Norman Walker at Ojinaga

These photographs of uncle Norman Walker at the battle of Ojinaga, taken in November 1917, are a part of the Gallery of the Open Frontier, University of Nebraska Press. They originated in the "Records of the Office of the Chief Signal Officer—Signal Corps Photographs of American Military Activity". The captions are as given at the University of Nebraska site.

Col. George T. Langhorne, 8th Cavalry, Commanding Big Bend District, Presidio, TX, seated in automobile. Norman Walker, Associated Press correspondent at left of automobile facing Col. Langhorne. In background is part of the Carranza force of Ojinaga, Mexico, who evacuated the town when attacked by Pancho Villa. They were interned by US troops under the command of Captain Theodore Barnes, Jr., 8th Cavalry.

On the American side of the Rio Grande at Presidio, TX following the capture of Ojinaga, Mexico, by Pancho Villa. 1) Captain Theodore Barnes, Jr. 8th Cavalry; 2) Mr. Diaz, Agent, Dept. of Justice; 3) Norman Walker, Associated Press Correspondent; 4) Villista soldier; 5) US Army Civilian-Scout Terry.

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