1880 Census Directory

Oct 2002 -- Wonderful news! The whole 1880 United States census is now available free at the LDS FamilySearch site. A tip of the Carey sombrero to the many people whose hard work made this gold mine of information possible!

We are posting, here in our family album, some excerpts of 1880 census data which pertain to our own ancestors and relatives for the convenience of our family members. We urge you to check here for households which might interest you, rather than add to the congestion at the LDS site caused by the availability of this very popular data base.

2002-2012 -- Census information becomes available for all years, and from a variety of sources. The original handwritten census record images are also made available. Whereas we originally copied text information from the LDS site, pretty much as is, we can now make our own guesses as to what the census taker wrote down.

September 2013 -- We are now reformatting 1880 census records as we add them to this page to reflect that they are being taken directly from images of the original data, rather than from the LDS transcriptions.

Please note that the names in the following directory appear just as they were found in the census data, even though we may know some of the individuals by different names. When you click on the persons' names, their household's census data will appear in a separate window.

NamesCounty, State
Allen, Clarence & DonaMonroe, IN
Allen, Lewis & MaryAppanoose, IA
Allen, William & Jane C.Defiance, OH
Allen, William & MahalaFloyd, IN
Allen, Wm. G. & Jane A.Floyd, IN
Annacost, Nelson & Charalott, including Hannah CaryMiami, OH
Beck, Isaac & Mary A.Blair, PA
Beerbouer, Uriah & Hannah M.Humboldt, CA
Bovell, Sarah J. & JohnEdgar, IL
Burrell, Charles & Anna L.Scott, IA
Burton, Lyman & Mary E.Fulton, IL
Carey, David C. & SarahChampaign, OH
Carey, David C. & Sarah L.Paulding, OH
Carey, GeorgeAdams, IN
Carey, George A. E. & ElizabethMarion, IN
Carey, Riley & BelleMiami, OH
Carey, Samuel W. & Rebecca A.Greene, OH
Carson, William & Hester B.Owen, IN
Cary, John W. & AngelineFulton, IL
Chetwood, Samuel & EllenAdams, IN
Clark, Ezekiel & DianthaFulton, IL
Clark, James & PollyLawrence, IN
Clark, John I. & FatimaFulton, IL
Clark, William R.Fulton, IL
Clark, Zebediah & E. MilliaFulton, IL
Cook, MattieClark, IL
Cook, William S. & AngelineEdgar, IL
Day, BadoraLawrence, IN
Francis, Thos. J. & ElizabethMontgomery, IN
Freeland, John A. & Eliza J.Moultrie, IL
Green, John & AdeliaWashington, IN
Green, Mary J., including Oscar & Bettie AllenFloyd, IN
Green, Washington & LeliaDubois, IN
Hatfield, S. B. & Flora A.Warrick, IN
Hayes, George & Elvira, including Emily DoddLawrence, IN
Helmer, Jeremiah & Maria A.Cedar, IA
Helten, Isaac & FeliaMonroe, IN
Heltin, Theresa L.Monroe, IN
Helton, Absalom P.Douglas, IL
Helton, Joseph A. & Lydia C.Lawrence, IN
Helton, PleasantLawrence, IN
Helton, PollyLawrence, IN
Hudson, AngelinaDefiance, OH
Innman, Benj & LucyLogan, IL
Jennings, Chas. & Mary E.Mitchell, IA
Johnson, Nathaniel & PhoebeChampaign, OH
Langton, James C. & Elisabeth K.Moultrie, IL
Langton, John S. & Martha E.Moultrie, IL
Langton, Wm. H. & Ella R.Cook, IL
Lantz, Levi Z. & Sarah, including Martha [Plank] Lantz and Fanny WilhelmChampaign, OH
Trapson [Leapson], John J. & Martha E.Atchison, KS
Mayes, T. E. & IsabellaMoultrie, IL
Mc Collough, Almira J.Monroe, IN
McKee, John & CatharineLogan, OH
Mc Kinley, John & Martha, including Jennie AllenFloyd, IN
Nay, Wm. J.Sonoma, CA
Nay, Samuel A. & SarahSonoma, CA
Neal, Isaac M. C. & Mary JaneLawrence, IN
Paugh, John & MaryEffingham, IL
Paugh, P. G. & ElizaEffingham, IL
Pauley, P. G. & JaneMonroe, IN
Perry, David & SusannahVenango, PA
Perry, David S. & SusanChampaign, OH
Perry, James, including John & Mary PerryChampaign, OH
Perry, John L. & LucindaMaries, MO
Perry, Samuel M. & Harriett S.Los Angeles, CA
Perry, William & MaryChampaign, OH
Plank, David & MaryLogan, OH
Plank, Sam_l W. & LizieLogan, OH
Potee, R. F. & LauraJackson, MO
Powell, Benjamin & Mary E.Champaign, OH
Powell, L. N. George & L. ElzaNevada, CA
Powell, William & TamarKent, DE
Prilliman, Henry & ElisabethAuglaize, OH
Probasco, Henry & Sarah, including John W. ProbascoMariposa, CA
Probasco, Jacob & AnnieMariposa, CA
Rakestraw, SimonFulton, IL
Reddick, Joel & MariaDickinson, KS
Russell, John J. & Catherine A.Defiance, OH
Sager, Andrew & SarahChampaign, OH
Seward, Albert B. & HannahHamilton, OH
Seward, Floy H.Harrison, IN
Seward, Irvin & MaryMonroe, IN
Seward, James & Esther W.Monroe, IN
Seward, John M.Monroe, IN
Seward, Robert D. & Mary B.Monroe, IN
Seward, Will B. & ElizabethMonroe, IN
Showers, James D. & IsabelleMonroe, IN
Smith, DavidVenango, PA
Snyder, John W. & Mary E.Champaign, OH
Spicer, SarahVan Wert, OH
Spooner, V. MaryNevada, CA
Stagg, Sterling & Samantha, including Sarah CoeJohnson, IA
Statler, Joseph & Eliza J.Mason, IL
Sterrett, Nathaniel & Maria C.Wabasha, MN
Stewart, Charles & Martha P.Butler, PA
Stouch, KateBlair, PA
Strong, Robert & SallieMonroe, IN
Theobald, Frederick & ClaraFranklin, OH
Vass, Francois & SelistaSt. Francois, MO
Voss, Amon & Sarah F.Lawrence, IN
Voss, Benjamin & Mary E.Monroe, IN
Voss, Emery B. & RachelMonroe, IN
Voss, James E. & RebeccaGreene, IN
Voss, Lorenzo & ElviraLawrence, IN
Voss, M. A.Greene, IN
Voss, Will T. & Julia B., including Lydia VossMonroe, IN
Voss, William & Phebe S.Monroe, IN
Walker, James D. & LillieShelby, IN
Walker, John W. & SarahMonroe, IN
Walker, Wesley & Sarah E.Monroe, IN
Whitlock, James & Carloline M., including Frank M. & Media VossLeavenworth, KS
Wilhelm, LincolnClark, OH
Willhelm, Henry & BarbaraClark, OH
Willhelm, John A. & S. MargartMiami, OH
Williams, A. C. & Angline D.Kent, DE
Wimans, B. F. & Sedenia E.Christian, IL
Winans, A. R. & MaryMiami, OH
Winans, Elias & LydiaUnion, NJ
Winans, Emeline F.Marin, CA
Winans, EphraimHardin, IA
Winans, Henry & Harriet E.Livingston, NY
Winans, James L. & ArlettaSonoma, CA
Winans, John & RachaelMiami, OH
Winans, John C.Hardin, IA
Winans, MaggieHenry, IA
Winans, William & Drodem [?]Effingham, IL
Winans, William L. & Maria A.London, England (1881)
Winans, William W & EmelineSullivan, IN
Winas, Ira & Minerva E.Harvey, KS
Winons, O. Raft, including J. Edward Winons & Mary WinonsNevada, CA
Winows, Stephen & T. MaryNevada, CA
Welsh, Walter S. & Martha P., including Phebe [Perry] MarshallVenango, PA
Wink, John W. & SophiaSt. Genevieve, MO
Woolery, Isaac T. & SallieJackson, IN
Wylie, John & Catharine M.Monroe, IN

What's New in 1880? At long last, there's a column in the census form to indicate the relationship of each person to the head of household! (Previously, we could sort of guess at individuals' relationships to one another because the enumerators usually employed the following sequence: husband, then wife, then children, then other miscellaneous persons.) The census taker is also required to record marital status and parents' birthplaces for each person counted. And the census takers are no longer asking about the values of people's real or personal property.

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