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Paul Gibson Burton's articles on Cornelis Melyn in The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record resume in pages 356-365 of the Oct 1937 issue. In this chapter Mr. Burton provides extensive information on the families of John Winans' children. I'll only present here the portion pertaining to my own ancestor, Conrad Winans, who was my 6g-grandfather.



(This article began in RECORD 68:3; continued from RECORD 68:231)

... 39. CONRAD WINANS (Susanna2 [Melyn], Cornelisl) b. about 1680; m. _____ SARAH PALMER; d. about February 1727/8.

Conrad Winans was born about 1680 and married _____ Sarah Palmer, daughter of James Palmer and Sarah Denham and granddaughter of the Rev. Thomas Denham of Rye, New York. She was born _____ and died probably October 1732. Conrad Winans died intestate February 1727/89 and the inventory of his estate was taken 19 February 1727/8 by Samuel Brant [No. 141 above] and William Winans. [Perhaps No. 140 above.] On 23 October 1732 Daniel Lane was appointed Administrator of Conrad Winans' estate, probably because his widow had died just before. Daniel Lane made his final accounting 19-20 February 1748/9, and it is through the administration papers that much of the information about Conrad Winans' family has been obtained. Apparently all of the children of Conrad Winans, except the eldest son Jonathan (who was about 18 or 19 years old at the death of his father) were sent to live with their mother's people, in Westchester County, New York, or Fairfield County, Connecticut. Efforts to identify Daniel Lane with a man of the same name who appears occasionally in the Westchester County records, have not been successful.9

Children of Conrad Winans and Sarah Palmer.101

 145.i.Jonathan4 Winans2 was born 15 July 1710 and married 4 May 1731 Susanna Mills, daughter of Samuel Mills. She was born 14 February 1707/8 and died _____. Jonathan Winans died 11 December 1774. His will dated 29 June 1774 was proved 13 December 1774. He was the great grandfather of Professor Samuel Ross Winans of Princeton University, whose genealogical work on the Melyn and Winans families has been to a large extent the basis of this article.
 146.ii.James4 Winans was born about 1714/5 and married about 1736 Sarah Reynolds, who was born about 1716 and who died 10 October 1802 in her 80th year. He died 4 April 1795 in his 81st year. They were both buried in the old "Round Top" Cemetery at Bethel, New York, but in 1892, as that graveyard was sadly neglected, their great grandson Isaac Huntting caused their tombstones to be removed to the cemetery at Pine Plains, New York, where they could be better cared for. The will of James Winans dated 17 December 1793, was proved 29 May 1795. The earliest record of James Winans that has been found is on the tax list of Greenwich, Connecticut, for the year 1736, he being taxed on 24. His first purchase of land in Greenwich was made 1 September 1739. He appears to have lived in the town of Greenwich near the present village of Round Hill, and is mentioned in the land records as a carpenter and also as a shipbuilder. He is mentioned as "of Greenwich" as late as 5 October 1757, but on and after 4 April 1760 he is mentioned as of Dutchess County, New York. James Winans and Sarah Reynolds were the parents of 10 children, the fourth of whom, Susanna, born 21 june 1744, married Josiah Burton. Paul Gibson Burton and Alfred LeRoy Becker, the compilers of this article are descended from Josiah Burton and Susanna Winans.
 147.iii.Susanna4 Winans, born about _____; died young.
 148.iv.Joanna4 Winans, born about 1720; married 16 February 1744, John Reynolds of Greenwich, Connecticut; died _____. The births of 8 children are recorded at Greenwich.
 149.v.Jemima4 Winans born about _____ died young. Winans born about 1726, as he must have been 14 years of age to be allowed to choose his guardian, which he did at Stamford, Connecticut, 3 March 1740/1; married _____ _____ died _____. He had 6 children.

* In collaboration with Alfred LeRoy Becker.
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We have omitted transcribing, for now, the July 1937 issue
which didn't contain any information on our direct ancestors.

1 For more complete and accurate information on Conrad and his descendants, please consult Alice Winans Egy's history.
2 Jonathan Winans was my 5g-grandfather.
3 These are Mr. Burton's footnotes, which are keyed to blue superscripts in his text. I've only included those which pertain to the part of his article presented here.
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