Frederick Winans

Frederick Shotwell Winans (1-8-6-4-5-2-3-1)1 was born December 18672 in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was one of the Winans descendants who remained in Elizabeth all his life. He married Matilda Frick there 29 Jun 1892.

Frederick and Matilda had the following children, all of them also born in the Elizabeth area:

  1. Mabel Winans, born in April 1893.
  2. Clarence Frederic Winans, born 2 Feb 1899.
  3. Merrill Waite Winans, born 24 Dec 1907.

Frederick and Matilda either divorced, or were separated, and she left for California about 1915 with their children. He died at his home in Elizabeth 4 Oct 1928. The stories of Frederick and his mother's tragic deaths and funeral appeared in the Elizabeth Daily Journal:


Mrs. Lydia Winans and Frederick Winans Not Seen About South Street House Since Tuesday--Fumes Flowing From Stove In Kitchen, Adjoining Bedroom.

Mrs. Lydia Winans, 79 years old; her son, Frederick, 61, and a dog were found dead in a gas-filled room at the Winans' home, 725 South street, shortly before 8 o'clock this morning. Gas was flowing from the burner of a stove in a kitchen adjoining the bedroom in which the bodies were discovered.


Edwin Dougherty, who lives in the same building and detected the odor of gas, told the police he heard the dog barking yesterday noon. His aunt, Mrs. Linna Hatfield, stated that she last saw the Winans about 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. Dr. Hyman Mendelowitz, ambulance surgeon from the St. Elizabeth Hospital, stated that the couple had been dead several hours as the bodies were rigid.

The house, a small frame structure, is divided into two apartments. The Winans' apartment consisted of three rooms: namely, kitchen, bedroom and living-room, the last being shut off from the other two when the police forced their way in this morning.

Upon smelling the gas fumes, Dougherty notified police headquarters. Desk Sergeant Cochran detailed Traffic Patrolman William O'Connor and Chauffeur Clair to investigate. Later they were joined by Patrolman Strausberger and Motorcycle Patrolman Yoos.

Dougherty, O'Connor and Joseph Midhisen, of the Elizabethtown Consolidated Gas Company, forced open the rear door and discovered the bodies. Mrs. Winans was lying on a couch and her son was on the floor beside her while the dog was in the center of the room. According to O'Connor, Winans appeared to have been sitting on the couch beside his mother and fell on the floor when he was overcome by the fumes.

The St. Elizabeth Hospital ambulance was called. After Dr. Mendelowitz had pronounced the couple dead, the bodies were removed to the morgue.

Strausberger locked the apartment and took the key to police headquarters. Mrs. [Mary Winans] Godfrey [1-8-6-4-5-2-3-3] of Westfield, a daughter of Mrs. Winans, was notified.

Another son, Edward [1-8-6-4-5-2-3-2], could not be located by the police.


Rites for Mrs. Winans and Son Monday Afternoon.

Funeral services for Mrs. Lydia A. Winans, 79 years old, and her 60-year-old son, Frederick Shotwell Winans, who were found dead in their home, 725 South street, early yesterday, will be conducted at the Martin Mortuary, 1019 East Jersey street, on Monday afternoon. Private rites will be conducted by Rev. Charles J. Wood, D. D., pastor of the First Presbyterian Church with which the Winans family had been connected many years.

Accidental gas poisoning was given as the cause of death by Dr. G. W. H. Horic, acting county physician, after an examination made yesterday.

When the bodies of Mrs. Winans and her son were discovered, gas was pouring into their three-room apartment from an open jet in the kitchen range. Neighbors told the police they had not seen mother or son since Wednesday noon. At that time the Winans dog was heard to bark. The animal also was found dead.

Mrs. Winans and her son were members of two of the oldest families in this section. Mrs. Winans was the widow of Elias Crane Winans [1-8-6-4-5-2-3], who died in 1903, and was the daughter of late Joel, and Mary Shotwell. She was born near Rahway where the Shotwell family had a large estate. Her husband's family had been in this section since colonial times.

Edward W. Winans, a brother of Frederick Winans is said to live at the Stacy Trent Hotel, Trenton. He was notified of the death of his mother and brother to-day. Mrs. Winans also leaves a daughter, Mrs. L. deB. Godfrey, of Westfield.

Frederick Winans is buried with his parents in Evergreen cemetery in nearby Hillside, NJ.

1 We've inserted identification numbers for various persons to help you locate their entries in Mrs. Egy's Winans Family Genealogy.
2 Frederick's tombstone says 1868, but researcher Tom Davis, who sent us the clippings you see above, alerted us to the possibility of an 1867 birth date, based on documents he had seen. We located Frederick, Matilda, Mabel and Clarence in the 1900 U. S. census in Union Township, on the northwest edge of Elizabeth. Frederick's entry gives his birth month as December 1867. There were a total of 74 Winans individuals enumerated in Union County in 1900!
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