Carey / Winans / Bush / Plumb Relationship

Compiled by Glen Winans

We had a few good laughs when cousin Glen Winans sent us this chart. What a trip to think we're actually related to two United States presidents! Of course, we know that 8g-grandfather Cornelis Melyn must have thousands, if not millions, of descendants by now, especially via his daughter Susannah, who married John Winans. So the likelihood of one of us who is descended from these early settlers being related to anybody we might run into on the street is rather high.

Just for fun, we'll reproduce here, via the magic of HTML, the chart Glen sent us...

1Cornelis Melyn1 m. Janetje Adriaens
2Susannah Melyn
m. John Winans
Cornelia Melyn
m1 Jacob Loperm2 Jacob Schellinger
3Conrad WinansJohn "II" WinansJohanna LopersAbraham Schellinger
4Jonathan WinansLewis WinansCornelia BeekmanAmy Schellinger
5Samuel WinansBenjamin WinansJames LivingstonAbraham Plumb
6Stephen WinansJohn B. WinansGilbert LivingstonJoseph Plumb
7Hannah WinansBenjamin F. WinansJudith LivingstonRalph Plumb
8David C. CareyJames William WinansCourtland ButlerJoseph H. Plumb
9Samuel Winans CareyGeorge Owen WinansMary ButlerFayette R. Plumb
10David H. CareyGlen Richard WinansFlora SheldonWilliam D. Plumb
11Charles W. CareyEric Paul WinansSen. Prescott Sheldon BushFayette R. Plumb II
12David G. CareyMatthew WinansPres. George H. W. BushMarilyn Plumb
13Cayla Carey Pres. George W. BushClaire Cheney

Glen included his child and grandchild in the chart and we've taken the liberty of adding our own. We hope Dave and Cayla don't mind.

After copying Glen's chart, I remembered that I have yet another connection to Cornelis Melyn. After my aunt Pat married that handsome sailor (I can't believe it's been 60 years!), he showed me his family tree and I discovered I was related to my new uncle Fayette Rumsey Plumb II in more ways than by marriage. As you can see in the chart above, uncle Fay and both Bushes are descended from Cornelis' daughter Cornelia, albeit from different husbands. I've added his line, including his genealogically-inclined daughter Marilyn and her daughter Claire, who is about Cayla's age. Hope you don't mind either, cousins!

1See Winans-Melyn genealogy, as summarized by Paul Gibson Burton and published in the 1936/1937 edition of New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, also see
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