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These are miscellaneous pages from the Isaac Winans section of Winans Family Genealogy, which is broken down into several subsections for ease of access and maintenance.

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6th Gen

CHARLES who d 21 Jan 1845 md Fannie Jeanette Yarington who was b at Vestal, Broome, N. Y.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-3-2-6-5-1MARTHA WINANS d 27 May 1844 at Vestal, N. Y.
 1-9-3-2-6-5-2EMILY WINANS d 7 May 1844 at Vestal, N. Y.
 1-9-3-2-6-5-3MARGARET WINANS b 29 Oct 1844 md Norman Forker b 21 Apr 1856 at Vestal, N. Y. No children.
6th Gen

ABRAM was b 6 June 1832 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. md 3 Apr 1861 at Vestal, N. Y. Caroline Morse b 20 Dec 1833 at Vestal, N. Y. d 26 July 1908 at Vestal. She was the dau of Amos and Mary (Mersereau) Morse. Caroline's line was Amos-6, Samuel-5, Amos-4 whose wife was Susannah-4 Winans (1-4-1-5). Susannah was Amos' second wife and he was her second husband.
Ref: IW.

*1-9-3-4-4-3-1CHARLES ELIAS WINANS b 1 Sept 1863 at Vestal, N. Y. md 7 Dec 1889 at Greeley, Weld, Colo Minnie May Fuller.
 1-9-3-4-4-3-2LEE MORSE WINANS b 12 May 1865 at Vestal, N. Y. md 7 Dec 1898 at Union, N, Y. Florence Breed b 7 Nov 1866 at Union, Broome, N. Y. They had two children.
7th Gen

WILLIAM ROLPH was b 28 Nov 1813 at Vernon, Sussex, N. J. d 3 Dec 1890 at Normal, Ill. md 10 Sept 1844 at Warwick, N. Y. Sarah Maria Wilcox b 1 Oct 1824 d 21 July 1910 at Tuxedo, N. Y. dau of Mandy Wilcox.
Ref: IW.

*1-9-1-1-1-4-1-1SAMUEL WELLING WINANS b 27 Sept 1845 at Goshen, Orange, N. Y. d 17 Sept 1873 at Hamilton, Ohio buried at Warwick, N. Y. md Martha Ackerman.
 1-9-1-1-1-4-1-2WILLIAM JOHNSON WINANS b 15 Apr 1849 at Goshen, Orange, N. Y. md 27 Sept 1870 at Warwick, N. Y. Keturah Jane Mabee b 12 Feb 1849 at Warwick, N. Y. dau of John and Elizabeth (Bodine) Mabee. They had two children:
  1. Maud Isabel Winans b 15 Apr 1872 at Bloomington, I11., unmarried.
  2. Grace Mabee Winans b 21 Sept 1874 at Hamilton, Ohio md Abram B. Skinner b 25 Apr 1867 at Hawley, Pike, Pa son of George W. and Catherine (Bevans) Skinner. They had one dau, Catherine Bevans Skinner b 3 June 1903 at Warwick, N. Y.


 1-9-1-1-1-4-1-3ERIC ISAAC WINANS b 8 Jan 1857 at East Pembroke, Genesee, N. Y. d 15 Dec 1858 at Arcola, Douglass, Ill.

7th Gen

THOMAS DeKAY was b 6 Dec 1820 in N. J. d 11 June 1878 at Newport, R. I. buried 21 June 1878 in the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore, Md md 23 Aug 1847 at St. Petersburg, Russia Celeste Revillon who was b in Russia in 1823 d 19 Mar 1861 buried same as husband. Celeste was a Russian of French and Italian descent.
Thomas DeKay and his brother William Louis answered the call of the Czar and took charge of the mechanical work and rolling stock for the Nicolai Railroad (St. Petersburg - Moscow) from 1866 to 1874.
Ref: IW., Gaston XIII Prince de Bearn et de Chalais of Conn.1
See articles.

 1-9-1-1-1-7-1-1GEORGE WINANS b 30 Mar 1849 at Alexandrowsky, near St. Petersburg, Russia d 26 Aug 1849 at same buried 26 Aug 1851 in the Greenmount Cemetery at Baltimore, Md.
*1-9-1-1-1-7-1-2ROSS REVILLON WINANS b 5 Apr 1850 at Baltimore, Md. d 29 Apr 1912 at R. I. md (1) 1872 Mary Ludlam. Md (2) 1879 his 1st cousin Neva Whistler.2
 1-9-1-1-1-7-1-3WILLIAM GEORGE WINANS b 2 Mar 1852 d 14 Mar 1861 at St. Petersburg, Russia, buried 9 Dec 1871 in Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-1-4CELESTE MARGUERITE WINANS b 4 Apr 1855 d 28 Feb 1925 md 1883 Gaun McRobert Hutton of Belfast, Ireland who was b 16 July 1848 d 6 Dec 1918. Both are buried in the Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md. They had the following children:
  1. Elsie Celeste Hutton b 1884.
  2. Lucette Gaun Hutton b 1885 d 1957 md 1907 Rev. Harold A. Prichard.
  3. Una L. Huton [sic] b 1888 d 1918.
  4. Reginald W. Hutton b 1894 d 1936 md 1916 Mabel Dorothy Finn and they had a dau Celeste Winans Hutton b 1923 d 1927. A son Thomas Hutton d in infancy and another child who d in infancy on 30 June 1928.

7th Gen

WILLIAM LOUIS was b 1823 d 25 June 1897 at London, England md Maria Anne de LaRue who d in Russia and was buried 24 Mar 1859 in the Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore, Md. William lived in England but was not naturalized there.3
William Louis and his brother, Thomas DeKay answered the call of the Czar and took charge of the mechanical work and rolling stock for the Nicolai Railroad (St. Petersburg - Moscow) from 1866 to 1874.
Ref: IW., Gaston XIII of Ridgefield, Conn., JB.
See articles.

*1-9-1-1-1-7-2-1WALTER WINANS b 5 Apr 1852 in Russia d 1920 in England md 1881 Caroline Rowland Belcher.


 1-9-1-1-1-7-2-2LOUIS WILLIAM WINANS b 1857, unmarried.

7th Gen

WILLIAM MATTHIAS was b 27 Apr 1829 at Vernon, N. J. d 24 Mar 1887 at London, England and was buried there. He md 3 Nov 1852 at Vernon, N, J. Frances Amelia DeKay b 2 May 1830 at Vernon, N. J. d 23 May 1884 at London, England and was buried there. She was the dau of Major Thomas Blaine and (2nd wife) Sarah E. (Cowdrey) DeKay.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Cynthia C. Ryer, Claremont, N. H.

 1-9-1-1-1-8-5-1OLGA WINANS b 12 Sept 185? at Baltimore, Md, unmarried in Apr 1922.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-5-2EVELINA WINANS b 5 Oct 1857 at St. Petersburg, Russia, unmarried buried in Warwick Cemetery, Warwick, N. Y.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-5-3DeKAY WINANS b 31 Aug ? at St. Petersburg, Russia md 12 Feb 1890 in Warwick, Orange, N. Y. Julia Frances DeKay b 14 Jan 1867 at Vernon, N. J. dau of Henry Blaine and Harriet Eliza (Sly) DeKay. No children.
 1-9-1-1-1-8-5-4WILLIAM THOMAS WINANS b 12 Oct 1867 at St. Petersburg, Russia d 30 Nov 1867 at same.

7th Gen

JOHN was b 13 Sept 18304 at Vernon, Sussex, N. J. d 17 Jan 1907 at Janesville, Wis md (1) 15 Nov 1855 at Newton, N. J. Margaret Ann Cochran who d 24 Dec 1878 dau of Dennis and Lydia (Hunt) Cochran. There were no children. John md (2) 2 Feb 1881 at Janesville, Wis Emma Wood who d 29 Dec 1881 at Janesville dau of Joseph and Sarah (Taft) Wood. He md (3) 3 Apr 1883 at Antwerp. Jefferson, N.Y. Mrs. Frances Copeland Russell who d 13 Oct 1908 at Milwaukee, Wis. They didn't have any children.
Ref: IW., C. C. Gardner's Book.

Child by 2nd wife:

 1-9-1-1-1-8-6-1EMMA WOOD WINANS b 15 Dec 1881 at Janesville, Wis.

7th Gen

HENRY DELANCY was b 8 Oct 1826 at Summerville, Orange, N. Y. d 9 Sept 1889 at Caldwell, N. J. md 16 July 1848 in N. Y. City Mary Elizabeth Hotte b 22 May 1828 in N. Y. City dau of John Conrad and Anna (Freeman) Hotte. Henry was a doctor and also a Justice of the Peace.
Ref: IW


 1-9-1-1-2-1-7-1FRANK FREEMAN WINANS
 1-9-1-1-2-1-7-2THURLOW W. WINANS
 1-9-1-1-2-1-7-4HARRY WINANS
 1-9-1-1-2-1-7-5EMMA JOSEPHINE WINANS b 30 Oct 1860 at Livingston, Essex, N. J. md 12 Jan 1881 at Caldwell, N. J. Charles Sanford Simonson b 7 Sept 1848 at Cedar Grove, Essex, N. J. son of Isaac and Ann (Sanford) Simonson. They had the following children:
  1. Henry Roe Simonson b 21 Oct _?_.6
  2. Charles Russell Simonson b 25 Dec _?_ at Verona, Essex, N. J.6
 1-9-1-1-2-1-7-6GEORGIANA ELIZABETH WINANS md William Halley Jacobus. They had a son Howard Halley Jacobus b at Verona, N. J,
See articles.
HOWARD EUGENE WINANS b 14 July 1864 at Caldwell, Essex, N. J. d at Caldwell, N. J. md his cousin Frances Deborah Leon (1-9-1-1-2-1-14) dau of Josephine Viola Winans and David Dorrance Leon. There were no children.

7th Gen

EDGAR WILLIAM was b 8 Nov 1825 in N. Y. d 30 Nov 1923 at Reedville, Ore buried at Hood River, Ore md 4 Dec 1847 at Petersburg, Ill. Elizabeth Kinney b 22 Apr 1823 at Sugar Grove, Ill. d 23 Feb 1913 at Hood River, Ore dau of Joseph and Margaret (Curry) Kinney.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-3-2-4-1-1AUDUBON WINANS7 b 12 July 1850 at Hamilton, Hancock, Ill md Martha A. Buskirk.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-1-2LINNAEUS WINANS7 b 11 Dec 1851 at Hamilton, Ill md 1877 at Canton, Mo Mrs. Louisa Charlotte (Price) Dickey b 3 Dec 1856 at Canton, Mo dau of John Norris and Dorcas Price. They had a dau, Lenore Winans b 16 Oct 1884 at Canton, Mo.
*1-9-1-3-2-4-1-3WILSON ROSS WINANS b 13 Nov 1854 at Hamilton, Ill. d 1946 md Mary A. Wheeler.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-1-4MARTHA ANN WINANS b 29 May 1857 in Osage Co., Kan md (1) Arthur W. Oiler and they had a dau Lillian Oiler. Md (2) _?_ Spaulding.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-1-5MARGARET ADELIA WINANS b 18 Nov 1859 in Osage Co., Kan md Michael P. Neff.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-1-6EPHRAIM THOMAS WINANS b 20 Feb 1862 in Osage Co., Kan.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-1-7ELIZABETH KINNEY WINANS b 28 May 1864 in Osage Co., Kan d 3 May 1922 at Reedville, Ore md William E. Neff. No record of any children.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-1-8ALFRED LINCOLN WINANS b 17 June 1866 at Hamilton, Ill. d 6 July 1870 at Hamilton, Ill. buried on the Winans Homestead.

7th Gen


Rev. EPHRAIM HUTCHINSON was b 2 Apr 1831 at N. Y. City d 8 Aug 1918 at Los Angeles, Calif md 23 June 1858 at Mt. Pleasant, Ia Margaret Strother Wright b 7 June 1834 at Bloomington, Ind d 12 Apr 1910 at Los Angeles, Calif. She was the dau of William and Margaret Strother Jones (Hite) Wright. Ephraim received his ABAM degree from the Iowa Wesleyan College in 1861. He is listed in "History and Alumni record of Iowa Wesleyan College" (1842-1942) by Charles J. Kennedy. He was a Methodist Minister and also Supt. of Iowa State Industrial School 1877-80.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-9-1-3-2-4-3-1SON b Nov 1858, stillborn.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-3-2DAU b Jan 1860 at Des Moines, Ia, stillborn.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-3-3STELLA F. WINANS b 24 Feb 1861 at Bonaparte, Ia md 17 June 1884 at Mt. Pleasant, Ia Samuel A. W. Carver b 6 Mar 1859 at Kirkville, Ia son of John Henry and Margaret Jane (Bartow) Carver. They had the following children:
  1. Chesney Winans Carver b 4 June 1885 at Ottumura, Ia.8
  2. Kauffman Lowell Carver b 10 May 1888 at Los Angeles, Calif.
  3. Doris Margaret Carver b 13 May 1896 at Los Angeles, Calif.
  4. Marjorie Adele Carver b 29 July 1898 at Los Angeles, Calif.
Stella was the first graduate of Conservatory of Music.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-3-4MARTHA S. WINANS b 1 Nov 1862 at Indianola, Ia., unmarried. She received her AM degree in 1885 from the Iowa Wesleyan College. She was a very influential business woman.9
 1-9-1-3-2-4-3-5CATHERINE WINANS b 23 July 1869 at Hamilton, Ill., unmarried.
 1-9-1-3-2-4-3-6JOY ALFRED WINANS b 28 Sept 1872 at Albia, Ia md 22 Mar 1899 Adele Isabel Schreiber b 2 Sept 1869 in N. Y. City d at Los Angeles, Calif. They had at least one dau but I do not have her name.

7th Gen

HENRY KIPP was b 13 Apr 1835 at Bradford, Pa d 17 Nov 1906 at Topeka, Kan md Aug 1858 Caroline Susannah Brooks b 17 Mar 1835 (was of Oberlin, Ohio) d 28 Nov 1905.
Ref: IW., JB.

 1-9-1-3-2-4-4-1AMANDA B. WINANS
 1-9-1-3-2-4-4-2ALFRED WINANS
 1-9-1-3-2-4-4-3KANSAS WINANS
 1-9-1-3-2-4-4-4CAROLINE B. WINANS b 1864 d 193? md (1) Orin Pratt of Topeka, Kan. They had a dau, Ruth Pratt. Caroline md (2) William Carson.
*1-9-1-3-2-4-4-5HENRY EDGAR WINANS b 6 Feb 1880 at Hamilton, Hancock, Ill. md Lillie Carey McKinley.

7th Gen

HENRY KIP was b 14 Jan 1841 in N. Y. City md 7 July 1861 in Linn Co., Kan Nancy Anne Cash


b 20 May 1841 at Terri Haute,10 Vigo, Ind.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-3-2-7-4-1DORA EMMA WINANS b 25 Oct 1864 at Iola, Allen, Kan md 25 Oct 1883 at Garnett, Kan Samuel Perry Scott b 1857 at Mason City, Ill. d 1902 at Garnett, Kan son of Abel H. and Jane Scott. They had the following children:
  1. Henry Kip Scott b 25 Sept 1884 at Garnett, Kan.
  2. Ethel Blanche Scott b 27 Sept 1886 at Garnett, Kan.
  3. Baby Girl Scott b 17 Dec 1891 d 29 Dec 1891 at same.
  4. Anna Winans Scott b 26 June 1895 at Garnett, Anderson, Kan.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-4-2CHAUNCEY KIP WINANS b 19 Jan 1867 at lola, Kan. He married and had a dau, Anna Bell Winans. He lived at Ogden, Utah in 1911 and Reno, Nev in 1914.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-4-3BLANCHE WINANS b 3 Aug 1870 at Iola, Kan md D. L. Ray. They had one son, Donald Winans Ray.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-4-4EDGAR KIP WINANS b 16 Nov 1872 at Iola, Kan.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-4-5SADDIE WINANS b 20 Sept 1875 at Centerville, Kan d 26 Oct 1893 at Garnett, Kan.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-4-6JENNIE KIP WINANS b 2 Mar 1878 at Garnett, Kan d 22 Mar 1893 at same.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-4-7DONNIE N. WINANS b 25 Oct 1881 at Garnett, Kan.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-4-8HENRY KIP WINANS b 24 Jan 1883 at Garnett, Anderson, Kan.

7th Gen

GEORGE ADOLPHUS REESE was b 15 Aug 1849 at Montebello, Hancock, Ill. md (1) 4 Dec 1876 at Jonesboro, Ark Margaret Butcher b 3 May 1856 at Jonesboro, Ark d 6 May or 6 Aug 1882 at Jonesboro, Ark dau of John and Margaret (Bowman) Butcher. He md (2) 4 Jan 1835 in Clark Co., Ark Frances Uaden b 30 May 1879 at Sulphur Springs, Texas dau of William Henry and Belle (Smith) Uaden.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-9-1-3-2-7-7-1NORMAN TALLMAN WINANS b 6 Jan 1878 at Jonesboro, Ark, unmarried in 1909.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-7-2JENNIE WINANS b 7 Apr 1880 at Jonesboro, Ark md 7 Jan 1896 at New London, Union, Ark Charles Torrey Booth b 2 Mar 1859 at Philadelphia, Miss son of Rev. Daniel Douglass and Martha (Brantley) Booth. They had the following children:
  1. Crawford Howard Booth b 18 Feb 1898 at New London, Ark.
  2. Sadie Ousealer Booth b 25 Mar 1900 at same.
  3. Perry Dolphin Booth b 19 May 1902 at same.
  4. William Sikes Booth b 2 Aug 1905 at same.
  5. Henry Cecil Booth b 13 Apr 1908 at Strong, Union, Ark.


Children by 2nd wife:

 1-9-1-3-2-7-7-3ALONZO KIPP WINANS b 4 Apr 1887 at New London, Union, Ark d 5 Aug 1889 at same.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-7-4SYLVESTER V. WINANS b 21 Oct 1889 at New London, Ark.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-7-5HENRY KIPP WINANS b 8 Jan 1892 at New London, Ark.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-7-6GEORGE ALFRED WINANS b 19 Jan 1894 at New London, Ark.
 1-9-1-3-2-7-7-7DORA ANN WINANS b 28 Apr 1897 at New London, Ark.

7th Gen

WILLIAM OLIVER was the son of Mrs. Elizabeth Oliver WINANS' first husband but was adopted by Isaac and Elizabeth Winans. William md Margaret McGinnety.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-3-2-8-1-1KATHRYN ELIZABETH WINANS md George C. Clements.
*1-9-1-3-2-8-1-2CHANNCEY ISAAC WINANS (he dropped the Isaac) b 22 July 1854 d 25 July 1919 md Cora Ella Burnett.

7th Gen

MALINE was b 4 Sept 1851 in N. J. (per 1880 census record) md 20 Feb 1878 Eliza Watkins Winans b 29 Sept 1853 in N. J. dau of Edward Prime and Mary Hannah (Potter) Winans.
Ref: IW., 1880 census record.

 1-9-1-5-6-2-1-1MOSES OLIVER WINANS b 3 June 1880 d 22 June 1880.
 1-9-1-5-6-2-1-2ETTA AUGUSTA WINANS b 7 Nov 1882 md Frederick McGilvary b 20 Apr 1879.
 1-9-1-5-6-2-1-3CORA LOUISA WINANS b 3 Dec 1888.

7th Gen

CLARENCE HATFIELD was b 8 July 1854 in N. J. md 28 Jan 1883 Phebe Augusta Wood b 6 Oct 1856 d 17 Aug 1897.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-5-6-2-2-1CLARENCE WINANS b 10 Jan 1884 d 10 Jan 1884.
 1-9-1-5-6-2-2-2ADA HATFIELD WINANS b 5 Feb 1885.
 1-9-1-5-6-2-2-3BENJAMIN WOOD WINANS b 3 Feb 1887.
 1-9-1-5-6-2-2-4CLARENCE OLIVER WINANS b 27 Mar 1889 d 12 Feb 1890.


7th Gen

NORMAN WEBSTER was b 1 Dec 1852 at Pittsfield, Ill. buried at Walla Walla, Wash md 11 Apr 1877 at Pittsfield, Ill. Celestia Jones b 20 Oct 1854 near Pittsfield, Ill. d 14 Apr 1910 at Slater, Wash buried at Walla Walla, Wash dau of Isaac and Martha Ann (Preble) Jones.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-5-8-1-1-1ETHEL ELIZABETH WINANS b 22 Apr 1878 at Pittsfield, Ill. unmarried in 1921.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-1-2ISAAC MURRAY WINANS b 26 Nov 1879 at Pittsfield, Ill. d 20 Aug 1881 at same.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-1-3GRACE WINANS b 4 Sept 1881 at Pittsfield, Ill. d 29 Aug 1920 at Free Water,11 Ore md 13 Oct 1903 at Walla Walla, Wash Marvin Dyer b 13 Oct 1882 at Itasca, Hill, Texas son of Francis Marion and Helen V. (Felty) Dyer. They had the following children:
  1. Marvin Emmett Dyer b 18 Aug 1908 at Free Water, Ore.
  2. Celestia Dyer b 2 Sept 1910 at Free Water, Umatilla, Ore.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-1-4HERMAN EARL WINANS b 13 Sept 1883 at Pittsfield, Ill. unmarried in 1921.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-1-5ERNEST FLOYD WINANS b 24 Jan 1886 at Pittsfield, Pike, Ill. md  ? . They had a son Harold Winans and a son Robert Norman Winans b 11 Nov 1919 at Pasco, Franklin, Wash.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-1-6GEORGE H. WINANS b 24 July 1888 at Pittsfield, Ill. d 12 Nov 1919 at Whitefish, Montana buried at Walla Walla, Wash.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-1-7HELEN RUTH WINANS b 26 July 1890 at Pittsfield, Ill. md 2 June 1920 at Walla Walla, Wash Ralph L. King b 23 Dec 1893 at Salem, Polk, Ore son of William Wylie King and Lena (Leabo) King, They had at least one son, Everett Ellsworth King b 2 Oct 1921 at Two Rivers, Walla Walla, Wash.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-1-8NORMA CELESTIA WINANS b 15 Sept 1896 at Pittsfield, Ill. md 5 Sept 1920 Ray L. Putman. He was buried in the Mount View Cemetery, Walla Walla, Wash.

7th Gen

WILLIAM MALINE was b 20 July 1854 at Pittsfield, Ill. d May 1940 at Summer Hill, Ill. md (1) 19 Mar 1879 at Pittsfield, Ill. Amanda Smith b 6 Sept 1857 in Pa d 27 Nov 1881 at Cartage, Ill. buried at Pittsfield, Ill. He md (2) 21 Dec 1902 Fannie Angie Wells b 23 Feb 1869 at Pittsfield, Ill. dau of Robert and Mary (Jester) Wells.
Ref: IW., Mrs. Ann Winans Stauffer of Alton, Ill.

*1-9-1-5-8-1-2-1CHARLES SMITH WINANS b 23 Dec 1880 at Carthage, Hancock, Ill. d 18 Mar 1949 at Jacksonville, Ill. md 20 May 1902 at Pittsfield, Ill. Flora Alice Wakerman.
*1-9-1-5-8-1-2-2HARRY WEBSTER WINANS b 2 Oct 1881 at Carthage, Ill. md 12 Jan


 1906 at Rockport, Pike, Ill. Viola "Ola" Agnes Peters.

Child by 2nd wife:

 1-9-1-5-8-1-2-3CLAUD FIELDEN WINANS b 28 Dec 1904.

7th Gen

ISAAC NEWTON was b 25 Feb 1857 at Pittsfield, Ill. md 11 Oct 1882 at Pittsfield, Frances Isadore Wells b 17 Mar 1861 at Pittsfield, dau of Robert and Mary Ellen (Jestis) Wells.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-5-8-1-4-1SARAH EDNA WINANS b 14 July 1883 at Pittsfield, Ill. d 25 July 1883 at Pittsfield, Ill.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-4-2MARY FAYE WINANS b 22 May 1884 at Pittsfield, Ill.
 1-9-1-5-3-1-4-3EDWARD ISAAC WINANS b 12 Sept 1888 at Pittsfield d 6 Oct 1888 at same.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-4-4ADAH FERN WINANS b 30 Sept 1890 at Pittsfield, Ill.
 1-9-1-5-8-1-4-5FRED LINCOLN WINANS b 27 Dec 1893 at Pittsfield, Ill.

7th Gen

WILLIAM HENRY was b 3 Sept 1830 at Orange, Essex, N. J.
This information was sent to Major Ira Winans by Stella Emeline Winans on 16 Sept 1916. Data on children by Mr. Elmer G. Winans of Alhambra, Calif who is a grandson.

*1-9-3-2-3-5-2-1GEORGE ELMER WINANS b 1869 in N. Y. City md 1890 in N. Y. City Juliet Ada Beaver.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-2-2HARRY WINANS md Melanie   ?  .

7th Gen

GILBERT HEARD was b 2 Apr 1833 at Orange, Essex. N. J. d Oct 1906 at Orange, N. J. md (1) Emily Mann. There were no children. He md (2) Laura Eldridge Mann. Md (3) in 1877 Sarah Clark b 1861 at Elizabeth, Union, N. J. d 1895.
Ref: IW.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-9-3-2-3-5-3-1CHARLES HARRISON WINANS b 1866 d 1899.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-3-2NELLIE BALDWIN WINANS b 1868 md George L. Rusby, no children.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-3-3GILBERT SHERIDAN WINANS b 1870.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-3-4WILLIAM WINANS d in infancy.


Children by 3rd wife:

 1-9-3-2-3-5-3-5JOSEPH CLARK WINANS b 19 Dec 1879 at Paterson. N. J.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-3-6MABEL WINANS b 1881 d 1883.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-3-7ELLA MAYNARD WINANS b 1884 md John M. Rusby.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-3-8STANLEY WINANS b 1886 d 1887.

7th Gen

LYMAN OSCAR was b 3 Aug 1844 at Orange, Essex, N. J. d 5 May 1916 at Newark, N. J. md 4 Aug 1863 at Newark, N. J. Hannah Maria Gardner b 10 June 1842 at Newark, N. J. dau of James and Mary Ann (Williams) Gardner. Lyman was a carriage salesman.
Ref: IW

 1-9-3-2-3-5-7-1HARRIS OSCAR WINANS b 24 Apr 1865 at Newark, N. J. md 25 Oct 1893 in N. Y. Emma Regina Mansfield b 23 Oct 1871 at Newark, Essex, N. J. dau of James William and Mary Magdaline (Spring) Mansfield. Harris was an accountant. They had one dau, Stella Emeline Winans b 25 Oct 1895 at Newark, Essex, N. J. She was a professional pianist.

7th Gen

GEORGE HERMAN was b 29 Jan 1857 at Newark, Essex, N. J. d 29 Mar 1892 at Newark, N. J. md 22 Nov 1878 at Belleville, Essex, N. J. Mrs. Mary Margaret (Day) Ogilvie b 24 Oct 1846 at Fairfield, Essex, N. J. dau of Henry and Susan (Berry) Day.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-3-2-3-5-9-1MARK EVERETT WINANS b 8 July 1880 at Fairfield, Essex, N. J. md 6 Nov 1905 at Newark, N. J. Mary Christine Frankland b 8 Feb 1884 at Chicago, Cook, Ill. dau of George Robert and Christine (Johnson) Frankland. Mark was a member of a Winans Co. Contracting Firm. They had two children:
  1. Mary Doris Winans b 4 May 1907 at Newark, N. J.
  2. Mark Everett Winans b 1 Dec 1909 at Newark.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-9-2BESS OWENS WINANS b 3 Dec 1882 at Fairfield, N. J. md 29 Oct 1907 at Newark, N. J. Edgar Briant Wolfe b 2 Aug 1881 at Newark, Essex, N. J. son of Charles Millen and Martha Lyon (Briant) Wolfe. They had at least one son, Robert Winans Wolfe b 11 Oct 1910 at Newark, N. J.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-9-3GRACE BEATRICE WINANS b 18 Nov 1884 at Fairfield, N. J.
 1-9-3-2-3-5-9-4FLORENCE MARY WINANS b 10 Jan 1887 at Newark, N. J.

7th Gen


CHARLES ELIAS was b 1 Sept 1863 at Vestal, Broome, N. Y. md 7 Dec 1889 at Greeley, Weld, Colo Minnie May Fuller b 16 Aug 1868 at Ledyard, Cayuga, N. Y. dau of Samuel George and Laura Amelia (Patchen) Fuller. Charles was a farmer.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-3-4-4-3-1-1SAMUEL ABRAM WINANS b 7 Oct 1890 at Vestal, N. Y.
 1-9-3-4-4-3-1-2MARY LAURA CAROLINE WINANS b 2 May 1897 at Strawberry, Yuba, Cal. md 14 July 1917 at Johnson City, Broome, N. Y. Henry Louis Winters b 5 Jan 1893 at Brandt, Susquehanna, Pa son of Fred and Minnie Winters.

8th Gen

SAMUEL WELLING was b 27 Sept 1845 at Goshen, Orange, N. Y. d 17 Sept 1873 at Hamilton, Ohio in a railroad accident, buried in Warwick, N. Y. He married Martha Ackerman dau of David and Catherine M. (Mabee) Ackerman.
Ref: IW.

 1-9-1-1-1-4-1-1-1RALPH COLLINS WINANS b 13 Nov 1870 at Normal, Ill. md 8 Jan 1896 at Washingtonville, Orange, N. Y. Julia Fitsgerald b 11 July 1871 at Chester, Orange, N. Y. dau of George and Kitty (Kehoe) Fitzgerald. They had one son, William Eager Winans b 18 Oct 1900 at Montgomery, Orange, N. Y.

8th Gen

ROSS REVILLON was b 5 Apr 1850 at Baltimore, Md d 29 Apr 1912 at Newport, R. I. md (1) 10 Jan 1872 Mary "Minnie" Greenway Ludlam who d in N. Y. and was removed to the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore and was buried 18 Nov 1874. Ross md (2) 20 May 1879 his 1st cousin Neva Whistler b 25 Apr I860 at St. Petersburg, Russia d Apr 1907 at Paris, France. Both Ross and Neva are buried in the Greenmount Cemetery in Baltimore, Md. Neva was the dau of George William and Julia (Winans) Whistler, her line being (1-9-1-1-1-7-3).
Ref: IW., JB., Prince de Bearn of Ridgefield, Conn.
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Children by 2nd wife:

 1-9-1-1-1-7-1-2-1NEVA WINANS b 1881 at Paris, France d 1 Dec 1883 at Baltimore, Md.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-1-2-2BEATRICE WINANS b 25 Apr 1884 at Baltimore, Md d 17 Oct 1907 at St. Petersburg, Russia buried at Lourdes (Hautes Pyrenees) France md 24 June 1905 at Paris, France, Prince Henry de Bearn de Viana et de Chalais b 1874 d 1947. They had the following children:
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  1. Beatrice Neva Cecile de Bearn b 1906 at St. Petersburg, Russia md 1927 John Freeman de Bourbon and they had three children,
    1. Neva and
    2. Januaria (twins) b 1927 and
    3. Henry b 1929 in N. Y. City.


  1. Gaston XIII Prince de Bearn de Viana et de Chalais b 11 Oct 1907 at St. Petersburg, Russia md 4 Aug 1938 at Neuilly Seine, France, Frances Georgette Moss b 1912 in N. Y. They have one son,
    1. Gaston XIV de Bearn Prince de Viana b 2 June 1939 at Neuilly Seine, France md 1964 Cynthia Anne Hoagland b 1941. They have the following children:
      1. Celine Marie-France de Bearn.
      2. Gaston XV de Bearn.
      3. Marc Guillaume de Bearn.
      4. Anne Marie-Rose de Bearn.
      5. Rene Laure de Bearn.
*1-9-1-1-1-7-1-2-3THOMAS GEORGE WINANS b 28 Sept 1886 at Paris, France d 24 Sept 1941 at Yverdon, Switzerland md (1) 1907 Marie de la Victoria Delgado y Briones. Md (2) 1924 Carmen Marie Monod.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-1-2-4ROSS WILLIAM WINANS b 1 Oct 1889 at Baltimore, Md d May 1907 at Paris, France.

8th Gen

WALTER was b 5 Apr 1852 at St. Petersburg, Russia d 12 Aug 1920 at Parslais Park, England md in 1881 in England Caroline Rowland Belcher b 1862 in England dau of John and Eliza (Rowland) Belcher. Walter was b in Russia while his parents were over there. He was a sculptor and race horse owner at Surrendon Park, Pluckley, Kent, England. He was killed when thrown from a racing sulky. Caroline also d in 1920.
Ref: IW., Prince de Bearn et de Chalais of Ridgefield, Conn.
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 1-9-1-1-1-7-2-1-1WILHELMINA LOUISE WINANS b 1882 d 1916 md (1) 1902 Sir M. Raymond Burrell. They had the following children:
  1. (not sure of the name) Either Joan or Ivan Burrell.
  2. Walter Raymond Burrell.
  3. Peter Burrell.
She md (2) Capt. James P. King.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-2-1-2EVA WINANS b 1884.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-2-1-3JULIAN WALTER WINANS b 6 Nov 1885.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-2-1-4PAUL WINANS b 8 Nov 1887.
 1-9-1-1-1-7-2-1-5DOROTHY WINANS b 1889 md Cecil Pape (not sure of the spelling).

8th Gen

WILSON ROSS was b 13 Nov 1854 at Hamilton, Hancock, Ill. d 1946 at Hood River, Ore md 1 Jan 1881 at Canton, Lewis, Mo Mary A. Wheeler b 23 Oct 1859 near Warsaw, Hancock, Ill. d 1949 at Hood River, Ore dau of Milton Oliver and Nancy Jane Wheeler. Mr. Wilson Ross Winans and his family were very prominent in the Hood River area and were also large land owners.
Ref: Miss Shirley Winans of Hood River, Ore now Mrs. Neal Bolden of Levelland, Texas and Mrs. Lois Hand Gatchel, Hood River, Oregon.

 1-9-1-3-2-4-1-3-1ROSS MILTON WINANS b 11 Oct 1881 at Hamilton, Ill. d 10 Sept 1957 at Hood River, unmarried.


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1 Mrs. Egy's mentions of a prince piqued my curiosity. A quick search of the World Wide Web turned up a reference to a library of the Maryland Historical Society which contains a "Winans Collection, Correspondence of Gaston XIII (Prince de Bearn de Chalals) relating to the descendants of Jan Winans, an early settler of New Amsterdam and New Jersey, with special emphasis on the Baltimore branch of the family. 1 box and 4 card files". In case you wondered where it is, the former French province of Béarn is located in French Basque country, "située au pied des Pyrénées." We welcome additional information on the Winans connection to this ancient royal family of Europe.
2 There is a Family Tree Maker site dedicated to the descendants of John Whistler which lists Ross and Neva and their family members.
3 The 1881 British census found William, Maria and their two sons living in one of the most exclusive areas of London, Kensington Palace Gardens.
4 Mrs. Egy doesn't mention it, but John Winans served in Congress as a representative from Wisconsin from 1883 to 1885. His congressional biography lists his date of birth as 27 Sep 1831, which seems more likely to be correct than the date Mrs. Egy gives.
5 One of Henry D. and Maria (Hotte) Winans' descendants is actively researching their family, especially their Simonson descendants. If you are interested in learning more about this line, please contact Sharon Olson.
6 Henry Simonson is the grandfather of Sharon's sister Janet Olson, who married Jeanette's first cousin Leonard Marangi. According to Janet and Sharon, his middle name is Rae, he was born in 1881, and his brother Charles was born in 1883.
7 In 1905, Audubon and Linnaeus Winans were defendants in a landmark Supreme Court case, United States v. Winans.
8 Mrs. Egy may mean Ottumwa, Iowa.
9 In June 2014, we heard from a researcher named Kathy Hamilton, who sent us so much interesting information about Martha S. Winans that we decided to give Martha her own page.
10 The correct spelling of this city's name is Terre Haute.
11 The name of this city is one word, i.e. Freewater. In 1951, it merged with the nearby city of Milton to form Milton-Freewater.
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