Allison Carey

Here is an article about our former daughter-in-law which appeard in: The Top 25 Teachers of Orange County 2017, at ParentingOC, 28 Feb 2017:

Allison Carey

North Youth Services Center, Anaheim

As an alternative education teacher, Allison facilitates learning in her classroom by having students take ownership and interest in their learning. Her students are with her for only a short period of time before they transition back to their district school. Allison takes an active role in the Instructional Leadership Corps, Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education, and the National Board Resource Center. Allison equips other teachers with an increased capacity to enrich instruction and assessment practices in the classroom and improve student learning. The impact seen in Allison's class is due to a deliberate focus on having students understand what they are learning, why it is important, and how they can apply it to their life, career, and learning. Allison is having a lasting impact on students who have not had much success in school and are at risk of not graduating. Her training, passion for learning, and dedication is making a difference in the lives of students every day.

We congratulate Allison for being in the midst of a wonderful teaching career! When we told her we had created this page, she said: "Thanks for the message. Don't mind what you do with it at all. My number one comment to everyone is that no teacher succeeds alone! We're all in education together. Thanks for your support, Allison"

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