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May 2020 - Changes are Underway!

In case you're an infrequent visitor to the Carey Family Album, we'll list here the most recent changes to it, as well as other family news. Of course, there will always be minor changes such as correction of typos, addition of photos, and other changes to the information within pages. We'll also post frequent new pictures of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. We put the date of last update at the bottom of each page whenever we make any changes to it. Drop in often and check out your own favorite pages!

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We'll limit this list to what we've done in the past six months. Be sure to use the table of contents to see a list of the principal pages in this Family Album, our search engine to look for a topic or key word, or if you're interested in somebody in particular, click on their surname, or the first letter of it, on the left.

This page was last updated 5 May 2020.