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Norman Walker Articles

These are articles by, or about, my great-uncle, Norman Walker, from the early years of the 20th century, most of which deal with the Mexican Revolution. They have been transcribed from various American newspapers in which they appeared.

Norman's son, John William Walker, has been enjoying reading these articles. We hope he'll provide some commentary of his own on his father's life. He told us that his Dad was working on a book called Juarezhell at one time and that his papers may have been in a foot locker which he left in the Hotel Linden in El Paso. They were supposed to have been turned over to the Texas College of Mines/Texas Western College/University of Texas at El Paso. I've contacted the library at UTEP, but they have no knowledge of Norman Walker.

DateTitle or Subject
22 Jun 1916Scene of Battle a Historic Spot
11-12 Jun 1919(two articles about Norman's testimony in the Henry Ford vs Chicago Tribune libel suit)
13 Feb 1920Committee Stops Mexican Hearings (an article about Norman's testimony before a Senate subcommittee investigating "the Mexican situation")
26 Apr 1920U. S. Oil Fields Rich Grapes for Mexican Foxes
28 Apr 1920Revolt in Chihuahua
30 Apr 1920'Watchful Wait' of U. S. Along Border Resumed
02 May 1920"Juarezhell" Once More
04 May 1920Villa a Power in Chihuahua
04 May 1920Chicagoans in Juarez When Town Revolts
05 May 1920Vice Rampant in Juarez
23 May 1920Villa Closes Gates of Parral Mine Companies
24 Sep 1920Mexican State Offers Home to Russian People
16 Feb 1924Concert Tour Lures [de la] Huerta
17 Feb 1924Fall Home, A Broken Man
29 Mar 1924Juarez Hit By Order
09 Apr 1924Many Seeking Customs Post
27 Apr 1924Captive Cured of Stomach Ill
08 Jun 1924El Paso Seeks Lost Eminence
23 Jun 1924El Paso Bees Bootleggers
30 Jun 1924Juarez Jazzes Pace of Hours
24 Aug 1924Mexican Girls Take to Fads
21 Sep 1924Great Mystery Is Solved!
22 Dec 1924Irish to Have a Bully Time
29 Mar 1925Sam Dreben -- "The Fighting Jew"
15 Nov 1925Mexico to Clamp Down Rigid Ban on Border
08 Mar 1929Revolt Ballyhoo Neglected (another article about Norman)
1936Reminiscences of Pancho Villa
1-2 Jul 1952(Norman Walker's obituaries, from three major U. S. newspapers)
unknown(translated excerpt from article in Spanish which mentions Norman, quoting his comments on other journalists)

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