When we wondered just who was this Gershom Frazee we had seen mentioned here and there, Pam answered:

Frances Frazee Hamilton's book ("Ancestral Lines of the Doniphan, Frazee and Hamilton Families") has this to say about Gershom Frazee (pg 215):

Gershom1 Frazee, whose relation to Joseph1 Frazee is not determined, was probably b. about 170__.

[she then cites 2 documents in the NJ Archives, dated 1727 and 1730, that mention Gershom; and then his will]

The will of Gershom Frazee, yeoman, of Elizabeth Borough, was dated Feb. 7, 1754, and probated Feb. 28, 1754. It mentions sons Moses, Abraham, Gershom and Matthias and names as executors wife Abigail and eldest son Abraham. One of the witnesses was Stephen Frazee. The other two were John Lee and Richard Scudder, both Rahway names. (N.J. Wills, Liber F, fol. 157.)

She goes on to discuss the four sons, including our Moses I who married Susanna Winans. She references wills, baptisms, probate and guardianship records, and personal communications as the sources of her data. There are a ridiculous number of Moses's among the descendants of Gershom1, and many intermarriages among cousins -- very confusing. FFH says about our Moses I (pg 217):

Moses2 Frazee, son of Gershom1, was born about 173__; m. Susanna, daughter of Jonathan Winans of Rahway, b. March 9, 1734. The late Professor S. R. Winans of Princeton, who gave me this information, stated that Moses Frazee lived at Short Hills, four miles from Westfield. The children were baptized in the Westfield church. The will of Isaac Littell, 1762, mentions brother-in-law Moses Frazee. The will of Moses Frazee of Essex County, dated March 31, 1798, and probated Feb. 24, 1815, names children Moses, Matthias and Sarah Marsh and granddaughter Phoebe Littell, also wife Susanna.
  1. Sarah3, b. 175__, m. William Marsh at Westfield Mar. 15, 1775.
  2. Susanna3, baptized 1761. Either d. young or m. a Littell.
  3. Matthias3, baptized 1761. Died young.
  4. Matthias3, b. about 1763. m. Hannah Osborn. d. Oct. 21, 1833.
  5. Moses3, baptized June 21, 1765.

Indexes of the birth, marriage, and death records of the Westfield church are online at http://westfieldnj.com/firstfamilies/.

There are many connections among the descendants of Gershom1 and the known descendants of Joseph1, and among the 3 'mystery men', Gershom1, Stephen1, and Ephraim1. For example: Timothy3 (John2, Joseph1) was named co-administrator of the estate of Abraham2 (Gershom1) on June 29, 1758. On Nov. 17, 1762, Timothy was made guardian of Abraham's children, Gershom3 and Jemima3.

Jim Frazee, who is a descendant of Timothy, sent me several pages of Patty Myers' book ("Ancestors and Descendants of Lewis Ross Freeman with related families"), which contains more info on this guardianship case (pg 591):

On 26 Feb 1762 Isaac Frazee, Sr., Isaac Frazee, Jr., Samuel Frazee, Gershom Frazee, Jacob Winans, Isaac Littell, Elija Stits, Caleb Scudder, Moses Littell and Joseph Acken, relatives of Gershom Frazee, ward, s/o Abraham Frazee of Borough of Elizabeth, deceased, signed a petition to appoint a guardian for Gershom Frazee who owned an estate that was under a lease given by the administrators [of the estate of Abraham Frazee] and that the tenant was cutting and destroying the timber and carrying the same to market, and the said estate was listed to be ruined. On 1 Mar 1762 Moses Frazee of Essex Co., was appointed guardian of Gershom Frazee, aged 7 years, one of the children of Abraham Frazee. (N.J. Arch., 33:150)

The "Isaac Frazee, Sr" identified as a "relative" of Gershom3 is a known son of Joseph1. Jim also has a photocopy of a letter written by a grandson of Timothy which identifies Gershom1 as Timothy's brother -- which would make him a son of John2 and grandson of Joseph1. Gershom1 isn't named in John2's will, however.

There are many more associations among these lines -- I don't have all the documentation handy right now. Jan Everly Williams had extensive info about Ephraim1 online, but her website now says 'closed for revisions'. The bottom line is, Gershom1 is somehow related to the Joseph1 line, but exactly how is still unproven.

Hope I've clarified rather than confused <g>

Thank you, Pam. We highly recommend he First Families of Westfield site to anybody who might have roots in that area of NJ. There are literally thousands of individuals listed in several data bases there.

The information quoted by Pam appears to contradict what appears in Alice Winans Egy Woolley's Winans Genealogy concerning Moses I's parentage.

1 Computer Heritage Association.
2 "Moses II".
3 "Moses III".

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