Charles S. Simonson

Charles S. Simonson was a resident of Essex county, New Jersey, who married one of my many distant Winans cousins there. Coincidentally, one of this couple's descendants married one of Jeanette's first cousins. His biography is taken from New Jersey as a Colony and as a State, One of the Original Thirteen, published in 1902, pages 300-301:

CHARLES S. SIMONSON, merchant, and postmaster of Verona, Essex County, was born in that place, September 7, 1847, son of Isaac and Ann (Sanford) Simonson.

The Simonson Family is of Hollandish origin, though resident in this country for several generations. His great-grandfather, Barney Simonson, was a soldier of the War of 1812, and for the greater part of his life resided in Verona. Mr. Charles S. Simonson's grandparents were John Simonson (also of Verona) and Fanny (Lines) Simonson, the latter being descended from an old New Jersey family.

The family of the parents of Mr. Simonson consisted of three children: John H. (deceased), Sarah (deceased), and Charles S.

Charles S. Simonson received a public school education. The earlier part of his life was devoted to agricultural occupations, which he left to engage in mercantile business in Verona. The intersts thus established he has prosecuted very successfully, and he is in all respects one of the substantial and representative citizens of his community.

He has occupied the position of postmaster of Verona for the past eighteen years. He is one of the leading Republicans of his community and has served as a member of the Township Executive Committee. He was one of the originators and is now vice-president of the Verona Building and Loan Association, and is a member and trustee of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

Mr. Simonson was married, January 12, 1881, at Caldwell, N. J., to Emma J. Winans, daughter of Henry D. Winans, M. D. [1-9-1-1-2-1-7] Two sons have been born of this union, Henry Rae, born October 1, 1881, and Charles Russell, born December 25, 1883.

Charles Simonson's birthplace, Verona, was known as Vernon at one time but had to change its name at the behest of the United States Post Office, there being another Vernon elsewhere in New Jersey. Some of our Winans family members may have been born in the "other Vernon", though, such as inventor Ross Winans.

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