The Biography Project

In February 2017, we sent out the following message to all our Carey and Walker first cousins, and included brothers Bill and John in it:

Dear Carey & Walker cousins, and brothers Bill & John,

I'm really sorry that we have sort of lost touch with one another over the past few years. Here's an idea which may help bring us all back together, and keep us more in touch...

As most of you know, I've been maintaining a "Carey Family Album" web site for the past 20 years or so, at:

It contains family history info, plus biographies and photos of a variety of family members. Many of the people you'll read about there are distant ancestors, or relatives I don't really know, whose information has been supplied by other relatives. You can click on "Table of contents" to see what's there. I have pages for most of your parents and for our grandparents.

It's time now, though, to add biographies of those persons who are nearest and dearest to me -- YOU !!!!!

Please send me whatever bio-sketch of yourself you'd like to see appear among the pages of our family album. It can be as brief or as verbose as you like. You're welcome to send me a text file or Word document, or just include your info within your e-mail. I will convert it to Web format (html) and let you know when it's ready. You will be welcome to tell me at any time to delete it or change it. Photos are most welcome! So are newspaper or magazine articles about YOU, or which YOU wrote.

I will soon upload MY OWN biography. I hope to hear from each of you SOON!

Charles (Charlie, Chuck, Chazz, Carlitos) Carey

I will post here the addresses of any biography pages whenever they are ready. I am investigating two cousins for whom the message above "bounced", plus two other cousins whose e-mail addresses I don't have.

Work is in progress on pages for the following cousins who have sent me information:

This page was last updated 8 March 2018.