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Gilgal Cemetery

Many of my Helton, Woolery and Todd ancestors settled in Pleasant Run township, in Lawrence county, Indiana, in the early years of the 19th century. They founded a town there named Heltonville and many of them were buried in the nearby Gilgal cemetery. This article appeared in the 1 Apr 1933 edition of the Bedford Daily Times, Bedford, Indiana, and was transcribed by Treva E. Peckham, Lawrence County InGenWeb Coordinator. I've reproduced it in its entirety here, even though it mentions quite a few people other than our own Helton ancestors who are buried there.

Lying south of the Gilgal church on the northeast slope of the hill is the Gilgal graveyard, said to be the third largest cemetery in Lawrence county. In this plat are twenty-two wonderful cedar trees bearing evidence of having been planted there many years ago.

Seeing how many of the old graves are marked brings home forcibly to one that it was not possible in the olden times to have monuments properly inscribed to mark the last resting places of beloved ones. We find pitiful efforts to mark them, head and footstones of flat reddish rectangular stones that very probably had been plucked out of or along the creek and placed there to mark those graves. We found crude attempts to cut or chop cut two circular stones resembling balls on stems. There were faint tracings now almost obliterated.

An immense native stone slat, in the old time casket shape over 8 feet long covers the grave of Adam Helton.1 The head and foot stones are inserted in this large stone. On the headstone is "Adam Helton. Born May 17, 1789. Died September 27, 1843." The children of Adam Helton had evidently in later years placed a family tombstone, cone shaped. Beneath the carved hands at the top is inscribed "OUR FATHER AND MOTHER." Beneath is the verse:

"Dear Parents You Have Left Us
And thy loss we deeply feel,
But 'tis God that has bereft us
He can all our sorrows heal."

Near by is a vault above ground made of rough native stone mortared together, the top a huge old coffin shaped slab. Almost the whole top had been crudely cut with a pocket knife, not legible with the exception of the inscription "Sacred to the Memory of Milley Helton, Consort of Pleasant Helton2 Died April 22, 1842". That she was appreciated we know for we found dim lettering of "work well done" and "left behind to weep."

One of the largest pine trees was probably a tiny sapling when planted between the graves of George Brock and his wife. Now the roots form a blanket over the two graves.

On the tombstone of the grave of Martha, wife of Simon Caress, born May 22, 1799, is a hand with the forefinger pointing toward "Going Home." Beneath are the words "Took her change May 12, 1853."

P. M. Helton2 born December 24, 1814 died at the age of 83 and he lies between his two wives, his first love Milley died April 29, 1842, aged 19 years, 1 month, 19 days. Rebecca, whom he married later departed this life April 25, 1878.

There is a large stone which bears the inscription "In Memory of Erie Gregory, Co. B, 18th. Regt. Ind. Vol. born April 1, 1844, died in hospital in St. Louis 1861. Just a lad of 17 who gave his life for his country.

A stone with a carved weeping willow marks the grave of Susannah, wife of William McDaniel, Died November 5, 1852.

Sarah Starr, wife of A. Starr, born December 15, 1796, died August 16, 1862, grave is marked with one of the most ornate stones open book on stand beneath wonderful draperies held back by tassels, in fine carving.

Alexander Ramsey born in Irel [Iredell?] co. in old North Carolina, January 22, 1809, and died February 14, 1908 aged 99 years, lies buried here by the side of his wife Malinda, who died September 28, 1876, aged 55 years.

Among the prominent pioneers who lie buried here, are Joseph and Thomas Palmer the former the grandfather of Robert N. Palmer, oldest barrister of Lawrence county.

We found familiar family names of Browning,3 Todd,3 P. Norman and his wife Nancy, John Helton,4 Lively, Gyger, Hawkins.3

The most unique and handsomest stone in the cemetery is a stone tree trunk, standing at least twelve feet high, the top of the tree has been blown off with a piece of the splintered timber overhanging, a broken limb hangs down the side, on a snag halfway up is a woven basket bordered with roses. In front at the foot is a large pot of lillies and ferns. From the pot springs a vine entwining the tree trunk bearing leaves and flowers from top to bottom. Around the grave are realistic boughs of trees carved in stone. This marks the grave of Isis the young wife of H. M. Ragsdale, who was born May 7, 1867 and passed away May 26, 1892.

There is only one thing needed to make this cemetery one of the loveliest in the county and that is a gravel road entrance, and we feel that this is an improvement that will be made for the people who have loved ones buried there are taking a personal pride in this city of the dead.

Treva has sent us several lists of people buried in Gilgal cemetery who are possibly related to us. We see a lot of familiar names in the list, plus a lot of names that are new to us. We hope these lists will be helpful to anybody who shares our Lawrence county heritage. Treva has embellished the list of Todds which follows the other surnames with some additional information from various sources. I haven't made any effort to add these names to my surname indices.

The lists below are taken directly from Treva's e-mail. You may have to scroll to the right to see some of the longer lines.

GREGORY, Sarah Woolery 25 March 1809 - 3 Dec 1864
GREGORY, Dangerfield 2 Aug 1802 - 24 Sep 1846
GREGORY, Infant died 17 Nov 1838 d/o Dangerfield & Sarah
GREGORY, Elizabeth Woolery 4 JUl 1821 - 8 Nov 1848 w/o Erie
GREGORY, Erie 15 Sep 1814 - 1 Mar 1847

Helton, Adam C. 16 MAY 1789 - 21 SEP 1843 s/o Arnold
Helton, Dr. Alfred 1850 - 6 AUG 1913 Married 25 SEP 1873
Helton, Arnold c1764 - 6 Sep 1829 65 years
Helton, Clyde 31 MAR 1887 - 10 JAN 1901 s/o Pleasant & Frances
Helton, Elizabeth 1 MAR 1949 d/o John & Nancy 12 years
Helton, Eva Bennett 24 JUN 1855 - 12 OCT 1887 w/o Jos T married 18 OCT 1877
Helton, Frances Minerva Donica "Fannie" 8 Apr 1862 - 26 OCT 1951 w/o Pleasant P
Helton, Isabelle Brewer "Sabel" 28 FEB 1860 - 5 Dec 1929 w/o Jos T Married 13 Feb 1889
Helton, John Died 14 Apr 1841 60 years
Helton, John Died 11 Jun 1841 6 months 11 days
Helton, John 5 feb 1897 - 1 Jul 1897
Helton, Joseph Absalem 3 Dec 1851 - 6 Feb 1927 Married 31 Mar 1876
Helton, Joseph T. 10 Jan 1856 - 14 Nov 1910 s/o Pleasant & Rebecca
Helton, Julia Ann Easton 3 May 1857 - 1926 w/o Alfred
Helton, Lydia Catherine Brewer 20 Jun 1858 - 18 Mar 1927 w/o Joseph A
Helton, Martha J. 10 Feb 1849 - 25 Jul 1850 d/o John S & Martha J
Helton, Milly Julian died 22 Apr 1842 w/o P M 19 years 4 months 19 days
Helton, Pleasant M. 24 Dec 1814 - 3 Dec 1897 married 3 May 1849
Helton, Pleasant P. 5 Jul 1858 - 23 Nov 1912 married 15 Nov 1883
Helton, Polly Stearnes 3 Jan 1795 - 11 Aug 1888 w/o Adam C
Helton, Rebecca Hannah Cain 30 Jan 1818 - 25 Apr 1878 m1 Alfred Cain m2 Pleasant M
Helton, Samantha J. 10 Feb 1849 - 25 Jul 1850 d/o John S & Martha J
Helton, Sarah Died 29 Oct 1827 w/o Arnold 59 years
Helton, Verna 31 Jan 1901 - 19 Dec 1933

HENDERSON, Jane Woolery 29 Jul 1843 - 11 Nov 1903 w/o Hickman
HENDERSON, Hickman 5 Jun 1843 - 1 Apr 1916 s/o Jerry & Nancy Henderson
HENDERSON, Andrew 21 Sep 1863 - 11 Jun 1940 s/o Hickman & Jane
HENDERSON, Aldria 14 May 1893 - 30 Aug 1909 s/o Andrew & Nancy
HENDERSON, Infant died 29 Nov 1903 d/o Andrew
HENDERSON, Nancy E "Nannie" 24 Jan 1873 - 27 Nov 1920 d/o Hickman & Jane
HENDERSON, Nancy Jane Allen 25 Jun 1869 - 24 Apr 1951 w/o Andrew

WOOLERY ERIE [Eric?] 15 SEP 1814 1 MAR 1847 
WOOLERY JACOB SR.  27 FEB 1786  80Y9M13D
WOOLERY JACOB JR.  23 MAR 1833 18 JAN 1859 M14 SEP 1856 (Jacob's wife probably remarried)
WOOLERY JOHN  15 OCT 1829 29 NOV 1829 
WOOLERY JONATHAN  1812 8 APR 1887 CO I 134 INF 74Y10M18D
WOOLERY MAGGIE  3 JUN 1882 2 JUL 1904 
WOOLERY MICHAEL  20 JAN 1781 3 DEC 1823 
WOOLERY PHEBE  1 SEP 1827 5 JAN 1829 
WOOLERY SARAH  25 MAR 1809 3 DEC 1864 

[Some daughters, and other descendants, of WOOLERYs:]
Sally Ann [Woolery] Ray Aug 24, 1823 - Feb 23, 1856 Gilgal Cemetery (She died about 6 days after the birth of Squire Ray Jr)
Squire Ray Aug 19, 1819 - Feb 29, 1856 Gilgal Cemetery 
Emily [Woolery] Mize Jan 16, 1814 - Dec 1, 1845 Gilgal Cemetery
Margaret [Woolery] Hudson Sep 8, 1825 - May 15, 1886 Pleasant Run Cemetery
George W. Hudson Aug 15, 1820 - July 31, 1897 Pleasant Run Cemetery
Lavina [Woolery] Stafford Jan 1, 1820 - Jul 30, 1888 Pleasant Run Cemetery
Nancy [Woolery] Dunlavy died July 25, 1886 Leatherwood Cemetery (?Question this death date?)
John V Dunlavy July 15, 1804 - Jul 25, 1886 Leatherwood Cemetery (?Question this death date?)

The following list of TODDs are from several different sources including
the Alphabetical Index of people buried in Lawrence County Cemeteries
Jan 2001 Edition Karen Baldwin, Ralph Todd's Gilgal Cemetery Book, WPA,
Jay Wilson, James Goff Marriages.

Todd, Adam Arwine "Wine" s/o Thomas and Sallie [Helton] Todd.
b 19 Jul 1834, d 28 Jun 1905, Adam m 16 Feb 1854 Nancy A Virt.
Adam married 2nd Belinda Matthew Mar 4, 1886 LCI (G222) 

Todd, Alva S b 4 Sep 1895, d 4 Dec 1896.

Todd, Amanda E [Siscoe] wife of George F Todd.
d 23 Aug 1883, age 33 Ys 6 Ms 16 Ds.
m 29 Mar 1864 (George s/o John Todd; he is bur Elnora Ind). 

Todd, Aimee Darlene infant d/o Gerald and Mary Ann [Stigall] Todd. 22 Dec 1971. 

Todd, Andrew D s/o Jonathan and Jane [Dodds]
b 21 Apr 1834, d 19 Sep 1874, age 40 Ys 4 Ms 28 Ds.
m 19 Jun 1856 Henrietta Lucas.

Todd, Barbara Jean b 24 Apr 1931 d Mar 3, 1931.
d/o Thomas & Lois

Todd, Bessie H b & d 1912

Todd, Bettie b 18 Nov 1837, d 29 Oct 1910.
"In My Father's House Are Many Mansions"

Todd, Betty Ruth [Blackwell] b. Dec 22, 1928 w/o Cletis

Todd, Carl b. Dec 4 1912 d. Jan 28, 1995

Todd, Charles C. b. Oct 15, 1897 d. May 1, 1898

Todd, Charles Francis  b 1882, d 1967. m Lula E Martin May 13, 1902 LCI (L089)
s/o James N and Ruth J [Henderson] Todd.
Lula d/o William & Kelta (Henderson) Martin

Todd, Charlotte [Hawkins] wife/o T Todd. ossw Thomas Todd. 
b 3 Jun 1858, d 27 Oct 1902.
m 1 Jun 1879 Thomas Todd son/o Thomas and Sallie [Helton] Todd.

Todd, Cletis Hanford b. Nov 4, 1922 d. Mar 2 1972 m 6 Jun 1926

Todd, Cletis Opal b Nov 3, 1924 d. Nov 21, 1990 m 25 Oct 1947

Todd, Claudy C b Oct 15, 1897, d May 1, 1898.

Todd, Cora Alice [Kinser] b 13 Dec 1882, d 29 May 1935. ossw W/o James Elmer Todd.

Todd, Della [Smith] b. Mar 5, 1892 d. Mar 6, 1985 w/o John S

Todd, Derotha Ora [Clark] b. 3 May 1871 d. 29 Jan 1952 w/o Wm M ossw William M Todd.
d/o  [Tincher] Clark.

Todd, Dean Herschel b 23 Apr 1942, d 5 Nov 1949. ossw Kaye L

Todd, Dessie dau/o William A and Leona Todd. 
b 2 Mar 1906, d 1 Oct 1906.

Todd, Donald Edward b. Feb 9, 1929 d. May 19, 1994 m14 Aug 1948

Todd, Dora P [Clark] b 1873, d Jun 12, 1958. ossw J Perry Todd.
d/o Andrew and Mary A [Kinser] Clark.

Todd, Easter [Dayton] b c1800, d c1841.
d/o Joseph and Malinda [Browning] Dayton, Easter m 1818 THomas Todd
Note: It's only a guess that she's bur at Gilgal.

Todd, Elijah son/o John and Elizabeth [Hays] Todd. ossw Mary A Todd. 
b 9 Dec 1839, d 8 Feb 1892, Elijah m 22 Apr 1860 Mary A Siscoe.

Todd, Eliza A [Ramsey] wife/o David Todd 
b 5 Mar 1835, d 18 May 1903.
m 27 Mar 1852 David Todd s/o John Todd.
Note: David moved to Illinois, was killed by a train. 

Todd, Elizabeth [Hays] b 1800*, d 25 Oct 1905.
dau/o Charles and Polly [Cope] Hays from Surry Co NC.
div 1875 from John Todd (he m/2 Emarine Wilkinson, is buried Todd Cemetery Polk Twp,
Monroe Co IN).
*Early census reports indicate Betsy was actually b c1813.

Todd, Emebet son/o T and C Todd. b 4 Dec 1892, d 11 Apr 1893. TWIN
s/o Thomas and Charlotte [Hawkins] Todd.

Todd, Ervan A b 29 Sep 1921, d 5 Apr 1968.
s/o Grotie and Lillie Fern [Helton] Todd, Ervan m Helen Chambers Nov 9, 1945. 
Veteran Sgt Army World War II.

Todd, Everett s/o T and C Todd. b 4 Dec 1892, d 28 Dec 1892. TWIN

Todd, Floyd David b 23 Sep 1904, d 27 May 1947. ossw Sally J [East] Todd. 
s/o William M and Dorotha [Clark] Todd.

Todd, George Franklin b. 1845 d. 1947

Todd, Goldie Belle b Aug 18, 1913 w/o Carl

Todd, Grotie b 5 Jul 1892, d 20 Mar 1970. ossw Lillie F Todd.
s/o Sarah J Todd (she was d/o Arnold and Clarinda [Lucas] Todd). 
m Lillie Fern Helton 29 Mar 1920.

Todd, Hanford C b 4 Nov 1922, d 2 Mar 1972.
s/o Logan and Izola Todd.

Todd, Harry N son/o J S and M J Todd. b 19 Dec 1901, d 14 Jun 1902. 
s/o John S and Mary Jane [Organ] Todd.

Todd, Henrietta [Lucas] "Rettie" b 18 Nov 1837 d. Oct 29, 1910 w/o Andrew D

Todd, Helen M. b 24 Jun 1922 w/o Ervan A

Todd, Hiram b 20 Sep 1870, d 23 Jun 1951. ossw Lydia [Plummer] Todd m Apr 6,
1890 LCI (H350). S/o James and Ruth [Henderson] Todd.
Lydia d/o James & E (Utterback) Plummer

Todd, Homer b. May 27, 1888 d. 29 Oct 1888 
s/o J T & M E

Todd, Ida May b. Mar 26, 1875 d. Aug 29 1879
d/o J T & M E

Todd infant. d 29 Oct 1927.

Todd infant of J N and R Todd.
This may be child of James N and Ruth Todd.

Todd infant s/o J E and C Todd.

Todd, Ivy dau/o Hiram and Lydia Todd. b 15 Jun 1890, d 13 Jan 1900.
Note: Hiram is s/o James N and Ruth [Henderson] Todd. 

Todd, Izella [Hawkins] b 29 Jan 1904 d. April 26, 1992 w/o Logan

Todd, John Perry b 1870, d 1938. ossw Dora Todd.
John Perry is s/o Elijah and Mary A [Siscoe] Todd.
m 20 Aug 1893 Dora 0 Clark LCI (I181).
Dora d/o Andrew J & Polly (Kinser) Clark

Todd, James E1mer b 23 Feb 1886, d 7 Nov 1958. ossw Cora Alice Todd m 10 Mar 1909. 

Todd, James Henry b 24 Jul 1899, d 4 Mar 1964. ossw Ossa Bertram Todd m 3 Mar 1917.
s/o Hiram and Lydia Todd.

Todd, James Newton b 4 Aug 1839, d 28 Jul 1933. ossw m1 Ruth Jane [Henderson]
Todd oct 21, 1858 LCI (c644). s/o Thomas and Sallie [Helton] Todd.
liv Henderson Creek.
m2 Julia Helton

Todd, Jane [Dodds] wife/o Jonathan Todd.
b 14 Feb 1794, d 10 Apr 1863, age 69 Ys 1 Mo 26 Ds.

Todd, Jasper T b 30 Apr 1891, d 16 Oct 1896.

Todd, Jeanne [Foster] b. 9 Aug 1930 w/o Donald

Todd, Joey son/o William W and Rowena M [Johnson] Todd, gs/o TRN. 
b 18 Oct 1960, d 3 Feb 1961.

Todd John No marker.
probably s/o Thomas and Sallie [Helton] Todd.

Todd, John Starnes b 5 Mar 1877, d 13 Dec 1934 (pneumonia).
s/o James Newton and Ruth [Henderson] Todd.
m1st Mary J Organ may 29, 1899 LCI (K263), div. m/2 Della Smith from Fayetteville.

Todd, Jonathan b. Feb 14, 1794 d. Apr 10 1863 

Todd, Jonathan s/o Thomas and Zipporah [Conger] Todd.
b 22 Sep 1786, d 2 Aug 1865, Jonathan m 2 Dec 1813 Jane Dodds.

Todd, Jonathan T b Sep 27, 1853, d Apr 22, 1926. ossw
Margaret E. [Dennison] Todd m 20 Jan 1874 LCI (F059). 

Todd, Julia Ann [Henderson] b 12 Oct 1839. ossw William H Todd.
d/o Tyre A and Leanna [Allen] Henderson, Julia in William Henry Todd.
Julia's actually bur in California, where she'd gone to l/w her son Thomas 
Mack Todd and his wife Addie [Westonhofer?].

Todd, Kaye L b 2 Nov 1943, d 7 Apr 1944.

Todd, Kenneth James  b 6 Feb 1920, d 22 Dec 1945.
s/o William and Leona Todd.
US Navy World War II AGM1(d of TB in Iceland).

Todd, Laverne N. b. Aug 3 1909 w/o Ralph N

Todd, Leona [Mark] b 6 Feb 1881, d 24 Mar 1961. ossw William A Todd.

Todd, Lillie Fern [Helton] b 7 Jul 1902, d 1 Aug 1974. ossw Grotie Todd.

Todd, Lillie A dau/o Thomas and Charlotte [Hawkins] Todd. 
b 25 Feb 1882, d 25 Aug 1908.

Todd, Lizzie dau/o Andrew D and Henrietta [Lucas] Todd. 
b 6 Jan 1867, d 3 Sep 1888.

Todd, Logan C b 20 Apr 1901, d 14 Aug 1975.
s/o William M and Dorotha [Clark] Todd.
m Izola Hawkins 8 Feb 1922.

Todd, Lovetta Kay b. Nov 2, 1943 d. Apr 7, 1944 d/o Logan & Izella

Todd, Lowell b 1906 d. 1980

Todd, Lydia O. [Plummer] b 3 Sep 1870, d 28 Nov 1949. ossw Hiram Todd m5 Apr 1889.

Todd, Mack Henry 29 Oct 1922 - 13 Mar 2000 m3 Apr 1943

Todd Major, War of 1812. No marker.

Todd, Margaret Elizabeth [Denniston] b nov 9 1854, d may 26 1939. ossw Jonathan T. Todd.

Todd, MArgaret J. [Tincher] b. Sep 12, 1934 d. Jan 15, 1977 w/o C Hanford

Todd, Mariah J [Hawkins] wife/o John S Todd. b 25 Dec 1853, d 16 Jan 1899.

Todd, Mary A [Siscoe] b 11 Mar 1843. ossw Elijah Todd.

Todd, Mary Mable dau/o W G and J C Todd.
b 5 Mar 1886, d 10 Jan 1899, age 12 Ys 10 Ms 5 Ds.

Todd, Ossa Bertram "Tranny" [Bartlett] b 9 Jul 1898 d. 6 nov 1987 ossw James H Todd. 

Todd, Oweetah 1906-1978 w/o Lowell

Todd, Pauline [Armbrewster] b 1866, d 1958. ossw Tyre Todd.
Note: Pauline's brother m Tyre Todd's sister, Leanne Todd. 

Todd, Peter P (on stone next to Elijah and Mary Todd) 

Todd, Polly dau/o Jonathan and Jane [Dodds] Todd.
b 25 jan 1816 d 26 Feb 1886, age 70 Ys 1 Mo 1 Dy.
Polly was b 25 Jan 1816, never married.

Todd, Ralph Newton b 13 Mar 1907 d. 17 Apr 1993 m30 Jn 1928

Todd, RObert Dean b & d 26 Mar 1963

Todd, Roland F son/o T M and Addie Todd. b 7 Jan 1892, d 15 Feb 1892.
"Tommy Mack and Addie Todd moved to California. I think Addie's maiden name was Westonhofer." 

Todd, Ruth Jane [Henderson] b 19 Dec 1840, d 10 Feb 1913. ossw James N Todd m21 oct 1858. 

Todd, Sarah "Sallie" Ann [Helton] wife/o Thomas Todd. b 14 Aug 1812, d 21 Oct 1896. 
ossw Thomas Todd. "Joined the Primitive Baptist Church at Gilgal the 2nd Saturday
in October 1842 and lived a faithful member til death."

Todd, Sallie J [East] b 1916, d 1954. ossw Floyd D Todd. 

Todd, Sarah J dau/o T and C Todd. b 26 Dec 1883, d 15 Jan 1918.
d/o Thomas and Charlotte [Hawkins] Todd.

Todd, Temple J b 11 Mar 1880, d 24 Dec 1899.
poss s/o John Todd who was s/o Thomas and Sallie [Helton] Todd. 

Todd, Thomas A Revolutionary Soldier.
b 3 Jun 1761 Easton Penn, d 5 Apr 1843, age 82 Ys 20 Ms.
s/o Benjanin and Sarah [Griffin] Todd.
m 1781 Zipporah Conger (b 11 Jan 1761, d 1833 Madison Co Ky) d/o Jonathan
Conger (Jonathan Conger was son/o John and Zipporah [Moore] Conger).

Todd, Thomas son/o George and Sallie [Brooks] Todd. ossw Sarah A Todd.
b 11 Oct 1814, d 24 Jul 1905, this Thomas m Sallie Helton oct 14 1833 LCI (A468).
Co G 24 Reg Ind Inf
"Joined the Primitive Baptist Church the 2nd Saturday in July 1861 and lived
a faithful member til death."

Todd, Thomas Co E 9 Iowa Cav, Civil War.

Todd, Thomas b 29 Mar 1857, d 7 Aug 1934. ossw Charlotte Todd m1 jun 1879.
s/o Thomas and Sallie [Helton] Todd.
liv ridge west of Todd Cemetery in Monr Co.

Todd, Thomas A s/o Hiram and Lydia Todd. b 9 Mar 1903, d 18 Oct 1914.

Todd, Thomas C b 28 Aug 1870, d 20 Oct 1897.
s/o John S and Mary A [Johnson] Todd.

Todd, Tyre A. b 1859, d 1899. ossw Pauline Todd.
son/o William Henry and Julia [Henderson] Todd.
m Pauline Armbrewster. Tyre had "a black handlebar mustache"; he was a
lumber dealer, businessman, and merchant. 

Todd, William Adams b 31 Jul 1880, d 21 Aug 1965. ossw Leona [Mark] Todd
m 18 May 1902 LCI (L081). s/o James Newton and Ruth [Henderson] Todd.

Todd, William Henry s/o Thomas and Sallie [Helton] Todd. ossw Julia Todd m21 oct 1858.
b 9 Nov 1837, d 19 Nov 1916.
m 2 Oct 1858 Julia Henderson LCI (c644).

Todd, William Joseph d. 3 Feb 1961 4months

Todd, William Marion b 5 Nov 1865, d 25 1932. ossw Dorotha [Clark] Todd
Apr 24, 1889 LCI (H245). s/o Elijah and Mary A [Siscoe] Todd.


I also located these in other cemeteries
Guthrie Creek Cemetery, Pleasant Run Township
Isaac T WOOLERY 9 Jul 1818 - 15 Oct 1896
Sally WOOLERY    6 Jul 1818 - 26 Dec 1897 w/o Isaac T.

Faubion Cemetery, Pleasant Run Township
William J. BROWNING, Sr. 25 Jan 1812 - 12 Apr 1863
Eliza A. Todd BROWNING 9 Nov 1814 - 7 DEC 1871 w/o Wm J. Sr.
Alonzo C. TODD 4 Oct 1875 - 4 Sep 1876 s/o John T & Amanda J
Infant TODD 24 May 1868 - 24 May 1868 s/o John T & Amanda J

Green Hill Cemetery, Shawswick Township
Johnathan T. TODD 6 Sep 1844 - Apr 1929 married 5 Sep  1867
Amanda Jane Browning TODD 15 Jun 1842 - 25 May 1904 w/o Jonathan T.
Note -- Treva informs us that ossw stands for "on same stone with"!

There may be even more of our relatives buried there. We hope this large cemetery will soon be included among those whose graves are indexed on the Lawrence county cemeteries page.

April 2005. Treva informs us that she has begun the task of "walking" the cemetery, tabulating the names of those persons buried there. She writes:

This will be a long process this cemetery contains a lot of graves and I can average about a row and half each trip I make, Of course this will be more when the weather improves and possibly this number will drop when I get to the Old section and try to read the stones, there are stacks of them against trees on other stones and scattered throughout that will be hard to read, who know where they even belong anymore...

The spreadsheet currently contains 1435 people. I have 245 more stones to read from photos.

We wish Treva well in this endeavor and hope some of our Indiana cousins will lend a hand. You may view the progress of this project online at

1 Adam C. Helton was a son of my g-g-g-grandfather, Arnold Helton, who is also buried at Gilgal.
2 According to Pleasant M. Helton's biography, "PLEASANT M. HELTON, a native of Hawkins County, Tenn., was born December 25, 1816, and is the oldest son of Adam A. and Polly Helton, who immigrated to the Hoosier State the fall of 1822, finding homes in Pleasant Run Township." Pleasant's father appears to be the same person as the Adam C. Helton who was Arnold's son and who is mentioned in the article above.
3 Our files include several ancestors from Lawrence county with these surnames.
4 Arnold had another son named John Helton, who may or may not be the John Helton (1781-1841) in Treva's list.
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