6 Heroic Winans Brothers

We already had a page in this Carey Family Album devoted to seven heroic Winans brothers from Ohio who all served in the Union Army during the American Civil War. There are undoubtedly many other stories of families who sent a contingent of sons to serve our country in that, or other, wars. So we weren't surprised when Dave Winans sent us information about another such family. We will add more information about these six heroic brothers whenever it comes to our attention.

Chip Schultz has compiled the story of the six Winans brothers who served in the Civil War in various Pennsylvania regiments, including three who did not survive the conflict.

These six sons of Jesse Winans (1-5-1-3-11-7) were:

We urge you to visit Chip's blog and read the story of his research and of his trip to Washington in search of his roots.

This page was last updated 13 Sep 2013.