Charles and Mattie Stewart

This page isn't complete yet. Work is in progress on incorporating numerous messages from our Perry cousins into its data.

My great-great-great-grandfather Moses Perry's daughter Martha (or "Mattie") Perry, married Charles Stewart. We'll present here some of the information we have on Charles and Martha and their related families.

One of our researcher cousins, Mary Pierotti, sent us the following quote from History of Butler County Pennsylvania, 1883, Cherry Township, chapter 47, page 425, published by Waterman, Watkins, & Co., Chicago, 1883, and available on the internet at

In May, 1836, Charles STEWART married Miss Martha PERRY. To them have been born nine children --

all of whom are living except Moses, who died at one year, and David at twenty-one years of age.

Since Moses' home in Scrubgrass township wasn't far from the county line, we must remember to include Butler and other nearby counties in our research. The following additional information is from Mary's e-mail to Nancy Scott of 16 Jan 2002:

The Stewarts are very confusing. I did read in the Butler history that the families multiplied very early on. I'll see if I can find that quote.

FIRST--The movement and names of the WILLIAMS:

Lots of the WILLIAMS families lived at Eakins Corners, Scrubgrass Townsip. Benjamin WILLIAMS was the first Williams in the Scrubgrass region -- coming in 1803. His son Levi married Polly PHIPPS and stayed with brother, Eli, on the old farm. Another son, Simeon, married a Nancy ANDERSON!

Eli E. WILLIAMS (son of Levi, son of Benjamin) married Jane Jolly.

Moses Perry Williams moved to Rockland Township when he married. I have two confusing piece of information about the marriage. Moses Perry Williams must have been married twice. This is the source of confusion about the daughter of Moses PERRY.

"David ASKEY, b. 25 Jul 1783, d. 25 June 1847 in Rockland Twp.; m. Jane, b. 5 May 1797; came to Rockland Twp. in 1838 from Centre Co., PA; farmer; bur. Pine Hill Cemetery; children:

  1. Eliza, 1819-1899, m. John SMITH, s/o John and Mary MCMILLEN Smith;
  2. Margaret, 1827-1888, m. Henry Rose STROUP, s/o Daniel and Elizabeth ROSE Stroup;
  3. James Harrison, 1828-1908, m. Mary Jane SMITH, d/o William and Elizabeth ARMSTRONG Smith;
  4. Jane, b. ca. 1830, m. Moses Perry WILLIAMS, s/o Eli and Mary PERRY Williams;
  5. William W., 1831-1877;
  6. Lucinda, b. 1833, m. George Washington MAYS, s/o Thomas Washington and Henrietta MYERS Mays;
  7. David, b. ca. 1835."


"John MCMILLEN, b. Jun 18, 1794, d. Aug 13, 1876 in Rockland Tp., m. Mary N. MCQUISTON, b. Oct 3, 1808, d. February 17, 1888 in Rockland Tp.; children:

  1. Nancy, 1827-1907, m. Moses Perry WILLIAMS, son of Eli and Polly PERRY Williams;
  2. Sarah Ann, b. 1829, m. Warren WEBSTER;
  3. Margaret Jane, 1832-1920, m. Dewitt Clinton COLLINGWOOD..."

So, was Moses Perry Williams the son of Eli and Mary PERRY Williams, or the son of Eli and Polly PERRY Williams?3

NEXT--The quote that really confuses me:

"Moses PERRY - d. abt. 1840; settled in this twp. early 1800s; m. Sarah RUSSELL, d/o William Russell; children:4

  1. William, b. Jan 1792, m.
    1. Nancy ANDERSON, d/o James Anderson,
    2. Elizabeth CRAIG, d/o James Craig;
  2. Polly, m. Ephraim GALBRAITH;
  3. Martha, m. Charles STEWART; and
  4. David, b. 1811 and lived on the old homestead for 79 yrs."

Did Polly or Elizabeth really marry Ephraim Galraith? Notes from Virgil say that he remarried. The Liberty Township, Mercer County 1860 Census bears out the second marriage information. Guess what? His second wife's name is Mary. Son, Dr. David C. Gailbraith, was born in 1840. The second son, William Gailbraith, was born in 1853.


Our history tells of Charles Stewart who married Martha "Mattie" Perry (daughter of Moses) in May of 1836 in Cherry Township, Butler County. Virgil says that they lived in Annadale, PA in Butler County.

We also know that (Moses) Perry Williams and his mother Polly (PERRY) Williams had moved to Rockland Township, Venango County. It is possible that Charles wife, Mattie Perry, died--and that Charles remarried. This might explain the mix of names we know with the new names. I will have to go the the 1850 Census and study the ages before I come to any conclusions.

Sorry, I know this is really confusing. I need to organize it so that it will be easier to understand.5

PS. Finding the ThornE Hotel has prompted me to search the internet for Solomon ThornE. Guess what? More information about that family. Some of the family history leads back to the same small place in Cayuga County, NY where Marvin Perry's family originated. Info in the Marvin Perry family has some of the members who lived in the Rush and Henrietta areas. Ring any bells? This is near the Gates Chili area of Rochester, NY. My mom and dad grew up in Rochester, so I am very familiar with the areas. I used to visit relatives there when I was small. None of this proves anything, but it does hint that the Moses and Thomas family might possibly have known the Marvin Perry family.

1 There could possibly be some confusion here with a different Sarah Bovard. See Moses' page.
2 I believe the comma between William and A. shouldn't be there. Another researcher, Jane Topoly, lists a William Andrew among Martha and Charles' children. Jane and Mary provided the birthdates and spouses' names which I inserted in the list.
3 Or could Polly have been Mary's nickname, as in the case of Moses Perry's daughter?
4 See Moses Perry's page for our best guesses as to the identities of his children.
5 You needn't apologize, Mary. You've provided a lot of "food for thought for all of us researchers. I hope that these Carey family album pages will help organize some of the often confusing and contradictory evidence that our cousins develop.
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