Theodore Edwin Winans

Theodore Edwin Winans (1-7-7-6-1-1) was the father of Major Ira Winans (1-7-7-6-1-1-3), the researcher whose information appears throughout these Carey Family Album pages. Ira corresponded with hundreds of his cousins, trying to acquire information for a magnum opus which he never completed. He often sent out a Sample Sheet showing how he wanted to see their information presented. The sheet contained information on Ira's own father and mother, and their family. It also included many handwritten corrections, no doubt reflecting facts of which Ira became aware after printing the original. I have transcribed one of these sheets, because I find it interesting to see how Ira presented information on his own family. I hope I've been able to copy correctly all the handwritten information, which wasn't completely legible. (See the sample sheet.)

Sample Sheet of Family Record


(1) THEODORE EDWIN WINANS, b. Jan. 20th, 1809, at North Germantown, Columbia Co., N. Y. (?) (moved with his parents to Chili, Monroe Co., N. Y., in 1816) d. May 3d, 1883, at Avon, N. Y., and bur. there; m'd June 23d, 1835, at Chili, CYNTHIA CATHERINE ROOT of Chili, b. Oct. 13th, 1816, at Chili, d. Oct. 24th, 1890, at 99 Adams St., Rochester, N. Y., and bur. at Avon, 1st dau. and 1st child of EDWIN SHELDON and CATHERINE Cynthia (Ensign) ROOT of Chili.

Occupations: School teacher, gen. store merchant, farmer, merchant miller (grain and saw mills), r. r. contractor, commission merchant, McKean Co., Pa. coal land promoter, postmaster, flour and feed merchant; in the fifties tried to invent perpetual motion.

Residences: 1809-16 North Germantown (?); 1816-41 Chili; 1842-3 Geneseo as superintendent of the Wadsworths' home-farm; 1844-5 Avon; 1845-7 So. Rush; 1847-59 West Rush (mills); 1860-85, Avon, N. Y.

They lived and died in hope of a blessed immortality.

He stood 6 feet natural and weighed from 225 to 250 Ibs.; was of noticeable physique, courageous, energetic, intelligent and of strong will, and would have made an excellent general.

The extension of the Genesee Valley Canal was largely the result of his efforts. He was always deeply interested in education, politics, religion and transportation, and helped in the promotion of them in his section. He gave all of his children as good an education as they desired.

Their Children:

(1) ALLEN7 WINANS, b. July 8th, 1836, at Chili, d. Aug. 9th, 1887, at Conneaut, O., and buried there. Unmarried.

(2) JULIA7 WINANS b. Apr. 24, 1838, at Chili, d. Feb. 9th, 1862, at Avon, and buried there. Unmarried. Died of blood poisoning from a black spider's bite.

(3) IRA7 WINANS b. Dec. 26th, 1839, at Chili, in Civil War from May 30th, 1861, to Sept. 11th, 1865, as Private, 2d and 1st Lieut. and Captain of 99th N. Y. Vol. Inf. and Major of 26th U. S. C. T. Infantry, resides in Rochester, N. Y. Wife died 1897. Firstborn son d. young. 2 sons & 1 dau. m. with 5 ch'n. 2 daus unmarried.

(4) EDWIN7 WINANS b. Nov. 30th, 1841, at Chili, was Private of Co. G. 136 N. Y. Vol. Infantry, in the Civil War, and d. Dec. 11th, 1863, of pneumonia, contracted on the march from Chattanooga to Knoxville, Tenn., to relieve General Burnside, besieged at the latter place; bur. at Athens, Tenn. Unmarried.

(5) MARY7 WINANS b. Oct. 9th, 1843, at Geneseo, resides at Washington, D. C. Southern Pines, N. C.

(6) LEWIS7 WINANS b. Nov. 18th, 1845, at So. Rush, was Private of Co. C., 4th N. Y. V. H. Art., in the Civil War, was taken prisoner at the battle of the Welden R. R., Ream's Station, Va., Aug. 25th, 1864, and incarcerated in Libby, Belle Isle, Pemberton and Salisbury prisons till the Spring of 1865, when he arrived at home so emaciated that he fell exhausted on its threshold. He resides in Denver, Col. 1st wife deceased. 2d wife with him. Ron M. & they have 1 dau.

(7) HENRY7 WINANS b. Sept. 25th, 1847, at So. Rush, lives at [???] Wife & 6 ch'n – 5 m'd & have ch'n. Resides in or near Rochester, N. Y.

(8) HOMER7 WINANS b. Aug. 31st, 1849, at West Rush, d Nov. 13th 1898, in New York and buried at Avon. Unmarried.

(9) EMILY7 WINANS b. Mar. 26th, 1852, at West Rush, resides in Washington, D. C. (Mrs. Franklin H. Hough). Died June 26, 1911 in Washington, D.C. and buried there. Hus. & 2 dau's – 1 m'd live in Washington, D. C.

(10) ANNA7 WINANS b. July 2d, 1854, at West Rush, a trained nurse, a graduate of the Homeopathic Hospital, of Rochester, N. Y., is practising her profession in Washington, D. C. Unmarried. Retired in 1914. P. O. Rochester, N. Y.

(11) JOHN7 WINANS b. June 19th, 1857, at West Rush, N. Y., d. July 16, 1897, in Chicago, Ill., and bur. there. Widow, son & 2 dau's m'd, but without living children.

Please follow this order, as near as possible, in giving your family record.

Please return this sample sheet when you send your record, for further use, unless you very much desire to retain it.

Thank you, cousin Dave Winans, for sharing this sheet with us.

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