Y. md 7 Feb 1860 in Wright Twp., N. Y. Nancy Adelia Merselis b 18 Apr 1844 at West Bernie, Albany, N. Y. d 21 Jan 1897 in Gloversville, N. Y. dau of Garritt and Sarah Ann (DeVol) Merselis. They had one son: Edwin Henry Winans b 15 Mar 1866 in West Bernie, Albany, N. Y. md 28 June 1894 in Gloversville, Fulton, N. Y. Clara Louise Van Brocklen b 8 June 1867 in Afton, Washington, Minn dau of John B. and Louise Clara (Rivers) Van Brocklen. No children.

5th Gen

STEPHEN was b 2 Sept 1795 at Pine Plains, N. Y. d 8 May 1865 in Middleburgh, N. Y. md (1) Phebe Sheldon b 3 Apr 1802 in Pine Plains, Dutchess, N. Y. d 3 Mar 1831 in Bernieville, N. Y. and was the dau of David, b 9 Aug 1763, and Hannah (Park) Sheldon b 3 Feb 1766. Stephen md (2) 15 Sept 1832 Deborah Sheldon b 3 Aug 1805 in Pine Plains, N. Y. d 24 June 1886 in Schenectady, N. Y. and was a sister of Phebe Sheldon.
Ref: IW.

Child by 1st wife:

 1-7-2-6-11-1UNNAMED CHILD b 3 Mar 1831 and d 3 Mar 1831 in Bernieville, N. Y. Was buried with mother in same casket.


Children by 2nd wife:

 1-7-2-6-11-2STEPHEN BYRON WINANS b 7 Dec 1833 d 7 May 1837 in Middleburgh, N. Y.
 1-7-2-6-11-3WILLIAM ALBERT WINANS b 5 Jan or June 1838 at Middleburgh d 16 or 26 Apr 1863 or 1864 at Little Rock, Ark. Unmarried.
*1-7-2-6-11-4GERARDUS WINANS b 11 Feb 1843 at Middleburgh d 10 Jan 1918 in Albany, N. Y. md 1 Sept 1869 in East Glenville, N. Y. Sarah Elizabeth Haywood.

5th Gen

WALTER was b   ?   md 8 Oct 1800 in Bangall, Dutchess, N. Y. Hannah Fish.
Ref: IW. Order of children is undoubtedly wrong.

*1-7-2-7-2-1EDWARD WINANS b 6 Feb 1812 in Columbia Co., N. Y. d 6 Aug 1890 in Albany, N. Y. md Helen Margaret Saulpaugh.
 1-7-2-7-2-2ANSON WINANS b   ?   md (1) Anna Maria Ham b 16 Apr 1820 d 18 Apr 1843 in N. Y. They had a son William H. Winans b 5 Oct 1839 d 12 Dec 1864 as a prisoner in Salisbury Prison during the Civil War. They had a dau Mary Jane Winans b Oct 1842 d 29 Jan 1843 in Germantown, N. Y. Anson md (2) Mrs. Anna Snyder. No further data.
 1-7-2-7-2-3ALMIRA WINANS md   ?   Shaw. They had a son Wesley Shaw who lived in Paterson, N. J. in 1908 and a son Cyrus Shaw.
 1-7-2-7-2-4MELISSA WINANS md   ?   Montrose of N. Y.
 1-7-2-7-2-5ALEXANDER WINANS b 1824 d 11 Mar 1856 age 32 at Hudson, N. Y. unmar.
 1-7-2-7-2-6MARY WINANS md   ?   Whitlock of Catskill, N. Y. They had a dau Ella Whitlock who never married.
 1-7-2-7-2-7JAMES W. WINANS b 15 Apr 1808 in Catskill, N. Y. d 6 Mar 1864 in High Falls, N. Y. This may not be a son of Walter and Hannah.

5th Gen

EDWARD HAWLEY or HOLLY was b 9 Oct 1800 in Pine Plains, Dutchess Co., N. Y. d Aug 1882 at Adrian, Mich md 22 Dec 1826 in Montgomery Co., N. Y. Lydia Catherine Mitchell b 10 Oct 1808 d 24 Dec 1894.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-2-7-5-1MARY AGNES WINANS b 2 Apr 1829 in Canajoharie, N. Y. md 15 Oct 1851 in Adrian, Mich. William Henry Scott b 3 Sept 1825 in Columbia, S. C. d 5 Mar 1901 in Toledo, Ohio, son of Joseph Wakeman and Susan Scott. They had the following children:
  1. Frances Scott b 16 Apr 1853 at Adrian, Mich, md Francis Edward Waters.
  2. Susan Wakeman Scott b 15 Feb 1856 in Adrian.
  3. Jane Scott b 14 July 1859 in Adrian.
  4. Edward Jessup Scott b 13 Mar 1862 in Adrian d 24 Dec 1899 in Pomona, California md Jennie Milburn Lackerby.
*1-7-2-7-5-2CHARLES EDWARD WINANS b 1 May 1831 at Canajoharie, N. Y. d Oct 1880 md May or June 1856 Minerva A. Ransom.


 1-7-2-7-5-3LYDIA CHARLOTTE WINANS b 1 Sept 1833 d 30 July 1899 md 8 Nov 1856 William S. Carey. They had one dau Harriet Carey b 30 Mar 1862 d 30 Apr 1891.
 1-7-2-7-5-4JANE ANNA WINANS b 13 Sept 1836 d Mar 1842.
 1-7-2-7-5-5HARRIET N. WINANS b 1 Feb 1841 d Nov 1881.
*1-7-2-7-5-6JAMES WINANS b 12 May 1844 md 13 Dec 1877 Harriet Baxter.
 1-7-2-7-5-7ANNA KATE WINANS b 21 Apr 1847 md 27 Apr 1869 Richard Hamm. They had at least one son Horace Hamm.

5th Gen

JAMES was b   ?   d   ?   at Catskill, N. Y. buried beside wife md (1) no record. Md (2) Sally Conine b 13 Sept 1801 d 23 Apr 1888.
Ref: IW.

*1-7-2-7-6-1JOHN AMBROSE WINANS b 23 Nov 1825 at Catskill, N. Y. md 22 Aug 1845 at Catskill, Harriet Riesdorph.
 1-7-2-7-6-2MARY WINANS b 25 Jan 1830 d 10 Apr 1860 buried at Catskill, N. Y. unmarried.
*1-7-2-7-6-3MILLS WINANS b 12 Apr 1831 at Cairo, N. Y. d 22 Oct 1871 at Catskill, N. Y. md 2 Apr 1857 at Leeds, Greene Co., N. Y. Lydia Maria Rouse.

5th Gen

HENRY was b 9 Aug 1795 or 9 Dec 1796 d 16 Jan 1874 in Penville, Ont., Canada, buried at Lloydtown md (1) Lauraette Penfield who d 29 Apr 1838 and was the dau of Adney and Huldah Penfield. Henry md (2) 12 Apr 1840 Linda Draper b 8 May 1816 d 9 Dec 1894 at Burk's Falls, Ontario. Linda was the dau of Jacob and Frederica (Wynn) Draper.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-7-2-9-4-1ADNEY WINANS b 9 June 1828. No further data.
 1-7-2-9-4-2HULDAH WINANS b 9 Nov 1829 d in Poughkeepsee, N. Y. md (1) Dr. Charles Carpenter. Md (2) Charley Burrell.
 1-7-2-9-4-3MARY ANN WINANS b 3 June 1831 d 1912 md Charles Hunt who lived in Thornbury, Ont., Canada. No children.
 1-7-2-9-4-4MALINA WINANS b 27 July 1832 in Tecumseth,1 Ontario, Canada d Dec 1856 in same, unmarried.
 1-7-2-9-4-5SARAH ADALINE WINANS b 20 Apr 1834 in Tecumseth, Ontario, Canada md 21 Jan 1852 in King, Ontario, Canada Alexander Marsh b 13 Oct 1829 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada and was the son of James and Margery (Atkinson) Marsh. They had two sons, Henry James Marsh b 27 Oct 1852 in Richmond Hill d 4 Feb 1856 in same and William Goodfellow Marsh b 5 Aug 1854 in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.
 1-7-2-9-4-6GEORGE HENRY WINANS b 2 July 1836 in Lindsay, Ontario, Canada d in Detroit, Mich, unmarried.


 1-7-2-9-4-7HENRIETTA WINANS b 1 Apr 1838 in Tecumseth, Ontario, Canada md Charles Penrose. They had five children but I have only the name of one, George Adna Penrose.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-7-2-9-4-8LAURAETTE WINANS b 5 Oct 1843 in Tecumseth md 12 Jan 1874 in same Philip Alvin Snyder b 25 Sept 1832 in Brampton, Gray, Ontario, Canada and was the son of Abraham and Ann (Jameison) Snyder. They had the following children:
  1. Amelia Gertrude Snyder b 22 Mar 1873 in Orangeville, Ontario.
  2. Alvin Snyder b 3 Mar 1879 in Mono, Peel, Ontario d 5 May 1905 in Bracebridge, Ontario.
*1-7-2-9-4-9JACOB WINANS b 2 May 1845 in Tecumseth d 27 Feb 1908 in Caledon, Ontario md Hannah Kitley.
 1-7-2-9-4-10ELIZA GROVE WINANS b 14 Dec 1847 in Tecumseth d 19 July 1913 in Porterville, California, md 20 Mar 1872 in Tecumseth her cousin Edwin Hazzard Purdy b 28 Sept 1842 in Bath, Ont. d Aug 1902 in Hallack, N. D. They had the following children:
  1. Edna Helen Purdy b 2 Feb 1873 in Meaford, Ontario, md Benson Benjamin Lockwood.
  2. Harry March Purdy b 13 Mar 1874 d 13 July 1874 in Meaford.
  3. Ethel Linda Purdy b 18 Sept 1875 in Meaford md Harry Cummings Carr.
  4. Sarah Antoinette Purdy b 13 July 1880 md Obed William Carr.
Edwin was the son of Jesse Thomas and Sarah Antoinette (Winans) Purdy (1-7-2-9-7).
 1-7-2-9-4-11CLEMA or CLANA WINANS b 22 Jan 1849 in Tecumseth d 2 May 1906 in Burk's Falls Ont. md Henry Knight. They had three children but names are not available.
 1-7-2-9-4-12FREDERICA WINANS b 20 Nov 1851 in same md 25 May 1885 in Burk's Falls, Ont. Walter Knight b 8 Apr 1859 son of Dr. Cameron and Sarah Knight. They had the following children:
  1. Lynda Emma Knight b 16 Dec 1886 in Burk's Falls, Ont.
  2. Edgar Walter Knight b 20 Mar 1888 in Burk's Falls, Ont.
  3. Laura Delia Knight b 26 Apr 1890 in Burk's Falls.
 1-7-2-9-4-13JESSE PURDY WINANS b 24 Sept 1852 in same md 7 Aug 1889 Mrs. Emma (Ramsay) Mugford.
 1-7-2-9-4-14LUCILLA WINANS b 6 Aug 1855 in same md Thomas Sparrow. They had seven children.
 1-7-2-9-4-15SEYMOUR WINANS b 1 Apr 1857 md 11 June 1884 in Newmarket, York, Ont. Lucy Victoria Pringle b 25 Dec 1859 in York Co., Ont. dau of Philip and Sophronica (Coomer) Pringle. There were no children.
 1-7-2-9-4-16ALLEN HARRY WINANS b 18 Dec 1859 in same md Hannah   ?  . No further data.
 1-7-2-9-4-17WILLIAM NASSAU WINANS b 3 Jan 1861 in same d 26 July 1895 in Detroit, Mich, md Edith Geary. They had one son, Wesley William Winans, no further data.
 1-7-2-9-4-18WESLEY GEORGE WINANS b 11 Dec 1864 in same md 16 Sept 1896 in Detroit, Mich. Nora McBride b 15 Aug 1875 in Grand Haven, Ottawa, Mich, dau of Francis Jerome and Margaret (McLaughlan) McBride. There were no children.


5th Gen

SEYMOUR was b 9 Feb 1810 at Clermont, N. Y. d 9 Sept 1884 at Catskill, N. Y. md 27 Oct 1830 Sally Barringer b 17 Nov 1813 at Germantown, Columbia, N. Y. d 18 Feb 1896 at Catskill, N. Y. She was the dau of John and Hannah (Fritz) Barringer.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-2-9-9-1HENRY WINANS b 15 Dec 1832 at Germantown, N. Y. d 2 Dec 1913 at Catskill, N. Y. md Helen   ?  . They had at least one dau Louise Winans md Fordice Haines.
 1-7-2-9-9-2HARRIET WINANS b 23 Oct 1835 at Germantown, md 23 Oct 1858 at Catskill, N. Y. Nelson Peter Lasher b 28 July 1832 at Red Hook, N. Y. d 17 Apr 1915 at Kiskatom, N. Y. and was the son of John and Catherine (Moore) Lasher. They had the following children:
  1. Seymour Winans Lasher b 30 Sept 1859 at Germantown, d 5 Nov 1880 at same, unmarried.
  2. Esther Harriet Lasher b 24 July 1861 at same.
  3. John Nelson Lasher b 30 Dec 1863 d 12 Apr 1870.
  4. Frank Lasher b 15 Oct 1865 at Germantown.
  5. Herbert Winans Lasher b 6 Oct 1867 at same.
  6. Jennie Vosburg Lasher b 15 Feb 1871 md Platt Fisher.
  7. Matilda Isabel Lasher b 11 Oct 1873 at same md James Clarence Leason.
  8. Edward Nelson Lasher b 26 Nov 1875 at same md Mary Eva Sailer.
  9. Alice May Lasher b 4 Mar 1879.
*1-7-2-9-9-3JOHN WILLIAM WINANS b 22 Jan 1838 at Blenheim, N. Y. d Aug 1917 at Brooklyn, N. Y. md i860 Lucy Alma Brown.
 1-7-2-9-9-4HANNAH WINANS b 15 Mar 1840 at Catskill, N. Y. d 19 Sept 1914 at Catskill, md 7 Apr 1859 at Hudson, N. Y. Charles Abram Post b 8 Oct 1837 at Catskill d 25 Sept 1918 at Catskill son of Abram and Sally (Hover) Post. They had the following children:
  1. Charles Edward Post b 26 June 1862 at Catskill md Anna Murchison.
  2. Mary Matilda Post b 10 Nov 1864 at same d 7 Jan 1908 in same, unmarried.
  3. Edith Post b 24 Oct 1866 at same md 20 Dec 1892 William Grant Trumpleur.
  4. Annette Post b 28 May 1868 in same, unmarried.
  5. Willis Winans Post b 20 July 1870 at same md 4 Mar 1893, Minnie Hitchcock.
  6. Abram Post b 8 June 1876 in same.
*1-7-2-9-9-5LEONARD WINANS b 17 Feb 1842 at Catskill d 18 Feb 1903 at Catskill md 8 Mar 1866 at same Catherine Elizabeth Wolcott.
 1-7-2-9-9-6MARY MATILDA WINANS b 14 Mar 1844 at Catskill md 2 Nov 1871 at Kiskatom, N. Y. John Walling Kip b 13 Feb 1843 at Passaic, N. J. son of Walling and Ann (Van Blarcom) Kip. They had the following children:
  1. Mabel Winans Kip b 1 Feb 1873 at Passaic, N. J.
  2. Anna Van Blarcom Kip b 31 Oct 1876 in Passaic, N. J.
  3. Sadie Edna Kip b 9 Mar 1882 in Passaic.
*1-7-2-9-9-7GEORGE WASHINGTON WINANS b 10 Jan 1846 in Catskill md 14 Jan 1874 Rosalia H. Layman b 28 Feb 1853 in Catskill.
 1-7-2-9-9-8SARAH WINANS b 16 Oct 1849 in Catskill md 10 Jan 1871 Frank Swartout who d 1907 in Catskill. They had two sons, George Winans Swartout and Nicholas Swartout.
 1-7-2-9-9-9BELINDA CLEVELAND WINANS b 8 Aug 1852 at Catskill d 5 Jan ? at Denver, Colo, md 10 Nov 1870 at Kiskatom, N. Y. Jeremiah Linzey b 3 Apr 1850 d 21 July 1892 in Sullivan Co., N. Y. and was the son of


 John B. and   ?   (Overbaugh) Linzey. They had the following children:
  1. Arthur Linzey b 19 Aug 1871 at Park Jervis, N. J. d 26 Sept 1890 at Roscoe, N. Y.
  2. Seymour Linzey b 28 Dec 1872 in N. Y. d 5 July 1873 in N. Y.
  3. Rosa Belle Linzey b 13 Apr 1874 in N. Y. md George Shindler.
  4. Harriette Esther Linzey b 7 June 1880 in Hudson, N. Y.
  5. Frank Walter Linzey b 4 Oct 1886 in Cairo, N. Y.
  6. (twin) Alrah Linzey b 14 Apr 1890 in Roscoe, d 18 Sept 1890 in same.
  7. (twin) Anna Briggs Linzey b 14 Apr 1890 at Roscoe.
Belinda md (2) in Feb 1898 Milton Palmer of Catskill who d May 1909. There were no chiIdren.
 1-7-2-9-9-10ROSE ANNA WINANS b 20 Aug 1855 at Catskill md George F. Moon. No further data.

5th Gen

DAVID was b 15 Feb 1812 at Germantown, N. Y. d 29 Apr 1872 at same md 11 Mar 1835 at same Elizabeth Hover b 29 Dec 1813 at Germantown, N. Y. d 17 Mar 1883 at same dau of John and Nellie (Ten Eyck) Hover.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-2-9-10-1SARAH WINANS b 6 Apr 1836 in Catskill, N. Y. d 27 Nov 1863 in Poughkeepsee, N. Y. md 12 Nov 1856 in Catskill Theodore Palmer b 15 Sept 1833 in Catskill d 3 June 1878 in same son of David W. and Sally (Webber) Palmer. They had the following children:
  1. Martha Elizabeth Palmer b 8 Sept 1857 at Catskill d 31 Mar 1860 at Rahway, N. J.
  2. Laura Irene Palmer b 27 Nov 1859 at Rahway, N. J.
  3. Mary Ella Palmer b 15 Feb 1863 at Poughkeepsee, N. Y. d 16 Dec 1866 at Germantown, N. Y.
*1-7-2-9-10-2EDWIN WINANS b 2 July 1837 in Catskill, N. Y. d 12 Mar 1914 in N. Y. City md Madaline Sax.   ?  .
 1-7-2-9-10-3MARY ELIZABETH WINANS b 29 Aug 1839 at Catskill d 14 Oct 1914 at Germantown, N. Y. md 29 Apr 1869 at Germantown George Ephraim Lasher b 25 Sept 1839 at Clermont Tp., Columbia Co., N. Y. d ca 1905 in Germantown son of Sebasgian G. and Hannah Lasher. They had the following children:
  1. Stanley Winans Lasher b 12 May 1870 at Germantown.
  2. Clark David Lasher.
  3. Fannie Elizabeth Lasher, md John Morris Morison.
 1-7-2-9-10-4CHARLES DAVID WINANS b 18 Mar 1841 at Catskill d 8 May 1878 in N. Y. City md Emily Beardsley b 16 May 1846 at No. Blenhaim, N. Y. dau of Charles and Sally Beardsley. They had one dau Nellie Beardsley Winans b 13 Feb 1863 at Catskill. Nellie md 17 Feb 1881 at Albany, N. Y. William E. Lampman b 5 Mar 1859 in N. Y. City son of Edwin and Esther (Wright) Lampman. They had two sons Charles Edwin Lampman b 1883 and Rodney William Lampman b 7 Oct 1884 at Catskill.
 1-7-2-9-10-5GEORGE PENFIELD WINANS b 8 Nov 1842 at Catskill d 16 Oct 1863 at Poughkeepsee, N. Y. unmarried.
 1-7-2-9-10-6ELLEN WINANS b 11 Dec 1845 at Catskill d 4 May 1864 at Poughkeepsee, N. Y., unmarried.
 1-7-2-9-10-7AUSTIN HOVER WINANS b 24 Oct 1847 at Catskill d 11 Feb 1854 at Catskill.


 1-7-2-9-10-8JULIA BOGARDUS WINANS b 1 Jan 1852 at Catskill md 26 Oct 1882 at Germantown, N. Y. Andrew Jackson Ten Braeck b 19 Dec 1849 in No. Germantown, son of Jacob Nassel and Sarah Ann (Everts) Ten Braeck. They had one dau Marcia Mae Ten Braeck b 30 Apr 1884 at No. Germantown, N. Y.
 1-7-2-9-10-9WILLIAM HOVER WINANS b 17 Dec 1853 at Catskill d 30 Aug 1917 at N. Y. City md 6 Oct 1886 in N. Y. C. Henrietta Birkins b 24 Apr 1860 at Alford, Mass, dau of Rev. Henry H. and Amanda (Reeve) Birkins. They had a dau Winifred Winans b 7 May 1896 at No. Germantown, and a dau Reene Hover Winans b 23 May 1898 at No. Germantown d 24 Apr 1899 at same.

5th Gen

MAURICE or MORRIS was b 1 Dec 1780 d before 6 Dec 1830 md Sarah Welling.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-7-2-10-2-1HARRIET WINANS d Dec 1857 md Sylvester Scoville. They had a son Levi Scoville and a dau Mary Scoville.
 1-7-2-10-2-2MARY L. WINANS d Dec 1855 md John Hart. They had two sons Nelson Hart and   ?   Hart who d when he was a young man.
 1-7-2-10-2-3TAMMY ELIZABETH WINANS b 14 June 1828 in Stanford, Dutchess, N. Y. d 20 Dec 1860 in Cornwall, Conn, md 11 Dec 1842 William Edward Harrison b 2 Aug 1812 in Cornwall, Conn, d 4 July 1889 in Stanford, N. Y. son of Luther B. and Rachel (Johnson) Harrison. They had the following children:
  1. Elizabeth Winans Harrison b 14 July 1846 in Cornwall, Conn, md Joseph B.   ?  .
  2. Luman Edward Harrison b 5 Sept 1851 in Cornwall, unmarried.
  3. Almon Malery Harrison b 16 Dec 1854 in Cornwall, Conn.

5th Gen

DAVID Jr. was b 4 Dec 1782 at Pine Plains, N. Y. d Apr 1852 in Yates Co., N. Y. md Elizabeth Powell b 9 Mar or 9 Dec 1780 d May 1852 in Yates Co., N. Y. Her mother's maiden name was Bing.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Margaret Treharne of Troy, N. Y., JB.

 1-7-2-10-3-1STEPHEN MORTIMER WINANS md Catherine   ?  .
 1-7-2-10-3-2GEORGE M. WINANS b ca 1816 d before 1896 md Julia   ?  .
*1-7-2-10-3-3JAMES POWELL WINANS b 1817 d after 1896 md Julia Ann Dean b 2 May 1820 d 8 May 1896.
 1-7-2-10-3-4LUMAN WINANS (no further data).


5th Gen

LEONARD was b 29 Har 1788 d 22 Aug 1868 at Bangall, N. Y. md (1) 19 Nov 1814 at Stanford, N. Y. Sarah Ann Sutherland b 1797 d 27 Aug 1829 dau of Joel and Mary (Brush) Sutherland. Md (2) 15 Aug 1830 Mrs. Elizabeth (Thompson) Kelly b 16 Sept 1793 d 25 Dec 1868.
Ref: IW.

*1-7-2-10-6-1BRUSH SUTHERLAND WINANS b 19 July 1816 d 28 July 1845 in White Plains, N. Y. md Welthia Mott.
*1-7-2-10-6-2JOHN WINANS b 26 Sept 1818 d 22 Aug 1889 in Stanford, N. Y. md 26 Sept 1841 at Galstin, Col. Co., N. Y. Maryette Barringer.
*1-7-2-10-6-3JOEL SUTHERLAND WINANS b 5 Nov 1820 in Pine Plains, N. Y. d 28 Feb 1906 in Stanfordville, N. Y. md 3 Oct 1850 in Dutchess Co., N. Y. Lucy Ann Wright.
*1-7-2-10-6-4WALTER HUSTED WINANS b 21 Apr 1823 at Pine Plains d after 1911 md 24 Dec 1846 in Stanford, N. Y. Emily Robinson.
*1-7-2-10-6-5WILLIAM SEYMOUR WINANS b 16 Sept 1824 at Pine Plains d 22 Oct 1911 in Catskill, N. Y. md 7 Nov 1847 in Pine Plains Susan Ann Barringer.
 1-7-2-10-6-6MARY WINANS who became demented from scarlet fever at age 12.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-7-2-10-6-7SALLY ANN WINANS b 7 Nov 1831 at Pine Plains d 23 July 1851 at Stanford, N. Y.
*1-7-2-10-6-8ISAAC THOMPSON WINANS b 11 May 1833 in Stanford, N. Y. d 5 Apr 1894 in Putnam Co., N. Y. md Julia A. Germond.
 1-7-2-10-6-9MARGARET M. WINANS b 3 Apr 1835 d 6 Nov 1883 in Stanford, N. Y. unmarried.
 1-7-2-10-6-10HARRIET ELIZABETH WINANS b 9 Sept 1836 in Stanford, N. Y. md 27 May 1855 in Stanford Nathaniel Thompson Robinson b 16 Mar 1830 in Putnam Co., N. Y. d 19 Dec 1892 in Poughkeepsee, N. Y. son of Stephen and Martha (Kelly) Robinson. They had the following children:
  1. Leonard Robinson b 20 May 1856 in Stanford.
  2. Byron Robinson b 9 Jan 1858 in Milan, N. Y.
  3. William G. Robinson b 19 Mar 1860 in Lithgo, N. Y.
  4. Isaac Thompson Robinson b 16 Nov 1863 in Stanford d 17 June 1890 in same.
  5. Florence Emma Robinson b 15 Feb 1865 in Stanford.
  6. Edward Copman Robinson b 17 June 1869 in Hyde Park, N. Y. d 29 June 1869 in same.
  7. Frederick Winans Robinson b 27 May 1872 in Stanford d 11 May 1908 in Stanford, unmarried.

5th Gen

SMITH was b 28 Feb 1790 d before 1830 md Maria Welling who d in Pine Plains, N. Y. Her mother's maiden name was Beadle.
Ref: IM., JB., Walter R. Winans of Carrsville, Virginia, a g.grandson.

*1-7-2-10-7-1DAVID WELLING WINANS b 4 July 1810 in Stanford, N. Y. d 2 Feb 1863


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1 I thought that Tecumseth, listed as the birthplace of several of Henry's children, was a misspelling of Tecumseh, the name of a famous Indian chief. A town named Tecumseh does exist in Ontario, but there's also a place now known as New Tecumseth. According to its Wikipedia article:
The Township of Tecumseth was reincorporated as the Town of New Tecumseth in 1991. The name 'New Tecumseth' was chosen because a Town of Tecumseh already exists in Essex County.
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