John Charles Carey

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John Charles Carey was one of the sons of my g-g-g-grandparents, George and Phebe (Clark) Carey. Much of the information in this page is based on the research of his descendant Doug Carey.

You're welcome to contact Doug, or me, via our researchers page if you have any questions about this page, or would like to make your own contributions.

Birth. 17 Jan 1797 in Trenton, Mercer county, New Jersey.1

Military Service. Served in War of 1812.1, 2

Marriage. According to the Miami Valley Genealogy Index, John married:

  1. Mary S. Campbell, 14 Jan 1823, in Montgomery county, OH.1 Mary was born 12 Dec 1801 and died 9 Mar 1854.
  2. Frances McKinney (or "Fran" or "Fanny"), 9 Sep 1854, in Shelby county, OH.1 Frances was born about 1811. Is she any relation to the Eliza McKinney who married Joseph T. Carey in 1849?

Residence. This is an outline of known, or speculative, places of residence for John Carey:

Time(s)Place and other information
about 1807John migrated from New Jersey to Miami county, Ohio, with his family.
1820 censusPossibly one of three 16-to-25-year-old males listed with George in Staunton township.
1827 state censusA John Carey is listed in Brown township.
1830 censusThe household of John Carey is listed in Monroe township on the first line of page 68, with a male and a female in the 30-40 age group, and with two boys and a girl under 5. This agrees with the children listed below, although the adult female's age may be off.
Sep 1830Purchased property from Thomas Watkins in Monroe township, Miami county. See deed.
about 1835Moved to Lockport,3 Shelby county, just north of Miami county.
1845-1850Returned to Miami county.
1850 censusJohn, Mary and family were in Concord township.
1860 censusJohn and Frances were in Loramie township, Shelby county, OH. John's birthplace is listed as Pennsylvania! Is the James B. McKinney listed immediately before them any relation to Frances?

Children and descendants. This is a brief summary of John and Mary's children and grandchildren. Watch for updates! All were born and died in Miami county, OH, unless noted otherwise:1

  1. Robert Campbell Carey, born 9 Feb 1825, died 8 Jul 1894 in Madison, Greenwood county, KS. Married:
    1. Mary Wells 18484 in Miami county. Mary was born about 1823 in Ohio. Robert and Mary were enumerated in Monroe township, Miami county, OH, in the 1850 census, along with one child:
      1. Margaret, born Jan 1850.
    2. Mary A. Garriott.5
  2. Jacob Young Carey, born 15 Jan 1827, died 11 Oct 1898 in Darke county, OH. Jacob served in the Union army during the Civil War. Married:
    1. Jane Westfall 1851.4 Jane was born about 1833 in Ohio. Jacob and Jane were enumerated in Concord township, Miami county, OH, in the 1860 census. They had the following children:
      1. Martin Carey. Born about 1853.
      2. William Carey. Born about 1855.
      3. Mary Carey. Born about 1857.
      4. Thomas Carey. Born Feb 1860.
    2. Elizabeth Yount 1874.5
    3. Ellen Westfall 1888.5
  3. Amelia Carey, born 28 Feb 1830, died 3 Nov 1890. Married Mark Blackmore 1852 in Miami county.4 Mark was born about 1828 in Ohio and died about 1898.4 Amelia and Mark were enumerated in Concord township in the 1860 census and had the following children:
    1. Mary Blackmore. Born about 1854.
    2. Olinda Blackmore. Born about 1856.
    3. Francis Blackmore. Born about 1857.
    4. Sarah Blackmore. Born Sep 1859.
  4. Benjamin Franklin Carey, born 2 Feb 1833, died 3 Dec 1913. Married Martha A. Reiber 1867 in Miami county.5
  5. George Stewart Carey, born 10 Mar 1835, in Lockport,3 Shelby county, OH, died 1 Aug 1902. Married Celia Johnson 1866 in Miami county.5
  6. John Carey, born 25 Jul 1837.
  7. Thomas Martin Carey, born 22 Feb 1839 in Lockport,3 died 18 Mar 1917 in Dayton, Montgomery county, OH. Thomas may have been living with Mark and Amelia Blackmore at the time of the 1860 census. Married Catherine Johnson 1867 in Covington, Miami county, OH.5
  8. Mary Jane Carey, born 25 Feb 1842, died 26 Jun 1909. She may be the Jane Carey who is listed with Mark and Amelia in 1860. Married John Brumbaugh 1873 in Miami county.5
  9. Rev. Andrew Jackson Carey, born 12 Aug 1845, in Lockport,3 died 17 Nov 1923 in Warsaw, Kosciusko county, IN. Married Alcesta Staley 1871 in Plymouth, IN.5

Death. March 1867.1, 5

Miscellaneous. John Charles Carey is listed in several places in the MVGI as a Methodist, or Wesleyan, minister.5 This isn't surprising, considering the religious affiliation of many of his siblings, nieces and nephews. I was unable to locate his name in a list of licensed ministers of Miami county, however. Is it coincidental, or not, that a grand-nephew who was born five years after John Charles Carey's death was named Charles John Carey, and also became a minister?

1 This information is from a family group sheet provided by Doug Carey.
2 I could find no John Cary or John Carey listed among the soldiers at the Ohio History Society's War of 1812 site, except for a man from Scioto county who enlisted in Apr 1812. However, the rosters at that site may not be complete, or correctly transcribed.
3 According to Doug Carey, "Lockport, OH, later became Lockington, OH. The Miami-Erie Canal Locks can still be seen there." Lockington is about 10 miles south of Sidney, the county seat.
4 Information taken from the Miami Valley Genealogical Index.
5 "Unpublished records/research of Joseph H. Bosserman, Covington, OH," included in the Miami Valley Genealogical Index. It is possible some of the items for John Carey (or Cary) in the MVGI pertain to another person.
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