Ohio Deeds

Here are some deeds which record the transfer of property to or from our ancestors in Miami county, Ohio. Click on the rightmost column to see a transcription of the deed which was done by ourselves or by one of our researcher cousins. Kelly Conrad has been especially helpful in locating and deciphering many of these very old documents on microfilm.

181202 084U. S. A.David ClarkStaunton14 01 11
181302 035David ClarkLewis WinansStaunton14 01 11
182505 384David ClarkGeorge CaryStaunton14 01 11
182605 586David ClarkBenjamin CaryStaunton04 01 11
182706 269Thomas CaryDavid CaryStaunton14 01 11
182706 280Zephaniah B. TeneryBenjamin CaryConcord[Troy lot]
182706 472David CareyThomas CareySpring Creek02 01 12
183008 209John CareyThomas WatkinsMonroe23 04 06 1
183109 023Jonathan RollinsJoseph LaytonStaunton02 01 11
184925 227David CareyMichael MillerStaunton14 01 11
185027 007J. Augustus RootJohn PerryWashington[Piqua lot]
185027 492George CareyMichael MillerStaunton14 01 11
185835 253Elizabeth WebberMichael MillerStaunton14 01 11

In these transcriptions, we've highlighted in bold type the names of people or places of interest, and added punctuation and line breaks to make the documents more readable. These documents should be considered under construction for a while as work goes on reformatting them and identifying the people mentioned, and the significance of the transactions occurring when and where they did.

Kelly prepared the following chart to illustrate the transactions by which the same tract in Section 14 Township 01 Range 11 was transferred between various family members. To see a transaction, if it is available, please click on the box describing it:

section 14 transactions
Webber to Miller 1858 Carey to Miller 1850 Carey/Webber to Miller 1849 Thomas Carey to David Carey 1827 U.S.A. to David Clark 1812

Another of Kelly's charts shows the exact locations within Section 14 of the various tracts which were transferred. (You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to view this chart.)

In addition to locating the deeds which document our ancestors' land holdings and preparing these helpful charts, Kelly has also written a lengthy article discussing the survey system used "between the Miamis" and comparing it to other early systems. Don't miss it!

1 This property is located in the area west of the Great Miami River, in the "Congress Lands", where a different survey system was used. All other properties for which S/T/R coordinates are given lie in the "Between the Miamis" survey zone. Even though the terminology of sections, townships and ranges is used in the surveying systems employed in both areas, there are differences in the way the nomenclature is applied. For an example of a county which used the system prevailing in much of the United States west of the Great Miami, please visit the page I helped assemble for the Lawrence county, Indiana, GenWeb site.
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