1812 Roster

The following roster of Ohio soldiers who served in the War of 1812 was found at the Ohio Historical Society's War of 1812 site, where it is stated that "Ohio furnished 1,759 Officers and 24,521 enlisted men for this war." That's out of a total population, in the 1810 census, of only 230,760 persons. We've extracted, as is, the list of soldiers who served in Capt. Charles Hilliard's company.

This roster contains many surnames which are already familiar to us from our Miami county research. This company wasn't probably, but definitely, from Miami county, although it's possible it included a few men from adjacent areas. We've highlighted the names of men who are mentioned elsewhere in the Carey Family Album, and included links to those who have their own pages.


Vol. 2.
Pages 361-362
(Probably from Miami County.)
Served from Februay 22, until August 21, 1813.

Capt. Charles Hilliard  Lieut. John Hill         Ensign John Kiser
Sergt. James Frost      Sergt. Thomas Ross       Sergt. Thomas Gilbert
Sergt. Samuel Clark     Sergt. Benjamin Nogle    Corp. Benjamin B. Winans
Corp. Lewis Winans      Corp. William Ramsey     Musician, Samuel Haney
Musician, John Manning  Corp. William Brown

Privates                Privates                 Privates
Anderson, Samuel        Blue, Barnabus           Browning, Abraham
Brown, Abraham          Redler, Calvin           Bayman, Thomas
Battroll, John          Cox, John                Cary, Thomas
Cary, David             Castle, Ralph            Castle, Ralph, Sr.
Crawford, James         Dunn, Terwin             Eller, Adam
Foster, Elijah          Favorite, Abraham        Green, James
Hance, Benjamin         Harter, Jacob            Ingle, Michael
Jowles, George          Jackson, John            James, Levi
Julin, Isaac            Kimble, Edward           Krise, Daniel
Landry, Simon           Langley, Benett W.       Livingood, George
Manning, Edward         Miller, David            Miller, Jacob
McReynolds, Robert      Pierson, Jacob           Ross, Martin
Reyonlds, Robert        Ross, Job                Studilaker, David
Weatherhead, John       Wilson, Alexander        Webb, Joseph B.
Whiten, Stephen         Wyatt, Andrew            Wyatt, John G.
Webb, John              Whitney, Stephen         Yontes, George

The source of the information found on line is Roster of Ohio Soldiers in the War of 1812, Adjutant General of Ohio, Transcription, 1916. R973.524471 A2.

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