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Frames is the web page design technique which we use in the Carey Family Album to keep a navigation frame visible on the left side of your screen regardless of which of our several hundred pages you're viewing.

Framed pages make it possible to keep certain information on the screen for you at all times without having to insert it in every page we write, and without having to change it in each of those pages whenever some change becomes necessary.

Even though frames are a really cool technique, some people say they dislike them, and some even hate them. Without getting into all the pros and cons that exist on this subject, we'll let you choose whether to use or not to use frames to look at our family album.

Click on No Frames below if you'd like to get along without the navigation frame. We'll take you to our Table of Contents where you can pick a subject to read about. From there on, you're on your own! You must either click on links within each page, or use your browser's BACK button to find your way around. (Well, you won't do without frames completely -- when you select one of our slide shows, or photo albums, you'll still have a contents frame on the right side of your screen to help you navigate through the pictures.)

If you prefer to keep the handy navigation frame around, select Frames and we'll return you to our Home Page.

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This page was last updated 29 Nov 2013.