Who Were George Carey's Children?

When George and Phebe Carey's great-granddaughter, Anna Cora (Enyart) Hunter, wrote a letter to Major Ira Winans in 1911 to tell him what she knew about her ancestors, she listed the following children for George and Phebe:

We don't know whether she listed them in the order in which she thought they were born. She didn't provide birthdates or, except for Sarah, any other information. She just mentions that George and Phebe were "both from New Jersey". (Elsewhere in her letter, she does give a little more information on her grandfather, Benjamin, who is my great-great-grandfather.)

Since starting this Carey Family Album, I've been in touch with a number of George and Phebe's descendants and have been able to learn a great deal about each of the seven children. The following is my best estimate of their birth and death dates. You may click on the name of each one to read about them and their families:

  1. David Carey, born 1790/1791, died 20 Jun 1832.
  2. Thomas Carey, born about 1795, died after 1850.
  3. John Charles Carey, born 17 Jan 1797, died March 1867.
  4. Isaac Carey, born 13 Aug 1799, died 25 Oct 1850.
  5. Benjamin Clark Carey, born 1801, died 10 Mar 1877.
  6. Jacob Carey, no information.
  7. Sarah (Carey) Hudson, born 13 Mar 1805, died 17 May 1863.

It is likely all were born in New Jersey before George and Phebe moved to Ohio.

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