Perry Researchers

I've been in touch with more people researching my Perry clan than any other line. It's been a lot of fun getting acquainted with cousins I didn't even know I had, and we've exchanged a lot of interesting family history information. Some are no longer living, and we've lost touch with others.

I'll list our names below. If I've left you off, or misspelled your name, or you'd rather not be on this list, please let me know. Please visit our researchers index to find e-mail addresses of anybody mentioned here.

Researcher Lineage
Chuck Carey, shown here with the late Virginia Culbert.
Sally > Sam Carey > Dave > Chuck
Virginia Culbert Samuel M. > Arthur > Virginia
Lorna Dillon John L. > Leroy > Ethel > Lorna Dillon
Jerry Hamilton, on the right here with Walter Scott on the left.
Lizzie > Mazie Snyder > Lou Hamilton > Jerry
Jane and Tim Hennessey
David S. > Allie > Ethel Offenbacher > Robert Baker > Jane
Marta McKenzie John L. > Leroy > Richard > Marta
Bill Perry John L. > Leroy > Clyde > Bill
Teri Prickett John L. > Frank > Mildred > ? > Teri
Fran Reed, in a picture taken by Mary Pierotti in front of an ancestor's grave in PA.
John L. > Frank > Frances > Larry Kirkhuff Jr. > Fran
Walter and Nancy Scott
James > Edythe > Walter
Henry Thomas John L. > Minnie > Walter Johnson > Caroline > Henry
J. P. and Suzanne Tongier John L. > Minnie > Effie Johnson > Max Tongier > John Paul
Darby Zettle John L. > Minnie > Walter Johnson > Walter Jr. > Hazel > Darby

Each of us is descended from John Perry (1802-1889) and Mary Ann Smith (1810-1880) via the persons listed from left to right above. I'll mention another researcher who has been very helpful, but doesn't quite fit into the pattern of Perry descendants just listed -- Scott Ferris, who is researching the Johnson family and has extensive information on Frank Johnson's ancestors and descendants.

We've also been in touch with the following Perry researchers:

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