Amish ancestors – the Kauffman family

In this page, I will trace one of my Amish Mennonite lines, from an ancestor's arrival in the New World, down to the merging of his line with that of other ancestors. I will list the siblings of each of my direct ancestors, as an aid to fellow researchers.

First generation

Isaac Kauffman (KF)1 was my 6g-grandfather. The Kauffman surname, with various spellings, has a prominent place in the history of the Amish Mennonite faith in America. Isaac was born 11 Jan 1685 in Homberg, Bern canton, Switzerland, the son of Isaac and Elsbeth (Mergerdt) Kauffman. He was on a ship's list dated 24 Sep 1737. His wife was Anna Streit. They had the following children:

  1. John Kauffman (KF1), born 15 Sep 1710 in Bern canton.
  2. Barbara Kauffman (KF2), born 1 Apr 1714 in Bern canton.
  3. Isaac Kauffman (KF3),2 born 29 May 1718 in Vaud canton, Switzerland, died 1802 in Berks county, PA.
  4. Stephen Kauffman (KF4),2 my 5g-grandfather, born about 1725 in Europe, died 1800 in Berks county.
  5. Christian Kauffman (KF5),2 born about 1728 in Europe, died 23 Feb 1764 in Berks county.
  6. Jacob Kauffman (KF6),3 born about 1730 in Europe, died 1787 in Berks county.

There is a great deal of information on Isaac Kauffman's Swiss ancestors at the Missouri Mule's site. Please visit that site for further information on our Kauffman line.

Second generation

Stephen Kauffman (KF4), my 5g-grandfather, married a woman named Barbara, who was born in Europe in 1725. Her last name is believed to be Yoder, and AAMG assigns her the number YR21. She and Stephen had the following children, all born in Berks county, PA:

  1. John Kauffman (KF41), born about 1747.
  2. Mary Kauffman (KF42), born about 1749.
  3. Jacob Kauffman (KF43), my 4g-grandfather, born 14 July 1751, died 15 July 1844 in Somerset county, PA.
  4. Isaac Kauffman (KF44), born about 1753, died 1831 in Berks county.
  5. Veronica Kauffman (KF45), born about 1755.
  6. Anna Kauffman (KF46), born about 1757, died ? in Somerset county.
  7. Barbara Kauffman (KF47), born about 1759, died in Mifflin county.
  8. Christian Kauffman (KF48), born about 1761, died by 1831 in Somerset county.
  9. Stephen Kauffman (KF49), born about 1763, died 1850 in Lancaster county, PA.

Third generation

Jacob Kauffman (KF43), my 4g-grandfather, was married first to Veronica "Fanny" Miller (ML41), who died 4 Dec 1803 in Berks county. Jacob's first 4 children were born in Berks county, and the rest in Somerset county. Jacob and Veronica had the following children:

  1. Christina Kauffman (KF431), my 3g-grandmother, born 15 Feb 1783, died 26 Mar 1871 in Mifflin county.
  2. Magdalena Kauffman (KF432).

Jacob's second wife was Catherine Miller, who was born 14 July 1773 in Pennsylvania and died 14 May 1855 in Somerset county, PA. Jacob and Catherine had the following children:

  1. Catherine Kauffman (KF433), born about 1805, died ? in Cambria county, PA.
  2. Isaac Kauffman (KF434), born 30 Nov 1806, died 17 Oct 1886 in Somerset county, where his younger siblings also died.
  3. Sem Kauffman (KF435), born 15 June 1808, died 8 Jan 1896.
  4. Barbara Kauffman (KF436), born 10 Nov 1809, died 14 Dec 1878.
  5. Susanna Kauffman (KF437), born 11 Sep 1811, died 9 Mar 1875.
  6. Sarah Kauffman (KF438), born 4 May 1813, died 6 Jul 1872.
  7. Jacob Kauffman (KF439), born 10 Dec 1815, died 29 May 1896.

Fourth generation

Christina Kauffman (KF431), my 3g-grandmother, married Jacob Hertzler (HZ111). Please see our Hertzler page for their descendants.

1 Information on names and dates of children and spouses is based on information handed down within my family, mostly via cousin Margie (Bowers) Calkins, and also on Gingerich & Kreider's Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies (AAMG). AAMG is also the source of codes beginning with KF, YR, etc., which identify various individuals. My copy of AAMG is the original 1986 edition. There have been more recent reprints. If you have one of these later editions, please inform me if you detect any differences between what you see here and what you see in your copy of AAMG.
2 According to AAMG, "belief that Isaac, Stephen and Christian were brothers is based on their ownership of adjacent tracts in (now) Tilden township, Berks county, on Irish Creek. A nearby tract was warranted to Jacob Kauffman 10/29/1765 patented by Isaac Kauffman 6/13/1773."
3 Also according to AAMG, "that Jacob Kauffman who died in 1785 in Caernarvon township, Berks county, belongs in this family is indicated by a notation in the family Bible of his son-in-law Peter Blank that 'mein Vetter' (my male relation) Christian Kauffman d 2/23/1784. Will KF5: Bern township, Berks county, 2/18/1764."
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