A Carey Chronology

Chuck's Naval service:
USS Des Moines
USS Northampton
USS Annapolis
USS Winston
An ode to sailors

As with many families in the Twentieth Century, the Careys' story is one of frequent moves from place to place, punctuated by long stays in the same home. This started out to be a simple chronology of where we lived and when, but we kept adding entries reflecting other things that were going on in our lives at those places and times. We hope our children will enjoy looking through this thumbnail sketch of our lives and theirs.

Year Chuck Jeanette
1937 27 Aug – Born at Lying-In Hospital in Oxnard, CA. My first home is 202 Comstock Dr. in nearby Ventura, where my parents, Dave and Jeanette (Walker) Carey, are living. Dad is working for Curtis Publishing. I share my birthday with jazz saxophonist Lester Young.
1938  3 Apr – Born at Rice Maternity Hospital in Los Angeles. My first home is in L.A., at 1140 E. 61st St., with my parents, Cecil and Bertha (Waterman) Langton, and big sister Roberta. Dad is working at Douglas Aircraft in Santa Monica. I share my birthday with singer Doris Day.
1939 We rent an old house at 2916 Francis Ave., in L.A., which a mortgage company had reposessed. (Or was it going through probate?) Uncle Bill Walker stays with us while going to USC. Later, George and Orpha Carey buy the house.  
1940 We move to 413 N. Hoover Ave., where we rent a small frame house in back of the main house, and are enumerated there in the 1940 census. The census taker misspells my mom's name and enters somebody else's "supplemental information" for her. The Hollywood Freeway was later built through this property.
November – Dad goes to work for the Civil Aeronautics Administration at an airport near Inglewood called Mines Field.
When the census-taker counts us, we're living at 6019 S. Haas Ave. in Los Angeles, about 9 miles south of the Careys. She misspells my name and gets my mom's birthplace wrong.
1941 After Pearl Harbor, we move in with Grandma and Grandpa Walker at 713 Georgina in Santa Monica while Dad awaits transfer orders from the C.A.A. Mom and Dad buy a lot down the street from Loyola University and work begins on our new home.
1942 25 Feb – I have a front row seat in my upstairs bedroom at the Walkers' home for the "Battle of Los Angeles". (Was it actually a UFO incident?)
April – we move to Tucson and live for a month at 722 E. Drachman St., then move to 1124 N. Park Ave., around the corner from Uncle John and Aunt Augusta Walker. Dad is working at Davis-Monthan Air Base.
September – I start to school at University Heights Elementary School, a block away from home. (The site of our home on Park Avenue is now a parking lot for the University of Arizona, while my old school has been converted to student housing apartments.)
March – Just in time to celebrate Roberta's tenth birthday, we move in at 8124 Loyola Blvd., where Mom and Dad live the rest of their lives.
1943 22 Jun – My brothers, John and Bill, are born at St. Mary's Hospital in Tucson.
I start to school at Washington Elementary School, in Venice.
1944 July – Dad is transferred back to what is now LAX. We move in with grandma and grandpa again while house hunting and waiting for our new house to be finished. Over Labor Day weekend, we move in at 6507 W. 82nd St. This is Mom and Dad's home for the rest of their lives. I am bused to the second grade at Angeles Mesa School in Baldwin Hills.  
1945 I transfer to Kentwood School, which was just built around the corner from home. I transfer to Kentwood School, about a mile from home.
1946  I transfer to Loyola Village School, which was just built near the corner of Lincoln and Manchester.
1948 I enter the newly constructed Westchester Junior High School, which eventually becomes a six-year school. Orville Wright Middle School now occupies its site.  
1949 The Carey family takes its first cross country vacation trip. We spend more than four weeks on the road in Dad's 1948 DeSoto, visiting friends and family in Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania. I see my first major league baseball game at Shibe Park, Philadelphia.  
1950  I enter Westchester Jr.-Sr. High School.
1953 Another cross country vacation trip. I have a learner's permit and get to do some of the driving.  
1954 I graduate from Westchester HS and enter UCLA. 
1956  I graduate from Westchester HS and enter Santa Monica College. (I was in the next-to-last WHS graduating class before the school moved to its present location.)
1957 After my NROTC midshipman cruise aboard USS Des Moines (CA-134), I enter my senior year at UCLA, during which I write a jazz column for the Daily Bruin and am a deejay at KNOB, the world's first all-jazz radio station, in Signal Hill. Away to UC Santa Barbara.
1958 In March, I meet Jeanette. In April, Dad and I attend the first-ever major league baseball game in L.A., when the Brooklyn Dodgers move to the Coliseum. In June, I graduate from UCLA and enter the U.S. Navy, traveling to Copenhagen via the Newport Jazz Festival and Paris to report aboard USS Northampton (CLC-1). During the next two years, Northampton makes several cruises to Europe, the Caribbean, and up and down the East Coast. In March, I meet Chuck. Away to Cal State Long Beach.
1960 Back from the Navy for the summer, some more deejaying at KNOB, then off to the Foreign Service Institute in Arlington, VA. I buy a 1955 Plymouth Valiant to make the trip. My classmates at FSI include future ambassadors John Negroponte, Curt Kamman and Sam Thomsen. I graduate from Cal State and begin teaching at West Athens Elementary School in L.A.
1961 The Department of State assigns me to the Consulate General at Monterrey, Nuevo León, México, but I take a detour and drive there via L.A.  
Year Chuck and Jeanette
1961 20 Jan - We are married at Westchester Christian Church. Chuck resumes his drive to Monterrey. Jeanette finishes her semester at West Athens and takes the train to San Antonio to meet Chuck. We live in the El Paso Autel until the house we will rent, at Norte América 822, Colonia Vista Hermosa, is finished in April. Our first home together is high on a hillside overlooking the city of Monterrey and facing its landmark mountain, Cerro de la Silla.
1962 2 Jan - David George Carey is born at Hospital Muguerza in Monterrey. You can see him here a few months later, in front of our house, with Cerro de la Silla in the background. During our Monterrey stay, Chuck does a weekly one-hour jazz program on XEJM, and Jeanette is a volunteer English teacher at the Biblioteca Benjamin Franklin, an affiliate of the U. S. Information Agency.
1963 1 July - Chuck resigns from the Foreign Service. Jeanette and Dave fly home, while Chuck drives home in our 1961 Dodge Lancer. Home for the next two months is the Langtons' house on Loyola Blvd. While we're in Southern California, we attend Bill Carey and Margie Bullock's wedding at St. Athanasius Episcopal Church in Los Angeles. Chuck is recalled to active duty and drives to Norfolk, VA, in August to report to the Pre Commissioning Detail of USS Annapolis (AGMR-1). He picks out a house for us in Virginia Beach which is still under construction. Jeanette and Dave fly East a few weeks later and we move into our new home at 5820 Susquehanna just in time for the birth of Paul Edward Carey 9 Oct at Norfolk General Hospital. That's our Virginia Beach home behind Jeanette and Paul.
1964 7 Mar - USS Annapolis is commissioned at Brooklyn Naval Shipyard and Chuck, as Navigator, sets the first watch. Annapolis visits Guantánamo Bay in July, then makes a European cruise in the Fall. Jeanette and the boys fly home for several weeks during the summer, and attend John Carey and Cathy Allen's wedding.
1965 Annapolis is transferred to the Pacific Fleet and makes the voyage to Southeast Asia via the Suez Canal. We decide to rent out the house in Virginia Beach and Jeanette flies home to California with Dave and Paul. Dad Carey drives our new 1965 Plymouth Valiant home to California for us. Jeanette and the boys stay in an apartment in El Segundo while waiting for Chuck to return from Viet Nam. 24 Sep, Alice Katherine Carey joins us at South Bay Hospital in Redondo Beach. Chuck receives orders transferring him to USS Winston (AKA-94) and flies home to report to his new ship in San Diego. We find a house to rent, on the hilltop at 4960 Sky Street, in San Diego, and move in on New Year's Eve. Here's Alice on the floor of her new home.
1966 Winston makes a lengthy deployment to WestPac, hauling thousands of tons of cargo between Okinawa and Viet Nam. During a repair stop in Yokosuka, Japan, Chuck gets to visit his cousin, Jon Walker, who is a dentist at the U. S. Navy base there.
1967 Another cruise to scenic spots in the Far East. Dave starts to school at Bay Park Elementary.
1968 Chuck leaves the Navy and starts work for Univac in May. In June we buy a house and move in at 2671 Greyling Drive, near San Diego Stadium. Chuck goes to Pennsylvania for 16 weeks training so he can learn everything there is to know about computers before going to work at Univac's San Diego branch. Dave transfers to John Paul Jones School and is joined by Paul and, in 1970, Alice.
1969 We attend the first-ever major league baseball game in San Diego after the National League awards the Padres an expansion franchise.
1972 Univac transfers Chuck to its headquarters at Blue Bell, PA, to do software development work. Chuck drives East in the 1964 Dodge Dart which Dad Carey gave him. We sell our San Diego home and Chuck flies back to San Diego so we can all drive to PA together in our 1968 Dodge. We arrive 18 Oct, driving through snow all the way from Springfield, OH, to Ambler, PA, on the final day of our trip. Our ten year old remembers "I think that was the first time I had ever seen snow falling! It also seems like it was more than a one-day drive, but that's just the perspective of a hyperactive kid sitting in the backseat of a car." We buy a house at 325 Britt Road, in Upper Gwynedd township. Aunt Pat and Uncle Fay Plumb, who live in Blue Bell, very graciously open their doors to us while we're in between homes. The children enter Gwyn-Nor Elementary School.
1974 Dave enters Pennbrook Junior High, where he is followed by Paul a year later.
1975 Unisys transfers Chuck to its Los Angeles branch to work on a big new 1100 system which it had just installed at the Los Angeles county building in Downey. Chuck drives West in November in the 1964 Dodge with our dog, Topsy, to begin work. We sell our home in PA, Chuck flies East the day after Christmas, then we all drive West in the other Dodge.
1976 Arriving right after Dave's 14th birthday, we move into our home in Anaheim, where we've been living ever since. The boys enter Crescent Junior High and Alice goes to Albert Schweitzer Elementary.
1977 Dave graduates from Crescent and starts at Savanna High School. Alice goes from Schweitzer to Crescent. Chuck says goodbye to Univac and goes to work at WTC Inc.
1978 Paul follows Dave to Savanna.
1979 April Fool's Day, Chuck begins several years of free-lance computer consulting. Crescent closes, so Alice has to go to Dale Junior High for the 9th grade. Jeanette starts working as an instructional aide at Twila Reid Elementary School.
1980 Dave graduates from Savanna and enrolls in Cypress College. Alice graduates from Dale and enters Savanna. During the '80s, Dave and Paul pursue careers as rock'n'roll stars, Dave as a guitarist with Black Sunrise, Anxietea, Tomfoolery, Love and Terror and Cone of Silence, and Paul as singer with The Untold Fables and The Witch Doctors. Alice plays clarinet in the Savanna HS marching band, appearing several times before thousands of people at Anaheim Stadium. Also in the band is flautist Lauralyn Cook, who becomes Alice's best friend and who has been a part of our family ever since.
1981 Paul graduates from Savanna and also goes on to Cypress College, where he spends the next three years while changing his major from Art to English. Chuck begins three years on the air at KLON Long Beach.
1982 Dave goes to work at Martin Luther Hospital in Anaheim, at first in the kitchen and later in the data transcription department.
1983 Alice graduates from Savanna and enrolls in Chapman College, now known as Chapman University, as a U.S. History major. She lives on campus during her freshman year.
1984 24 Nov - Dave marries Allison Vechil in Las Vegas. Over the next four years, they move from Cris to Fann to our back room to Ridgeway.
Paul transfers to Cal State Fullerton.
1985 1 Jul - Our first grandchild, Cayla Marie Carey, is born to Dave and Allison at Martin Luther Hospital.
1986 Chuck gets a "real job" at California Federal Bank, where he had worked earlier as a consultant.
1987 Alice and Paul both graduate from college within a few days of each other. Alice goes to work in accounting in the Cal State Fullerton student store and Paul as a quality control supervisor at Pacific Volt Publishing.
30 Oct - Our second grandchild, Sarah Ann Carey, is born at Martin Luther Hospital.
1989 Dave and Allison separate and are divorced. Dave shares custody of the girls, so we get to see them a lot.
1991 Alice's best friend and our "honorary daughter", Lauralyn Cook, graduates from vet school at UC Davis and invites Alice to join her in moving to San Diego county. They move several times over the next few years. Lauralyn practices her profession at several veterinary clinics and Alice works at the San Diego Transit Authority.
1993 24 Apr - Dave and Allison are remarried in Bakersfield, with Cayla and Sarah serving as bridesmaids.
In November, Chuck quits his job at CalFed.
1994 27 Jun - Chuck begins his last job as a "temporary" computer consultant at L.A. County in Downey, where he worked 18 years ago for Univac. What goes around comes around!
1996 After several moves, Dave and Allison buy a home of their own in Midway City, about six miles from us.
1997 Chuck retires two months before his 60th birthday, after working exactly three years at L.A. County.
1998 7 Mar - Paul marries Marci Reddick at our church.
10 May - Alice marries Gwyn Davies in Las Vegas. Soon afterwards, Alice and Gwyn buy a house in the hills of San Marcos, CA.
We finally attend our first World Series game, watching the Yankees defeat the Padres, 5-4, in the third game of a four game sweep.
1999 Paul and Marci buy a house in the hills of Orange, CA.
2000 Sarah Ann goes on the road with the Pump Girls and logs as many air travel miles in one year as the rest of us usually do in a decade. After becoming an MCSE, Dave goes to work in customer support at NCS Pearson in Lake Forest, then later at Sage Software in Irvine.
23 May - Marci gives birth to our third grandchild, Cole Walker Carey, at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange. Marci and Paul were thinking of a great singer when they named Cole.
7 Jan - Lauralyn marries Neil Roberts in a beautiful outdoor ceremony at the old Richland schoolhouse, around the corner from Alice and Gwyn's home.
15 Jun - Jeanette retires from Twila Reid School.
29 Oct - Our first "honorary grandson", Andrew Christopher Roberts, is born to Lauralyn and Neil at Tri-Cities Hospital, Oceanside, CA.
2002 12 Oct - Paul decides to become a teacher and works his first day as a substitute in the Anaheim Unified School District at his alma mater, Savanna High. He returns to school at CSUF to pursue studies toward a teaching credential.
2005 28 Mar - Our second "honorary grandson", Aaron Nicholas Roberts, is born at Tri-Cities Hospital, Oceanside.
2006 26 Jun - Marci gives birth to our fourth grandchild, Cash Vincent Carey, at St. Joseph Hospital in Orange. Marci and Paul were thinking of another great singer when they named Cash.
15 Sep - Paul receives his teaching credential and accepts a permanent position with the Anaheim Union High School District, teaching English at Savanna High. The following year, he moves on to the Compton Unified district, where he has been teaching at the high school and middle school levels ever since.
2008 Dave and Allison are divorced.
2009 30 Sep - We lose sister Margie Carey, who has been a part of our family for 46 years, to cancer.
2012 1 Apr - Dave marries Constance Patterson in the beautiful koi gardens at Cal State Long Beach, and a new granddaughter, Castine Friberg, joins our family. During the summer of 2012, Castine travels to Europe, and sends us this photo which was taken of her in Rome.
2014 13 Sep - In a beautiful outdoor ceremony in Camarillo, CA, brother Bill marries Rose Mary Paredes. ¡Bienvenida a nuestra familia, Rosita!
22 Oct - Cayla gives birth to our first great-grandchild, Star Harlow Stuart, at UCI Hospital in Orange.
2015 4 Jul - Cayla marries James Stuart in Las Vegas.
2016 16 Aug - Our second great-grandchild, Landon Patrick Mansfield, is born to Sarah and her fiancé, Paige Mansfield, at St. Jude Hospital in Fullerton.
2018 3-4 Mar - Almost simultaneously, over the same weekend in March, Dave and Constance move from Midway City to Orange, while Sarah, Paige and Landon move from Anaheim to Fullerton.
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