Winans Families in Petaluma

James' children:
  David M.
    William J.
      Effie and Orrin Buell
        George Leo Buell
  Sarah & Samuel Nay
    Charles Nay
    Frank & Mary Nay
  Nancy Jane & William Nay
  Hannah & Uriah Beerbower
The others:
  James L. & Arletta
    Lewis J. & Myrtle
      Henry L.
      Raymond J. & Lulu
        Nancy Lee
  James E.
  Abner & Mary Ann

When I assembled a page of information on various Winans families who settled in Petaluma, California, I was fortunate to be able to refer to numerous articles from local newspapers provided by Fran Kimball. When these articles were all included within that page, it became too unwieldy and hard to navigate. This page includes the clippings which were once a part of the Petaluma page. It has a similar format, but with a minimum of commentary. Additional clippings will be added as they become available. The numbers which you see next to some people's names are links to their entries in our transcription of Alice Winans Egy Woolley's Winans Genealogy.

The four children of James Winans (1810-1878) (1-7-1-6-5-2) and his second wife, Martha Ashby (1820?-1855?):

This is our clippings file for several other Winans families who moved into Petaluma during the second half of the 19th century:

1 Colón, Panamá.
2 Note the conflict in wedding dates -- 1855 vs. 1858. Although girls sometimes married at very early ages in those times, I will go with the 1858 date, since it agrees with Sarah's 1900 census record, and also since her first child wasn't born until 1860.
3 According to the roster of soldiers of the 100th Indiana Infantry, James L. Winans mustered in and out as a Sergeant.
4 According to the 1900 and 1910 census records, Arletta had either two or three children who died in childhood.
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