Recompense Perry

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Here's a man with an eye-catching name - Recompense Perry! As best I can tell, he is a younger brother of my g-g-g-grandfather, Moses Perry. The following information is from an e-mail received 22 Jan 2002 from Mary Pierotti:

A slight correction to the information on Recompense Perry (1775-1847). He is found in Slippery Rock Township, Butler County. Slippery Rock Township was comprised of all of the northern sections of Butler County until the area was broken down into smaller townships. In the Histories of Butler County, one can find information about this area listed under other township names. It is interesting to note that Recompense is listed as a resident of Cherry Township in the 1840 Census.

Recompense PERRY married Sarah Christy. We know from Andrew Stewart's will that David Steward inherited Andrew Stewart's land. It is bordered by two Porters and two Christys. One of the Christy men, Robert, had a sister named Sarah. She married Recompense "Rack" PERRY.

In the 1830 Slippery Rock, Butler County Census, Recompense is living next to David Russell.

Recompense is buried in the United Presbyterian Church of West Sunbury, Butler County Cemetery. There is a William Russell buried there, too. I will add this to the list of Cemeteries that I visit this summer.

As Mary mentions, Recompense Perry was enumerated in Cherry township, Butler county, in 1840. His census entry was on the same page as a number of Christys and some Stewarts and Russells. His household included:

Robert Christy (Sarah's brother?) was listed four lines above Recompense's entry. Nancy Scott's book, Westward, Ho!, estimates Sarah (Christy) Perry's birth date as 1784 and death date as 1856, and gives a marriage date of about 1814. A 66-year-old Sarah Perry is listed in Cherry township in 1850 along with four young adults who are almost surely her children.

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