Patty Capp

Patty was the first cousin to respond to my call for information as a part of our Biography Project. This is my first take on Patty's information. She also sent me several great photos of her family. Watch for updates!

March 2018.


born November 19, 1943, Santa Monica, California, St. John's Hospital

parents Richard Albert Capp (b. Apr 2, 1918 - d. Aug 24, 1980) & Louise Cook Walker (b. Oct 24, 1920 - d. Sept 17, 1973) married Apr 18, 1941; Dick was re-married Apr 2, 1976 to Marjorie Miller Snyder Capp Lee (b. Nov 3, 1930 - d. Dec 29, 2006)

lived until age 3 in an apartment on 18th St, Santa Monica, CA

moved to 410 Lincoln Blvd, Santa Monica in 1947; new front house completed in 1951

brother Dennis O'Shea, born February 4, 1947; sister Kathleen Louise, born February 20, 1949; brother Michael William, born June 11, 1951

attended Roosevelt Elementary, kindergarten; St. Monica's Elementary & High School, Santa Monica, CA, 1st - 12th, graduated June 1961; Mt. St. Mary's College, West Los Angeles, CA, 1961-63; San Diego State College, San Diego, CA, 1963-66, graduated June 1966, BA Degree in Sociology (Psychology minor); took assorted classes at Santa Monica College, Prince George's Community College, and received computer training at GSFC

married William Landon Giles, August 6, 1966, Avalon, Catalina Island, California (Bill was born Sept 7, 1944 in Pasadena, CA; raised in El Monte & Valley Center, CA; died Jan 26, 2013) - had two sons (Andrew & Alexander)

lived in Annandale, VA, June 1966 - August 1967; Wilmington, NC, August 1967 - January 1969; Santa Monica, CA, January 1969 - February 1970; Pacifica, CA, March 1970 - July 1970; Petaluma, CA, July 1970 - June 1972; Alameda, CA, June 1972 - August 1974; Bowie, MD, September 1974 - present

son Andrew Gregory Giles, born February 25, 1968, Wilmington, NC son Alexander McKenzie Giles, born January 10, 1972, Petaluma, CA

legally separated from William Giles, May 1980; divorced May 1983

married Gary Earl Imler, January 12, 1996, Breckenridge, CO; marriage validated by Catholic Church, June 10, 2010, Sacred Heart Chapel, Bowie, MD
(Gary born March 15, 1944, Harrisburg, PA; raised in Middletown, PA)

stepson Erik Bradley Imler, born June 1, 1971, Washington, DC
daughter-in-law Claudine Maas Imler, born July 7, 1971 (married to Erik, Nov 8, 1997)
grand-daughter Jordan Noelle Imler, born Dec 23, 1999, Bethlehem, PA
grandson Evan Cole Imler, born April 25, 2005, Charlotte, NC

daughter-in-law Danielle Martin Giles, born Jan 15, 1970 (married to Alex, Aug 5, 2000)
grand-daughter Ainsley Elizabeth Giles, born Dec 29, 2003, Towson, MD
grandson Timothy Anderson Giles, born July 7, 2006, Towson, MD

worked for US Census Bureau, Suitland, MD, 1966-67; Peebles Department Store, Bowie, MD, 1981-86; various support contractors (RMS Technologies, Inc; McDonnell Douglas Aerospace; Systems Engineering & Security, Inc; QSS Group, Inc; SGT, Inc; ASRC Federal) at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, April 4, 1986 - present

current job title: Senior Program Control Analysis, supporting the Earth Sciences Division, Code 610 and the Sciences and Exploration Directorate, Code 600 at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD; providing travel support services and resources support for the Division & Directorate (4/98 to present); previously supported the Laboratory for Atmospheres, Code 910 (6/87-4/98), and worked for the Delta Rocket Project, Code 470 (4/86-6/87)

enjoys traveling, antiquing, spending time with family, and vacations at the beach

Updated March 2018

I have many fond memories of playing with Patty and other cousins at our grandparents' homes in Santa Monica when we were little kids. Like all of my cousins, and even my brothers, I've seen all too little of her over the years, though. I can recall visiting her briefly during a long-ago business trip to the Washington DC area, and also seeing her at a few family gatherings along with a bunch of other seldom-seen cousins. I am very grateful to her for sharing this information with me and with the rest of our cousins and family members.

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