God bless America!

Throughout the pages of this family album, you'll read of relatives who have defended America at one time or another. You'll see mentions of bloody battles where our family members fought, such as Cowpens, Antietam, or the Western Front. Some of us who served our country during wartime weren't tested in battle, but nevertheless spent years away from our homes and families, enduring the drudgery of endless patrols in the Pacific or of clerical duties at a base somewhere in support of the troops "over there". We'll list below some of these family members who have served America during her past wars.

Some Recent Updates

Fall 2001. Two members of our extended family are serving in the United States armed forces:

We congratulate Jon and Dave for being able to play their part in helping keep America free. Since we started this page in September 2001, Jon has been transferred to an Air Force facility in the Los Angeles area. Dave has served in a security detail which protects the Golden Gate Bridge from sabotage, where we see him in the picture below, which appeared on several internet news sites along with the caption given here:

Heightened Security

National Guardsmen Jeremy Jennings, left, and David Vechil guard the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Tuesday, March 18, 2003. The nation is under a high terror alert following President Bush's ultimatum to Sadam Hussein and his sons to leave Iraq by Wednesday or face a U.S.-led invasion.
(AP photo)

Christmas 2003. Chuck's cousin Kate writes us that her son, Mike McKenna, is leaving soon for duty with the U. S. Army in Iraq.

May 2004. David Vechil was released from active duty but remains on call to serve wherever and whenever his Guard unit might be needed. A few months later Dave was recalled to active duty and sent to Guantánamo Bay to guard the terrorists imprisoned there.

August 2004. We congratulate Jon Wright on his promotion to Colonel in the USAF. We receive word that William L. "Mark" Stone, who lived with our family while a teenager and who has remained a close friend of our son David over the years, was awarded the Bronze Star for his service in Iraq. Read about Mark's medal as well as his comments on the war in Iraq. Congratulations, Mark!

September 2005. David Vechil is back in uniform, serving with the National Guard in Louisiana in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

4 July 2006. David stops to see us on his way to serve on the U. S.-México border. He has time to run in a local 5k race before continuing south.

Fall 2006. Jon Wright is now the commander of a Defense Contract Management Agency in Sunnyvale, CA.

Summer 2007. David Vechil is serving in Iraq. Let's all pray for his safe return!

May 2008. Dave is back! He's a civilian once again.

June 2009. Mike McKenna is in Iraq for a second tour of duty.

July 2009. Jon Wright retires from the Air Force and returns to civilian life in Southern California.

We salute and support all the American troops who are giving up their time and, in some cases, risking their lives during the present crisis. We hope that their efforts will lead to the destruction of those who are responsible for the 9/11 atrocities. For some reflections on the atacks and their aftermath, please read:

While we don't necessarily agree with all the opinions expressed in these articles, we found them all worthy of consideration in any discussion of America's ongoing struggle against international terrorism. When President Reagan passed away recently, we were reminded of another Imprimis article we had read:

Read An Ode to Sailors – Everywhere, which expresses some of the joys of naval service.

They served their country...

The following are some family members who served our country during wartime. Several have pages of their own in this album. Please click on their names to read more about them.

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