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These are miscellaneous pages from the William Winans section of Winans Family Genealogy, which is broken down into several subsections for ease of access and maintenance. This subsection includes pages detailing the line of Major Ira Winans, upon whose research Mrs. Egy's book and this family album are heavily dependent.

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Children by 1st wife:

 1-7-7-7-12-1OLIVE LOUISE WINANS b 5 May 1837 md 16 Jan 1867 Alanson Van Tassell. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Van Tassell.
  2. Libby Van Tassell.
  3. Fanny Van Tassell.
Tassell may have been spelled with one "l".
 1-7-7-7-12-2ALLEN WINANS b 13 Sept 1838 in N. Y. md 30 Jan 1871 in So. Westerlo, Albany, N. Y. Anna Sarah Bryant b 31 May 1850 in Westerlo, N. Y. d 1 June 1883 in Westerlo, N. Y. dau of Austin and Jane E. (Houghtaling) Bryant. They had one son: Austin Bryant Winans b 20 Mar 1877 in Westerlo, unmarried in 1923.
 1-7-7-7-12-3DENCY ELIZABETH WINANS b 29 June 1840 in N. Y. d 24 Oct 1912 in Harlemville, N. Y. md 6 Jan 1867 in Conesville, Schoharie, N. Y. Sanford Jacob Becker b 29 Nov 1833 in Harlemville, Columbia, N. Y. d 24 Dec 1921 in Harlemville son of Jacob and Eleanor (Margnart) Becker. They had the following children:
  1. Allen Peter Becker b 3 Nov 1867 in Harlemvi11e.
  2. John Isaac Becker b 27 June 1870 in Harlemville.
  3. Frank Becker b 21 Dec 1871 in Albany Co., N. Y.
  4. Henry Becker b 5 Nov 1873 at Medusa, Albany Co., N. Y.
  5. Mary Becker b 2 July 1877 in Harlemville d 3 Aug 1879 in same.
  6. Alice Becker b 24 June 1879 in Harlemville.
 1-7-7-7-12-4AMANDA ANN WINANS b 26 June 1842 d 20 Aug 1865, unmarried.
 1-7-7-7-12-5JAMES BRUCE WINANS b 22 Aug 1844 in N. Y. md Emilie C. Miller. They had 2 children:
  1. Lillian A. Winans.
  2. Arthur Winans.
*1-7-7-7-12-6WILLIAM ALBERT WINANS b 6 Nov 1846 at Rensselaervi11e, N. Y. d 1924 md 19 Dec 1872 Mary Ellen Carter. Md (2) Jennie Eggleston Rivenburg.
 1-7-7-7-12-7MARTHA ALICE WINANS b 19 Apr 1849 d 5 Dec 1908 in Greenville, N. Y. md in 1888 Mark Roe, no children.
*1-7-7-7-12-8JOHN PETER WINANS b 2 June 1851 in N. Y. d 24 June 1920 in Westerlo, N. Y. md 16 Oct 1878 in So. Westerlo, Albany, N. Y. Harriet Winegard.
 1-7-7-7-12-9MARY AUGUSTA WINANS b 30 Jan 1855 in Schoharie, N. Y. d 10 Oct 1910 in Greenville, Greene, N. Y. md 6 Nov 1881 in Greenville, Albert Layman b 17 July 1859 in Lone Rock, Richland, Wis., living in 1926. They had the following children:
  1. Willard Winans Layman b 9 Oct 1883 in Bethlehem md Jennie Stover.
  2. Mabel Alice Layman b 3 Jan 1886 in Greenville, N. Y.
  3. Pearl Winans Layman b 6 Feb 1891 in N. Y. City d 29 Mar 1904 in N. Y. City.

6th Gen

ABIJAH PRATT was b 1 Aug 1810 at Ovid or Covert, Seneca, N.Y. d 17 Jan 1892 at Olian, N. Y. md 6 Dec 1837 Frances F. Curtiss b 20 Oct 1820 at Bethany, Genesee, N. Y. d 23 Feb 1889 at Olian, Chatauqua, N. Y. dau of William and Laura (Sears) Curtiss.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-7-1-4-4-1THEODORE WINANS b 31 Aug 1838 at Lima, N. Y. d 5 Apr 1839.
 1-7-7-1-4-4-2MARY PRATT WINANS b 17 Jan 1841 d 10 Aug 1856, unmarried.
 1-7-7-1-4-4-3EMOGENE WINANS b 23 June 1843 at Lima, d 26 Jan 1849.


*1-7-7-1-4-4-4NATHAN PRATT WINANS b 21 June 1845 at Lima, N. Y. d 23 Mar 1884 at Caledonia, N. Y. md 3 Dec 1868 at Pittsford, Monroe, N. V. Sarah Adelaide Fowler.
 1-7-7-1-4-4-5LAURA MERCY WINANS b 8 Sept 1847 at Lima, N. Y. d in Livingston Co., N. Y. md 16 Oct 1867 at Ogden, Monroe, N. Y. John Wesley Arnold b 17 Dec 1837 at Ogden d 6 June 1918 at Westerleigh, N. Y. son of James N. and Sarah (Ross) Arnold. They had one son, Almond Pratt Arnold b 17 Feb 1869 at Ogden, Monroe, N. Y.
 1-7-7-1-4-4-6WILLIAM WINANS (twin) b 23 Nov 1850 at Lima d 25 Nov 1850.
 1-7-7-1-4-4-7WILLIS WINANS (twin) b 23 Nov 1850 at Lima d 25 Nov 1850.
*1-7-7-1-4-4-8TRUMAN CURTISS WINANS b 1 May 1852 at Lima, N. Y. d 13 Feb 1885 in Dowagiac, Mich md 6 Mar 1878 in Salesburgh, Mich Clara Elitta Hillman.
 1-7-7-1-4-4-9EMMA FRANCES WINANS b 31 May 1855 d 23 Dec 1881 in Kalamazoo, Mich.
 1-7-7-1-4-4-10ELIVIA CYNTHIA WINANS b 5 July 1858 at Ogden, Monroe, N. Y. d   ?   md 7 Mar 1877 at Salesburg, Mich Charles James Gay b 25 Sept 1855 at Hillsdale, Mich son of William and Sarah Ann (Lowe) Gay. They had the following children:
  1. Ethel Laura Gay b 1 Jan 1878 at Galesburg, Mich.
  2. Theresa Anna Gay b 1 Mar 1887 at Genesee, Livingston, N. Y.
  3. Francis Curtiss Gay b 4 Jan 1889 at Olian, N. Y.
  4. Laura Mildred Gay b 16 Sept 1891 at Olian, N. Y.
  5. Albert Winans Gay b 19 Feb 1894 at Olian, N. Y.
  6. Marie Helen Gay b 6 Sept 1896 at Olian, N. Y.

6th Gen

SETH WILLISTON was b 27 Mar 1821 at Covert, N. Y. d 14 Mar 1900 at Lima, Livingston, N. Y. md 17 Apr 1851 at Livonia, Livingston, N. Y. Lucretia Norton b 9 Nov 1823 at Livonia, N. Y. d 2 Feb 1879 at Lima, N. Y. dau of Lemuel and Sarah (Halstead) Norton. Seth md (2) 12 May 1880 at Lima, N. Y. Julia Ann Rathburn b 17 Aug 1833 at Buti, Chautauqua, N. Y. d 29 Oct 1923 at Rochester, N. Y. and was the dau of Ransom Reddington and Catherine (Thompson) Rathburn. No children by this 2nd marriage.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-7-7-1-4-6-1SARA NORTON WINANS b 20 Dec 1852 at Lima. N. Y. md 6 Nov 1879 at Lima, N. Y. Henry Byron King son of David Holmes and Lois Maria (Watkins) King. They had the following children:
  1. Cora Lucretia King b 5 Oct 1880 at Livonia, N. Y.
  2. Blanche Eunice King b 11 Oct 1883 at Lima, N. Y.
  3. Elizabeth Caroline King b 4 Jan 1886 at Lima.
  4. Mildred Grace King b 8 Oct 1888 at Farmington, Ontario, N. Y.
  5. Seth David King b 20 July 1891 at Farmington, N. Y.
  6. Carl Henry King b 1 Dec 1895.
 1-7-7-1-4-6-2JENNIE MOSES WINANS b 30 May 1860 at Lima, N. Y. d 22 Feb 1924 at Ionica, Ontario, N. Y. md 20 Nov 1890 at Lima, N. Y. Oscar Bailey b 4 Apr 1846 son of Horace and Sarah (Covill) Bailey. There were no chi1dren.


6th Gen

WALTER was b 25 Oct 1809 in Berkshire Co., Mass d 17 Mar 1897 in Otego,1 Otsego,1 N. Y. buried in Unadilla, N. Y. md 14 Oct 1832 Delia Fisk b 12 Sept 1807 d 13 Nov 1887 in Unadilla Center, Otsego, N. Y. dau of Elisha and Jane Permelia (Vermilyea) Fisk.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-7-3-5-1-1ORLANDO JUDSON WINANS b 22 May 1833 in Unadilla, N. Y. d 22 Aug 1862 in Key West, Florida md 1 Sept 1852 in Unadilla, N. Y. Lydia Jane Sherwood b 9 Dec 1831 in Bedford, Westchester, N. Y. dau of Nathaniel and Abigail (Clark) Sherwood. They had one dau, Lizzie Ellen Winans b 28 Nov 1858 in Unadilla, Otsego, N. Y. md 16 Apr 1902 in New Baltimore, Greene, N. Y. William Rea Gay b 7 Mar 1857 in New Baltimore, N. Y, son of William Rea and Gertrude Maria (Mathews) Gay. No children.
 1-7-7-3-5-1-2SARAH J. WINANS b 31 Mar 1835 in Unadilla, N. Y. d 15 Apr 1850.
 1-7-7-3-5-1-3CLARINDA MARIA WINANS b 1 Aug 1837 in Unadilla, N. Y. d 27 Apr 1908 near Unadilla Center, N. Y. md 23 Jan 1859 Franklin Palmer. They had the following children:
  1. Sarah Jane Palmer b 19 Apr 1860 in Unadilla md Charles Byron Fairbanks.
  2. Clara May Palmer b 10 June 1866 in Unadilla, N. Y. md Ira L. Hyer.
  3. Elmer F. Palmer b 1 May 1869 in Unadilla, N. Y. md Emma Wilbur.
 1-7-7-3-5-1-4WEALTHY ANN WINANS b 3 Dec 1841 in Unadilla, N. Y. d 9 Mar 1912 in Otego, N. Y. md 31 Dec 1868 in Unadilla Windsor Merrithew Place b 23 Jan 1840 in Otego, N. Y. d 5 June 1889 in Otego, N. Y. son of Gilbert Cone and Mary Eleanor (Merrithew) Place. They had the following children:
  1. Edith Lunada Place b 27 Feb 1872 in Otego, N. Y. md 9 Nov 1898 E. Daniel Pickott.
  2. Unnamed child b 26 Feb 1877 in Otego, d 26 Feb 1877.

6th Gen

ISAIAH JONES was b 12 Apr 1823 in Unadilla, N. Y. d 11 Mar 1878 in Howardsville, Mich md 4 Sept 1852 in Three Rivers, St. Joseph, Mich Mahala Crawford b 18 Jan 1825 in Mansfield, Richland, Ohio d 18 May 1890 in Howardsvi11e, Mich dau of Robert and Mary (Shanon) Crawford.
Ref: IW.

*1-7-7-3-5-6-1JAMES HENRY WINANS b 15 Aug 1856 in Three Rivers, Mich d 24 May 1925 in Neosho Rapids, Kan, buried there, md 19 Sept 1892 in Emporia, Lyon, Kan Lottie May Aldrich.
 1-7-7-3-5-6-2JESSE MARION WINANS b 11 Sept 1858 in Three Rivers, Mich md (1) 1884 Lucille Viola Gill b 18 May 1862 at Flowerfield, Mich d 20 June 1909 at Marcellus, Mich. No children. Md (2) Luella Weaver b 22 Oct 1872 at Elkhart, Ind. No children.


6th Gen

JAMES ADDISON was b 24 May 1839 in Sidney Center, N. Y. d 17 Aug 1917 in Sidney Center, N. Y. md 21 Nov 1863 in same Mary Antonette Sewell b 19 Get 1845 in Colchester, Delaware, N. Y. dau of William Henry and Celenda (Signer) Sewell.
Ret: IW.

 1-7-7-3-6-10-1ALIDA BELL WINANS b 19 Apr 1865 in Walton, N. Y. d 19 Feb 1883 in Franklin, N. Y.
 1-7-7-3-6-10-2WILLIAM SEWELL WINANS b 28 July 1867 in Sidney Center, N. Y. d 28 Feb 1883 in Sidney Center. N. Y.
 1-7-7-3-6-10-3JAMES ALBERT WINANS b 8 Feb 1872 in Sidney Center. N. Y. md 28 June 1899 in Unadilla, N. Y. Matilda Sweet b 26 Apr 1874 in Unadilla, N. Y. dau of Dr. Joshua Jackson and Emeline Gardner (Allen) Sweet. No children.

6th Gen

WILLIAM HENRY S.2 was b 23 Dec 1818 in Kinderhook, N. Y. d 3 or 4 Aug 1886 in Newark, N. J. md 1841 (1) Ursula Ayers. Md (2) about 1849 Sarah Maria Dickerson b 7 Apr 1825 in Newfoundland, Morris, N. J. d 24 Dec 1893 in Newark, N. J. dau of James Lynn and   ?   (Adams) Dickerson.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-7-7-3-8-2-1MARY JANE WINANS b 1841 in Newark, N. J. d 1875 in Newark. N. J. md 1861 in Newark James Alexander Murdock b 2 Feb 1842 in Roselle, Union, N. J. d 23 Aug 1898 in Morristown, N.J. They had the following children:
  1. Sarah Murdock b 1863 in Newark, N. J. d 1864 in same.
  2. William Murdock b 1865 in Newark, N. J.
  3. James Alexander Murdock b 13 Feb 1868 md Bessie Wilson.
  4. Albert Ayers Murdock b 8 May 1872 in Newark, N. J. md Gertrude Bell.
  5. Nettie Louise Murdock b 1873 in Newark, N. J. d 1874 in same.
 1-7-7-3-8-2-2WILLIAM HENRY WINANS b 1843 d 20 June 1875 in Newark, N. J.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-7-7-3-8-2-3EMMA WINANS b 1851 in Newark, N. J. d 1860 in same.
 1-7-7-3-8-2-4HENRIETTA CATHRYN WINANS b 10 Mar 1853 in Newark, N. J. d 10 Nov 1903 in Morris Plains, N. J. md 8 June 1898 Andrew Jackson Garrabrants b 13 Feb 1836. No children.
 1-7-7-3-8-2-5MARTHA LOUISE WINANS b 22 Jan 1856 in Newark, N. J. d 22 Dec 1919 in Newark md 23 Oct 1883 in Newark Rev. Davis William Lusk D.D. b 15 Dec 1852 in Nottingham, Washington, Pa. d 20 Dec 1927 in Newark, N. J. son of Jonathan and Jane N. (Davis) Lusk, They had the following children:
  1. Mary Edith Lusk b 9 Nov 1885 in Newark.
  2. Miriam Jessie Lusk b 30 Apr 1887 in Newark d 20 Jan 1892 in same.


  1. Davis Winans Lusk b 28 Oct 1888 in Newark d 21 Oct 1918 in Fort Hancock, N. J. unmarried.
  2. Mildred Dickerson Lusk b 7 Sept 1892 in Newark, N. J.
 1-7-7-3-8-2-6SARAH CORNELL WINANS b 1859 in Newark, N. J. d 1863 in same.

6th Gen

JOHN LAWTON was b 19 Mar 1824 in Butler Twp.. N. Y. d 22 Jan 1B97 in Lowell, Kent, Mich md 26 Sept 1848 in Auburn, N. Y. Nancy Talcot b 14 Sept 1818 in Fleming, N. Y. d 15 Mar 1904 in Lowell, Mich dau of Obadiah and Persis (Thornton) Talcot.
Ret: IW.

*1-7-7-5-1-5-1FRANK MORTON WINANS b 8 July 1849 in Butler Twp., N. Y. d 28 Oct 1877 in Campbell, Mich md 26 Feb 1870 in Saranac, Mich Louisa Melissa White.
 1-7-7-5-1-5-2ANN ELIZA WINANS b 5 July 1851 in So. Butler, Wayne, N. Y. md 5 Feb 1872 in Lowell, Kent, Mich Joseph Gordon Barkley b 4 June 1850 in Franklin, Oakland, Mich son of Thomas and Martha (Moore) Barkley. They had the following children:
  1. Anna Moore Barkley b 20 Nov 1872 in Boston Twp., Ionia, Mich md 27 Mar 1905 in Walla Walla, Wash. Robert P. Willer.
  2. John Thomas Barkley b 26 Apr 1874 in same.
  3. Permila Eliza Barkley b 8 Nov 1875 in same d 30 Apr 1908 in Keen, Mich.
  4. Louise Nancy Barkley b 5 Apr 1877 in same unmarried in 1921.
  5. Geneva Barkley b 25 Nov 1886 in same.
 1-7-7-5-1-5-3ROBERT H. WINANS b 2 Oct 1856 in Lowell, Kent, Mich.

6th Gen

CHESTER was b 25 Dec 1826 in Butler Twp.. Wayne, N. Y. d 19 Dec 1880 in Marengo Co. , N. Y. buried in Southwood Cemetery md 1846 (1) Nancy Stevens b Feb 1823 in Weedsport, Cayuga Co., N. Y. d 26 Mar 1866 in Matherton, Clinton Co., Mich dau of John Stevens. Md (2) in 1867 in Marengo Co.. N. Y. Mrs. Lucinda (Beedle) Devall b in 1824 d 17 Aug 1895 in Waterloo, Seneca, N. Y.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

*1-7-7-5-4-1-1CHESTER ANTHONY WINANS b 26 Jan 1847 in Savannah, Wayne, N. Y. d after 192S md 5 nay 1868 in Matherton, Clint.,Mich Cinderilla Harrington.
 1-7-7-5-4-1-2LEVI WINANS b 7 Apr 1850 in Ionia Co., Mich.
 1-7-7-5-4-1-3EMMA MIRANDA WINANS b 1853 at Lyons, Ionia. Mich md Denel Welcher.
 1-7-7-5-4-1-4IDA VIOLA WINANS b 25 Sept 1856 at New Haven, Mich d Aug 1896 at Nashville, Barry Co., Mich.
 1-7-7-5-4-1-5LUCINDA NANCY WINANS b 30 Jan 1859 at Matherton, Clinton. Mich md (1) Russel1 A. Taylor who d 4 Aug 1904. They had the following children:
  1. Chester A. Taylor b 18 Sept 1876 d 1902.
  2. Harry M. Taylor b 20 Feb 1878 d 14 Aug 1894.


 Lucinda md (2) Judson Ellis who d 10 July 1909 in Jackson, Mich. She md (3) 2 July 1910 in Jackson, Mich James S. Coon. No children by 2nd and 3rd marriage.
 1-7-7-5-4-1-6MINNIE MAY WINANS b 15 Sept 1865 at Matherton, Clinton, Mich d 20 Aug 1884 at Jackson, Jackson, Mich md John Murray.

6th Gen

THEODORE EDWIN was b 20 Jan 1809 at No. Germantown, or Claremont, Columbia, N. Y. d 3 May 1883 at Avon, Livingston, N. Y. md 23 June 1835 at Chili, Monroe, N. Y. Cynthia Catherine Root b 13 Oct 1816 at Chili, Monroe, N. Y. d 24 Oct 1890 at Rochester, N. Y. dau of Edwin Sheldon and Catherine Cynthia (Ensign) Root.
Ref: Major Ira Winans, their son.

 1-7-7-6-1-1-1ALLEN WINANS b 8 July 1836 in Chili, Monroe, N. Y. d 9 Aug 1887 at Conneant, Ohio, unmarried.
 1-7-7-6-1-1-2JULIA WINANS b 24 Apr 1838 in Chili, Monroe, N. Y. d 9 Feb 1862 at Avon, Livingston, N. Y.
*1-7-7-6-1-1-3IRA WINANS b 26 Dec 1839 in Chili, Monroe, N. Y. d 2 Nov 1931 in Rochester, N. Y. md 21 June 1870 Sarah Edwards Peck.
 1-7-7-6-1-1-4EDWIN WINANS b 30 Nov 1841 in Genesee, Livingston, N. Y. d 11 Dec 1863 at Athens, Tenn. in the Civil War, unmarried.
 1-7-7-6-1-1-5MARY WINANS b 9 Oct 1843 in Genesee, Livingston, N. Y. d 10 May 1937, unmarried.
 1-7-7-6-1-1-6LEWIS WINANS b 18 Nov 1845 in So. Rush, Monroe, N. Y. d 20 Nov 1921 in Denver, Colo md (1) 26 Nov 1887 Mrs. Electra Elizabeth (Holmes) Shaw b 16 Nov 1847 in Rochester, N. Y. Md (2) 2 Oct 1889 Lavada Ellis b 30 May 1861 near Americus, Lyons, Kan dau of Shobel J. and Lydia (Beeson) Ellis. They had one son: Byron Winans b 11 June 1892 in Denver, Colo.
*1-7-7-6-1-1-7HENRY WINANS b 25 Sept 1847 in West Rush, Monroe, N. Y. md 24 Mar 1869 in Avon, N. Y. Harriet Elizabeth Riggs.
 1-7-7-6-1-1-8HOMER WINANS b 31 Aug 1849 in West Rush, Monroe, N. Y. d 13 Nov 1898 in N. Y. unmarried.
 1-7-7-6-1-1-9EMILY WINANS b 26 Mar 1852 in West Rush, Monroe, N. Y. d 26 June 1911 in Washington, D. C. md 17 Dec 1890 in Washington, D. C. Franklin Horatio Haugh b 18 Aug 1854 in Turin, Lewis, N. Y. d 7 Dec 1923 in Washington, D. C. son of Dr. Franklin B. and Maria Ellen (Kilborn) Haugh. They had the following children:
  1. Clarence Haugh b 19 Oct 1891 in Wash. D. C. d 30 Oct 1891 in same.
  2. Eleanor Margaret Haugh b 6 Nov 1892 in Wash. D. C.
  3. Jeanette Winans Haugh b 9 July 1895 in Wash. D. C.
 1-7-7-6-1-1-10ANNA WINANS b 2 July 1854 in West Rush, N. Y. She was a trained nurse and was unmarried residing in Wash. D. C. in 1931.
*1-7-7-6-1-1-11JOHN WINANS b 19 Jan 1857 in West Rush, N. Y. d 26 July 1897 in Chicago, Ill, md 14 Nov 1876 in Avon, N. Y. Helen Amelia Wright.

6th Gen


EDWARD SHELDON was b 14 Apr 1814 in Clermont, N. Y. d 15 Mar 1883 in Toronto, Canada md 12 Feb 1839 in Chili, Monroe, N. Y. Phebe Ann Wells b 29 Mar 1820 in Chili, N. Y. d 22 Sept 1903 in Detroit, Mich dau of Joshua and Rachel Wells.
Ret: IW.

 1-7-7-6-1-4-1THEODORE WELLS WINANS b 23 Jan 1844 in Rochester, N. Y. d 23 Dec 1848 by drowning in Cobourg, Canada.
*1-7-7-6-1-4-2EDWARD CULVER WINANS b 12 Dec 1849 in Cobourg, Canada d 15 Mar 1884 md Margaret or Maggie Ruthven.
 1-7-7-6-1-4-3STUART WELLS WINANS b in Cobourg, Canada.
 1-7-7-6-1-4-4HENRY ROMAINE WINANS b 20 Oct 1854 in Cobourg, Canada.
 1-7-7-6-1-4-5CHAUNCEY FRANK WINANS b 2 June 1856 in Cobourg, Canada.
 1-7-7-6-1-4-6FREDERICK SHELDON WINANS b 6 June 1858 in Cobourg, Canada.

6th Gen

CHAUNCEY CULVER was b 7 Mar 1823 in Chili, N. Y. d 19 May 1884 in Brooklyn, Kings. N. Y. md (1) 23 Apr 1850 in Rochester, N. Y. Emily Peck Kempshall who d 4 June 1851 in Rochester, N. Y. dau of Thomas and Emily (Peck) Kempshall. No children. Md (2) 12 Sept 1854 in Marshall, Mich Sara Eleanor Wells b 31 Dec 1832 in N. Y. City d 14 May 1893 in Chicago, Ill dau of Thomas Wickham and Mary (Steele) Wells.
Ref: IW., Mr. Elmer S. Winans of Alhambra, Calif.

*1-7-7-6-1-7-1RANALD MACDONALD WINANS b 23 Sept 1856 in N. Y. City d 13 July 1932 md 3 June 1885 in N. Y. Annie Currie Steele.
 1-7-7-6-1-7-2GRAHAM ELY WINANS b 28 May 1858 in N. Y. City.
 1-7-7-6-1-7-3MARY PERKINS WINANS b 25 Mar 1859 in N. Y. d 25 Oct 1861 in same.
 1-7-7-6-1-7-4EUPHEMIA "EFFIE" KEMPSHALL WINANS b 20 Dec 1860 in N. Y. d 29 Apr 1914 in N. Y. unmarried. She worked in the N. Y. Public Library all of her adult life.
 1-7-7-6-1-7-5ELEANOR HOPE WINANS b 25 Mar 1862 in N. Y. d 1915 in Paterson, N. J. unmarried.
*1-7-7-6-1-7-6ROBERT HENNING WINANS b 24 July 1863 in Chicago, Ill d 8 July 1916 in Paterson, N. J. md 1900 in Providence, R. I. Annie Margaret STEELE.
*1-7-7-6-1-7-7THEODORE SHELDON WINANS b 15 May 1868 in Bronxville, N. Y. d 3 Mar 1909 in Salt Lake City, Utah md 18 Jan 1891 in Ridgewood, N, J. Emma Viola Buttre.
 1-7-7-6-1-7-8ELIZABETH FLINT WINANS b 31 Mar 1872 in White Plains, N. Y. d Jan 1894 in Chicago, Ill. unmarried.

6th Gen


BENJAMIN LEWIS was b 27 Sept 1809 in Clermont, Columbia, N. Y. d 1882 in Darien, Genesee, N. Y. md Hannah Hover b May 1815 d May 1859 dau of Andrew and Catherine (Rockefeller) Hover.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-7-6-2-1-1SARAH S. WINANS b 5 June 1833 d Apr 1902 in Jackson, Mich md Edward Brown. They had the following children:
  1. Addison Edward Brown b 25 Feb 1856 in Darien, N. Y.
  2. Alice Minerva Brown b 27 May 1858 in Marion Co., Ohio.
  3. Cyrus Edward Brown b 21 May 1864 in Caledonia, Marion Co., Ohio.
*1-7-7-6-2-1-2HENRY HOVER WINANS b 20 Oct 1835 d 30 June 1874 in Batavia, N. Y. md (1) Sarah Jennie Jenkins. Md (2) 1866 Mrs. Matilda (Winn) Pass.
*1-7-7-6-2-1-3FRANKLIN WINANS b 4 June 1836 md (1) Alice Elizabeth Stone. Md (2)   ?  . Md (3) Mrs. Sarah Jones.
 1-7-7-6-2-1-4CATHERINE WINANS b 28 Oct 1838 in Darien, Genesee, N. Y. md (1) Aaron Colby. Md (2) Napoleon Colby. There were no children by either marriage.
*1-7-7-6-2-1-5ELISHA LEWIS WINANS b 26 June 1839 d 26 July 1909 in N. Y. md (1) Charlotte Ann Judd. Md (2) Mary Ann Rindell.
 1-7-7-6-2-1-6BENJAMIN LEWIS WINANS b 9 Feb 1841 d 21 Apr 1905 md 12 Apr 1865 Laura Matilda Long b 11 Nov 1850 dau of Dr. Aaron and Nancy (Cosley) Long. They had a son, Benjamin Howard winans b 27 Feb 1871 md 25 June 1896 Frances Josephine Proctor b 22 Oct 1875 dau of Frederick D. and Bell (Elloitt) Proctor.
 1-7-7-6-2-1-7EUNICE MARIA WINANS b 4 Apr 1844 in Darien, N. Y. md (1) 5 Nov 1861 in Pembroke, N. Y. Albert Edwin Hyde b 27 Sept 1834 in Bethany, N. Y. d Aug 1867 in Bethany son of Martin and Celinda (Blakeley) Hyde. They had two children:
  1. Eva Elizabeth Hyde b 10 June 1863.
  2. Nellie Estelle Hyde b 18 Sept 1866 in Bethany, N. Y.
Eunice md (2) 17 July 1870 in No. Java, Wyoming, N Y. Homer Lewis Torrey b 8 May 1848 in No. Java N. Y. son of Joseph Kible and Chloe Maria (Blakely) Torrey. They had the following children:
  1. Fannie Maria Torrey b 14 Aug 1871 in No. Java, N. Y.
  2. Walter Lewis Torrey b 26 July 1874 in No. Java. N. Y.
  3. Alma May Torrey b 8 May 1877 in same.
  4. Lottie Winans Torrey b 28 May 1883 in same.
  5. Albert Benjamin Torrey b 17 Nov 1885 in same.
*1-7-7-6-2-1-8SAMUEL WASHINGTON WINANS b 1846/7 md (1) Elizabeth Amelia Pierson. Md (2) Elizabeth Lusk. Md (3) Ruth   ?  .
*1-7-7-6-2-1-9HOMER DAW WINANS b 27 Sept 1849 in Darien, N. Y. d 10 July 1907 in Jackson, Mich md 6 May 1873 in Oakfield, N. Y. Mary Eleanor Underhill.
 1-7-7-6-2-1-10LAURA ANTOINETTE WINANS b 27 Aug 1852 in Darien, N. Y. d 13 July 1908 in Oakfield, N. Y. md 3 Oct 1868 in Pembroke, N. Y. Alfred Caple b 5 Feb 1845 in Somersetshire, England d 19 Feb 1897 in Oakfield, N. Y. They had the following children:
  1. Edward Ward Caple b 18 Jan 1870 in Oakfield, N. Y.
  2. Homer Daw Caple b 14 Aug 1871 in same.
  3. Lewis Benjamin Caple b 22 July 1873 in same.
  4. Florence Estelle Caple b 4 May 1875 in same d 15 Dec 1877 in same.
  5. Henry Alfred Caple b 2 June 1876 in same.
  6. Clarence Cleveland Caple b 12 Mar 1878.
  7. Bertha Estelle Caple b 11 Nov 1880 in same.
  8. Laura Emma Caple b 13 Feb 1882 in same.
  9. Bessie Louise Caple b 27 June 1884 in same.
  10. Clark Caple b 27 Mar 1886 in same.


  1. Dean winans Caple b 1 Sept 1889 in same.
  2. Donna LaVille Caple b 9 Nov 1890 in same.
  3. Olive Clyde Caple b 27 Feb 1892 in same.
  4. Rhea Corinne Caple b 1 Jan 1893 in same d 3 Apr 1894 in same.
  5. Theodore A. Caple b 27 Jan 1895 in same.
 1-7-7-6-2-1-11RODERICK THOMPSON WINANS b 4 Aug 1856 d Nov 1856.

6th Gen

ALVA was b 28 Apr 1814 in Clarmont, Columbia, N. Y. md (1) __?__ Md (2) Louisa Dinnock.
Ref: IW.

Children by 1st wife:

 1-7-7-6-2-3-1LAURA WINANS.
 1-7-7-6-2-3-2AMANDA WINANS d young.
 1-7-7-6-2-3-3ELIZABETH WINANS md (1) James Miller and they had a dau Gussie May Miller who md Hal Huddleston a 1st cousin of Mrs. President Grover Cleveland. Elizabeth md (2) Frank Squires.

Children by 2nd wife:

 1-7-7-6-2-3-4BIRD WINANS.
 1-7-7-6-2-3-5ORANGE WINANS.

6th Gen

GEORGE HENRY was b 26 Mar 1817 at Chili, Monroe, N. Y. d 16 Dec 1881 at LeRoy, N. Y. md Harriet Foskett b 27 Oct 1818 d 11 Dec 1893 at LeRoy, N. Y. dau of Hosea and __?__ (Thompson) Foskett.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-7-6-2-4-1LLEWELLYN WINANS b 23 July 1842 in LeRoy, N. Y. d 5 Sept 1842.
 1-7-7-6-2-4-2EUNICE WINANS b 13 Aug 1843 in Leroy. N. Y. d 13 Sept 1843.
 1-7-7-6-2-4-3WINFIELD WINANS b 14 June 1845 in LeRoy, N. Y. d 11 July 1847.
 1-7-7-6-2-4-4EDGAR DIBBLE WINANS b 15 Aug 1849 in Leroy, N. Y. d 10 Apr 1928 in Rochester, N. Y. md 17 Feb 1875 in Penfield Village, Monroe, N. Y. Emma Fannie Williams b 30 Mar 1854 in Rochester, Monroe, N. Y. d 13 Feb 1927 buried in Penfield, N. Y. dau of Edward and Sarah (Kilsby) Williams. They had one dau, Harriett Sarah Winans b 14 Oct 1878 in Penfield, N. Y.
 1-7-7-6-2-4-5OPHILIA ESTELLA WINANS b 23 May 1853 in LeRoy, N. Y. md 25 May 1871 in Elmira, N. Y. John Hyatt Cater b 30 May 1848 in Bristol, England son of Frederick and Lorenza (Webber) Cater. They had the following children:
  1. Edna Estella Cater b 22 Sept 1872 in LeRoy, N. Y.
  2. John Wyatt Cater b 2 June 1874 in Medina, N. Y. d 12 Apr 1896 in Batavia, N. Y.
  3. George Frederick Cater b 16 Sept 1876 at Albion, N. Y.
  4. William Henry Cater b 6 July 1879 at Albion, N. Y. d 4 Apr 1880 at same.


  1. Albert Cleveland Cater b 5 Mar 1887 at LeRoy, N. Y.
 1-7-7-6-2-4-6RODERICK RODELL WINANS b 17 Sept 1861 at LeRoy, N. Y. d 16 Oct 1862 at same.

6th Gen

ELISHA CULVER was b 25 Feb 1821 at Chili, N. Y. d 9 May 1896 at Convis, Mich md (1) 18 Feb 1846 or 1848 Elizabeth Mary Brooks b 11 May 1826 in Steuben Co., N. Y. d 5 Feb 1916 at Oakfield. N. Y. md (2) Mary Shippy, no children by this marriage.
Ref: IW.

*l-7-7-6-2-6-1ALMERON BROOKS WINANS b 29 Mar 1850 in Oakfield, Genesee, N. Y. d 31 Aug 1917 md 19 Jan 1872 at Oakfield, N. Y. Annie Laurie Noble.
 1-7-7-6-2-6-2ADELAIDE ADELL WIMANS b 16 Sept 1854 in Oakfield, N. Y.
 1-7-7-6-2-6-3MYRTA VIOLA WINANS b in Oakfield, N. Y. d 11 Aug 1862 in her 2nd year.

6th Gen

ORANGE SACKETT was b 27 Mar 1829 in N. Y. d 1892 in Chicago, Ill md (1) 9 Oct 1849 in Ovid, N. Y. Hannah Kinne Seeley b l7 July 1830 in Ovid, N. Y. d 23 July 1913 dau of Nathaniel and Betsey (Kinne) Seeley. Md (2) Lilly Handt who d 19 Mar 1924. Md (3) __?__.
Ref: IW.

Child by 1st wife:

 1-7-7-6-2-9-1LAURA ESTELLE WINANS b 13 July 1852 in Ovid, Seneca, N. Y. md 23 July 1872 in Dunkirk, N. Y. Rev. Hugh Wallace Torrence b 28 Feb 1842 at Beaver Falls, Pa. d 4 July 1897 in N. Y. City son of John and Mary Wallace (Bingham) Torrence. They had the following children:
  1. Mary Wallace Torrence b 6 Sept 1873 in Ovid, N. Y.
  2. Laura Eugenia Torrence b 9 Nov 1875 in Ovid.
  3. Caroline Lucretia Torrence b 26 Apr 1880 in Ovid md Dr. Harvey Wade Young.
  4. Anna Torrence b 16 Feb 1883 in Ovid md James W. Wooster.
  5. Alida Harper Torrence b 30 Apr 1885 in Ovid md Charles David Brockway.
  6. Elsie Adelaide Torrence b 10 June 1889 in Charleston, W, Va.

Child by 2nd wife:

 1-7-7-6-2-9-2IONIA VALERE WINANS md and had 3 children, names not available.

6th Gen


JACOB BEST was b ca 1812 md (1) Dolly Deane. No children recorded. Md (2) Mrs. Lavina (1st husband) Hollenbeck and her maiden name may have been Hollenbeck also as I am not sure what Major Ira Winans means by his notes.
Ref: IW.

*1-7-7-6-3-1-1ABNER WINANS b 19 Mar 1833 in Greenport, N. Y. d 8 Aug 1885 in Hudson, N. Y. md (1) Amanda Melvina Rowe in 1854. Md (2) Frances B. Van Benscoten.
 1-7-7-6-3-1-2GEORGE WINANS b 9 Jan 1835 d 6 July 1885 in Spencertown, N. Y. md 24 Dec 1862 in Albany, Columbia, N. Y. Pamelia Jane Aiken dau of John William Andrew and Pamelia (Starks) Aiken. No children.

6th Gen

HENRY was b 13 Jan 1817 d 13 Feb 1893 at Olive, Ulster, N. Y. md 21 Feb 1841 Esther Ann Eckert b 8 July 1819 in Milan, Dutchess, N. Y. d 11 Apr 1890 in Olive, Ulster, N. Y. dau of William Henry and Maria (Green) Eckert.
Ref: IW.

 1-7-7-6-3-3-1HERMAN W. WINANS b 2 Feb 1844 in Saugerties, Ulster, N. Y. d 9 Oct 1906 in Dumont Co., N. Y. md Emily Longyear. No further data.
 1-7-7-6-3-3-2CORA WINANS b 17 Nov 1847 in Saugerties, Ulster, N. Y. md 17 Nov 1864 in Olive, Ulster, N. Y. Isaac L. Merrihew b 21 Apr 1845 in Olive, Ulster, N. Y. son of Henry K. and Hannah S. (Davis) Herrihew.
  1. They had a dau Cora Winans Merrihew b 2 Sept 1866 in Olive, Ulster, N. Y.
  2. Ocena Merrihew b 1 Sept 1870 in Olive, N. Y.
  3. Henry Merrihew b 17 Dec 1874 in same.
  4. Elma Merrihew b 24 Oct 1877 in same d 22 Nov 1885 in same.

6th Gen

NELSON was b 26 Dec 1820 in Green or Columbia Co., N. Y. d 2 Nov 1891 in Brooklyn, N. Y. md 31 Oct 1844 at N. Y. City Mary Ann Hamilton b 28 June 1819 in N. Y. City d 8 Sept 1903 at Hoboken, N. J. buried same. She was the dau of David and Elizabeth Hamilton of Ireland.
Ref; IW., Mrs. Edythe Winans Groome.

 1-7-7-6-3-5-1THEODORE WINANS b 18 Nov 1846 d 28 Aug 1847.
 1-7-7-6-3-5-2TERESSA HYDE WINANS b 26 July 1848 d 16 Sept 1921 at Baldwin, Long Island, N. Y. and was buried at the "Evergreen Cemetery" in Brooklyn, N. Y. the gravesite of her parents. She md Mele Parrot.
 1-7-7-6-3-5-3ADELLA HYDE WINANS b 16 Sept 1850 d 19 July 1851.
 1-7-7-6-3-5-4EMILY ADELLA WINANS b 10 Jan 1852 d 14 Mar 1853.
*1-7-7-6-3-5-5HENRY NELSON WINANS b 21 Jan 1854 at N. Y. City d 13 Oct 1931 at Baldwin, N. Y. md 5 Nov 1884 Jennie Elizabeth Tagg.
 1-7-7-6-3-5-6ADELAIDE WINANS b 16 Nov 1857 d 22 Feb 1858.


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1 In case you're wondering about these place names, there is an Otsego county in the state of New York, about 90 miles west of Albany, which includes the town and village of Otego.
2 Although Mrs. Egy lists William on page 25 as William Henry S. Winans, his entry on page 10 does not include the S. If you have any information as to his correct name, we would appreciate your input.
3 We came across Theodore (listed as T. E.) Winans' family in the 1840 census, on the last line of the fifth image for Genesee township, where they moved between the births of Ira and Edwin. Besides Theodore, Cynthia and their first three children, the line includes 3 males 15-20 years old, 11 males 20-30 years old, and 2 females between 15 and 20. We're curious whether Theodore operated a boarding house, or a farm so big as to require a lot of additional labor!
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