The Aug 1991 issue of Team Unihealth, the newsletter of Martin Luther Hospital, in Anaheim, CA, saluted our son, who was an employee there.

Personality Profile

Versatility is the Key to Carey's Success

He started out in Martin Luther Hospital as a food service worker, then became a clerk at Micrographics and later got transferred to Transcription as a clerk. And now he is a Medical Records transcriber. David Carey has come a long way, hasn't he? Through the nine years that David has been with us at MLH, numerous opportunities have challenged him and he has been able to excel at each new task and advance to more competent positions.

"I am really thankful that the hospital has given me so many opportunities to advance," David says. "Even though the positions get more challenging each time, through them I feel that I get to learn more about patient care as well as the hospital."

David's work does not end after his day at the hospital, however. Being a single father, David has to take up the responsibility of taking care of his two daughters - Cayla, 6 and Sara, 3. "Since I have to go to work during the day, I want to spend as much time as possible with my daughters after work," David said. "It's hard sometimes, but I get a lot of support from my co-workers and friends. I remember on Cayla's fourth birthday, my friends at MLH helped celebrate and bought her a lot of presents. I was surprised how much people really care."

Besides being a nine to five white-collar worker and a single father, David also plays in a band called "New and Used" in his leisure time. He is the guitar player, and he also sings and writes songs with the other two band members. "New and Used" was formed about a year ago when the three found out about their common interest in music through church. They perform at worship services for the mentally handicapped people and also for the youth group at church. "We don't perform for money," David explained. "It's just something that we want to do for the community."

David's band has recently made a tape titled "No Bondo Condo" with 13 songs on it. Most of the songs were recorded in David's living room and the theme of the tape is to have faith in Jesus Christ.

"'No Bondo Condo' means if one has faith in Jesus, then one would have no condemnation and no bondage to sin," David explains. "It took us about a year to prepare this tape, but we are not going to sell it for profit because it's just something we all wanted to do to share the love of God."

"No Bondo Condo" will be sold in Christian bookstores; however, if you want to listen to the tape before it gets released, contact David in Transcription. He has some available for sale!