Irvins, Doaks, Logans and McCampbells of Kentucky and Virginia

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About this book. Toward the end of 1915,1 Sarah Margaret (Logan) Morris finished work on what must have been a labor of many years, a 121-page book ("I.D.L.") containing everything she knew about her ancestors who immigrated from Northern Ireland in the 18th century, and about their numerous descendants. My grandmother, Alice (Seward) Walker, obtained a copy of the book and it eventually found its way into my possession.

After I started work on the Carey Family Album, I realized there was a lot of information in I.D.L. which might be of value to others who are descended from the Scots-Irish settlers who migrated through Pennsylvania to the Shenandoah valley, then on to Kentucky and Indiana. I decided to add its pages to the Carey family album web site. This project would have taken an enormous amount of time without the help of a scanner.

The editing process. I.D.L.'s pages were scanned, then converted to web pages of convenient size. The scanning process has an error rate of less than 1%, but it's likely some scan errors still exist, even after proofreading. I've tried to preserve the appearance of each page of Mrs. Morris' book, and have kept her text unchanged. However, I'm aware of some errors and apparent contradictions, including some for which my grandmother pencilled in corrections.

For the most part, my own knowledge of the people or events described in I.D.L. is limited to what I can read in it. In case you question anything you see, please send me e-mail. I'll double check the original text and either correct any errors of transcription, or post your comments or opinions as footnotes.

I'm adding corrections in blue or footnotes wherever I see what I believe are errors, or to provide additional information. Alice Walker's comments are indicated as follows: original text grandma's corrections.

Although I've tried to reproduce Maggie Morris' text exactly as she wrote it, I've done some reformatting in the interest of legibility, breaking down her long paragraphs into shorter ones and indenting her often chaotic lists of family members to clarify generational relationships.

Please use Mrs. Morris' biographical index to locate persons who might be mentioned in I.D.L. There are links from the Carey family album's surname index to I.D.L.'s biographical index, as well as links in the bio-index to take you to relevant pages of our family album.

Charles W. Carey,
November 2003.

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Additional research. As mentioned, we've made a number of minor corrections here and there. We've also heard from several fellow researchers who have contributed significant new information or raised questions about certain parts of I.D.L. You may wish to read:

Available in Print. A "facsimile reprint" of Mrs. Morris' book is now available at a reasonable price from Ancestral Links. I don't have any information on the quality of this publication.

1 I wrote this introductory phrase based on several mentions of 1915 events within Mrs. Morris' book. The copy of the book which I received from my grandmother bore no copyright date, nor any indication of who published it. Much later, I located, via Google, a page resembling a library catalog card at the Hathi Trust Digital Library which included the following information:
Published: [Indianapolis, Printed by C. E. Pauley & co., c1916]
This catalog entry includes several links to other books about the same families, plus a "Full view" link which takes one to a complete, and very legible, photocopy of the book. On page 1 of this reproduction, below its title and author, is printed "Copyright 1916" in a different type face. No such statement appears on page 1 of the book which I transcribed.
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