John V. Cary

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When I created a page for David and Betsy Carey, I attempted to compile a list of their children. Noting that they had been married in 1815, and that their first child that I knew about, Isaac, wasn't born until 1820, I speculated:

Since there is a time span of more than four years between David and Betsy's marriage and Isaac's birth, could the other male child in the 1820 census be a son who died in childhood?

For several years, I didn't have any more information on that additional, unknown, male child. But then, in July 2013, I heard from Alvin Poole, who wondered if that child could have been John V. Cary. Alvin wrote:

I have a Freeman Cary born Nov 9, 1835 in Knox County, OH. The family thinks his father is the John V. Cary that is buried in Raper Cemetery, and that David is his grandfather, George & Phebe then would fall in line for his great-grandparents.

Family legend is Freeman's father died young, and we think this John V. Cary is his father, his mother being Nancy Agnes Allison. Nancy was married first to Calvin Hopson, then John Cary, and last to William T. Strong. She and William are buried in Berrien County, MI. We show Freeman living with Nancy and William and her daughter Calista Hopson, so am pretty confident that this is correct.

Freeman had a son Elmer who married into the Hemenway family, and I am a 9th great grandson to Ralph Hemenway of the founding family in America, and also related to Ernest Hemingway, same family, one member spelling it differently like the Cary/Carey family did. :>)

My question to you, Since David is buried in Raper, and John is buried in Raper, is it possible they are father and son, as David was born about 1790, and John born 1817, then David had a son Isaac born 1820? I do not see John listed as David's son on any ancestry reports or in your notes, though the interesting thing is:

At the Cemetery, if you look at David's stone and John's stone, they look like they are side by side because of the tree in the background and because in the rows behind them, there are identical stones in each picture!!??

Can you help shed any light on this scenario at all?

Alvin later wrote:

On, both David & John are buried in the same cemetery, and the background is the same picture for both.

John was born in 1817, 3 years before I presume his brother Isaac, and died yes at a young age, but was 17 when he died, and WE think when he died in July of 1835, he was married to Nancy Agnes Allison, and she had Freeman in November 1835, hence a young widow.

We find Nancy and Freeman on the 1850 census, Nancy married her third time to William Strong, pg. 165/household #1254-1268, and Freeman Cary on page 172 living with Union Pernell. (I have not made the connection yet either, but possibly a farm hand to this family). Both are living in Berrien County, MI.

We have not found him on the 1860 census, as Nov 29, 1859, he married Rachel Prather in Jerseyville, Clark County, IN, and their first born Amanda Eva Cary was born April 1861 in IL.

Alvin subsequently sent me a scanned copy of a document recording the marriage, on 12 Feb 1835, in Knox county, Ohio, of John Cary to Nancy Hopson:

In the 1850 census, I noticed a couple immediately after Nancy and William Strong -- 21-year-old Joseph and 18-year-old Calista Cooper. The latter is likely to be the daughter of Nancy and Calvin mentioned above.

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