1900 Census Directory

This is is the directory of census records for our family members from the year 1900. All information has been transcribed from microfilms of the original data, available from a variety of sources.

Please note that the names in the following directory appear just as they were found in the census data, even though we may know some of the individuals by different names. When you click on the persons' names, their household's census data will appear in a separate window.

NamesCounty, State
Alexander, M. B. & MallieHumboldt, CA
Askew, Albert & Elisabeth, including Mary A. BeckBlair, PA
Battles, Francis M. & Margaret M., including Washington GreenDubois, IN
Beerbower, Hannah M.Humboldt, CA
Beldon, Alfred H. & May M.Monroe, IN
Calhoun, Curtis S. & Dora B.Macon, IL
Carey, David & Sarah J.Champaign, OH
Carey, George E. & MelissaChampaign, OH
Carey, Luther & Rosa A.Adams, IN
Dickson, Frank B. & Luella, including Gertrude WinansSan Francisco, CA
East, Rufus H. & Jennie R.Monroe, IN
Glenn, S. CatherineOrange, CA
Godfrey, L. deB. & MaryUnion, NJ
Inman, Ben & Lucy A.El Paso, CO
Jackson, Frank & Martha A., including William J. NaySonoma, CA
Jennings, Charles & MaryGrand Forks, ND
Johnson, Frank & MinnieAllen, KS
Lakin, William W. & AmandaChampaign, OH
Langton, James C. & Elizabeth K.Arapahoe, CO
Langton, Mack M. & Ida MayArapahoe, CO
Langton, William A. & Mary J.Arapahoe, CO
Langton, William H. & Ellen R.Cook, IL
Lepscum, James & NettieJackson, MO
Mayes, Joseph & Edith G.Moultrie, IL
Mayes, Thomas E. & IsabellaMoultrie, IL
Monroe, Edward J. & MayMoultrie, IL
Nay, Samuel A. & Sarah E.Sonoma, CA
Perry, Anna, including Cifford PerryOrange, CA
Perry, Harriett S.Los Angeles, CA
Perry, John L. & LucindaHarris, TX
Perry, Moses T. & Nancy P.Venango, PA
Petit, Charles A. & Cyrene C., including Angeline CookMoultrie, IL
Powell, BelleNevada, CA
Powell, Frank O. & Mary H.Champaign, OH
Prilliman, Henry H. & Armil E.Sumner, KS
Prilliman, PhebaWells, IN
Probasco, HenryMariposa, CA
Rakestraw, Simon O. & MarthaFulton, IL
Schasteen, HelenLinn, KS
Seward, Michael & Sarah E.Monroe, IN
Seward, Robert D. & Mary A., including Albert D. & Nettie SewardMonroe, IN
Seward, William H. & Jennie L.Monroe, IN
Seward, Williamson B. & Elizabeth I.Monroe, IN
Showers, James D. & Isabella, including Martha McKinleyMonroe, IN
Sterrett, Wm. R. & Susan M.Wabasha, MN
Stouch, John & Ella C., including Catherine StouchBlair, PA
Theobald, Fredrick & ClaraFranklin, OH
Voss, Amon C. & Sarah F.Faulk, SD
Voss, Ellington & ElizabethFaulk, SD
Voss, Emery & HattieLawrence, IN
Voss, Henry & SarahMonroe, IN
Voss, James E. & RebeccaGreene, IN
Voss, JasperGreene, IN
Voss, Lorenzo & Carrie T.Platte, NE
Voss, Taylor & JuliaMonroe, IN
Voss, Thomas & Louisa O.Sedgwick, KS
Voss, Wm. E. & AliceCanadian, OK
Walker, George V. & Della M.Monroe, IN
Walker, Rolla & BelleMonroe, IN
Walker, John W. & Sarah E.Monroe, IN
Wasserman, Henry B. & KatieJackson, MO
Wilhelm, Henry & BarbaraClark, OH
Willhite, Hoyt & FannieVentura, CA
Winans, Abner R. & Mary A., including Nellie & Henry R. CoateSonoma, CA
Winans, Charles S. & MargaretVan Wert, OH
Winans, David M. & Maria E.Sonoma, CA
Winans, Edward P. & Grace E.Union, NJ
Winans, Elias C. & Lydia A., including Edward P. & Grace WinansUnion, NJ
Winans, Ephriam H. & Margaret S.Los Angeles, CA
Winans, Frederick S. & MatildaUnion, NJ
Winans, Harriett E.Monroe, NY
Winans, James L. & ArlettiaSonoma, CA
Winans, Joseph A. & FannySangamon, IL
Winans, Joy A. & Adele I.Los Angeles, CA
Winans, Lewis J. & Myrtel L.Sonoma, CA
Winans, Martha S.Los Angeles, CA
Winans, Mary V.Sonoma, CA
Winans, William & Mary J.Orange, CA
Winnans, William & AnnaRichland, OH
Wynans, Wm. J. & Minerva E.Huntington, IN
Yoder, David & ElisabethLogan, OH

What's New in 1900? Now that many Americans are living in towns and cities on streets that have names, and sometimes in numbered houses, there's a place on the census form to enter each household's street address. Besides their age, persons being enumerated are also asked the year and month of their birth. In addition to marital status, they're asked how many years they've been married. There are columns in the form now for immigration information, such as the year of entry, number of years residing in the U. S., and naturalization status, i.e. citizen or alien. And married women are asked how many children they've had and how many are still living.

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