Henry and Elizabeth (Inman) Schasteen
and descendants

Henry in Kansas
Further research (2016)

NOTE: Most of the information on this page is from the research of James William "Bill" Schasteen, who was kind enough to share his work with us.

Elizabeth Inman was a younger sister of Jeanette's great-grandfather. She was born 25 March 1849 in Ohio, and was enumerated in the 1850 census in Mercer county, OH, and in 1860 in DeKalb county, IN, along with her parents, John and Julia Inman. Elizabeth moved to Logan county, IL, along with her parents and siblings, during the 1860s. In 1868 she married Henry S. Schasteen, who was a farmer in Logan county. The West Lincoln township section of the 1878 Logan county history's directory, on page 400, provides some basic information on Elizabeth and Henry:

SCHASTEEN, HENRY, farmer, Sec. 28; P.O. Lincoln; rep; Meth; born in Ross Co., Ohio, Nov. 6, 1844;1 married Oct. 21, 1868, to Elizabeth Inman; who was born in Ohio, March 25, 1849; died April 7, 1877; had four children: Edward Arthur, Charles Henry, and John Harrison, lost one; enlisted Dec. 8, 1861, in Company F, 44th Illinois Inf., 4th army corps, under Sherman; was stationed at Gallatin, Tenn; was in the battles of Franklin, Atlanta, Resaca, Altoona, Savannah, and Bentonville; was discharged at close of war, Sept. 25, 1865.

Elizabeth's page at findagrave.com, which erroneously lists her birthplace as Illinois, alleges that she is buried in the New Union Cemetery, in Logan county, but doesn't provide a picture of her grave marker. After Elizabeth's death, Henry moved to Kansas, where he remarried and raised a second family.

The only person I could find with a surname resembling Henry's in the 1870 Logan county census was Henry's father, Edward Shasteen, a 50-yr-old farm worker living on somebody else's farm. He was born in Ohio. I found 40-yr-old Edward Chasteen in the 1860 census in the Lincoln precinct with his 38-year-old wife, Caroline, and five children including 14-year-old Henry. Edward, Caroline and the first two children were born in Ohio. It looks like they came to Illinois between 1848 and 1852.

Henry's last name is spelled Shasteen in the records of the 44th Illinois. The Illinois Marriage Index (volume 2, page 53, license 2106) shows that Henry Schasteen married Lizzie C. Inman in Logan county on the date given. They had the following children:

  1. Edward Arthur Schasteen (1869-1905),
  2. Charles Henry Schasteen (1872-1948) who married Estella Laura Lybarger,
  3. John Harrison Schasteen (1874-1919), and
  4. a child who died in infancy.

Charles Henry Schasteen3 was born in Logan county, Illinois 19 Jan 1872 and died in Kern county, California 4 Aug 1948.2 He is the only one of Henry and Lizzie's children about whom we have any information. This is in large part due to the research of his great-grandson, James William "Bill" Schasteen.

In the 1880 census, an 8-year-old Charles H. Chasteen was enumerated with a young couple on a farm in Bourbon county, Kansas, S. S. and Lizzie Birch. His relationship is given as "other". Charles married Estella Laura Lybarger3 16 Nov 1891 in Carthage, Missouri.4, 11 Estella was born 13 Mar 1876 in Kansas, and died 8 Aug 1965 in Kern county, CA.2, 12 She may have been part Wyandotte Indian. According to the 1910 census, Charles and Estella had nine children, of whom five survived. They were living in Carthage, MO, in 1910 with all 5 children, and were living in Pittsburg, KS, along with their two youngest children, at the time of the 1920 census, in which both of his parents' birthplaces are listed as Germany!

The following are Charles and Estella (or Stella)'s children. All were born in Missouri:

  1. Frank Lybarger Schasteen, born 24 Jul 1893.11 He married Jessie Kingsbury, who was born in either 1888 or 1893, also in Missouri, 23 Dec 1916, in Carthage, MO.4 When Frank registered for the World War I draft in 1917,5 he was working as a machinist at the Vogey mine in Porto Rico, MO, near Joplin. At the time of the 1920 census, he was working as an oil company machinist in Norfolk, Virginia. He died before 1930, when the widowed Jessie was living with her sister in Carthage, MO. Frank and Jessie had the following children:
    1. William Kingsbury Schasteen, born 26 Sep 1917 in Missouri. William enlisted in the U. S. Army Coast Artillery Corps 16 Sep 1940 in Carthage.6 He moved to California, but returned to Carthage to marry 53-year-old Mildred A. Kingsbury (a cousin?) 28 Nov 1968.4 He was listed on his marriage license as a resident of San Luis Obispo county, CA, which is where his death was reported 9 Feb 1981.2
    2. Marialyce Shasteen, born 14 July 1924 in Kansas, died 25 May 1990 in Tulsa, OK, married Ardelle James Lamfers 1 Mar 1943 in Carthage, MO. Marialyce and Ardelle had the following children:
      1. James Ardelle Lamfers.
      2. William Ralph Lamfers, born 27 May 1953 in Bakersfield, CA, died 3 Oct 1990 in Oklahoma City.
      3. Lorraine Frances Lamfers.
      4. Alyce Adelle Lamfers.
  2. twin boy, born 25 Feb 1895, died 25 Feb 1895.11
  3. twin boy, born 25 Feb 1895, died 25 Feb 1895.11
  4. Samuel Montell Schasteen,3 born 23 Jan 1896,11 died 29 May 1968 in Kern county, CA.2, 12 Married Helen Albertina Strom,3 and moved to Miami, Arizona, with her in time for the 1920 census, then moved on to California soon afterward. Helen was born 12 Jun 1901 in Kansas12 and died 10 Jul 1972, in Bakersfield, Kern county, CA.12 Samuel and Helen had the following children:
    1. James Charles Schasteen,3 born 20 Aug 1920, Miami, Gila county, Arizona, died 3 Oct 1998 in Bakersfield. James served in the United States Navy during World War II. He married Joyce Whimpey3 17 Jun 1950. Joyce was born 23 Dec 1925 in Payson, Utah county Utah, and died 6 May 2010 in Bakersfield. They had 2 children:
      1. Carol Ann Schasteen
      2. James William Schasteen
    2. John Leland Schasteen,3 born 4 Aug 1922 in Kern county, died 12 Dec 1973 in Bakersfield. He married Viola Agnes Kennedy,3 17 April 1943, in Wellington, New Zealand, while serving in the United States Marine Corps. Viola was born 16 Oct 1924 in Christchurch New Zealand, and died 2 Aug 2009 in Idaho Falls, ID. They had 5 children:
      1. Diane Genevieve Schasteen
      2. Sandra Linn Schasteen
      3. Sonia Lynette Schasteen
      4. Mark Richard Schasteen
      5. Kathryn Adele Schasteen
    3. Geraldine Lois Schasteen,3 born 24 Jan 1924, in Kern county, died 4 Aug 1983, in Bakersfield, married John Spangle who was born 10 Aug 1920, in Spangle, Spokane county, Washington and died Mar 1973, in Burbank, Los Angeles county, California. They had 2 children:
      1. Janice Spangle
      2. Gary Raymond Spangle
    4. Robert Girard Schasteen, born 7 May 1926, in Kern county, died 20 Mar 1993 in Vancouver, Clark county, Washington. He was married twice. His first wife was named Gloria and they had 2 children:
      1. Robert Lin Schasteen
      2. Linda Schasteen
      His second wife was named Joyce, but they had no children.
  5. John L. Schasteen, born 18 Feb 1898,11 died 6 Mar 1977 in Crest Park, San Bernardino county, CA.2 In about 1924, he married a woman named Helen, who was born about 1906 in Kansas. In 1930, John was working as a railroad machinist and he and Helen were living in Pittsburg, KS, with their children:
    1. Lida S. Schasteen, born about 1925 in Kansas.
    2. Jean B. Schasteen, born about 1927 in Kansas.
  6. Earl V. Schasteen, born 9 Mar 1902, died 10 Mar 1902.11
  7. Estella Opal Schasteen, born 3 Oct 1903, died 26 Nov 1903.11
  8. Charles Henry "Ted" Schasteen, junior, born 7 Mar 1905,11 died 17 Apr 1981 in Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo county, CA.2 Married Frankie Mae Davis, who was born 10 Oct 1910 in Pittsburg, Crawford county, KS, and died 7 Feb 1992 in Atascadero, San Luis Obispo county, CA.2
  9. Mable C. Schasteen, born 3 Nov 1907,11 died 21 Mar 1990 in Norwalk, Los Angeles county, CA.

Henry in Kansas. Soon after Elizabeth's death, Henry moved West, to Pleasanton or Mound City, in Linn county, Kansas, about 80 miles south of Kansas City. We have found some information on his later years there. At the Linn county, KS, USGenWeb site:

The Woodland to which this entry refers is Mound City (Woodland) Cemetery, whose Soldiers' Lot is listed by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs as a place where Civil War veterans are buried. Thanks to findagrave.com, we located Henry's grave, where a beautiful monument commemorating his Civil War service was erected. This memorial is the only place where we find a middle initial for Henry. Findagrave lists at least 24 Schasteens buried at Woodland and provides the following information for Henry:

We also found this brief obituary from the 12 Dec 1896 edition of the Pleasanton Observer at Findagrave:

Henry Schasteen, died Wednesday night at his home on the Dodson farm south of town. Mr. Schasteen was an old soldier and his death resulted from disease caused by exposure during the war.

He was buried in the Mound City cemetery today (Friday), at ten o'clock. Another of the old boys has gone and 'ere many years the pensions will be few in our land.

In the 1900 U. S. census, we located entries for a 42-year-old widow, Helen Schasteen, in Mound City township. We've been able to identify the following children for Henry and Helen:

  1. Vincent Newton Schasteen, born October 1882, died 1956, married Irene Phillips
  2. James Anderson Schasteen, born January 1885, died 1947, married Lois Goode13, 14, 15
  3. George Washington Schasteen, born February 1887, died 1956, married Margaret Ball
  4. Jesse Henry Schasteen, born March 1889, died 1969, married Metta Sharer
  5. Earnest Elmer Schasteen (1891-1898)
  6. Levi Edgar Schasteen, born January 1894, died 1976, married Ethel Ventera
  7. Abraham Lincoln Schasteen, born May 1896, died 1963, married Beulah Hewitt7

See Bill's "further research" below for more information on Henry and Helen Schasteen's descendants.

Among the Schasteen burials listed by Findagrave is that of Helena (1858-1936), who is interred along with a child Earnest E. (1891-1898).

A very casual search of internet sources, using Google and census data, indicates that Henry Schasteen had numerous descendants in this part of Kansas, right down to recent times. Some of them, along with his relatives in Ohio and other areas, are listed at the Shasteen Genealogy site. I've barely scratched the surface here in presenting information which is available on this family.

Further research

In January and February 2016, Bill Schasteen contacted us once again with further information on the Schasteens and Lybargers. We will describe Bill's research here, and will use footnotes starting at 11 (see below) to key the new information to what you see above...

In this data, we've only listed those pieces of information which appear to differ from what Bill had provided previously. If you are researching these families, we would be pleased to send you copies of the various documents just listed, which are too bulky and (perhaps) too illegible to include in this Carey Family Album.

Letters from Prairie Village:

I found 2 letters from Lois Schasteen and her daughter Audrey Schasteen Remler. Lois was the wife of James Anderson Schasteen (who was part of Henry Schasteen's second family). They give us some information on the 2nd family. Henry obviously had 2 wives. His first wife was Elizabeth Inman. They had 3 boys (Edward Arthur, Charles Henry and John Harrison) and a child who died at infancy. Everyone in this Facebook group is a descendant of their second son Charles who was married to Estella Lybarger. For example my lineage looks like this: Henry, Charles, Samuel, James, Bill.

Henry's second wife was Helena Merkle. Together they had 7 boys. These 2 letters refer to this part of the family. Unfortunately, both Lois and Audrey are now deceased.

I typed them to make the reading easier, but will also scan them.

Letter #1 (handwritten) addressed to my Dad (James C. Schasteen) 1/24/1985

From: Lois Schasteen
5114 West 69th St
Prairie Village, KS 66208


I will send a picture as soon as my daughter can get it mailed. I don't see well enough to fix it to mail. She works in an office in Kansa City MO.

Henry S. Schasteen born in Ohio. Served in Illinois Infantry. Discharged a Corporal. Married in Illinois. First wife died leaving him with three little boys John, Edward and Charley and a baby boy that died when the mother died. By wagon train he and his three little sons came west and settled on a farm near Amoret, MO. There he met and married Miss Helena (Leanie) Merkle, who also with her family left Illinois by wagon train and bought a farm near Amoret. Later they moved to Linn County KS. To this marriage there were seven boys Vincent, James, George, Jesse, Levi, Ernest, and Abraham Lincoln. Ernest died at the age of six years. The father died about 1898. John Schasteen left home at an early age. The last the family heard he was in western KS. Edward was killed while digging a well of poisonous gas. He was married but no children. Charley lived at home until he was a young man then went to Joplin or Webb City for employment. There were several children they kept in touch until about 1918. The sons of the second marriage and the mothers are dead and all except one. Jesse are buried in the Mound City Cemetery. The father, Henry Schasteen is buried in the National Cemetery #2 in the Mound City Cemetery. All were married and had a family. I will try to list the names of the children and their spouse.

Vincent Newton married Miss Irene Phillips - 3 children Gussie Ray, Cora, and Russell Vincent. "Gussie Ray is deceased"

James Anderson married Miss Lois Goode, 2 children. Audrey Jessell and Edward Warren

George Washington married Miss Margaret Ball, 7 children, Lester (died in infancy), Ella, William Lloyd, Maxine, Dale, and Charles. (Ella, Maxine and William are deceased.)

Jesse married Miss Metta Sharer 6 children. Edwin, Isabel, Bessie, Alfred, Mary Louise, and Cecil. Mary Louise deceased.

Ernest died at the age of 6 years with a defective heart ailment. Levi married Miss Ethel Ventera 2 children Edna Ruth and Edgar Levi.

Abraham Lincoln married Miss Beulah Hewitt 9 children. [Abraham Lincoln] Junior, Josephine, Donald, Henry, Pauline, Annie, Thomas, James and Alonzo.

The boys of the 2nd family are dead and only 2 of the wives are living. I have tried to give you a run down on our family which I am proud to be one of them. A large family but all get along with each other splendidly. Please excuse writing I am 85 years old and nearly blind. Cataracts had surgery on one eye last may but the operation wasn't a success. I would love to visit with you and tell you more about "us" and hear about you and your family. It was wonderful talking to you and if are ever can please visit us My daughter goes out west once in a while as the navy has conventions each 2 years and meet for 2 weeks at different places. My son in law is a navy veteran. Will close with this. Thank you for calling us and hope to hear from you again. Will send more on the family when I get home. God Bless and keep you.

Letter #2 (typed) addressed to my Dad (James C. Schasteen) 1/19/1985

From: Ed (Bulldog) and Audrey Remler
5114 West 69th St
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Phone 913-432-9725i


Dear Schasteen,

I am Audrey Schasteen Remler and several years ago Ted Schasteenii came through Mound City, Kansas looking for relatives and talked to my Aunt Ethel, who did not tell me about it for several years and she misplaced the address. When she did find it, I contacted some friends that lived in Dos Palos, California by the name of Earl Gale and they remembered they thought their children had gone to school with some Schasteens but they could not come up with any information.

In hopes of possibly locating the half brothers of my fatheriii, I ordered the Schasteen book. Frankly, I could have doubled her information on Schasteens as there are LOTS OF us, but she did list


My Father, James Anderson Schasteen, was a half brother to John Ed and Charlie. Dad went to visit Charlie at Webb City Missouri about 1917 but later when he tried to find him, he had moved. Ed, he knew, died in a well from poison gas and the last he knew of John, he was around Manhattan, Kansas.

We would like to make contact with our lost relatives. Mother has a letter that Charlie wrote to his father and Step Mother many years agoiv.

We hope you will write us. All of the half brothers are gone now and only my Mother and Aunt Beulahv are alive, who are widows of the original family. Each year at Memorial Day, I place a flower on the grave of Henry S. Schasteen, the Father of the original family. He is buried in the Soldier's plot in Mound City, Kansas. He died when my Father was 12 years old.
i I called the number and it was disconnected
ii I assume this is Great Uncle Ted from Paso Robles died 4/17/1981
iii James Anderson Schasteen
iv Would love to see this letter
v Abraham Lincoln Schasteen's wife

1 Note the discrepancy between Henry's birth date in the county directory and at Findagrave.
2 Dates from Bill Schasteen and California Death Records. The death records list Charles Henry Schasteen's mother's maiden name as Inman.
3 Buried at Greenlawn Memorial Park, 3700 River Blvd., Bakersfield, California. See Schasteen burials there at Findagrave.
4 Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002, available at Ancestry.com.
5 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, available at Ancestry.com.
6 National Archives and Records Administration (NARA), U. S. World War II Army Enlistment Records, 1938-1946, available at Ancestry.com.
7 Birth months for this family are taken from their 1900 census record. Middle names and death years were supplied by Bill Schasteen.

11 Schasteen family Bible pages, in which the following information is recorded: 12 Schasteen family birth and death certificates: 13 Letters from Prairie Village, Kansas, Bill's typed versions of the next two letters from Lois Schasteen
14 Letter #1 from Lois Schasteen, the wife of James Anderson Schasteen, regarding Henry S. Schasteen
15 Letter #2 from Lois Schasteen, the wife of James Anderson Schasteen, regarding Henry S. Schasteen, and including an Ancestor Chart of a Wayne Schasteen, born in 1959.
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