1860 Census Directory

This is is the directory of census records for our family members from the year 1860. All information has been transcribed from microfilms of the original data, available from a variety of sources.

Please note that the names in the following directory appear just as they were found in the census data, even though we may know some of the individuals by different names. When you click on the persons' names, their household's census data will appear in a separate window.

NamesCounty, State
Allen, Elisha & AliceFloyd, IN
Allen, James & ElizabethFloyd, IN
Allen, NancyFloyd, IN
Allen, Thomas & MarthFloyd, IN
Allen, William & Martha J.Floyd, IN
Allen, Wm. & Eliza J.Defiance, OH
Badlam, Alex & Mary, including Jos. W. & Sarah A. WinansSacramento, CA
Blackmore, Mark & AmeliaMiami, OH
Blackwell, J. D. & Samantha JaneMonroe, IN
Bovell, John & Sarah J.Edgar, IL
Bradshaw, C. S. & PhoebePutnam, IN
Breath, Jas. F. & AdelineNew York, NY
Brown, Robert & MatildaLeavenworth, KS
Browning, Finly & ZepporahMonroe, IN
Carey, Almarin & SarahFulton, IL
Carey, Benjamin & HannahMiami, OH
Carey, George & RebeccaVan Wert, OH
Cary, J. Y. & MaryMiami, OH
Cary, John & FrancesShelby, OH
Clark, James & MaryLawrence, IN
Clark, Zebadiah & EmillyFulton, IL
Cook, Jacob & M. A.Lawrence, IN
Cook, John Jr. & MelissaLawrence, IN
Cook, John Sr.Lawrence, IN
Cook, Joseph & Mary F.Lawrence, IN
Cook, W. S. & AngelineLawrence, IN
Dodd, John & EmialyLawrence, IN
Dye, Orange & NancyLawrence, IN
Evans, John W. & Polly, including Jane WooleryLawrence, IN
Francis, Thomas J. & Mary J.Lawrence, IN
Gideon, Alfred & ElizabethLogan, IL
Green, John & Deliah C., including Rachel GreenWashington, IN
Helton, Andrew & HannahMonroe, IN
Helton, George W. & LouisaLawrence, IN
Helton, P. M. & RebeccaLawrence, IN
Helton, Polly, including James & Delitha HendersonLawrence, IN
Higby, William & Hannah, including Lucinda BradleyChampaign, OH
Hudson, James & SarahDefiance, OH
Inman, John & Julia [Ann?]DeKalb, IN
Jerome, John A. & Mary Ann, including (possibly) Elizabeth WilhelmMontgomery, OH
Langton, Joseph I. & CatherineMifflin, PA
McKee, John & Catharine, including John & Catharine WillhemChampaign, OH
Nay, S. A. & Sarah, including D. N. WinanMarin, CA
Newbank, J. B. & M. S.Lawrence, IN
Parker, John & MargretButler, PA
Paugh, P. G. & E. A.Lawrence, IN
Perrey, John & MaryMiami, OH
Perry, WilliamVenango, PA
Pierce, Harvey B. & CharlettLagrange, IN
Prilliman, Daniel & PhebeAuglaize, OH
Probasco, John & CharlotteMariposa, CA
Ramsey, J. G. & Jane, including Celia TerrillLawrence, IN
Rollins, Isaac & EllenMiami, OH
Rollins, Jonathan & RachelCarroll, IN
Russell, Jn. & CatharineDefiance, OH
Shirley, Robert & Julia, including William C. & Loraine CareyPaulding, OH
Smith, David & MaryVenango, PA
Spicer, Samuel & Sarah, including Elizabeth WeberMiami, OH
Sterrett, Nathaniel & MaryMifflin, PA
Stewart, Clark E. & HannahMiami, OH
Stewart, Watson & ElizabethHumboldt, KS
Todd, Thos. & SallyMonroe, IN
Voss, Clemens & MahalaOwen, IN
Voss, Emery B. & RachelMonroe, IN
Voss, Jno. G. & Mary W.Owen, IN
Voss, LydiaMonroe, IN
Voss, Wm. & ElizabethLawrence, IN
Walker, Jno. F. & SarahMonroe, IN
Welsh, Walter S. & Martha P., including Phebe MarshalWood, VA
Wilhelm, Henry & ElizaMontgomery, OH
Williams, Amos, including Mary WilliamsVenango, PA
Williams, Jessee & M. E.Venango, PA
Williams, Perry & NancyVenango, PA
Winans, Benj. F. & SadenaMiami, OH
Winans, Frazer M. & EmelineMonroe, MI
Winans, J. E., including S. M. PerryNevada, CA
Winans, John & Hannah A., including William WinansMiami, OH
Winans, John & Mary AnnChisago, MN
Winans, John C. & AnnMiami, OH
Winans, Richard & Rosabell, including B. B. WinansAdams, IN
Winans, Samuel & MaryElkhart, IN
Winans, Stephen & ElizaMiami, OH
Winans, William & LucindaMiami, OH
Woolery, Jacob & HannahLawrence, IN
Woolery, James & MargaretMadison, KY
Woolery, Joseph & Nancy H.Cooper, MO
Woolery, Stephen & HannahCooper, MO
Wynans, James & Emaline F.Marin, CA

What's New in 1860? A blank to enter the name of the nearest U. S. post office now appears in the top part of the census form. In addition to being asked the value of their real estate, persons being enumerated are also asked what their personal estates are worth.

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