Ben and Lucy's Children

These are Ben and Lucy Ann (Jennings) Inman's children. Their dates and places of birth and death were provided by aunt Inez (Langton) Tennis. We've added some additional information which we've discovered from time to time:

  1. Elnora Julia "Nora" Inman, born 24 Jan 1874, Logan county, IL, died 8 Jun 1950.
    Although Nora is listed as single, rather than divorced or widowed, in each of her census entries, we have a name of her alleged husband, C. J. Christain, in our records, possibly based on information given us by Aunt Inez. Nora was always listed in censuses with her parents, or with her mother, except in 1910, when an Eleanor Inman was enumerated in Denver as a servant in the household of William and Gussie McAlester.
  2. Jeanette's grandmother, Ida Mae Inman, born 8 Apr 1876, in Illinois, died 25 Jun 1943 in Los Angeles.
    Please see her own page for information on her and her family.
  3. Alma Elizabeth Inman, born 30 May 1878, Logan county, IL, died 29 Nov 1965, in San Francisco.
    On 27 Oct 1898, in Arapahoe county, CO, Alma married John Ellsworth Seal, who was born in Wisconsin about 1871. They had one child, Floyd Ellsworth Seal, who was born in Genoa, WI, 31 Mar 1900. We had no information on Alma, other than her birth date, until we came across a scrap of paper among Jeanette's parents' things on which Cecil had jotted down the names of his Inman aunts and uncles. The cryptic notation: "Alma    Seal    son    Floyd" caused us to take a quick look through U. S. census records. We found Alma and John with Floyd in 1910 in Clackamas county, Oregon. By 1920, she was already widowed and living in Portland, OR, with Floyd. She was living alone in Portland in 1930, and in 1940, she was in San Francisco, with her divorced son Floyd, and was working as a fortune teller! Entries in various city directories indicate that she and Floyd moved from Portland to San Francisco between 1931 and 1933.
  4. Mary Adelaide "Addie" Inman, born 17 Jul 1882, Logan county, IL, died 10 Mar 1904 (or 10 Mar 1901). We can find no record of her in the 1900 census.
  5. Charles William Inman, born 11 Aug 1884, Hubbard, Hubbard county, MN, died 12 Dec 1960 in Los Angeles.
    About 1911, Charles married Julia (_____) Jacobs, who was born in Kansas about 1884, and they moved to Los Angeles, where they were enumerated in the 1930 census on Van Ness Avenue. Besides their son Clarence, Julia's two children by an earlier marriage, Frank and Josephine Jacobs, were also living with them and are listed as Charles' children. By 1940, they had bought a house two miles away on 7th Avenue which was only a half mile from the Haas Avenue home of Charlie's nephew Cecil Langton's family.
  6. Theta Viola Inman, born 26 Jan 1897, Colorado Springs, El Paso county, CO, died 19 Jul 1958.
    About 1922, Theta married Willard Harold Brandt, who was born in Ohio 16 May 1896 and was the son of Harry S. and Christina Brandt. Theta and Willard were counted twice in the 1930 census, first in an apartment house on Pennsylvania Street, then five days later and four miles away, with Willard's widowed father and sister on Vine Street. Willard died 26 May 1937 and is buried in Fairmount cemetery in Denver. His tombstone is pictured at Find A Grave, and indicates that he was a Fireman 1/C in the U. S. Navy. After Willard's death, Theta moved in with her mother and was counted with her and Nora in the 1940 census.

The birthdates listed above all agree within a year of what is given in various censuses. Charlie's birth is confirmed by a news item in the 15 Aug 1884 Park Rapids (MN) Enterprise. Mary Adelaide was listed in the 1885 census as "Adie" and in the 1895 census as "Addie".

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