As usual, Pam was quick to reply...

Fascinating stuff, Sharon, even if it does make things more difficult <g>

A couple of points: 'our' Moses was definitely a preacher later on in Miami Co, which doesn't rule out a second Rev Moses, but *suggests* the minister in Clermont Co and the one in Miami Co are the same person.

The NJ-Stephen family used that name as frequently as the Gershom family used Moses, and 'Stephen' doesn't show up among the other lines -- Gershom, Ephraim, or the known sons of Joseph.

Our David was born in 1804, so he wasn't getting married in 1815. Does the fact that Silas Hutchinson performed the marriage *suggest* that Moses had moved on by then?

The land records definitely muddy the waters; if any of those documents indicate proximity to other people, our Moses is likely to be found near son-in-law John Ross (Rebecca's husband). Somewhere in my notes I have John Ross in KY, marrying Rebecca, moving to Clermont Co at or around the same time Moses and family show up there, and moving back to KY with 2 little girls after Rebecca's death. I'll see if I can dig that up.

I haven't been in touch with Jim Frazee in Canada recently, he's been working on the "Gershom as a son of John and grandson of Joseph" theory, and poking at Joseph's origins; but he may have info about descendants of the other lines that migrated into OH in this time-frame.

More questions, more leads to pursue!

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